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Clive Cussler, author of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestseller brings us beloved character Dirk Pitt, who discovers a trail leading straight to priceless treasures. But it also thrusts him into conflict that could tip the world’s balance of power the wrong way...Charts of lost gold...breathtaking art and rare volumes...maps of hidden oil and mineral deposits that cClive Cussler, author of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestseller brings us beloved character Dirk Pitt, who discovers a trail leading straight to priceless treasures. But it also thrusts him into conflict that could tip the world’s balance of power the wrong way...Charts of lost gold...breathtaking art and rare volumes...maps of hidden oil and mineral deposits that could change the world’s balance of power. Now Dirk Pitt discovers the secret trail of the treasures of Alexandria—a trail that plunges him into a brutal conspiracy for total domination of the globe. Zealots threaten to unseat the governments of Egypt and Mexico, exposing America to invasion and economic collapse. Suddenly, from East to West, anarchists reach their deadly tentacles into the heart of the United States. And Dirk Pitt, the hard-hitting hero of Clive Cussler’s smash bestsellers Sahara and Inca Gold, is up against the most feared assassin known to man. An international band of terrorists is making its play for world power on the high seas—and Pitt is the only man alive who can stop them!...

Title : Treasure
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Treasure Reviews

  • Roopkumar Balachandran
    2019-01-31 20:35

    Plot 1:391 AD Julius Venator, a Roman plans to save the treasures of Library of Alexandria before it has to be destroyed by the order of the king. He takes a group of soldiers and roman slaves with a fleet of ships and buries the treasure. Before getting back to the ship the natives kills all the slaves, his legion and all his ships lost but one ship Serapis escapes.Plot 2: Lily Sharp, a professor of anthropology at Colorado and her team discovers a Roman coin in Greenland. At the same time a plane carrying Hala Kamil the Secretary General of United Nations, been hijacked and crash lands near the discovery site. Plot 3:Would be dictator of Mexico, Topiltzin wants to change Mexico into old Aztec empire, the US President sents a secret envoy but he kills him and sends his heart and skin as his answer. Plot 4:Egypt is in turmoil, a fanatic Akhmad Yazid aspires to become the President of that country by revolting and assassinating. A greatest assassin, feared and respected by the CIA and the KGB and one of his hitman Suleiman Aziz Ammar, he uses him for his growth in politics. Full review with images click the link below. book starts with a historical prologue July 15th 391 AD in which Julius Venator, a Roman, along with a group of soldiers and slaves, sail in a fleet of ships ferrying the treasures from the Library of Alexandria trying to save it from Emperor Theodosius I , who had ordered to destroy the works of great minds. Venator a learned man, finds a secret place where he can bury the treasure. After the treasures are safe in the underground cavern his team the Roman soldiers, and slaves are all slaughtered by the natives. While one small ship Serapis manages to get away, they never reach land and the secret of the treasure is lost.As we turn the pages plot 2 takes place and Dirk Pitt is trying to locate the sunken Russian submarine, and then helps the two damsels in distress, first he saves Lily Sharp and then Hala Kamil. Dirk and team continue in discovering a tablet from Sarapis, the one from Julius Venator fleet. The tablet reveals the treasure and the place. As they further reasearch, Hala Kamil is again saved by Pitt (a superb plot two Mercedes Benz 300 SDL chasing a 1930 L-29 Cord Town Car driven by Pitt) Not everytime Pitt is there to save Hala, under Akhmad Yazid his favourite mercenary Suleiman Aziz Ammar hatches a fool proof plan and kidnaps Hala Kamil and delegates. A secret meeting takes place in Lady Flamborough in Punta del Este, as Ammar takes over the ship carrying on board the UN Secretary General, President of Mexico DeLorenzo, Egyptian President Hassan and Pitt's father Senator George Pitt. Ammar uses all his tricks to outwitt Pitt, did he outwit our Hero? Did Pitt saved the VIP hostages? did NUMA find the secret burial place of Julius Venator? What is the connection between Topiltzin and Akhmad Yazid? all these are revealed in the final chapters of the book. A super fast express ride from start to finish, Clive Cussler the Grand Master of Adventure.Some of famous lines from the novel.Is there no hope for survivial asked Ismad. None, said Ammar firmly. Absolutely none. Dirk Pitt relaxed and slouched in a swivel chair... (when reading this line, I got goosebumps when the atrocities committed by Yazid and Ammar reaches a climax, is there nobody to check them, the answer Dirk Pitt) Giordino was Pitts insurance policy against Murphy's Law.(When Hala Kamil questions Pitt out of shock when he tries to save her from the crashed plane)Who are you and what do you want? She demanded in a husky voice with a slight trace of an accent. A dumb question was the first thought that crossed Pitts mind, but he quickly wrote off the woman's testy challenge to shock. He smiled his best Boy Scot trust worthy smile. My name is Dirk PItt. I'm part of a rescue team from the United States ship Polar Explorer.Can you prove it?Sorry I left my driver's license at home. Dinner? asked Pitt innocently, funny thing. Knight continued, Just before Doc Gale surgically repaired the flight attendant torn knee ligaments, she mentioned a dinner date with you too.Pitt had a pure as the driven snow expression on his face. I guess they must be hungry.Lily, climb in the rear and keep your head down. I don't want you hurt. What about me? Giordino asked in resigned indignation. Dan't I rate a little concern? Give me one good reason why I should sit up there exposed with you?To protect your trust chauffeur from harm, evil and unsavoury felons. Definetly not a good reason.Pitt tried another tack. Of course there's that fifty bucks. I borrowed from you in Panama and never paid back. Plus interestPlus interest, Pitt replied.Pardon me, Sir Pitt asked politely. Can you play "Fly me to the Moon" He has a capacity for appearing in the right place when you least expect him.know one man who will never give up. She looked at him questioningly. Who? My son Dirk. If they come after us, asked Findley, do we throw rocks? My life is guided by the Boy Scout motto, replied Pitt.He held up a semiautomatic shotgun for Findley "You said you hunted some, Clayton. Here's an early Christmas present. A twelve-guage Benelli Super Ninety.Welcome to Sam's Roman Circus. Then he noticed Pitts face, cane and limp. "Fall off your motorcyle?" Pitt laughed. "The short end of a saloon brawl.Topiltzin ignored the remark. "You can begin with your name, your title and function in the American bureaucracy. "My name is Dirk Pitt. My title is Mister Pitt. My function is United States tax payer and you can go straight to hell.

