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Late one night, two teachers investigate a mysterious flashing light in the sports pavilion, while the rest of the school sleeps. There, among the lacrosse sticks, they stumble upon the body of the unpopular games mistress - shot through the heart point-blank. The school is thrown into chaos when the "cat" strikes again. Unfortunately, schoolgirl Julia Upjohn knows too mucLate one night, two teachers investigate a mysterious flashing light in the sports pavilion, while the rest of the school sleeps. There, among the lacrosse sticks, they stumble upon the body of the unpopular games mistress - shot through the heart point-blank. The school is thrown into chaos when the "cat" strikes again. Unfortunately, schoolgirl Julia Upjohn knows too much. In particular, she knows that without Hercule Poirot's help, she will be the next victim.......

Title : Cat Among the Pigeons
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ISBN : 9780062073792
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Cat Among the Pigeons Reviews

  • Simona Bartolotta
    2019-02-08 13:37

    3.5“Everybody always knows something," said Adam, "even if it's something they don't know they know.”Of course, there is a crime (actually, more than one -yay) but there is also espionage and international conspiracies and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. Cat Among Pigeons definitely is a quite peculiar adventure for Poirot, but nonetheless our Belgian detective solves it as brilliantly as ever. Besides, I simply adored the epilogue. So cute and poignant.

  • Erin
    2019-01-31 11:54

    3 stars for thisslow moving triple homicide mystery which I didn't like as much as others. When I first began this challenge a fellow Goodreads member, paulie, predicted that I would probably solve a case by August! But I was bowled over that I actually had both of the suspects figured out early on the book. Strangely neither of the feline occupants of my couch much cared for my excitement. That's why I feel myself only giving it a 3 star review because A.C. made it too easy and took too long exploring the characters that the motives for all were explicitand I feel a bit sad for Hercule Poiriot that he was forced to get himself involved in the case. However his cameo was genuinely enjoyable. What a snob that fella is and I just love the amount of malice that the Inspector in the case had for him. HAHA!

  • David Schaafsma
    2019-02-04 13:53

    “No sign, so far, of anything sinister—but I live in hope.”—Adam, in ChristieChristie’s Poirot #32, just a few more to go. After a couple of books where (the rich) Christie seems to defer to the poor and minorities in ways not typical for her, she returns for her story to a fairly typical setting, a stunning place filled with rich people! (After reading all these in the gutter noir novels by Cain and Thompson, it is quite a contrast, let me tell ya!). This time it’s Meadowbank, one of the most exclusive girls’ schools in England, which gives us the opportunity to examine girl/women culture in England in the fifties, standards for which are being shared with minorities who are fortunate enough to attend the school. For instance, there’s a 3-4 page exposition by a Meadowbank teacher on appropriate English brassieres for this period, given for the benefit of a “foreign” student who has more “exotic” tastes for fashion. And wouldn’t you know it, this bit figures into the plot! And yes, Christie writes of rich people, but whereas in earlier books Christie wrote about the rich in a seemingly uncritical fashion, we get a clearer idea of Christie’s view in this book. Oh, some of the rich were shallow and clueless in earlier books, but this was comedy. Poirot was and is always a snob, but a charming snob. In Cat Among Pigeons Christie’s views we get an admirable character to help us see the rich for what they often are, The Bull, Miss Bullstrode, the likeable and strong headmistress who is not a snob, not ethnocentric.Miss Johnson: “We have difficulties with the foreigners sometimes. . . Foreigners are much more precocious than English girls.” The Headmistress thinks this may be the brandy talking, but also chides Miss Johnson not to be “too insular.”But yes, there is more than multiculturalism in Cat Among the Pigeons; there’s also murder at Meadowbank (a better title, I think). At least one. . .“Was Miss Springer well liked?” he [Kelsey] asked.“Well, really, I couldn’t say. She’s dead, after all.” The stories include chapters featuring letters sent home by the girls from school, some of them amusing, cute, I guess. As a teacher beginning yet another fall semester, it was interesting to see the conservative fifties approach to schooling and life, the staff conflicts, and the girls’ reflections on all this. And about the murder!“Dear Mummy, We had a murder last night. I thought you would want to know.”The mystery begins in the Palace of Ramat, with a Prince Ali Yusuf, followed by a couple murders, some missing jewels, leading to Meadowbank, where young (and precocious) Shaista is a student. Follow the jewels and the exotic foreigners!Most of the necessary preliminary investigative work is done by two able inspectors, so Poirot doesn’t even make an appearance until nearly three quarters into the book, which is unusual, but I didn’t miss him. I had Bulstrode to pay attention to, my favorite character in this one, which I ended up liking quite a bit, though the solution comes rather quickly from Poirot, and is not all that interesting compared to other solutions from her. Miss Bulstrode is finally a rather progressive headmistress. I liked her discussion toward the end with her successor, the charmingly disheveled Miss Hill, about the necessity for a democratic approach to schooling and ethnic differences. At the beginning of yet another school year, I like the reminders about how to make schooling more relevant and engaging! From a 1964 mystery novelist!

