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A receita para a vida devia ser simples: amor, família, amigos, saúde e uma boa dose de delícias gastronómicas. Mas a vida raramente é simples. Alice sabe também como ela pode ser frágil, por isso quer desfrutá-la ao máximo… e nunca se sente tão viva como quando está a cozinhar. Por seu lado, Babetta passou a vida a cuidar da família. Mas agora os filhos já cresceram e segA receita para a vida devia ser simples: amor, família, amigos, saúde e uma boa dose de delícias gastronómicas. Mas a vida raramente é simples. Alice sabe também como ela pode ser frágil, por isso quer desfrutá-la ao máximo… e nunca se sente tão viva como quando está a cozinhar. Por seu lado, Babetta passou a vida a cuidar da família. Mas agora os filhos já cresceram e seguiram os seus próprios caminhos, deixando-a só na sua pequena casa junto à costa italiana. Um Verão, as vidas destas duas mulheres vão unir-se numa pequena aldeia no Mediterrâneo, sob a linguagem comum da comida e do amor pela terra. Vai ser aí, sob o calor do sol italiano, ou a sombra da romãzeira, que segredos serão desvendados, e medos e esperanças partilhados. Mas as lições da vida nem sempre são fáceis de aprender…...

Title : Os Ingredientes do Amor
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ISBN : 9789892308494
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Os Ingredientes do Amor Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-02-28 11:29

    Amid a rash of books about Italy and food, I still think Nicky Pellegrino does it best. This one isn't perfect - I did get a little irritated by the alternating chapters for Alice and Babetta. But I then got tied up in the story and raced through it, tasting every mouthful of the wild asparagus with peccorino shavings, basking in the sun in the woven chair with Babetta with Sky the dog at my feet, working in the steamy kitchens at Teatro with Alice, feeling the heat of the bonfire after weeding the terraces at the Villa Rosa... This is a lovely novel that explores the lives of strong women, the bonds of friendship, families and love... perfect for those times when you just want to enjoy a book, not be challenged by it, and emerge the other end feeling satisfied.

  • Edel
    2019-03-09 13:36

    I cannot recommend this highly enough.I just adored it. The characters were engaging . The description of the food-mouth watering!!!! This is the second book I have read by this author and I have ordered all her other books since reading these two over the past three days. What a joy they were with characters you care for and descriptions of Italy that make you want to pack a bag and head straight there. It was a joy to read this book and I will be re-reading it many many times in the future.It takes you on a whirlwind of emotions and gently comes to an end . I was sad to have to close the last page.

  • Aromas de Cor (Helena Rodrigues)
    2019-03-21 12:31

    Um daqueles livros que não se consegue deixar de lado, uma leitura agradável, uma história de várias vidas e lugares que se interligam num tema comum a comida!

  • Lauren Herbert
    2019-03-19 15:48

    This book was a delicious story. Really well written and easy to read. It's not a gripping story but I was gripped none the less, finishing it in three days. Lovely book

  • LindyLouMac
    2019-03-21 12:49

    This is the first title by this author that I have read and I doubt it will be the last as I believe they are all set in Italy. Although I am already here living the dream it was a pleasure to lose myself in the setting for this delightful novel for a few hours. A very relaxing read and the sights and smells felt almost real, it is obvious that the author knows those sights and smells for herself and is passionate about Italy.The story is told by the two main female characters, Alice and Babetta in alternating chapters. Alice a young British girl has had a traumatic incident in her life which has caused her to drop out of university and for her whole life to change direction. She wants to make the most of her life but seems somewhat confused as to how to go about this. The other protagonist is Babetta the typical Italian mama figure who has spent her life tending to her family’s needs. Babetta is feeling lost as her husband seems to have lost his zest for life. leaving her feeling useless. One summer these vastly different women are brought together, thanks to the beautiful Villa Rosa. Despite not being able to communicate easily, cooking and growing fresh food enables these two women to build a special relationship.If you are passionate about Italy then there is no doubt you will enjoy this story. There is a lot of romance but there is also so much more as our protagonist discovers that life’s lessons are certainly not learnt easily.More information can be found on LindyLouMac's Book Reviewshttp://lindyloumacbookreviews.blogspo...