  • Neil
    2019-02-14 20:21

    I think this book is my all-time favorite Clive Cussler book. I never get tired of re-reading this book [I probably read it once a year or so]. I realize that much of a gap between reading might seem like a lot, but I love reading books. And I tend to read quite a bit between readings. This was one of the 1st Clive Cussler novels I read, if not the actual first one. It has always held a 'soft spot' due to level of suspense it created the first time I read it.Anyhoo. The basic gist of the story is that the ancient Library of Alexandria was not completely destroyed in 400 AD, but a large chunk of the library was spirited away and hidden in some other part of the globe. The Romans and the academics are killed by the natives and the treasure trove is lost in the sands of time. The book then cuts to the present [1991] where Islamic terrorists [are there any other kind?] are attempting to assassinate the head of the UN [an Egyptian woman-goddess]. The aircraft manages to crashland in an icy fjord with only four survivors. Dirk Pitt and Company happen to be nearby searching for a Russian submarine on the ocean floor when the airplane crashes. He and a group of nearby archeologists discover evidence of a Roman cargo vessel nearby, which then provides them with clues that parts of the Library may still exist. And the search is on! Meanwhile, Egypt and Mexico are facing internal revolutions due to weak economies, crumbling government institutions, and charismatic leaders espousing overthrowing the modern government and returning to 'the old ways.' Murder, mystery, intrigue, classic cars getting demolished, a battle-royale in an abandoned mine, adventure, and hot exotic women make this a fast read.I have always enjoyed how Clive Cussler manages to blend fiction with history, making his stories seem rooted in reality. Plus, with the recent evidence that the Chinese visited the West Coast long before Columbus 'discovered' America lends even more credence that America might have been visited by Europeans in its distant, forgotten past more times than we realize. The byplay between Dirk and the SpecForces commander was entertaining. It was obvious that the special forces team leaders were going to get their comeuppance by Dirk and his band of merry men, but it was not done in such a way as to be horribly disrespectful of the SpecForces team. More like Dirk and Crew being in the wrong place at the wrong time.I have always enjoyed the relationship between Dirk and his dad. In a day and age when children [sons] are so often portrayed as having horrible relationships with their parents, it's nice/refreshing to have a hero who's not an 'anti-hero', who enjoys life, and who has a health relationship with his parents. I think that is one thing that has always drawn me to Clive's books about Dirk Pitt and the NUMA team. The banter and byplay between father and son is healthy and humorous; it sometimes reminds me of my conversations with my own father [especially when he starts to tease because I still fall for his jokes even after all this time].The action sequences alternate between insane, unbelievable, and believable. They are at times flat-out crazy. But, at the same time, they are not as crazy or unbelievable as other books I have read. Some books are filled with unbelievable 'coincidences' to make a book/story work. This one not so much. Well, other than the beginning, from which the rest of the story flows. :)(view spoiler)[ I think my favorite sequence has to be the battle between Dirk & Crew and the terrorists after the terrorists leave the Lady Flamborough. It is absolutely insane. The train flying off the edge of the dock alerting the SpecFor team to the terrorists being onshore. The terrorist leader shooting Dirk in the back only to realize with shock and horror that Dirk anticipated this attack just before Dirk permanently maims him is crazy/classic/intense. Gunn rescuing the Senator, the Egyptians, and the Mexican President. The battle for the Mill and the terrorists helicopter is too intense for words. And the byplay at the end is hilarious. Cussler is not afraid to have his heroes kill the bad guys [not that I necessarily go for vigilantism]; neither do they wring their hands over having to kill somebody who deserves to die.(hide spoiler)]The heroines in the book are relatively strong figures. They know what they want in life and are not afraid to pursue their dreams [or to to set aside their dreams for the good of their respective countries]. They do get weak-kneed around Dirk [which is par for the course in these books]. But despite this one 'weakness' [and hiding on the floor of Dirk's car during the car chase in Colorado] on their part, they are still strong individuals. Smart, intelligent, beautiful, and at the top of their respective games - the only way they could be better would be if they could shoot as good as if not better than Dirk.Another thing I enjoy about these books is the relationship between Dirk and Al and Rudi; they form a great triumvirate that echoes the adage that a three-cord strand is not easily broken. Their banter with each other reflects a genuine relationship that sometimes makes me wonder if Mr. Cussler has interwoven personal relationships in with the relationship[s] between his characters. This book does not disappoint in terms of Clive's 'Three Muskateers.'(view spoiler)[ Another thing I 'liked' was that the deaths of the villains did not seem as 'revenge-motivated' as have the deaths of villains in other stories [some by Dirk's own hands]. The deaths in this book seemed 'cleaner' to me, for some reason. I cannot explain it to my satisfaction. Perhaps it has to do with the way this book was written; other books in the series definitely focus more on the revenge-motivator and the language used is laced with vengeful terms. This book, not so much.(hide spoiler)]Overall, a good book that I really enjoy reading more than once.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2019-02-14 21:20