  • Sophie Hannah
    2019-02-19 11:42

    I loved all the detail about the school in this novel, which is why I gave it four stars. The plot is not one of Agatha's best, though it's not bad. But, as in Hickory Dickory Dock, Poirot presents much of the solution without telling us how he came to work it out, and Agatha novels work best when we are able to follow the workings of Poirot's mind more closely. However, all the school stuff makes this novel enjoyable and atmospheric.

  • Rachel
    2019-02-06 14:40

    I didn't like this one quite as much as the other two I've read so far, and I'm not sure why. If Mrs. Upjohn recognized someone at the school who she knew from her previous life in intelligence work and knew this person was a trained killer, why would she leave her daughter in the same school and then travel the world? I hate to say that it's a plot hole, but it bothered me slightly.

  • The Books Blender
    2019-02-03 17:40

    Cara Agatha… le tue trame sono sempre piacevoli e ben orchestrate. Gli eventi ben intrecciate e "ingarbugliati" al punto giusto; i personaggi si muovono con agilità sullo sfondo della tua Inghilterra. È un piacere passare una serata in tua compagnia. ^^(A breve una recensione un po' più precisa e non uno sbrodolo di ammirazione per la Christie XD) -- Post sviolinata --Voto: 3,5½Non è semplice gestire un giallo: la trama deve essere avvincente senza rivelare troppo, ma consentendo al lettore di ragionare procedendo di pari passo con l'investigatore di turno. Inoltre, i personaggi devono essere "attivi" sulla scena, devono avere un carattere che li guida nelle loro decisioni (positive o negative). Ebbene, tutto questo negli scritti della Christie c'è... c'è sempre. E, sebbene vi siano alcuni appunti (come la vicenda che poi non appassiona più di tanto; i personaggi tratteggiati, ma molto rapidamente, ect.), i romanzi della "Signora del Giallo" raggiungono sempre il loro scopo: intrattenere il lettore.

  • Kaethe
    2019-02-11 15:48

    When this was published Christie had already been a best-selling author for more than three decades. She's got it down. Certainly she has fun with the format. Hercule Poirot doesn't appear, isn't even mentioned, until the final act. The girl's school setting is fun: it gives her rein to use all the stereotypes and to demolish them.This particular book was on Natasha's shelf, which is why I didn't get to it during my Christie run. Saturday night she comes to tell me goodnight and to ask if I know why the book is there. And even though I can't remember what day it is, I was able to tell her that she picked it out at a library book sale, because she recognized the author. Alternatively, every bookcase is required to have at least one Christie. Or, maybe, a book is just a clever disguise for aliens who've come to observe us. After two hours of increasingly random speculation about space, and teleportation, and replicators, she finally went off to bed, leaving the book with me, because now it felt slightly sinister.Subtle evil plan to acquire all the books is working. "Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh." Personal copy now.

