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Kathryn Anne Dubois - Wild For YouWhen rich, and very spoiled, college intern, Georgie, gets lost and is captured by the elusive Wildman of the Congo; she soon discovers that this terrifying specimen of male virility has never seen a woman. Oh, the research possibilities are endless! Until he tells her, without the words that he doesn't yet possess, that he has research idKathryn Anne Dubois - Wild For YouWhen rich, and very spoiled, college intern, Georgie, gets lost and is captured by the elusive Wildman of the Congo; she soon discovers that this terrifying specimen of male virility has never seen a woman. Oh, the research possibilities are endless! Until he tells her, without the words that he doesn't yet possess, that he has research ideas of his own.To My Readers: Ever fantasize about being kidnapped and held captive by a modern day Tarzan? I have. Which is why I had so much fun writing this story. An implausible premise some might say? You bet. Which only doubled the fantasy for me as I hope it does for you. Enjoy!Kimberly Dean - WantedFBI Special Agent Jeff Reno wants Danielle Carver. There’s her body, brains – and that nasty charge of treason on her head. Unable to clear her name, Dani goes on the run, but the sexy Fed is hot on her trail. What will he do once he catches her? And why is the idea so tempting?To My Readers: The thrill of the chase awaits. Enjoy!Lisa Marie Rice - SecludedNicholas Lee had to claw his way to the top. His wealth and power come with a price - his enemies will kill anyone he loves. When Isabelle Summerby steals his heart, Nicholas secludes her in his underground palace to live a lifetime of desire in only a few days.To My Readers: Nicholas Lee walks on the dark side and always walks alone. By choice and by necessity. Anyone he loves would be destroyed by his enemies. Luckily he’s never loved anyone—until now. When Nicholas loses his heart to beautiful, gentle Isabelle Summersby, he will allow himself only a week with her. One week of bliss and then they must part. Any longer and Isabelle will die. But what if Isabelle wants more?Bonnie Hamre - Flights of FancyChloe has taught others to see the realities of life but she’s never shared the intimate world of her sensual yearnings. Given the chance, will she be woman enough to fulfill her most secret erotic fantasy? Join her as she ventures into her Flights of Fantasy….To My Readers: I am thrilled to be back in a Red Sage collection! Since my first two Regency novellas in Secrets 1 and 2, the collections have generated fantastic reader appeal and I have to tell you, I’m impressed. I hope you’ll enjoy this story about a stressed-out, seen-it-all contemporary woman with a very specific fantasy, and a determined, no-holds-barred man…...

Title : Secrets: The Best in Women's Romantic Erotica Vol. 9
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Secrets: The Best in Women's Romantic Erotica Vol. 9 Reviews

  • Dina
    2019-04-11 14:44

    This anthology contains 4 short stories, but my rating is for 2 stories only:Wild For You by Kathryn Anne Dubois (no rating)I didn't read this story because I knew there's cheating in it. Bill Clinton doesn't agree with my definition of cheating, but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.Wanted by Kimberly Dean (4 stars)This was a fun read with a sexy (but slightly incompetent) hero and a smart and resourceful heroine. The mystery/suspense was weak and its resolution was kind of disappointing, but the romance was good. Some suspension of disbelief was required to buy it, but that's how things work in Romancelandia.Secluded by Lisa Marie Rice (4 stars)I love (almost) everything that LMR writes, and this story was no exception. The basic plot was very similar to Dangerous Passion, so the story lost some impact to me. I considered dropping the rating of this story to 3 stars because of that, but then I didn't think it would have been fair since this story was written before Dangerous Passion and I should rate it without prejudice. On its own, this was a very good short story with LMR's typical obsessive hero and somewhat innocent heroine. It isn't a "must read", but I don't regret reading it.Flights of Fantasy by Bonnie Hamre (no rating)I didn't read this story because I knew there's ménage in it and the heroine has sex more than once with someone other than the hero. Not my cuppa.