    When I need a mental vacation like to travel with Dirk Pitt. I haven't read all of the series and what I've read hasn't been order but I still enjoy the books. My most recent read was Treasure (1988).Treasure has all the usual adventure story stuff: buried treasure, sunken treasure, espionage, kidnappings, car chases, and so forth. In the Dirk Pitt novels there are typically two different plots: the A plot being whatever word crisis NUMA somehow has to fix and the B plot where NUMA is actually looking for treasure and basically doing its real job. I like both parts but I prefer the treasure hunting aspects of it (I'm the same way with Indian Jones too).Since I enjoy the treasure hunt bit most, I always skip the prologue where the treasure is lost. I don't like going into the adventure knowing more than the NUMA crew. I only go back to read the prologue after I've finished the book.In Treasure the treasure in question is tomb of Alexander the Great and the remains of his famous library. Meanwhile a trio of power hungry brothers have turned to terrorism to bring down the governments of Mexico, Egypt and Brazil bringing Senator Pitt into the fray.How all these things come together is silly. It's fun. It's completely over the top. Think James Bond at his silliest and multiply it by two. So if you're looking for a serious adventure story, look elsewhere. If you're looking for escapism, I highly recommend treasure.

  • theduckthief
    2019-01-31 21:35

    Dirk Pitt, ancient artifact discoverer extraordinaire is searching an ancient deepsea wreck for info about the Library of Alexandria when he finds himself drawn into a terrorist plot set on international unrest and upheaval in Egypt and Mexico. He picks up several love interests along the way and with his trusty band of sidekicks, goes toe to toe with a madman.I won’t deny that the story was entertaining but it could have been so much better. If Cussler had made the characters believable and if the plot had less of a James Bond scope I would have enjoyed it more. There are action scenes of literally every type. There’s an airplane crash, a shipwreck explored, a car chase down a mountain, a battle in an air hanger, men scaling a mountain and climbing on board a ship. I find it difficult to believe that a man in the business of salvaging ancient antiquities would get involved in such zaniness. To be fair Indiana Jones did the same thing but for some reason it feels more believable taking place in the late 30s with Nazis coming out of the woodwork and fewer regulations on ancient sites and artifacts. Having the book take place in present day (1989) I expect more. Overall I would classify the book as a beach read, something to take on vacation if you don’t want to think too hard. Dirk Pitt is super annoying as a protagonist because he's described as 'practically perfect in every way'. He's tall, handsome, smart, athletic and gets all the ladies. There were so many instances when the way he was described made him seem cartoonish because of how unbelievable it was. For example his eyes are described in a ridiculous manner. "They seemed to reflect hardness, gentleness and sincere concern in one glinting montage." How can eyes both reflect hardness and gentleness? It’s an impossibility! We are also led to believe that his piercing gaze makes women weak in the knees. The book is a harlequin romance written by a man with a protagonist so unrealistic it ruined the book and every other Dirk Pitt story for me. On that note I do have one more Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt book in my library called ”Inca Gold” that I am very tempted to read and then dispose of. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that readers are treated with a degree of intelligence by the author and I felt that while the story contained political intrigue, the story itself was dumbed down.The sad part is I only picked up this book because it mentioned discovering the lost Library of Alexandria on the dust jacket. The problem is the Library is in fact, a Macguffin. The reader is lulled into thinking the story will be about bringing back the literary treasures of the past but the library storyline soon fades into the background only to reemerge at the very end of the book. It felt as if Cussler smushed together two different books. We start with the Library but a large portion of the book is taken up with international terrorists. The strange thing is I own ”Sahara”, a Dirk Pitt movie based on a book of the same name. It’s actually pretty decent. Good action, characters and plot. I’ll have to revisit it and review it on here to contrast how Dirk Pitt can be handled well as a character. If you’re looking for something to read on the plane that’s action oriented but not too deep, pick up this book.

  • Highlander1
    2019-01-27 23:20

    My least favorite of Clive Cussler's books so far. There is essentially two stories contained in the novel, and they are not very well connected. He starts off with one story about lost treasure, then transfers almost totally to another story about terrorists which takes up the bulk of the novel, stays with that until it is over, and then finally switches back to the original story about the treasure for the last few chapters. The terrorist story really had nothing at all to do with the treasure. I don't get it. Cussler is usually a great novelist. This is the first time I have come away disappointed.