  • Issa Deerbany
    2019-02-01 19:41

    اعتقد ان مستوى الرواية اقل بكثير من الروايات السابقة والشخصيات كثيرة والأسماء متشابهة ولَم يتم التركيز على الشخصيات وأعمالها ونفسياتهم بل تم التركيز على الأحداث فقط وصورة سابقة لإحدى الشخصيات من مكان عملها السابق وانتظار احدى الشخصيات الى نهاية الرواية للتتعرف على المجرمة

  • Andrei Bădică
    2019-02-02 17:47

    Ca fiecare carte pe care am citit-o de la Agatha Christie : PERFECTĂ!

  • Ana
    2019-01-23 11:34

    Gostei imenso, é daqueles livros que mantém os mistérios até ao fim e que, no meu caso, me surpreendeu bastante.

  • Bruce Beckham
    2019-02-05 19:44

    I love the historical and social insight that comes ‘as standard’ with an Agatha Christie – presented, of course, through the prism of the author’s own life experience and privileged background. This novel was published in 1959 – the war and rationing had been left behind, a new world order was emerging, and the Middle East was beginning to flex its muscles.That said – there were certain idiosyncrasies that left me a little bamboozled.In particular, this is billed as a Poirot mystery. But the great detective does not get a mention until chapter 17 of 25. Moreover, his improbable enlistment by a teenage schoolgirl smacked of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. I rather suspect that Agatha Christie had realised her detectives were stumped, and resorted to Poirot’s super-human powers!Secondly, when the ‘true’ story finally became clear, I did feel it was somewhat contrived. There were just too many coincidences and conveniences for comfort; credibility became incredulity. (That said – it was fun trying to work it out. I just think I’d rather not have known the answer!)For the most part it is a pleasurable reading experience: settle down and enjoy the cozy ride and don't worry too much about the uncertain destination.There is one moderate swear word and one phrase that would surely get the book banned today. Oh, and the outmoded language – how brilliant a paragraph in which knickers and ejaculated are used in the same breath – but I can assure you it is not what it seems! The novel is, after all, set in an exclusively female boarding school.

  • Laurel Young
    2019-01-27 15:27

    Cat Among the Pigeons is an atypical Agatha with a number of strengths but a couple of odd weaknesses. I really enjoyed the fact that the first 100 pages are more of a novel of manners than a mystery, focusing on the development of interesting characters at a girls' boarding school. I admit, I picture Waverly Academy from Nancy Drew! When murder finally occurs, the motivation thus has more depth. This would be one of her best but for two detractions: first, it is very odd to bring in Poirot 200 pages in, as a sort of deux ex machina, especially when one of the students has proved herself an apt amateur detective and put together most of the pieces already. It feels like a forced effort to bring in the popular detective, likely as a selling point so that the cover can say "a Hercule Poirot novel"! Secondly, the political intrigue subplot feels like a throwback to Christie's early WWI thrillers, and is out of place in the stolidly English setting. I far prefer the main plot of the girls' school and the issues seething under its placid surface.

  • Mark
    2019-01-31 16:51

    the very first - from such a long list of - agatha christie's detective novels i've read. quite a 'right' choice because the story reminds me of the more familiar enid blyton's boarding schools' series (i.e. mallory towers), but with such expanded plots that includes romance, theft and murder. very juicy indeed. i could even remember that i skipped sleeping that night just to finish this novel, and succeeded doing so in less than 48 hours. this novel was probably the one that triggered my crave (or hunger?) for ms. christie's other "cat among pigeons" much.

  • Claire
    2019-01-30 11:42

    I was so in the mood for this. Murder at a posh all girls boarding school. Lucky that I found a copy in the library of my hotel for a beach read.