  • Mekerei
    2019-03-12 18:36

    This tale is also set in Triento (from The Gypsy Tearoom). Some of the characters are also in this tale, but you don't have to read The Gypsy Tearoom before this tale.This is a tale of a girl named Alice and how she stops living her life after she is raped. It takes her many years to come to turns with living again. Triento is an important part of Alice's life.I really enjoyed this tale, especially the descriptions of food; they are mouth watering. Nicky Pellegrino once again writes a charming, warm hearted tale about food and friendship. Again four stars!

  • Carla Geraldes
    2019-03-13 16:40

    2,5.Não consigo dar mais :(

  • Valerie
    2019-03-01 14:24

    Een prachtig geschreven verhaal over twee personages, het heerlijke Italie en Italiaans eten, terwijl het boek onder de Spaanse zon gelezen is. Het verhaal heeft twee personages die elk hoofdstuk afwisselen. Doordat er maar twee personages zijn, leer je ze echt kennen en word je betrokken bij hun leven. Dit maakt het verhaal intrigrerend en mooi.

  • Andrea Brown
    2019-03-20 16:48

    I devoured this book very quickly. After spying it on my sisters book case, and having read some by Nicky before, I knew it would be enjoyable.The span of ages by the characters, the uncertainty of youth and the observations of those with age and experience on their side, made for an enjoyable read.Common themes of food, Italy and love but spanning the generations

  • Kyra
    2019-03-22 18:41

    I liked the book. I loved to read about the food and the friendship between Babetta and Alice.. The reason why I rated it only 4 stars is because I did not like the end of the book.

  • Louise
    2019-02-22 11:25

    Just loved this book. I love how the story flows. How you just fall in love with the characters

  • Janice
    2019-03-02 18:42

    Good read, love the setting and the characters.

  • Sophia
    2019-03-20 12:51

    An enjoyable summer read - liked the London setting and could relate to the age of the characters.

  • Leah
    2019-03-23 13:52

    Nicky Pellegrino is yet another new author to me. I’d not heard of her books until I received a copy of Recipe For Life for review, but even then, I wasn’t necessarily sure she was my cup of tea. The cover doesn’t scream Chick Lit – the green house with the dark blue front door – but the new paperback cover is tons better. I’ve been looking for something a bit different to read so when I noticed this was still on my shelf, I decided to give it a go. At the end of the day, I’d either discover a brand new author or I just simply wouldn’t like it. And with so many novels being so similar recently, it looked like the kind of novel that was a bit different to the norm.Recipe For Life is a novel that spans about twenty years, give or take a few years. I didn’t know that prior to reading it, but I liked the novel’s scope. The novel is about two women: Alice, a University drop-out after enduring a horrific tragedy, turned cook and Babetta, an aging lady who looks after Villa Rosa with her husband and who lives next door. The novel alternates between the two women – Alice in first-person, Babetta in third-person and the two women come together to meet at Villa Rosa after Alice’s best friend Leila’s mother buys the villa. The book stays with both women through the years as they go through hardships, as they grow older, as relationships and things change. I did at the start worry I would bore quickly of Babetta’s narrative as not much of note happened in her life, but I found it fascinating reading about this little old lady who spends her life looking after the garden next door.A chunk of the novel is set in Italy, with the majority of the book focusing heavily on food and, more specifically, Italian food. I dare you to read this novel and not become hungry for some delicious Italian pasta. From what I can tell, most of Nicky’s novels are set in Italy (or part-set) and it’s clear Italy is a big place for Nicky. The way she writes about it is wonderful. Triento is a fictional town but is based on a real Italian town and it made me want to take the next flight out of Tenerife bound for Italy to hunt down the town with a big statue of Christ in the middle. It also made me wish I was a better cook so I could try out some of the delicious dishes talked about in the novel. I have serious food and cook envy of Alice and Babetta. The descriptions of the food and of Italy were magnificent, never has there been a novel with such illustrious descriptions.I did find it difficult to connect to the characters. Despite the fact Alice is merely in her twenties when we first meet her, she always seems older. She has an aura around her of someone much older, undoubtedly foisted upon her after the trauma she went through. And despite her narratives always being in first-person, it was hard to really pin her down as a person, which was strange. The same goes for Babetta, as she’s more like a grandmother, obviously. I felt that rather than the characters carrying the novel, I felt the plot carried the novel more. It was more about what these characters overcame than them themselves, if that makes any sense. I did find the fringe characters fascinating though. I really liked Leila, Alice’s best friend and Guyon, a rather flamboyant and addicted chef.The description that comes to mind when summing up Recipe For Life is lovely. It was a lovely read. It didn’t necessarily blow me away, or make me go ‘Wow’, but it was a lovely, slow read. Something to while away and afternoon in the garden as you get lost in the lives of Alice and Babetta. It was very richly written and the descriptions are to die for. Honestly, people who love Italy – and Italian cooking – will absolutely die over this book. Nicky Pellegrino really knows her stuff, and I’d absolutely read another novel of hers. In fact, I’m looking forward to picking up her newest novel The Villa Girls at some point, another novel set in Italy. Recipe For Life was a lovely way to spend a day, to immerse myself in Alice and Babetta’s worlds and although it’s not fast-paced and although it’s not filled with action and break-ups and all the usual Chick Lit cliches, it is still a lovely read.