  • Kathrynn
    2019-04-04 07:27

    Bought this for the Lisa Marie Rice story, but all four were longer short stories than typically found in this type of anthology. All were modern and erotic:1. Wild for You by Kathryn Anne Dubois was set in Africa. A college professor and a few of his students were living in a village to study the plant and animal life when a very spoiled and pampered Georgie wonders off and gets lost in the jungle. Georgia encounters poachers meant to harm her when she gets rescued by a very hunky “Tarzan.” "Tarzan" was lost from his family when he was 3-ish, barely spoke, but did comprehend English. He had a strong desire to mate and chose Georgie as his mating partner.The beginning and ending were good, but the middle bothered me. “Things” transpired that took the romance out of the story for This Reader. That's all I can say without posting spoiler alerts. 4 Stars2. “Wanted” by Kimberly Dean was about a hot computer programmer accused (framed) of selling defense secrets and was on the run (for 6 months) from an equally hot FBI agent, Jeff Reno. They exchange nightly e-mails…I like to go with a little fluff in a story, but this one pushed my limits in many ways. Just too unrealistic. They both had the hots for each other after one brief moment of Danielle being accused of treason and she ran. 3 Stars3. “Secluded” by Lisa Marie Rice was pretty good. Although why the story began the way it did has me questioning what was cut to condense it for a short novella…Two neat characters, Nicholas Lee and Isabella, spend an incredible 2 weeks together while hiding from a very dangerous mafia-type man who has been after Nicholas for years. Some parts of the story contradicted things (he never killed?), but it was very good, very steamy, and romantic. Almost (ALMOST) hit the danger zone on the difference between loving and possession…4 Stars4. "Flights of Fantasy" by Bonnie Hamre was a stinker for me. :-( The control, weirdness, menage scene, sex with other people before the menage scene...this was so not romantic, imo. Yancy (and what a stupid name for an American Indian) sat in the back of a college class that Chloe attended many years ago and fell in love with her. He followed her career, lovers, etc all this time. He wanted to become wealthy and supposedly did it all for "her." He coerces her boss (photo-journalism) to force Chloe to go on this fantasy yacht vacation or loose her job. Yancy owns the Fantasy yacht and has regular cruises to fulfill peoples fantasies. There are other guests and Yancy has two of Chloe's former lovers there, too. She has sex with one of them (who gets mad at her), then the other (who claims he now owns her), then all three. All this time, Yancy is very possessive. Telling her she's "his." Hogwash. He was too controlling and the whole situation was weird. Blech!2 Stars

  • Melania Ramona
    2019-04-04 08:53

    "Wild for You" - 2 stars. This story didn't really offer any surprises for me in terms of plot (well, maybe a little unpleasant one). The spoiled rich girl and the wild man (who supposedly loves her but...)were not characters I felt sympathy for or even liked. It felt like something I would have wrote at 15, just a fantasy which transformed into a story becomes unrealistic, obviously . "Wanted" - 5 stars, even if it's far from perfect. But the tension, both sexual and otherwise, and even the emotions were well rendered. I could understand why the attraction between the characters because for 6 months they had spoken on the Internet (and I know a lot of relationships which started that way). And then there was the thrill of the chase, of course. Yes, the plot wasn't very complicated and the conclusion didn't bring a big surprise, but I got involved in the story and I liked the characters, especially the heroine. I felt I could understand all she did and why she did it. The sexy scenes were good, and not only that, but interesting, too."Secluded" - 4.5 stars. I've always loved Lisa Marie Rice's books and her tough, dark, intense heroes. This was an enjoyable read. The ending was nice. It reminded me of some movies I liked. I think this story is slightly less than it should have been because it had to be fit into a shorter frame. But I can understand that. "Flights of Fantasy" - 2 stars. The premise for the story was interesting, but the author insisted on ruining the whole thing. I know that some couples introduce other people into their sex life, but I can't accept that, neither on a personal level or in a supposedly romance story. This really clashes with the hero's personality - he's presented like a very possessive man who's been obsessed with the heroine for years (he frequently tells her she's "his"). So why would he arrange for a threesome with her ex-lovers? The author tells us is because he wishes to fulfill her fantasy. Come on! I don't believe that for a minute. I get that Bonnie wanted her story to have a little extra spice, and threesomes are certainly highly erotic, but, in romance, they "work" only in certain contexts, and this isn't one of them. The hero seems a bit weird, the heroine a bit sluttish (even if we are told this isn't her usual behavior) and the Brad character, a jerk. The other one left no impression on me. It seemed his only reason for being there was to provide the third..., well, you get my meaning.

  • Angela
    2019-04-05 11:49

    Wild For You by Kathryn Anne DuboisAn okay story, with a few hot scenes. Our hero "Tarzan" is not faithful to our heroine, but as far as he knew his "Jane" had left him, so -- In any case, it was an enjoyable fantasy in the What If category.Wanted by Kimberly DeanRealistic? um, no. But full of fun and hot scenes? Yes. I pick this as my favorite of this book. Secluded by Lisa Marie RiceI got a bit annoyed at the writing in this one...could have benefitted from some tighter editing. The story was all right, but I wanted to know more about our man of mystery. I liked the ending.Flights of Fancy by Bonnie HamreMINE..yeah, that got old. He knew her from a distance in college and has been stalking her ever since? Yeah, I didn't really like this one. There were some hot sex scenes though.