  • Obsidian
    2019-02-08 13:43

    Wow. This story took several hundred pages to even get going. I figured out a ton of things before anyone else did. We once again get Poirot in this novel at around the 80 percent mark. I have seen it before, and will say it again. The Poirot books are boring when we focus too much on other people. I wish that we had Poirot involved from the beginning so at least he didn't come in as a side character. The main character in this book from beginning to end was Julia Upjohn. Since this book was published in 1959, once again we get some comments about changing times. And you can read at times at how old/odd Poirot is to other people. I often read that Agatha Christie disliked Poirot as a character as she got older. I can definitely see that in her later works. The overall plot really didn't work for me at all. Reading about a mythical Middle Eastern country that is overrun with fanaticism was initially interesting. But to have the whole thing descend into a big conversation on how women get distracted and/or crazy when around jewels I thought was just a bit much. It also didn't help that we had huge plot holes that just baffled me made their way into the final cut. Christie for the most part in my opinion, is much better than this. The pacing was off a lot. Initially things were quite smooth, after the book moved to England things just slowed down to a ridiculous proportion. The setting of a girls school I thought was an interesting choice, I just wish that we had actually gotten to know more of the instructors/students by more than a throwaway line here and there. It lead to just a lot of confusion with such a huge cast of characters.

  • Nhi Nguyễn
    2019-01-23 12:40

    Cốt truyện của cuốn này không phải là cốt truyện hay nhất của Agatha Christie, nguồn cơn dẫn dến các vụ án mạng cũng đã được "nhá hàng" ngay từ những chương đầu. Cơ mà cách triển khai cốt truyện của Madam Christie hay quá thể, nên là cứ ôm sách mà đọc liền tù tì không dứt :D Cực thích cái cách tác giả xây dựng ngôi trường nội trú tư thục nữ Meadowbank, một nơi lẽ ra phải là chốn an toàn, yên bình cho các cô gái học tập, hóa ra lại trở thành hiện trường của những vụ sát nhân. Lời giải của Hercule Poirot, như mọi lần, vô cùng hấp dẫn và rất mực hợp lý. Cứ tưởng là bắt được hung thủ thì như vậy đã xong, ai ngờ giở vài trang sau là thấy một cú twist, phải nói là tài tình quá đi Agatha Christie ơi!!!! :DEm nữ sinh Julia, trời má ơi lâu lắm rồi mới đọc được một nhân vật nữ còn nhỏ tuổi mà thông minh tinh nhạy như em này!!! Nhiều khi mình nghĩ, nếu ngày xưa mà mình có trí óc và con mắt quan sát, tư duy tinh tường bằng 1/10 của Julie Upjohn thôi, thì có lẽ mình đã không dính vào mấy tình huống rối rắm embarrassing xảy ra do mình hơi bị khờ =))))Đọc cuốn này xong rồi mình trộm nghĩ, không biết cảm giác đi học ở trường nội trú dành cho nữ sinh thì sẽ như thế nào nhỉ? ^^ Chắc là thú vị lắm :D

