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Star Trek Blueprint Database Cygnus X.Net STAR TREK BLUEPRINTS DATABASE With , blueprint sheets currently online Star Trek Blueprints the Complete Set of Authentic Star Trek Blueprints the Complete Set of Authentic Blueprints of the Fabulous Starship Enterprise General Plans, Constitution Class, U S S Enterprise Franz Joseph Designs on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Vinyl packet including Complete Set of Authentic Blueprints of the Fabulous Starship Enterprise General Plans Star Trek Blueprints General Plans Constitution Class U The Complete Set of Authentic Blueprints of the Fabulous Starship Enterprise From the bridge to Dr McCoy s Sick Bay, from the Crew s Quarters to the Shuttlecraft Hangar, from the Photon Torpedo Bank to the Science Labs of Mr Spock every foot of every level of the Enterprise laid out to scale BLUEPRINTS STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION NCC D Star Senior illustrator Rick Sternbach was one of the first people hired for the Star Trek The Next Generation design team, where he worked for all of its seven blockbuster seasons Now he brings you on an incredible journey inside the U S S Enterprise NCC D From the bridge, to engineering, to the ship s holodecks, these exciting, detailed blueprints reveal every deck, every corridor, and Star Trek First Contact Wikipedia Star Trek First Contact is a American science fiction film directed by Jonathan Frakes in his directorial debut, and based on the franchise of the same name created by Gene Roddenberry.It is the eighth film in the Star Trek film series, as well as the second to star the cast of the series Star Trek The Next Generation.In the film, the crew of the USS Enterprise E travel back in time Star Trek Continues Wikipedia Star Trek Continues is an American fan created web series set in the Star Trek universe Produced by the non profit charity Trek Continues, Inc and Dracogen, and initially co produced by Far from Home LLC and Farragut Films, the series consists of eleven episodes released between and . Star Trek Prop, Costume Auction Authority Welcome As part of its ongoing mission to document the Art and Production History of Star Trek, this site will present technical articles on Star Trek prop and costume authentication focusing on The Original Series with detailed photos and episode screenshots to complement the information presented as well as feature pictorials to showcase Star Trek memorabilia in private public Star Trek The Motion Picture Memory Alpha FANDOM The Human adventure is just beginning Ten years ago, a television phenomenon became a part of life, shared in different languages, read in publications, and seen by . billion people A common experience remembered around the world Now Paramount Pictures brings the memory to life. General Information Star Trek Original Series Set Tour Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is Located in Historic downtown Ticonderoga, New York When the STAR TREK television series was canceled in , the original sets were dismantled and largely destroyed, only a few small items of the actual sets remain today, and those that have survived are in private collections. TNG TrekCore IDW Announces Q Conflict TREK Crossover Comic Oct , Hot on the heels of their latest Star Trek comic announcement about Star Trek IDW , longtime Trek publisher IDW has revealed their next massive crossover event, which brings together four of the Trek crews in a multi month series starting January .


Title : Star Trek Blueprints
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780345244710
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 100 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Star Trek Blueprints Reviews

  • Curtiss
    2018-10-16 13:52

    A set of twelve 9" x 30" blueprints of the Original Series Constitution Class, U.S.S. Enterprise NC-1701. Very comprehensive and engaging for a real fan of Star Trek.

  • Ira Lichtenstein
    2018-09-28 17:41

    You will need this in case you ever want to build your own starship. Hmmm...

  • Mike McDevitt
    2018-09-21 13:59

    Very cool indeed! Didn't find any airlocks or escape pods. I guess it's EVA suits & emergency transporters only if you ever need to get on or off? But then, who'd ever want to get off the Enterprise!

  • Chris Stutts
    2018-09-23 11:46

    Unfortunately, in order to squeeze 430 people into the ship mostly 2 to a room the size shown in the show, it's like a cruise ship. Beds are everywhere.

  • Tom
    2018-09-17 12:56

    Now all I need is an orbital shipyard and the parts and I'm set.