  • HK
    2019-04-17 08:35

    "Secluded" a novella by Lisa Marie Rice is in the Japanese book, 「シークレットはじまりは嵐のように」リサ マリー ライス. 中に入っている他の短編はこの Secret vol 9 と合わない。日本語版には4話。はじまりは嵐のように 3.5 satrsAlias Smith and Jones by B.J. McCall, 125 pagesSmith, a son of a big bank business family and Meredith, aka Jones, met at O'Hare airport bar stranded by blizzard. Smith booked a suite at his grandfather's hotel, and invited her. She had a great night but left without saying good by or leaving name and phone number. Smith finally found her working in his grand mother's bank and he decided to take the CEO position there. Meredith was left by a fiance and cannot believe that what Smith and her has is love. Smith tried to convince her from sex, but Meredith did not believe him. So he left the bank's position, and did not contact her until 3 weeks later. He now courted her until she believed he was really in love with her. Hotness was good and to my taste.ハンターにくちづけをKissing the hunter by Angela Knight, 202 pagesParanormalVirginia, a 170 year old vampire and Logan who was after the bad vampire who killed his wife. He believes Virginia is just like the bad one and a serial killer. He was not able to kill her when he had a chance, and she took him to her house and tied him to bed. Despite hate from Logan, they have attractions to each other. Eventually she took blood from Logan. Logan kept dreaming of old times and sometimes Virginia was in it. He finally saw John's face briefly in his reflection on mirror. Virginia realized that Logan was a reborn John sooner than Logan. Logan came around, and after leaving her for 11 days he realized that he cannot be without her, and his friends who are vampires advised him to go back to her. Logan became vampire again. He used to be a vampire and died once when John died. He then became "keith"? a human with special abilities. Then he could be a vampire by his choice the 2nd time. Not excited about paranormal settings.レディのたくらみEnslaved by Desiree Lindsey, 122 pagesCrystal and Nicolas. Crystal is married to Fred for 8 years without children. Fred proposed Crystal sleep with Nicolas who is Fred's best friend to get an heir. Crystal and Nicolas have been friends, but they had been in love in their youth, too. Nicolas resisted, but could no longer resist her. They slept together and shared powerful time. Nicolas left for Paris after Fred walked in on them. Nicolas cannot forget about her or let her go. He engaged and brought the fiance to London. Crystal was heartbroken since Nicolas has left and her husband had no contact with her. By the time Nicolas came back and heard about Crystal's condition and the death of her husband, he broke off engagement and came to sick looking Crystal. Crystal was pregnant but she's lost energy to keep living. She was happy to see Nicolas come to her and they can't keep their hands off each other. He told Crystal about broken engagement, and asks what Crystal wants. She only wants love. They want to be together and want to fill the house with their children.OK, not great. Hotness ma-ma-.闇の恋人Secluded by Lisa Marie Rice, 142 pagesNicholas Lee and Isabelle Summerby, a tv cast, announcer? He can only spend 2 weeks with her because of his enemy. He saved her from mugging attackers and took care of her. Then he took her his underground home with 2 week offer. They had secluded time with an end in their back of minds. On their last day they were ambushed by the enemy at home. Nicolas was shot, but Isabelle won't run without him. They escaped and the house exploded. They were presumed dead and went away to an island.

  • Tori Macallister
    2019-04-15 11:45

    Let me make perfectly clear that my star rating is purely for the Lisa Marie Rice novella (3rd in the book). The first story was horrific - poorly written about this Tarzan-type man and it actually included an unfaithful hero and an incest scene! I honestly got the impression it was written in the 1970s and just thrown in this book. The romantic suspense story was good and the final story bored me so much it was a DNF. Lisa Marie Rice's story was very her, and seemed like a prototype for Dangerous Passion, which is one of my favorites (shout out to Drake, you sexy beast!). I would hope the publisher would consider separating these out into little e-novellas, but I'm guessing a few of these stories would never get read otherwise!

  • Gee
    2019-04-18 15:50

    This is one of the better anthologies I've ever read.Secluded by Lisa Marie Rice --- 5 starsFlights of Fancy by Bonnie Hamre ---- 3 1/2 starsI liked this story. But I couldn't give it 4 stars b/c she has sex with a guy immediately before she decides she loves another one. ?? She didn't really know what love is enough to love someone.Wild For You by Kathryn Ann Dubois ---- 4 starsWho among us hasn't dreamed of being Jane when we watched an old Tarzan movie?Wanted by Kimberly Dean ---- 4 stars

  • Mandy Beyers
    2019-04-11 07:28

    Four hot stories: a FBI agent chases a suspect by day, and fantasizes about her by night. A college girl gets lost in the jungle and is rescued by a wild man - who's never seen a girl before! A fantasy cruise where first names and occupations are the only introductions... and a man with enemies who bargains with a father for a few weeks with the woman he wants. Each story is unique and each is HOT!

  • Rhapsody
    2019-04-13 12:53

    I read Lisa Marie Rice's story in this. Pretty standard stuff, for her; a tough, jaded man who has a lot of wealth and influence falls for a beautiful younger woman, but his situation won't allow for anything more than an affair of a few weeks. I was disappointed. Everything happened too fast, both the hero making his move and the heroine acceding. What I enjoy in romance novels is the development of the relationship, not the erotic scenes.

  • Jodi Dewynter
    2019-04-10 08:24

    First off, I'm not a fan of short stories. I chose this book because I needed something light and fluffy to read. This book did not fall into that category for me. I found all of the leading men in all of the short stories to be extremely possessive and needlessly demanding. There were 2 stories that had what I consider to be rape (when the woman says no and the manPowers on through). All in all not a good choice for me.

  • Stacie
    2019-04-15 08:45

    A collection of erotica romance stories with authors Lisa Marie Rice - Very wealth, crime dude gone legit and bad guys went revenge against him and anyone he loves, Bonnie Hamre - cruise setting with woman receiving her secret fantasy, Kimberly Dean - FBI Agent theme chasing an innocent set up as a criminal, Kathryn Anne Dubois - Tarzan theme.

  • Janice
    2019-04-05 08:42