  • Clara
    2019-01-25 14:41

    3.5 stars

  • Sinta Nisfuanna
    2019-02-06 16:30

    “Dalam hubungannya dengan permata, manusia tak bisa diduga sebelumnya. Benda-benda seperti ini selalu dibuntuti oleh serangkaian tindakan kekerasan. Kematian-kematian, pertumpahan-pertumpahan darah, pembunuhan.” (h. 38)Revolusi yang siap meletus di Ramat, Timur Tengah, membuat Pangeran Ali Yusuf bersama Bob Rawlinson mempertimbangkan usaha melarikan diri. Namun sebelumnya, Pangeran Ali menitipkan permata-permatanya kepada Bob untuk diselundupkan ke luar negeri. Bob yang kebingungan akhirnya menyelipkan permata tersebut dalam barang bawaan kakaknya yang akan kembali ke Inggris.Ternyata benar, bahwa permata membuat beberapa pihak tergiur dan mengincarnya, bahkan tanpa ragu menjadikan nyawa tak lagi berharga, pembunuhan pun terjadi. Rencana melarikan diri Pangeran Ali dan Bob, berujung pada kematian karena kecelakaan pesawat terbang. Hingga permata yang sebelumnya tersimpan tak lagi memiliki tuan. Hukum siapa yang mendapatkan, berarti dialah pemiliknya, menjadi berlaku.Namun, permata tersebut tidak semudah itu didapat karena Bob telah menyelipkan permata di tempat yang tidak diduga, dan menggiring pengincarnya harus menyusup ke dalam sekolah Meadowbank. Selain itu, Putri Shaista yang dirumorkan sebagai calon pengantin Pangeran Ali diterima sekolah di Meadowbank, maka semakin lengkaplah alasan agen pengincar permata untuk beroperasi menemukan harta senilai 3,5 juta dolar tersebut. “Matinya seorang guru olah raga di bangsal olah raga. Kedengarannya seperti cerita kriminal dalam olah raga, ya? Apakah katamu tadi dia ditembak?” (h. 133)Pembunuhan pertama menimpa seorang guru olahraga baru, Miss Springer. Namun, para penyidik masih belum mengetahui keterkaitan permata dalam kasus ini, hingga motif menjadi tanda tanya besar. “Yang sulit adalah motifnya. … kecuali kalau di sini sedang terjadi sesuatu yang sama sekali tidak kita ketahui. Tapi kelihatannya seperti tak ada motif." (h. 156) Pembunuhan kedua, ketiga menyusul, hingga seorang gadis cerdas menemukan keganjilan dan mencurigai sesuatu dalam benda miliknya.Melihat nyawanya pun menjadi incaran, Julia Upjohn, segera mengambil tindakan dengan mendatangi sang detektif kawakan, Hercule Poirot. “Agaknya peristiwa ini membuatku tak bisa tinggal diam di kursi saja, meskipun itu yang kuinginkan. Harus ada aturan dan metodenya, tapi dalam kisahmu tadi tak ada aturan dan metode. Itu disebabkan karena banyaknya benang. Tapi benang-benang itu semua menyatu dan bertemu di satu tempat, Meadowbank.” (Poirot – h. 274) Maka, meluncurlah Poirot ke Meadowbank demi mengungkap misteri di balik ketiga pembunuhan di Paviliun Olah Raga.Awalnya saya kebingungan dan agak pesimis karena disuguhi banyaknya tokoh, terutama pada guru, apalagi saya termasuk pembaca yang sulit mengingat nama. Tapi, lama kelamaan karena mengikuti gaya deskripsi dan alur cerita Agatha Christie yang rapi membuat saya mudah membayangkan para tokohnya, dan mulai bisa menempatkan ingatan setiap kali nama tokoh disebutkan. Salah satu bagian yang saya suka saat di bab 5 Agatha Christie menceritakan suasana sekolah melalui surat-surat yang dikirimkan para murid dan guru. Saya pikir akan menemukan kembali gaya surat-menyurat di bab selanjutnya, ternyata tidak ada lagi, hanya sekali-duakali saja. Tebak-tebakan sudah pasti tidak bisa dihindari setiap kali membaca novel detektif. Sambil menikmati cerita dan proses penyidikan polisi, maupun Hercule Poirot, sempat terpikir nama si pelaku, tapi kembali terkecoh dengan kelihaian Agatha Christie menggiring pembacanya. Hasilnya, tebakan akhir pun meleset tapi kejutannya menghilangkan rasa kecewa. “Perasaan saya seolah-olah ada kucing di tengah-tengah burung dara begitulah. Kami ini burung daranya, kami semuanya, dan kucing itu ada di tengah-tengah kami. Tapi kami tidak bisa melihat kucing itu.” (h. 163)