  • John Shumway
    2019-02-08 17:17

    This is the same comment for all the Dirk Pitt books:Great set of books, I had to stagger these books into my reading rotation since they are so similar. Dirk Series Book in less then 50 words.(introduction to bad guy, introduction to hot chick, introduction to Dirk, Dirk gets in impossible dangerous situations to stop the bad guy, Dirk wins, Dirk gets the hot chick.)

  • Shane Phillips
    2019-02-04 20:16

    Dirk does it again. Saves people, finds treasure and gets the girl.

  • Joe Borg
    2019-02-04 22:32

    The library of Alexandria, Egyptian and Mexican take -overs Arctic explorers are the ingredients to make this a good story. Again Cussler has anticipated current times with a rush of people from Mexico invading the southern USA, is this shades of Trump? Otherwise more of the same quasi death scenes turned into formidable escapes.

  • Neil
    2019-02-15 19:08

    I really enjoy reading this book. I think it is one of Cussler's "better" books as it is one of the first to be over five hundred pages long as a hardback, and it does not get bogged down as later books tend to [with too much going on in terms of different plot points]. The character development [such as it is] is decent for a story of such nature. When one reads a Dirk Pitt novel, one expects a lot of action, some mystery, some explosions, and men being men. [Well, in the earlier novels. Dirk's character has taken a bit of a tumble in some of the more "recent" tales to the point that Dirk Pitt is barely recognizable.] I enjoyed the byplay between the various characters, and I did enjoy how the "major" characters were introduced over the course of the novel [most, right away, but some "minor major characters" were introduced as the novel progressed]. My favorite scene still has to be found in the "third act" of the book. (view spoiler)[The Lady Flamborough has been found and an American Special Ops team is on its way to relieve the ship and her prisoners of their terrorist jailers. Dirk and three compadres have been dropped off at a small mining 'town' on the island so that they stay 'out of the way' of the American forces and their mission. Obviously, we know what happens next. The batch of Mexican terrorists on the small cruise liner are easily taken out by the Americans while Dirk and his companions discover that the Islamic terrorists are on the island itself; they also discover the means by which the Muslim terrorists plan to leave the island (a helicopter hidden in the largest building in the mining complex, some kind of mill). Dirk, Al, Rudi, and a fourth member of NUMA take control of the mill and promptly begin killing terrorists. Rudi is told to "flee" the mill in order to rescue the "most important" captives of the Muslim terrorists [the secretary-general of the UN, the Egyptian and Mexican presidents, and Senator George Pitt (father of the indomitable Dirk Pitt)]. Three men face off against forty terrorists; well, not quite forty at once, because the first batch of twenty are slowly whittled down so that only seven or so are left before the rest of their "party" joins them. It is a crazy gunfight, but the three Americans come out of it triumphant. Wounded, but triumphant. "You do your powers of deduction an injustice, Mr. Pitt. I readily concede the coyote has run the fox to ground.""Fox?" said Pitt. "You flatter yourself. Don't you mean maggot?" (422) has to be one of the best conversations in the book. Dirk has exited the mill and is facing off with Suleiman Aziz Ammar, the master-assassin and leader of the Muslim terrorists preparing to storm the mill. What comes next is even better. (view spoiler)[Ammar shoots Pitt in the back, thinking he is going for an easy kill. He does not realize Dirk has anticipated this treachery on the part of Ammar and has prepared for it by wearing two bullet-proof vests on his back for protection. The shots merely knock Dirk forward a step or two before Dirk turns around and shoots Ammar four times; the four shots devastate Ammar and ruin his body (and his life). Best. Scene (Moment). Ever!The "second-best" moment in the book for me has to