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Abby Knight discovers that sometimes death can be a little fun in the sixth Flower Shop Mystery...Abby is amused by the black humor of the usually somber "death professionals" who are attending the Midwestern Funeral Directors Association's regional convention. Even organizer Sybil Blount--known for her cutthroat business practices and the signature rose she wears in her wAbby Knight discovers that sometimes death can be a little fun in the sixth Flower Shop Mystery...Abby is amused by the black humor of the usually somber "death professionals" who are attending the Midwestern Funeral Directors Association's regional convention. Even organizer Sybil Blount--known for her cutthroat business practices and the signature rose she wears in her wig--comes as a surprise...especially when her corpse is found in a closed casket. When Abby's friend Delilah Dove is accused of the crime, Abby shifts into full investigation mode and learns that Sybil's enemies included the prankster sons of a big-time funeral director, an eco-friendly purveyor of "green burials," and a strange Goth girl who captures the "music" of departing souls on her tape recorder. It's up to Abby and her P.I. boyfriend, Marco, to look beyond the trappings of death and find out who really loved Sybil--and who loved her not....

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A Rose from the Dead Reviews

  • Hannah
    2019-04-12 14:43

    A waste of time; there are far better amateur detective novels out there. As a fan of this genre, all I was looking for in this book is a bit of light fun, an interesting case, and engaging characters. This book failed to deliver on all points.Abby Knight is the typical stubborn heroine with a supposed knack for solving mysteries. She's also very pretty, and has a tall, dark, hunky boyfriend (we're told this repeatedly). The above is probably standard for these amateur detective/light romance novels, and while I've liked many a similar heroine in the past, I found myself taking an instant dislike to Abby. Instead of being smart, tough, or simply with a talent for getting herself into the right positions and discovering the right clues, Abby stumbles from scene to scene. The "stubborn as a mule" characteristic isn't cute or at all admirable here. Because the Urban brothers pranked her at the beginning, she is instantly biased against them and pretty much decides, with no basis, that they ARE the murderers of Sybil Blount. She stubbornly ignores the possibility that it might have been someone else, and twists whatever leads she finds to fit her preferred suspects. This doesn't just apply to the Urbans, but also to Eli Cotton, her friend Delilah, and so on. Abby repeatedly forms certain opinions, and then insists on them, and says it's "instinct." I felt like smacking her upside the head.Marco, the hot, hunky boyfriend, is pretty 2D. He's there to make Abby Knight an enviable heroine (she has a hot boyfriend, she's pretty, has a decent job, etc.) and to fish her out of hot water. By the time I reached the end of the book, I lost count of how many times Collins described how seriously hot, hunky and Italian-American he is, plus how much they have the hots for each other and wish to get horizontal. We get the point!The case is flimsy at best, and the "leads" are just thrown in to make the reader feel like the leads are getting somewhere with solving it. It's all entirely too convenient. Abby and Marco finds tapes that the police missed, they get witness statements that the police haven't even heard of, their friends manage to unearth people's secrets that miraculously form the backdrop to the murder. The whole story is conveniently constructed thus, with no real deductive work (not correctly, anyway) done by Abby, and yet she still manages to stumble onto the truth at the end. The story and the murderer is handed to her on a silver plate, with no reasoning whatsoever.It was a tiring book to read, and I regret not dropping it when I found the writing clunky and overdescriptive at the beginning. Fans of the amateur detective genre who would like to read about intelligent heroines and equally hunky boyfriends that aren't described a million times throughout the course of the book should perhaps consider work by Heather Webber, Victoria Laurie, Laura Durham, and a number of others. It'll definitely be better than this.

  • Jonathan
    2019-03-25 09:33

    With a more obnoxious main character and a shaky mystery A Rose from the Dead was probably the worst book in this series yet.As I said above the MC, Abby was very obnoxious in this book. She was a know-it-all who didn't want one of her friends to help investigate the cast because she was afraid they'd solve it before her. That's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Also she made a few reckless moves in this book that made her look stupid. Marco, also, in this book made a few unwise of blatantly obvious wrong choices in this book. However, most of the minor characters were their normal selves, Grace, Lottie, Reilly, and Nikki were all the normal fun characters they've always been. The mystery was flimsy at best, the killer was portrayed early on and the last "suspenseful" scene was faintly reminiscent of the final scene in the last book in this series, Acts of Violets.Overall probably the worst book so far in the series, but I'll read the next one because the ones before this were very entertaining.