  • Cristina
    2019-02-04 16:39

    Experienta mea cu Agatha Christie a inceput cand eram in clasa a 5-a si, intelegandu-ma foarte bine cu bibliotecara de la scoala, ma lasa sa ma plimb printre rafturi. In consecinta, cu fiecare imprumut incercam cate ceva nou, pana am descoperit-o pe ea, marea doamna a romanului policier, de care m-am indragostit ireversibil si care o sa ma farmece intotdeauna. I-am citit toate titlurile publicate pana la acel moment - desigur, majoritatea erau foarte cunoscute: Crima in Orient Express [beloved one], Zece negri mititei, Cinci purcelusi, Ucigasul ABC, Crima in Mesopotamia [care a ramas una dintre preferatele mele, dupa Crima din Orient Express] precum multe altele...dar si O Autobiografie, o carte formidabila, datorita careia am avut sansa sa descopar detalii interesante ale vietii ei personale, extrem de fascinanta si diversificata.Nu aveam foarte multe asteptari de la aceasta carte, din doua motive: in primul rand, a trecut multa vreme de cand n-am mai citit ceva de Christie, mai mult pentru ca am depasit perioada adolescentei, cand ma puteam entuziasma exagerat doar pentru ca aflam cine e criminalul; in al doilea rand, cartea e aparuta in 1959, deci tarziu in cadrul carierei sale, si nu stiam la ce sa ma astept..Iata, insa, ca m-am inselat si ca, spre surprinderea mea, cartea in discutie ajunge pe locul 2 in topul preferintelor mele [pe 1 situandu-se Crima in Orient Express - iubesc la nebunie finalul si "criminalul", iar pe 3 e Crima in Mesopotamia, care da, a decazut].Acum ca am facut o introducere absolut enorma, as dori sa povestesc putin despre ce e vorba in acest roman.Meadowbank este o scoala englezeasca pentru fete, impresionanta atat din cauza taxelor pe care directoarea le percepe pentru educatia copilelor, ci si datorita capacitatilor formidabile ale personalului - profesoarele erau foarte bune. Reputatia excelenta a internatului ii determina pe cei mai cunoscuti parinti [oameni politici, regi, printi si alte persoane ilustre] sa-si inscrie odraslele in acest amplasament.Toate bune si frumoase - scoala e condusa de o domnisoara in varsta, Miss Bulstrode, care desi incearca de cativa ani buni sa iasa la pensie, se pare ca nu poate ceda cu usurinta locul ei, deoarece nu a gasit, inca, o urmasa pe voia asteptarilor sale.Prologul debuteaza cu noul trimestru, care tocmai a inceput - ni se prezinta atat personalul, cat si elevele, din clase sociale diverse [unele provin din familii instarite, altele sunt de vita nobila, iar unele au pur si simplu sansa de a fi sponsorizate de cate o ruda bogata]. La finele prologului aflam ca "scoala Meadowbank avea sa fie aruncata intr-o mare de neplaceri, ca va domni peste tot dezordinea, confuzia si crima, si ca anumite evenimente deja fusesera puse in miscare...".Romanul urmeaza, propriu-zis, traseul unor diamante, de la detinatorul original, Ali Yussuf, print si seic mostenitor al Ramatului, care e ucis intr-un accident aviatic prin care incerca sa evadeze din tara, pentru a scapa cu viata din revolutia ce parea iminenta. Alaturi de el se afla Bob Rawlinson, pilotul si prietenul sau bun, caruia ii fusesera incredintate pietrele pretioase, pentru ca acestea sa fie date mai departe cuiva, care sa le transporte in siguranta in Marea Britanie. De aici, ele aveau sa ajunga la o persoana importanta pentru print, a carei identitate n-o aflam decat in ultimele pagini. Bineinteles, din cauza unui sabotaj reusit, cei doi isi pierd viata, iar firul diamantelor ramane cel putin confuz.Putini stiau, insa, ca in perioada in care s-a incercat fuga seicului la Ramat era cazata sora lui Bob, intr-un hotel oarecare. Acesta, profitand de absenta ei momentana, patrunde in camera si ascunde diamantele UNDEVA. Unde? Nu stim, insa femeia din camera alaturata izbuteste sa vada locul unde ele sunt pitite, pentru ca tocmai iesise pe balcon, ca sa se priveasca in oglinda. O tremurare a mainii si iata, oglinda reflecta imaginea din celalalt apartament, unde un barbat facea ceva foarte ciudat, bagand o serie de pietre pretioase in... o sa aflati voi unde, bineinteles. :DIntre timp, la Meadowbank este inscrisa nepoata lui Bob, Jennifer, o fata relativ superficiala dar nu in intregime proasta, care-si petrece mai toata ziua gandindu-se la cum sa progreseze la tenis, si plangandu-se de zor de racheta ei [aparent isi pierduse balansul]. Cateva zile mai tarziu dupa sosirea ei, se petrece prima crima - profesoara de sport, desconsiderata de celelalte din cauza dragostei ei pentru barfa si din cauza curiozitatii sale excesive si a instinctului de a afla orice secret, este descoperita impuscata in pavilionul sportiv.Politia este pierduta! De ce aceasta crima? Ce-ar fi putut descoperi Miss Springer, pentru a fi ucisa?La scurta vreme, apare cea de-a doua crima, alaturi de o rapire formidabila a verisoarei lui Ali Yussuf, care da, invata la scoala respectiva - ca sa vezi coincidenta!Cand nimeni nu pare a gasi o solutie, isi face aparitia ...Poirot. :DVa zic, romanul asta are de toate - nu puteti da gres cu el, daca vreti sa va atatati curiozitatea, sa va testati atentia, si sa va relaxati intr-o duminica sau cand prindeti niste timp liber.

