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Andrew's life is spinning out of control, and he's desperate for some guidance. He's heard there's a palm reader in Wicker Park who's the real deal: a certified, honest-to-God psychic. He's confident that she'll tell him exactly what he needs to hear. Too bad he didn’t account for how long it would take him to find parking.The psychic's gone, but one of the other shopkeepeAndrew's life is spinning out of control, and he's desperate for some guidance. He's heard there's a palm reader in Wicker Park who's the real deal: a certified, honest-to-God psychic. He's confident that she'll tell him exactly what he needs to hear. Too bad he didn’t account for how long it would take him to find parking.The psychic's gone, but one of the other shopkeepers in the building has a sympathetic ear. He's pretty easy on the eyes, too.Striking Sparks is set in the PsyCop storyverse, but it stands alone. Newcomers can hop right in and try it. Veteran PsyCop fans will be treated a good, long look at one of PsyCop’s supporting characters....

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Striking Sparks Reviews

  • Nancy
    2019-03-04 10:48

    Posted at Hearts on Fire ReviewsAfter reading Camp Hell, book 5 in the Psy Cop series, I was thrilled to find this very short story that takes place in the same world and features one of my favorite secondary characters, Crash.In this story, Andrew is planning to get married next week and is scared to death. He leaves work early to visit a palm reader. Unfortunately, things don't work in his favor and he finds her shop is closed. Andrew happens to meet Crash, who lives and works next door. Crash lends an ear and invites Andrew in for a cup of coffee.Even though this story ends with no resolution, it shows Crash's softer side. I hope to see more of Crash in future stories.

  • Shurrn
    2019-03-09 16:30

    A Short story featuring everyone's favorite bad-boy shopkeeper, Crash...When he spoke, his voice was a low purr in Andrew's ear. "Girls are great. They smell good and they laugh at my jokes. But I don't sleep with 'em." This is a stand-alone / spin-off / smokin' hot little story about Crash...We met Crash in Criss Cross. He's the punked-out, no-nonsense shop-keeper specializing in Psychic paraphernalia & Empathetic healing. He's also Jacob’s ex-boyfriend (Gasp!) and kind of an asshole... That being said, I was completely fascinated by him in Criss Cross - such a contrast to the neurotic Victor or the easy-going Jacob. I was thrilled to see him get a moment in the spotlight with this book.The story is told from the POV of Andrew - a brand new character. Andrew made the trip into the seedier part of Chicago to visit a Psychic. See, good ol' Andrew is about to get married, but the is having second thoughts. Doubts really... About himself...Andrew thought he could just pop in, have his fortune told, lay his fears to rest, and proceed toward his happily ever after...What he found was a closed shop, and Cash.The tattooed bad boy represents the ultimate temptation for Andrew...Moral of the story...You can't hide from an Empath.No matter how deep in the closet you might be.Dirty. Sweaty. Sexy. Hot.Turns out Crash is one helluva dirty fucker, and a toppy little badass...Which makes me wonder... Did his Empathy lead him to bend is usual MO, or is he always such a fabulously nasty lover? Makes me wonder what Cash and Jacob had going... Hmm....READ ALL MY REVIEWS IN THIS SERIES:I'll update the list as additional books are published.0.1 - Inside Out - Read my Review here.1 - Among the Living - Read my Review here.1.1 - Thaw - Read my Review here.2 - Criss Cross - Read my Review here.2.1 - Striking Sparks - Read my Review here.2.2 - Many Happy Returns - Read my Review here.2.3 - Mind Reader - Read my Review here.3 - Body and Soul - Read my Review here.3.1 - The Stroke of Midnight - Read my Review here.4 - Secrets - Read my Review here.5 - Camp Hell - Read my Review here.6 - GhosTV - Read my Review here.6.1 - In the Dark - Read my Review here.7 - Spook Squad - Read my Review here.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-02-25 16:27

    OMGOMGOMGOMG... Crash, you are one SEXY mo-fo!!This short is a MUST for all PsyCop fans out there who are obsessed with Crash. This is basically one long sex scene featuring Crash in all of his glory. It is told through the POV of Andrew, a gay first-timer (as if it couldn't get any better!). This short just reminded me of why I love JCP. Her sex scenes are always smoking hot, gritty, dirty, and real. Damn, that woman gets me.

  • Sofia
    2019-03-18 12:36

    Well sparks certainly flew in this one. And I did satisfy some of my Crash cravings. On a more serious note though, it did make me think about:how cynical Crash and Carolyn must get, always knowing when people are lying and the frequency of the lies, must be dispiriting.Andrew havinga choice to make, whether to continue as is and damning himself and Merideth to a hellish relationship or choosing the path true to him.