  • Lianne
    2019-02-26 18:29

    I read this in 2 days! I loved the descriptions of the way of life in the Italian village, and of all the amazing food.

  • Sonia Bellhouse
    2019-03-25 14:41

    Interesting comparison of perspectives between Babetta and Alice although each cares about food in their own way. at times funny, and at times poignant- a story about food and friendship, survival and love. I enjoyed it.

  • Aimee
    2019-03-06 12:26

    It was definitely a light and easy read. The descriptions of Italy were beautiful and just made me want to go back there! It's a great summer read, and if you want a book to just quickly keep you entertained this is the perfect book. I needed a book I could finish quickly and easily before I went to India and this was the right book.It does have a somewhat sad and disappointing tone throughout the whole book and I was disappointed with the ending too. Pellegrino just seemed to desperately try to make it a happy ending in q page that was anticlimactic and mellow, which instead left me feeling disappointed and let down. I'm not always saying I am only satisfied when it's a happy ending, it's just this ending felt uncomfortable, unnatural, lingering and boring. Without any spoilers I think a better ending perhaps would have been B dying.Plot wise it kept me interested enough to finish it however it wasn't a happy sunny kind of read, it was full of small tragedies however the way Pellegrino wrote about them, rape, death, etc, it failed to stir any cathartic feeling in me at all. I feel like a good book should make you laugh, cry, smile, excited, sad, worried and hopeful. However, my definition of a good book is something that constantly changes and will probably take me years to figure out HOWEVER this book didn't make me feel any of those emotions, it was just a comforting lull throughout. I didn't feel any sense of climax or closure. It was a good nice light easy read. Don't think it's anything I'll remember in 2 months time though.

  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)
    2019-03-19 13:30

    Nicky Pellegrino writes charming books which simply ooze the smells, sights and flavours of Italy. This is her second book set in the (fictionalised) town of Triento in Southern Italy and some of the characters from The Gypsy Tearoom make an appearance, but it is not necessary to have read that book to enjoy this one. It's a warm hearted story about the importance of friendship and food. (Warning: this book will make you hungry!)The heroine of the story is Alice. After a traumatic rape, she drops out of university in England, goes to stay with a friend in London and starts working as a waitress. The book is about her life as she slowly comes to terms with what happened to her and gradually discovers what she wants from life after events have knocked her severely off course. Triento plays a large part in the story as she spends time there and befriends an older woman, Babetta.Elements of the story are autobiographical. The author Nicky Pellegrino was herself raped as a student and the initial chapters of Alice's story are very similar to her own experience. However it is not a book "about rape" - that's only a small part of the story.It's a charming, somewhat predictable but very readable book. And I'll say it again: this is NOT the book to read if you've just started a diet, because the descriptions of food are totally mouth-watering.

  • Rita
    2019-03-23 18:35

    Alice e Babetta, duas gerações completamente distantes, nada tinham a ver uma com outra até que Alice, num Verão, acompanha Leila e a sua mãe até à Vila Rosa, em Triento. Já em Londres Alice tinha trabalhado numa cozinha, nos trabalhos mais básicos mas, quando chega à Vila Rosa e conhece Babetta, rápido se forma a empatia entre ambas e a transmissão de saberes de cozinha é constante. Mesmo nunca tendo saído de Triento, toda a sabedoria de Babbeta fascina Alice até que conhece Lucio e começa a dividir o seu tempo entre o trabalho na pizzeria de Lucio e no restaurante de família no porto. Mas, mais uma vez, a vida prega uma partida a Alice. E é nessa altura que regressa a Londres, magoada com Leila e se envolve numa relação de já muitos anos contudo, infeliz, é absorvida por Tonino, seu chefe e irmão de Lucio.É neste emaranhado de relações que se desenvolve todo o romance, muito leve e simpático.Quando virei a última página, o primeiro pensamento que me saltou foi aquele de que há muito tempo sou defensora: o tempo cura tudo. De nada adianta querer apressar as coisas quando o seu rumo é, necessariamente, mais lento. E que, todas as lições de vida, deve ser mesmo tomadas como isso mesmo: lições.