be the car chase in Breckenridge, Colorado. Dirk refuses to follow his father's instructions to stay away from the family cabin at the popular ski resort. On the way to the cabin, he and his party realize the Pitt's cabin is on fire. As they prepare to casually drive past, Hala Kamil (the secretary-general of the UN and an Egyptian woman to boot) darts into the road in front of him and begs he save her. She piles into the back of Dirk's Cord L-29 and away they go. The terrorist group that had attacked the cabin pursue them in modern sedans. Realizing he cannot lose them on the highway, he turns and flees up the mountainside on a maintenance road meant for four-wheel drive vehicles. When he and his passengers reach the top of the mountain, they are forced to flee down a closed ski run because of the innocent crowds atop the mountain. The two pursuing vehicles follow them down the mountainside, to their detriment. It is a pretty crazy scene, to be honest, and almost as adrenaline-pumping as the fight at the abandoned mill.(hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[The "conversation" between Dirk and the Special Ops group seemed a bit forced this time around, but it would be easy to see such a conversation taking place. I would say there was too much of a "casual arrogance" on the part of Dirk Pitt [or, maybe too much confidence?]. On the other hand, it was "nice" that Dirk's musings (view spoiler)[about how many of them would be dead or dying in the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours (hide spoiler)] proved to be incorrect. I still remember wondering if he would prove to be correct when I first read this book. (hide spoiler)]There are some interesting comments/observations made throughout the course of the book(view spoiler)[, such as about how it is okay for terrorists to kill large numbers of people and they will only receive a few years in prison, but if the United States were to assassinate somebody it would cause global outrage and censure. There were more comments made about double-standards, about how it sometimes stunk being "the good guy" because then you could not retaliate against those who were to lash out at you [or the country]. I also thought it was interesting how the President kept being warned not to try to interfere with Middle Eastern politics or governments. The point kept being made that such actions always came back to bite the Presidency that tried to influence Middle East governments, to the detriment of the Presidency and the United States. Yet, despite the constant warnings to learn from the prior mistakes of former Presidents, the President in this novel still wanted to try to unduly influence Egypt and other surrounding Arab/Muslim nations. It was kind of comical, in some respects. At the same time, it seemed a fitting and biting commentary on how difficult (impossible) it is for a "superpower" to truly be able to control another nation, especially a Third World country that has very little to lose. (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[I liked the "poker game" between some American officials and Russian diplomats. It was a nice touch in the book, and it was a means by which Americans and Russians could informally discuss important decisions that had global implications before enacting such policies publicly. It was interesting to read about how the different characters were trying to figure out how much that was being revealed was merely bluff-and-bluster and how much was "real" (in terms of potential changes in national or global policy). (hide spoiler)]Rereading this book was like catching up with an old friend. It was a fast, enjoyable read that was still exciting from cover to cover. It never really "slowed down" to the point that I became bored with it. This is not to say the book did not have "slow parts," but the slow parts were necessary to introduce the next uptick in the speed (and movement) of the narrative. I felt the author did a great job blending "slower" portions of the narrative with "faster movements" in order to keep the pace (and reader's interest) going over the course of the entire novel. (hide spoiler)]