  • Josephine Myles
    2019-03-01 13:32

    An incredibly steamy novelette featuring Crash, one of the most intriguing secondary characters from PsyCops. Told entirely from the POV of Andrew, a young man about to be married but having serious doubts, we get to see Crash's seduction techniques in action (no, he isn't subtle!) There is more to this cleverly written story than pure porn, though. Crash's motivations remain mysterious - he is obviously using his empathic abilities to sense what Andrew wants/needs, but whether this is at odds with what Crash would rather do is unclear, although there are hints. The emotional turmoil Andrew struggles through contrasts beautifully with Crash's laidback approach.All in all, a superbly written piece of erotica, that should appeal even to those who haven't already read any of the PsyCop series.

  • Tara♥
    2019-03-18 11:42

    So Crash being Crash?I'm a little torn here because there is cheating. I hate cheating. But this is a short and we don't have a huge amount of background information, we just get a general overview. I do not condone this kind of behavior but in this instance I am not going to give this a one star rating. The main reason I'm not going to is because this story was just all kinds of hot.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2019-02-27 12:49

    Well damn…. that was quite eye opening!Um, this was basically PWP showcasing Crash's uncanny ability to read people. Unfortunate Andrew is seeking a way out of the confines of his life, thinking having his palm read will give him guidance. Instead he comes across Crash and I can safely say he got his answer in more ways than one.Crash takes the reins and he is bossy, dirty, and kinky. He delivers - boy does he ever. I think Andrew still doesn't know what hit him.

  • Tina
    2019-02-23 10:51

    I knew that Crash has skills and to read about them was... OMG... so hot! :)Striking Sparks is set in the PsyCop storyverse, but it stands alone. A short, sexy read, not only for fans of sexy Crash... :)

  • Heather C
    2019-03-10 13:42

    This is a short story set in the PsyCop world written in 3rd person from Andrew's POV. Crash, introduced in Criss Cross, is the secondary character Oh, WOW!!! That was not what I was expecting at all!! It's a bit to "dirty" for me.

  • Trio
    2019-03-05 16:25

    Fun little hook-up for Crash.

  • Sheri
    2019-03-12 14:38

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe- catch a hook-up by his….*smirk*Crash, oh Crash…what to do with you? I haven’t a clue really, but as long as you stay away from Vic and Jacob, it’s all good.Naughty and not nice but holy shit was it ever hot!

  • Tully Vincent
    2019-03-16 11:38

    3.5 starsDefinitely sparks flying in this very hot short. I enjoyed Crash in this more than in any of the books I've read of him thus far. (view spoiler)[Lovely the way Crash "read" Andrew (whether mentally or just from careful observation) and led him into his first time with a guy. (hide spoiler)]

  • Desinka
    2019-02-24 15:26

    This has been a fun peek into Crash's love life:) I'm hoping we learn more of his affair with Andrew in future installments.

  • Susan65
    2019-03-15 11:53

    I knew Crash had skilz :-))

  • Cristina T.
    2019-03-22 17:40

    Daaamn, this was HOT HOT HOT!!!Andrew is looking for a palm reading, because he's getting married and he needs answers, as he has doubts in heaps.I mean, he's so deep in the closet even he doesn't know what he needs, although he has been fantasizing for years.Naturally, Crash is more than happy to get under the man's skin and show him a thing or two.And let's be real, who can resist Crash?Dirty-mouthed, tattooed, confident and bossy Crash.No nonsense. Just sex. No strings attached.Newsflash. People do what they want to do. You want to stay? You will. You want to go? Then leave. End of story. All the other stuff is just a bunch of excuses.

  • hahn
    2019-03-21 18:28

    If I were to give this book stars based on how hot Crash & Andrew being together, I think I'll go with 5*. But then I was not a fan of erotica, so that would be 1*. But then I thought I'm not being fair. Actually this is way interesting than the other book I've recently read caused me rated it with 2*. So I'll settled with 3* because I'm now perceived Crash in a different light. [sounds like BS but yeah]

  • Jenre
    2019-03-03 11:52

    After I finished Camp Hell I was thirsty for more of that world, so I got this 'novelette' from JCP Books. The story is about Andrew who comes for a palm reading. He gets there too late and the shop is shut. Outside the shop he meets a tattooed, pierced man who offers him a coffee. Of course the man is Crash, who takes Andrew up to 'Sticks and Stones' and proceeds to seduce him. It was an interesting look at Crash and how he uses his ability as an empathetic to get what he wants. There was also an element of sadness running through the story. Crash senses that Andrew wants to be forced and dominated, yet you get the feeling that Crash is after something with a bit more tenderness. Also Andrew is essentially straight and about to get married which might be offputting for some people. There's no real resolution in the story which left me wanting more - not necessarily a bad thing. I hope that JCP writes another story with these characters, just so I know how it ends, for good or bad. For now this gets a grade of 'Excellent'.