  • Melinda
    2019-04-17 14:25

    Another Abby Knight adventure, while enjoyable and I'll,probably read the rest of them, it was predictable. I enjoy reading these books for fun. In this book Abby and Marco investigate a murder at a mortuary convention to clear the name of their friend Delilah Dove. I this book Abby and Marco work more as a team than they have in the past. It does have a humorous side story with Abby's mother sculpting something for Marco's sister's baby shower.

  • Heidi (Yup. Still here.)
    2019-03-23 12:37

    I was warned about this book and have to concur with the warning. Everyone in this book just seemed so out of character - especially Marco. I have heard the series gets back on track after this one so I will definitely continue with it since I have grown to really like the series as a whole.

  • Holli Bush
    2019-04-17 15:32

    Had a very had time finishing this.

  • bella
    2019-03-21 07:44

    Feisty redhead and flower shop owner Abby Knight is back for another adventure. This time she is at a Funeral Directors Association convention hoping to make a few sales of her funeral arrangements and wreaths. However she gets more than she bargains for when the President of the Association is found dead - in a casket! It's up to Abby and sexy boyfriend, Marcus, to prove that their friend, Deliah, didn't kill Sybil and solve the murder case.I've loved this series since the first book, Mum's the Word. I've gotten to know Abby, her staff at the flower shop (Lottie and Grace) and of course the sexy Marcus, who owns the bar, Down the Hatch. While the mysteries are always interesting, I love having watched Abby grow and develop over the books. It's almost like watching a child grow up - as she has embraced owning her own business, her relationship with Marcus and her evolving friendship with Lottie and Grace.In A Rose From the Dead Abby faces some jealousy issues. She's worried that Grace will solve the mystery before her and she has to face these issues and deal with them. This is what I love about the Flower Shop Mysteries. They are real people, that change and grow and even if murder is involved, they are put in real situations. Okay well somewhat real situations, because frankly I don't want to end up suffocating in a casket!A lot of the book took place away from Bloomers, Abby's flower shop, but the scenes at the convention were deathly funny! I never knew a Funeral Association convention could be funny... I especially loved the concept behind the casket races.The sixth book in this series is as good as the previous instalments and I will be continuing on with the series. I plan to "try" and catch up in time for the new release (Seed No Evil), which hits the shelves this month.

  • Drebbles
    2019-04-10 13:29

    Florist Abby Knight agrees to attend a convention of funeral directors hoping it will drum up business for her. She thought the convention would be rather boring and is surprised that it has events like casket racing. There are even more surprises in store for Abby when organizer Sybil Blount is murdered. The police suspect Abby's friend Delilah Dove committed the murder but Abby doesn't believe it and thinks she knows who the real murderer is. The convention will soon be over and Abby and her boyfriend Marco only have a few hours to solve the mystery or a killer will go free."A Rose from the Dead" is another good entry in Kate Collins delightful flower shop cozy mystery series. Abby is a good heroine, a bit more confident now as a business owner and with a penchant for getting a little too involved in solving the mysteries and putting herself in danger. All the favorite characters are here in this book - the sometimes-enigmatic Marco; Abby's helpers in the shop, Lottie and Grace; and police sergeant Sean Reilly. Abby's roommate Nikki isn't in the book that much which is a shame and Abby's mother is also missing for much of the book, but her latest artistic endeavor, a baby gift, is laugh out loud funny. In fact, there is a nice sense of humor throughout the book that makes it even more enjoyable to read. The mystery aspects of the book are well done. Giving Abby a short period of time to solve the mystery is a nice touch as it gives a bit of tension to the book. The mystery is well plotted with plenty of suspects although I was able to figure out who the killer was because of what I thought was an obvious clue. Still, it was a fun book to read."A Rose from the Dead" is a nicely done cozy mystery.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-21 07:31

    A Rose From The DeadKate CollinsMystery283 pagescopyright: 2007isbn: 978-0-451-22241-1Who knew death could be so much fun?Abby is amused by the black humor of the usually somber "death professionals" who are attending the Midwestern Funeral Directors Association's regional convention. Even organizer Sybil Blount--known for her cutthroat business practices and the signature rose she wears in her wig--isn't what Abby expects...especially when her corpse is found in a casket. When Abby's friend Deliah Dove becomes a suspect, Abby shifts into full investigation mode and learns that Sybil's enemies included the prankster sons of a big-time funeral director, an eco-friendly purveyor of "green burials," and a strange Goth girl who captures the "music" of departing souls on her tape recorder. It's up to Abby and her boyfriend, Marco, to look beyond the trappings of death and find out who really loved Sybil--and who loved her not.My review: I have read a bunch of books by this author, and I absolutly love her books. They are such fast reads, and I never want to put the books down. I always look forward to reading her books.