  • D.A. Bale
    2019-02-11 23:13

    Years ago a friend handed me this book from her collection. It became the first opportunity for me to add a new favorite author to my long list. I love archaeology and treasure hunting stories (we need more good ones) and Treasure only whetted my appetite. Though Dirt Pitt and Al Giordino are a bit too larger than life, the events and locations (with a little bit of pseudo-history thrown in) Cussler provides create such imagery in the mind that you feel as if you've just visited a most exotic locale. Yes, it's easy reading. Yes, the situations are sometimes a tad cheesy. But all in all it makes for a great vacation. Cheap too!

  • J.W. Thompson
    2019-01-27 21:31

    Cussler is an author that brings the reader into his novels. The details were just enough to make me see everything. Not too much as to become boring. Dirk Pitt is the character that many readers have told me that TR Bare in my own novel "Mysterious Lady" is like, even though I wrote the novel before reading any of Cussler's books. I feel honored for my style of writing to be considered in the same class. This is an excellent read and I hope you take the time to read it and "Mysterious Lady" and decide for yourself if it is in the same style.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-06 22:15

    I was looking for something on the shelves at the family Cottage in Michigan that I had not read. This was my first Cussler. I held my attention while providing a little historical context about the mythical Library at Alexandria. The situations are pretty silly. Hero Dirk Pitts can do and save anything and anyone.