  • Riayl
    2019-03-06 10:51

    Wasn't sure I liked Crash before and thought that reading this would surely change my mind, that I would get a deeper look at him and find out he was really an okay guy, not just a cheater and a jerk. Nope, he's perfectly happy screwing with some kid's head, encouraging him to smoke...I mean it must be cool, Crash does it and then encouraging him to cheat. I despise Crash and I don't really think much of Andrew either, because it was his choice to go along with all of it. I know I am in the minority here and I loved the first few books of the series but Crash is just a slimy asshole and I feel sort of queasy from having read more about him. *looks around for disinfectant*

  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    2019-03-09 17:35

    This short story would be perfect if it were in Crash's point of view. The narrator is a reluctant bridegroom-to-be and Crash helps him know something new (or better, true) about himself.We have met Crash in the PsyCop series and we already know that he's slutty and empathic. And hot. Nothing new here, except for a brief moment of weakness. The fact that we are not in Crash's mind makes him not easily readable, but there's something sweet and lonely about Crash and I hope we'll get to read a story in his point of view in the future.

  • Jenni
    2019-03-02 17:48

    Two-four-six-eight who does Jenni appreciate?Crash! Crash! YAAAAY Crash!This novella was so naughty and dirty and just...smutty that I considered spanking it and putting it in the corner for a time out. But then I realized that's just not effective parenting. What this novella needs is love. Hugs. A nice cold shower to cool off all the steam, maybe some "alone" time, AHEM.Yep. Gonna have to reread this one again and again. Because, Crash. And sex. And Crash.

  • Dante Love Fisher
    2019-03-08 10:38

    A plenty hot Crash short. I might need a moment.Series buddy read with Amy.

  • Clare
    2019-03-02 15:30

    Adorable. Hot. Witty. JCP's superbly evocative prose. Crash is featured. Nuff said :). Seriously, I loved this short, and that's even after my ereader froze on the most explicit page and I nearly had to expose my reading habits to a Sony engineer.

  • Deeze
    2019-03-19 13:33

    This really didn’t work for me. While I would love to see a deeper story with Crash and Andrew, this was nothing more than a porno scene. Great for those that love these scenes, but not for me.

  • Ying Yuvejwattana
    2019-03-25 11:47

    Hot M/M Shortie starsa quick read and a quick fix for my book hangover

  • Amy
    2019-03-16 15:31

    I didn't think it could get any hotter than Victor and Jacob. I was wrong! Holy crap, Crash has a dirty mouth (and I loved it!!). I hope we get more of him in this series.

  • Em
    2019-02-24 15:44

    I'm not really sure if I actually like Crash or not but this was definitely a very hot little short. Looking forward to getting back to Jacob and Vic though.

  • Gina
    2019-03-24 16:49

    Oh my sexy sexy Crash!!

  • JR
    2019-03-18 13:36

    Wow, this was just Crash being Crash and hot , hot sex. Just the thing for a cold winter's night.

  • Amyiw
    2019-03-15 15:39

    A Crash short. I read this one after Many Happy Returns, which is another Crash short. Crash seems to like to initiate men into the world of m/m sex. He can feel the upper emotions of people and figures them out. It is almost as if he is attacking them. Yet, they totally go with it. Both of these shorts were these type of encounters. This one I liked less because the guy needed to come clean to his girlfriend and we didn't get to see any of that. The other one was more an encounter with a very bored employee. Crash was directing this guy to a different way of life and in the end, he will need to process a whole new lifestyle and I don't see Crash as the one to help, help get off sure, help with life, not so much. Crash is barely hanging in there himself. I like Crash, yet, he is kind of creepy.

  • Daesy
    2019-03-03 17:33

    This short story is about Andrew and Crash. Adrew is soon getting married and is having second thoughts, and all of this bcs he maybe likes men and not women like he always thought. He is searching for a psychic to ask him/her about his future, but who he finds is Crash.Andrew is only 23 and Crash knows right away how to make him have some fun..btw the sheets that's obvious.At the end of the short novella, we don't know if Andrew will go back to his girlfriend and marry her or if he will continue being his true self and find a man.Anyway Crash was glad to be of any position he could. XD