  • Stela
    2019-01-28 11:54

    This is my last Agatha Christie - for now. It was a nice trip down the memory lane, for three of the four novels I read were actually re-readings.Not this one, and a pleasant surprise it was. With a subject so flashy (coup d'état in an Arab state and a legacy of jewels) it would have been easy for the author to slip into kitsch. not Agatha Christie, though, who reveals herself not only a master of mystery but also a skilful observer of the young girls psychology. A very interesting touch was the delay of the main hero (Hercule Poirot, of course), who enters the scene in the second part of the novel. Even the end, somehow syrupy, did not decrease the pleasure of reading. A 3.5-stars book, definitely!

  • Lindley Walter-smith
    2019-02-14 13:53

    This book really makes me wish Christie wrote school stories as well as mysteries and thrillers. Really enjoyable thriller/murder mystery set in a boarding school, with intrepid young ladies and an awe-inspiring headmistress mixed up with international intrigue. Poirot comes in right at the end, grandfatherly and kind, to save the day. The best part, though, is the boarding school setting, the students and the teachers.

  • erigibbi
    2019-02-15 12:35

    Dal mio blog www.erigibbi.itLa storia è ambientata nel Collegio femminile di Meadowbank, una delle più prestigiose istituzioni scolastiche di tutta l’Inghilterra. All’improvviso la vita del Collegio viene sconvolta da un delitto apparentemente inspiegabile. La situazione si complica ulteriormente quando all’interno dell’Istituto si verificano altri due nuovi crimini. A questo punto, una delle studentesse del Collegio riuscirà a mettersi in contatto con Poirot nella speranza che il famoso investigatore belga metta fine a questa vicenda.Lo sfondo su cui prende forma l’intera vicenda è quello di una cospirazione politica: in un remoto reame dell’Asia, qualche tempo prima, sono accaduti sanguinosi avvenimenti che hanno portato alla morte il principe Alì; i Servizi Segreti, prontamente allertati, sono da subito propensi a mettere in relazione l’omicidio avvenuto nell’Istituto con questi fatti.Christie in questo romanzo è riuscita a caratterizzare molto bene l’ambientazione, descrivendo nei minimi particolari non solo l’attività scolastica del Collegio ma anche caratteristiche fisiche e comportamentali di professori e studenti. […] La signorina Bulstrode è piuttosto un agnellino, ma sa anche essere severa. Con le allieve nuove, però, è indulgente. Facciamo letteratura inglese con la signorina Rich che è tremenda. La signorina Blanche c’insegna francese. Lei non sa tenere la disciplina. Jennifer dice che i francesi non ne sono capaci. La signorina Springer è orribile: c’insegna educazione fisica e sport. Ha i capelli rossi e, quando è sudata, puzza. Poi c’è la signorina Chadwick (noi la chiamiamo Chaddy) che insegna qui da quando hanno fondato il collegio. Ci fa matematica ed è piuttosto pignola, ma è simpatica. C’è poi la signorina Vansittart che insegna storia e tedesco. È una specia di signorina Bulstrode, a parte il dinamismo. […]Poirot compare solamente nell’ultima parte del romanzo e questo mi è dispiaciuto un po’. Amo Poirot e mi aspettavo comparisse almeno verso la metà del libro ma questo non accade. Nel momento in cui l’investigatore entra in scena tutto viene risolto con molta celerità, forse troppa. Per usare le parole di Boncompagni nella postfazione Poirot appare meno rigoroso e brillante del solito.Sicuramente Macabro quiz è stata una lettura piacevole; Agatha Christie ancora una volta è riuscita a sorprendermi, inutile dirvi che non avevo minimamente indovinato il colpevole dei delitti. Secondo me è un libro che può essere letto in questa calda stagione estiva, sdraiati sotto l’ombrellone o nel letto della baita di montagna.«Il fatto è che al giorno d’oggi pare che la gente non apprezzi chi è dotato di comune buon senso. […]»