  • A Miuda Geek
    2019-03-16 19:32

    Bom, esta é uma das minhas leituras em que tento reconquistar a minha fé na humanidade, e esta não desapontou, nesse sentido. Poderia ter ido até ás 2 estrelas e meia, mas fico-me pelo " foi ok".Porque, na realidade, não foi mais do que ok.A personagem principal, Alice, tenta reconstuir a vida dela, após um incidente traumático. Ela tenta confortar-se, indo viver com uma amiga de infancia, Leila, filha de uma artista conceituada. Leila é o oposto dela: linda, extrovertida, sexy e outgoing, o que faz com que, ao pé dela, Alice simplesmente desapareça para tudo e todos, mais especificamente homens. Mas Alice ainda vai fazer um bom percurso até chegar onde se sente bem. Pelo caminho irá encontrar uma carreira que adora e que a faz sofrer e homens que lhe irão fazer exactamente o mesmo.A história desenrolou-se bem até mais ou menos até 3/4 do livro - daí para diante, para mim, parece que a autora não quiz mais puxar pela cabeça e deu-lhe o fim mais insonso e previsivel de sempre.Este não é o meu género habitual e, como disse no inicio, é uma leitura de "descontra" antes de voltar para a fantasia ou para o thriller e policial: por outras palavras, antes de voltar para a intriga e carnificina. Foi a primeira vez que li esta autora e não me parece que irei repetir.

  • Emily
    2019-03-04 11:30

    I had a good feeling about this book from the start – its beautiful cover of a turquoise wall with a tree branch waving over it, heavy with ripe lemons, made me think instantly of summer holidays.I decieded to read this book because my mum and other friends had and said they really liked it.this book fits into the category a book written in 2011. this book was interesting because it was set in italy,it was romantic and had lots of different types of italian food. yum!. my favorite quote from this book is " food can lead you to anything,friendship,love and anywhere in the world". learnt that food can take you anywhere in the world and Italy is really amazing and nice!.I really liked the setting of this book and everyone that has read this book loves the setting in Italy. my favorite character is this book is the main charcter Alice and the elder lady that lives nextdoor,Babetta. I would really recommend this book to anyone who loves food, Italy and romance. This book is hard NOT to read.

  • Ana Luisa Henriques
    2019-02-26 12:23

    A cozinha esteve mais presente neste livro e foi impossível não pensarmos nas pizzas da casa de Chá Cigana ou nos belos pratos da Trattoria junto ao rio mas foi impossível não ficar triste com o lado frio de se trabalhar na cozinha de um restaurante fantástico mas em que tudo passa a ser apenas uma linha de produção, como disse Rafaella: "Não é cozinhar com amor e isso é que é o melhor da comida".Em termos de história foi interessante ver os acontecimentos da vida das personagens mas a protagonista Alice deixou algo a desejar pois a vida dela foi vivida ao sabor de para onde era empurrada e para o que era mais cómodo fazer e, portanto, algo vazio.Já a protagonista italiana, Babetta, foi das melhores personagens, que mostram que com pouco se pode ser feliz. Gostei ainda de voltar a encontrar a bela Raffaela e saber como é a sua vida hoje e que continua a ter o bom coração que lhe conhecemos em "A Filha do Pescador".

  • Wendy Bruce
    2019-03-20 14:40

    This is a great book for those times that you want something light and well written. The book is set in Italy and told through the eyes of a young English woman recovering from heartache and an old Italian woman near the end of her life. They are both feeling lost with the dislocation in their lives. Alice has dropped out of university and is trying to find a new direction for her life and Babette is feeling useless as her husband has lost his zest for life. One summer these two very different women are brought together at the Villa Rosa. Despite not being able to communicate easily, cooking and growing fresh food are the vehicle through which the two women build a special relationship. It’s a book for foodies – mouth watering recipes abound. If you’ve been to Italy you’ll Want to go back; if you haven’t you’ll find yourself looking longingly into travel agents windows.