  • Shonda
    2019-04-09 07:37

    3.5 StarsAbby finds herself investigating the murder of Sybil, the event planner, during a funeral director's convention. The book opens with Abby trapped inside a casket in the shape of a phone booth. There are twins, also in attendance, who enjoy getting on everyone's nerves by playing practical jokes. Unfortunately they picked the wrong person to lock inside the casket. After Abby realizes they were the culprits, she immediately places them on her suspect list. The only problem is, this prevents her from seeing the big picture and missing the clues that are right in front of her.A Rose from the Dead fell flat for me. The story takes place in the span of two days, during the convention. The supporting characters make minor appearances in this novel, while the plot centers around Abby and Marco trying to solve the mystery. While this is my least favorite in the series so far, I am still looking forward to reading books 7 and 8.

  • Dharia Scarab
    2019-03-20 14:31

    Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars... This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars... I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up more from the series/author.5 stars... I loved this book! It has earned a permanent home in my collection and I'll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP.

  • Lizz
    2019-03-22 09:41

    Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Kate Collins. However, this installment in the Flower Shop Mystery series left me a bit flat. Although I love the primary characters (Abby, Marco, Nikki, etc.), I was not intrigued by any of the secondary characters that were introduced. I had little empathy for their situations, and did not really like their personalities at all. I also did not enjoy the venue of a convention instead of the normal town square. I was also disappointed that I had figured out who-done-it at about the one-third mark of the book, as it was extremely obvious. Regardless, I am moving on in the series, as I have found the rest of the books to be fantastic. I highly recommend this series.

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    2019-04-05 15:39

    This is the 6th in a series about Abbey Knight, a florist in New Chapel IN. She solves murders on the side, mostly by stumbling upon the killer and getting herself into hot water as well.I don't remember the time frame of the previous 5 books, but this one took place over 48 hours at a convention for morticians. Abbey is there to drum up business for her florist shop. The person in charge is found dead in a casket (appropriate considering the convention) but under very mysterious conditions. Abbey wants to blame it on the Urban twins because they are pranksters, but is it really them?It was a pretty fast read and very enjoyable.

  • Chi Dubinski
    2019-04-16 11:54

    Abby Knight, owner of Bloomers Flower Shop, has taken space at a funeral directors conference, to drum up business. When a couple of young funeral directors lock her in a casket, she is not amused. And when the irritating woman who organized the conference is found dead in a casket, Abby suspects the jokers who trapped her may have engaged in another prank—one with deadly consequences. Abby teams up with Marco, drop dead good looking ex-cop and private investigator, to solve the murder. For fans of American cozy mysteries.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-21 07:24

    Book 6 in the flower shop mysteries. In this book, Abby and her friends get out of the shop to attend and promote their business at the annual Funeral Director convention. Little did they know that they would be solving a murder when the head organizer is found dead. When Abby's friend becomes the main suspect, she dives into her own investigation to prove her innocence and meets some odd characters along the way. Another great addition to this series. Kept me guessing til the end and truly made me giggle!

  • Luffy
    2019-04-04 14:54

    I didn't have the will to write another tedious review, but then I thought that if Kate Collins can have the bravado to churn out such a soulless book and charge people for it, then I can write a review that tries to deter people from reading her book. Okay so it wasn't a total wreck, but everything that made this series worthwhile was missing from this story. Abby Knight's reaction to bullying, her happy-go-lucky streak, her open-mindedness, her relationship with Nikki, her response to boredom. I could go on. Avoid at all costs.