  • Andy
    2019-02-06 14:44

    An odd one - this is a really strong Poirot book if you ignore the fact that Poirot is barely in it (he turns up on page 182, approximately 3/4 of the way through, proceeds to listen to everything that has happened before explaining the solution). He feels like an afterthought, brought in to wrap it all up and bring in some readers.However, despite that, the actual story and intrigue is excellent. Wartime espionage, secret identities, a middle eastern revolution, a quaint English girls boarding school and some gems. The best of everything!It all feels far more detailed than some Poirot stories, rich in plot, environment and location with a cracking opening sequence. The characters are classic Christie, creating an almost entirely female cast, filled with a wonderful cross section of personalities. You can read a lot of Christie's thoughts on her fellow women here. The private school setting works wonderfully and there's an awful lot to like throughout.So, despite not really being a Poirot story, this is Christie at her best. Well worth reading for a riveting story, a great intrigue and a lovely school setting.

  • Greg
    2019-02-06 14:48

    This isn't a Christie classic, certainly. I did enjoy the way jewels are smuggled out of a Mid-Eastern country in chaos, and I enjoyed that an English Girl's School is the location for most of the mystery, an unusual locale for Dame Agatha. There are the usual red herrings, the expected plot twists. But for no real reason, the author brings in Poirot about 4/5ths of the way through, while any local inspector/police officer would have served just fine. It feels as if the publisher sent a draft back to Christie to add Poirot simply to increase sales. (No surprise Christie couldn't stand this little detective toward the end of her career.) So for me this is one of AC's lesser works, as it really doesn't even feel like she had full control of the entire story.

  • Laura W
    2019-02-22 15:27

    Part of an Agatha Christie mini review round up.This book is set up slightly differently in that there are a fewer characters to sort through and it's much more straight forward.  Perhaps this is because I've read it a few times but to me, there isn't a clear answer until the end but it's obvious what the motive is.  I did like how foreign countries were brought into it, though!  I do really like the title though.  It's very mystery-like.Final Verdict: Intriguing and compelling mystery although slightly less complex than others.4.5 stars

  • Clare Snow
    2019-01-31 14:37

    Ah Agatha, the queen of rascist colonialism. Meanwhile the cat's among the tennis playing pigeons and Lady Macbeth hones her wiles.I remember one thing from my first read a quarter of a century ago - not the murderer. While my memory fails me, here's hoping my adjectives have improved.Review from when I was 12:Terrific book, about school girls. I really loved it.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-02-02 15:32

    قتلی در دبیرستان دخترانه مدوبانک صورت می گیرد، اسم اصلی کتاب گربه در میان کبوترها

  • Sarah ~
    2019-01-23 12:27

    حِينَ تَقرأُ لأغاثا كريستيللمرَةِ الأولى ..تنْبَهِر ...وإذا كانت هذه هي الروايَة الأولى التي تقرؤها لها ..تنبهر أكثر ..

  • Martin Smrz
    2019-02-09 16:53

    Hercule Poirot got on the scene only in 70% of the book, so his style and personality was missing in the book and the whole twist was not sophisticated as in other Agatha Christie Books.

  • Şahika
    2019-02-17 19:47

    SONUNDA OLAYLARDAN BİR TANESİNİ DE OLSA ÇÖZDÜM ALLAHHHbunun dışında her zamanki gibi harika konu,son derece zekice kurgu ve kraliçe farkı. "Eh,bien.."