  • Ruthy
    2019-02-27 11:41

    A receita para a vida devia ser simples: amor, família, amigos, saúde e uma boa dose de delícias gastronómicas. Mas a vida raramente é simples.Ao ler este livro deparei-me com uma “opinião” interessante com a qual me identifiquei: “Cozinhar deve ser com amor… Se cozinharmos com amor nota-se a diferença no sabor!”Comecei a pensar nisto e realmente as minhas melhores “experiências” aconteceram quando cozinhei com amor… ou melhor, quando cozinhei para pessoas que gosto (para o meu amor, para os nossos familiares e amigos)! Quando cozinho com o meu amor então fica tudo maravilhoso, não falta nada nem tem nada a mais!Por isso aqui fica o meu conselho: Cozinhem com amor! Sempre! Quem comer os vossos cozinhados vai agradecer e apreciar!!!

  • Anna
    2019-03-05 13:48

    Oooohh, what a gorgeous book. I feel like I've just had a holiday in a little village in Italy! The descriptions of the village, the locals, the landscape and best of all, the most DEVINE food, were just wonderful. I have never been there, but now feel as if I have. I really enjoyed the characters and the story, the contrasts between modern city life and the gentle pace of life in a small village, and the differing perspectives of Alice (the young apprentice chef) and Babetta (the elderly Italian woman passionate about gardening and cooking). I also liked the way the story surprised all turned out differently to what I was expecting, with a satisfying, but not predictable, ending.

  • Mª João Monteiro
    2019-02-23 12:24

    Muito giro! Achei que a autora era leve e sem complicações mas este livro encheu-me as medidas e fez-me chorar. Oscila entre duas protagonistas, uma delas narradora, de idades e em tudo diferentes entre si, cruzando-se em Itália. Apresentam-nos várias perspetivas da vida feminina, cruzando receitas e formas de rodear as questões que a vida traz. A única coisa que me desagradou um pouco foi o final romântico de uma das protagonistas, que achei um pouco frouxo. DE resto, gostei muito. A capa da edição portuguesa, com uma parede azul (linda) choca com a «vila rosa» onde se passa a maioria da ação...

  • Kim
    2019-03-05 16:29

    I have loved all of the books I have read so far from Nicky Pellegrino, she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and reading this book just helped to convince me of that even more.Recipe for Life is almost sequel to Summer at Villa Rosa (also published as Gypsy Tea Room) and as well as letting us peep back into the lives of familiar characters, it also introduces lots of new and interesting ones, too. It is a lovely story of friendship, love, and the Italian countryside and it's food are as much character's in the story as the people are. I didn't want the story to end and it left me wanting to know what happened next. Hopefully, there will be another sequel in the offing!

  • Ana Quina
    2019-02-26 17:38

    Ideal para ler no verão e viajar pela sombria cidade de Londres, que rapidamente contrasta com a brisa leve e solarenga da vila Italiana. Mais uma viagem de cheiros de cozinhas empregnadas de sabores e vidas que parecem não ter solução... um romance dos tempos modernos, que nos aborda as crises existênciais das expectativas da sociedade e uma nova esperança de que a vida nem sempre "começa" quando todos esperam, mas sim quando o destino deixa que tudo se encaminhe para a felicidade. Uma prov de que a vida dá muitas voltas mas sempre encontra o seu caminho.

  • Maria Garzia
    2019-03-02 17:35

    I wouldn't recommend this book, I finished it because I hate leaving a book unfinished.The only parts I enjoyed in the book were when the author describes the food, it made me want to go to a family restaurant in Italy and try some of the foods she described. On the other hand the story is a bit dull as are the characters, Babetta's story wasn't as bad as Alice's. I couldn't believe how Pellegrino ended her characters' story, I wanted something more for Babetta and something much different for Alice.

  • Ana Luisa
    2019-02-24 14:31

    O ingrediente principal da minha vida é amor: amor próprio, amor pelo meu filho e pela minha família, os amigos, as minhas filhas caninas, um bom livro, um copo de vinho tinto... agora sim, amo a vida!Este livro reflecte isso mesmo, amor pela vida, pelas cores e sabores. Amor pelas coisas que nos fazem sorrir e sonhar. E mesmo quando tudo quebra e a vida te troca as voltas apenas uma coisa é certa: o melhor está para vir! Vais descobrir o que realmente importa, e a força que tens para virar a página. E nesse momento nascem novos sonhos, novos planos e novos amores.