  • Greg Strandberg
    2019-02-14 00:33

    Good, but just didn't do it for me like some of the earlier and later volumes. Not everyone can be hit out of the park, but this is still a fun summer read.

  • Maulesh Gandhi
    2019-02-02 23:06

    An absolute thriller...Loved the funny scenes in this book.. (especially- 'fly me to the moon' dialogue by Dirk Pitt).I wanted to give it 5 stars. However, I find the startings of Clive cussler's books extremely boring and slow so I will not give it full 5 stars.Still, I understand that it is the writing style of the author and don't expect any chanes in it. It's just that I don't exactly enjoy reading them and have to read them forcefully for the sake of understanding the story.Whatsoever, it is a completely fantabulous thrill ride once the main adventures and exploits of Dirk Pitt start.Thank you Clive Cussler for this entertaining read...

  • anthony lanigan
    2019-01-28 20:23

    Another exciting and deeply researched story.I chose this book to take on holiday. It was a real page-Turner and I felt gripped by the twin stories right until the end.As ever, the research that went into the book was incredibly detailed and made it even more enjoyable.Another cracking book from Clive Cussler

  • Nick
    2019-01-26 00:25

    Another great Dirk Pitt adventure! Pitt is tasked with finding the lost Library of Alexandria, saving the Egyptian and Mexican leaders from terrorists, and preventing an invasion of the United States! Of course he does it all while getting the girl and being a badass! Can't wait to get to the next one!

  • Brian Turner
    2019-01-21 16:31

    Pretty indistinguishable from any other Dirk Pitt novel. Moves at a good pace, with a decent set of villains, and some tense moments.Good book to read when you just want to switch off for a bit and relax with a good adventure story.

  • Chris Lee
    2019-01-29 19:28

    A disappointment from Clive Cussler. This is the 9th in the Dirk Pitt stories and it shows - by being formulaic and unrealistic. I am a great fan of Cussler but here we have too many plots intertwined to make an exciting read. The result is very artificial and somewhat confusing linking between them, and a lot of background waffle to establish their presence. And another thing: Cussler's books are normally almost believable (if one squints a bit) but this is simply too much. It veers into the realms of complete fantasy, which is not what Cussler's Pitt is about. So, bummer Clive. Sorry.

  • Neil Brunton
    2019-02-06 00:28

    My fav of all the Dirk Pitt adventures its got everything you want in an adventure/thriller, far fetched situations ,great bad guys and a couple of heroes that if you've read other Pitt adventure's you'll lap this up and want more and more .

  • Natapong Nimkarnjana
    2019-02-09 17:24

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  • Edwin Kort
    2019-01-22 00:09

    Eindelijk weer eens een Clive Cussler boek dat ik echt kon waarderen. Een welkome verandering tussen de andere Dirk Pitt boeken. Zeker de moeite van het lezen waard. De bibliotheek van Alexandrie, mogelijke coups in Mexico en Egypte. En Dirk Pitt met zijn team redt het weer allemaal.

  • Ann
    2019-01-23 00:31

    Yet another good book by Clive Cussler. I first read this some time ago in paperback before I had a kindle. It was good to read it again and enjoy Dirk Pitts adventures once more.Excellent book. Definitely a must read.

  • Scott
    2019-02-13 18:23

    Other than the annoying switch to the metric system in Cussler's writing, Treasure is an adventure set at a good pace while Dirk Pitt travels from Greenland to the Antarctic and everywhere in between blending ancient history with modern intrigue.

  • Steve
    2019-01-24 16:19

    I really enjoyed this book. A nice change to some others in the Pitt series, but still pure escapism. For some reason Dirk Pitt reminds me of Nathan Drake in this book, or vise versa given Pitt has been around a few decades longer. Worth the read.

  • Earendil
    2019-02-13 16:19

    Fast paced, action driven, well written. A captivating story filled with adrenaline and clever plot twists.