  • Sassychassy
    2019-04-10 08:32

    Another fun read. This time I was able to pick out who the killer was.... I'm shocked it took me this long to figure out the patterns :0) Hopefully the next book in the series will throw a twist in there.Still loving Abby! And Marco just keeps getting more and more delicious! I liked that Grace got to get in on the action in this one. And I hope they go back to Walker in the next book bc I would like to see the confrontation between him and Marco. Will continue as soon as I finish my March challenge reads!

  • Fmorlan
    2019-04-17 15:31

    Abby Knight owns Bllomers flower shop. But is attending a funeral directors conference. This is to help expand her business. This episode is filled with jokesters, strange harpists, tv personalities, secrets and a dead body. Unfortunately, Abby's friend is a suspect so she takes it upon herself to investigate. It is a good plot but i was able to figure the killer early but not the other secrets that were being kept. i like this series.

  • Allison
    2019-03-27 09:33

    Honestly, I can't say much about this book because it's been a long time since I read it, but, I always love her books, and although there was a little bit of unneeded content in the book, it was pretty good. I love all of the different murders that Kate Collins manages to think of for each book, they're always different, beginning and end are always very well thought-out. And... yeah... that's all I have to say about this book...:)

  • Heather L
    2019-03-22 08:49

    I was a bit worried whether I would like this one, as several people in the Cozy Mysteries group cited it as their least favorite. A pretty good mystery, lots of laugh-out-loud moments in this one (IMO), and I did enjoy it despite a) figuring out the murderer very early on and b) the fact the last 1/4 or so seemed to drag.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-04-08 09:37

    First of all, I love the main character, Abby and like the fact that she is a regular person in the book. She has an amazing boyfriend who does add a sizzle to the book.The mystery was interesting and set in a imaginative and creative place. You knew that it was going to be a creative mystery and it was!I was happy with the ending and can't wait to read the next one in line.

  • Carey
    2019-03-24 10:45

    If you think you might want to read this book, open to the last page, and read the last page. Don't worry it won't ruin the plot. If you think this is funny you will probably love this book. Also, I didn't like Abby, but I realize I am coming in on book #6 and missed a lot of set up. I skipped from chapter 9 to chapter 20.

  • Nancy H
    2019-03-24 13:49

    The 6th entry in this series has protagonist Abby Knight displaying her flower shop wares at a funeral directors' convention - a very unconventional convention, with casket races, casket decorating contests, and most of all, a murder involving one of the caskets. It is funny and a quick read, and will be enjoyed by cozy lovers as well as those who like the earlier ones in this series.

  • Phoebebb
    2019-04-09 12:34

    Even though I didn't finish the book, I gave it three stars like I have with the previous books.There is nothing wrong with the book, but I think I'm just not into the series anymore. I've been finding that with a lot of the series I used to like, so I think my genre is just changing.

  • ❂ Jennifer
    2019-03-28 14:42

    This was by far the worst one in the series so far. The characters all seemed to be acting contrary to their characters as established by the author in previous books; as if someone else wrote the story for her. Just awful. But I'm told that the books that follow are back on track.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-25 13:26

    Almost was going to stop reading this series after certain things happened, but am glad to say turned out for the best and will still happily truck on through the rest of this series :) Love Abby and her lovely Bloomers Staff :D

  • Barb
    2019-04-17 08:44

    A Rose from the Dead grabs your interest in the first pages, as you learn more about the funeral industry than you thought you may ever want to know! But in the context of a murder, it all comes together for a great mystery.

  • Janet
    2019-04-01 13:27

    Still catching up with series and having fun doing it. This one takes place over two day and in a unique setting - a funeral director's convention. Grim sounding but it managed to be funny and make for an interesting murder to solve.

  • Jenn
    2019-03-28 14:42

    Not my favourite book by Kate Collins, but I think it's because it takes place at a convention instead of in the little town. Even though all the main players are still featured, I felt it was missing pieces (probably the bar and flower shop atmosphere.)

  • Temperance
    2019-04-07 07:32

    I've read the previous books in this series a while ago. I remember enjoying them. This book was just "eh". I couldn't get a feel for the characters and Abby just seemed to be an annoying brat. I have the next few books in the series. I'll read them. Hopefully they are better.

  • Ali
    2019-04-16 07:33

    I liked this book, because I didn't have the killer until a revelation at the end, at which point it was obvious, but I don't tend to like cozies that take place outside of the normal setting for the entire book.