  • Dee Sanchez
    2019-02-03 21:23

    Treasure is the 9th installment of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novel, and this time it's about hunting down the remaining yet astoundingly large collections that have been saved from the Library of Alexandria.It contains knowledge that may turn the World into chaos, holding the lost map of oil deposits and ancient civilization considered to be a myth. recipes of medicines that may heal those diseases that were thought to be incurable. and new insights to the lost parts of Bible's Old Testament or Quran's. [image error]The Alexandria Library truly existed, and if it had remained unravage by wars and religious zealots it would have given us not only the knowledge of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires, but of those little-known civilizations that rose and fell far beyond the shores of the Mediterranean.In A.D. 391 the Christian emperor Theodosius ordered all books and art depicting anything remotely pagan, which included the teachings of the immortal Greek philosophers, burned and destroyed.Much of the collection was thought to have been secretly saved and spirited away. What became of it, or where it was hidden, remains a mystery sixteen centuries later. I honestly think that this book, upon reading it, was both a disappointment and a classic in some cases. First of all is the story itself. I was really hooked to this , because I thought it was all about the Library. But as the story goes deeper, Alexandria was being set aside for the terrorism and hijacking to take place. I was staring to think that the book is not really towards finding the library but saving the politicians and stopping the antagonist.It was really unrealistic to know that just because of one slab/tablet that they just thought to be a map, the whole library was found? I mean why the hell telling in the story that finding the library can be found nowhere when all they just need to find it is just a slab of clay? 39 clues writers are way better in making treasure hunting sequences than Clive, seriously. I was expecting more decoding riddles, solving problems, and facts but the time was eaten up by confrontation scenes.the oh so handsome Dirk Pitt and quirky yet tough Al giordinoBut no one can deny the ability of Clive to describe something in full detail, believe me, He can dedicate 5 paragraphs of highfalutin words for just a ship.These vivid description will really tickle your imagination. It was like every scene is being played in your mind with full clarity and action.But there are times that Clive is being carried away. His description is just too much and already boring. So if you feel like the description is not that important jump to the next paragraph or so, you will still be on track.I also find Dirk Pitt to be so perfect in all angles, It seems he really cannot commit mistakes, every words describe to him is just so ideal, and beautiful. I wonder if this kind of person really exists. Clive also has a nice lineup of characters, with define traits that will help you who is who, some funny, cool,suave dialogue are also prominent in this book ( just like in all Dirk Pitt books I've read).The romantic parts here didn't turned me on. I personally think that Dirk Pitt,though handsome, is kinda slutty ( lost the word for it, but definitely much less intense than slutty ), having the guts to try out any women who give their motives to him. But what really stand out the most in this book so much is the action and the fighting scenes. It was full of energy, thrill and what makes me turn the pages to know what happened next. I really feel that Clive really put an effort to this kind of stuff since I think it was complicated enough.all in all, I really wish that Treasure wouldn't have ended so soon. I really think that it should ended according how it started. This is not a treasure hunting books, this is a Thriller book. The title doesn't fit what it really is. Though it was not really bad, but it was out of place. It was still readable. and for those who love action packed scenes, and witty complications. Read this, Treasure is the book for you, I'm telling you, Clive will not fail you. But for those who love treasure hunting as much as history and expecting a nice problem solving like in the movies ( "national treasure", and game show "treasure Hunters" )then go ahead and read this but don't expect something grandiose, and I'm giving this 4 stars

  • Frazer
    2019-02-13 19:30

    My first time reading some clive cussler. Safe to say i thoroughly enjoyed it. Fast paced action and some historical archeology whats not to like?

  • Ashlee
    2019-02-06 16:23

    Pretty good... maybe not quite as great as some of his others...

  • Michael Laflamme
    2019-02-06 21:12

    I've been an avid Cussler reader for years now. A friend of mine introduced me to his stories when I worked in the high tech industry in the 80's. Dirk Pitt, what a wild ride!

  • Kelvin
    2019-02-10 17:11

    A solid Dirk Pitt outing that spans the globe a lot like a James Bond book of old!