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What's the most pleasurable way to be made into a werewolf? By having sex with one ... and surviving. Something Dr. Connor Jacy is about to find out after spending a long, lust-filled night of wild, animalistic and sensual lovemaking with the mysterious Native American trapper who rescued him from a snowmobile accident site in the Alaskan wilderness. It's only a few days uWhat's the most pleasurable way to be made into a werewolf? By having sex with one ... and surviving. Something Dr. Connor Jacy is about to find out after spending a long, lust-filled night of wild, animalistic and sensual lovemaking with the mysterious Native American trapper who rescued him from a snowmobile accident site in the Alaskan wilderness. It's only a few days until the full moon and once back at home, Dr. Jacy is sure it was all a dream compounded by his head injury. Unfortunately for Connor, the powerful spiritwalkers of an ancient Indian tribe have already decided to mate a modern man of medical science with a mythical creature and guardian of the night....

Title : Out There in the Night
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Out There in the Night Reviews

  • Bogdina
    2019-01-24 15:16

    If you're going to read this book, take a buddy. You'll need them to keep you from clawing your own eyes out.Besides the pseudo-bestiality, what else has gone wrong? Hmm. Flat characterization. Men with all of the emotional depth of twelve year old girls. Sex scenes that defy all physical possibility. Yes, it's fantasy. I mean, BESIDES the part where the guy turns into a wolf partway through coitus. I'm talking about "channels" that are apparently self-lubing, because the author doesn't help him out. I'm talking about non-existent refractory periods. There's also just something about the book that makes me think that the author hasn't 1) met many gay men, 2) doesn't know much about gay sex, 3) watch any gay porn, 4) know many men at all, or 5) done any research on Alaska or lived in a cold climate. Apparently the author spent all of her research time on dog wang.Futhermore, the author totally Otherizes the Native American protagonist and reduces him to the object of some kind of jungle fever. It's kind of offensive. Oh! Oh! Oh! And she actually uses a phrase that's like, "It's the female in you that allows you to be attracted to men," so she's TOTALLY conflating transgenderism with homosexuality, and THAT'S pretty offensive, too.Anyway, this book reads like bad fanfic, so if that's what you're into, you should enjoy it. But if you're into bad fanfic, why pay for it? Great gag gift, though.

  • Dee Wy
    2019-02-06 18:20

    For a purchase price of $2.99 I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this book. But at 180 plus pages this story read more like a full length novel, with fully fleshed characters and plot. A young human doctor meets werewolf in the wilds of Alaska and the ensuing romance is very hot. Secondary characters make the story even more interesting as Conner is not the only character to find his mate.I've read my share of werewolf stories and I have to say that Laura Baumbach brought elements to the werewolf clan and their physical mating and lovemaking that I've never encountered before. Great story, highly recommend!

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-02-10 14:16

    I was torn with this book. I'll admit it. The story was decent, the sex was hot, and I loved the couple. But there was a thing with Connor, one of the MC's. He was unconscious for almost half of the book (or a large percentage anyway) and it meant I didn't get to know him as well as some of the other characters.Saying that, however, I decided on 4.5 stars rounded up because I loved the book.It's a bit of a different take on shifters, for me anyway. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Connor and Adam made a great couple, despite everything. And I really loved Adam. He wasn't the kind of character you read everything, but I still fell in love with him and I thought he was the perfect mate for Connor.Another thing that bugged me but didn't actually take from the story was Greg, Connors ex. In the beginning, I really hated him and I didn't enjoy his part in the book. Those feelings mellowed to a point of meh for me. Basically, I didn't really care one way or the other. Good or bad? It's hard to know. I guess the sequel, if it's about him and Mitch (pronounced Me-ATH-chae).I'm a fan of shifters, sometimes, and this was one of the better ones I've read. So I'm happy I got to buddy read this. Plus the books really cheap, so that made it even better (in my opinion anyway) and it made me curious about a sequel.

  • Bookwatcher
    2019-01-18 15:16

    Ignoring the the horrendous book cover of this book (because I'm not shallow, if I'm mentioning I hate this cover, so yeah, maybe I'm mean, not shallow) I decide to get it, and buddy read with a friend...So... hummmm... I was not sure, if I would give 4 or 3, but decide to give 3 stars.My reasons to give 3 not 5 are:*Connor the protagonist is unconscious in more or less 90% of the book, and in the 10% he was awake he was having sexyes, I kid you not...I like the eroticismbut I wish I could know MORE about the main characters, not just how he like sex... even if... with someone like Adam around maybe anyone would have that amount of sex*I wish to read more about Greg and Mitch, but again... sex... so nope, no character development... not that have something against sex in books, of courseSo yeah, I like it, and it was a good erotic book but I wish there was more... but hey, let me tell you one little, but not insignificant thing is in this book... knot. yeah... werewolves... erotic book.... and knot... do the math

  • Susan
    2019-01-26 12:14

    I'm not sure what to say about this book at all. It's probably the first book I've ever read where one of the MCs is unconscious for the majority of the book! I didn't sense any development of the relationship between Connor and Adam and was slightly concerned that Connor didn't always know the implications of what he was doing. Adam didn't really explain anything to Connor and anything he did know largely came from Dark. To allow somebody you love to make such a life-changing decision without having all the facts seemed slightly selfish to me. The excuse that it was all ordained by the spirits just didn't quite cut it. What saved the book for me was Greg, who I found a much more developed character, probably because he wasn't unconscious for most of the story :)

  • Lexi Ander
    2019-02-16 16:23

    Dr. Connor Jacey has been working in Pierce Clinic in Nekenano in the Alaskan wilderness, built and funded by Dr. Greg Pierce. His relationship with Greg is winding down, each not able to give the other what they need.Dark and Mitch are Native American guides and trackers who help both Connor and Greg across the wilderness. But they are both guides of another fashion and Dark has taken his charge Connor under his wing, teaching Connor the stories of his people knowing that the spirits will call and claim Connor soon.Returning from an emergency, Dark and Connor have an accident leaving Dark on death's doorstep and Connor is taken and claimed by the Dena'ina warrior, Adam Lowell. Dark ignores the call of the spirit world and makes it back to the clinic. He knows that Connor is not ready and has only a few days until the full moon to come to terms with his new life.This was a really enjoyable story set in the Alaskan wilderness. I especially enjoyed the Native American twist for skinwalkers/werewolves. I thought it was really well written with some amazing sex scenes. I liked all of the characters, even Greg who was a bit uppity but was just looking out for someone he cared about.

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2019-02-02 12:22

    This was certainly an interesting twist on the werewolf theme. Set in Alaska, one of the MCs is a young doctor who has been "chosen" by the spiritworld to bond with the other MC, a powerful, Native Alaskan "skin-walker", aka werewolf. Dr Connor Jacy is captured by the powerful alpha werewolf, whose human name is Adam, when he's out in the wilderness helping to deliver a young couple's first child and is injured when the snow machine operated by his guide crashes from a wolf attack. When he finally regains consciousness, he's struck by Adam's resemblance to a wolf who has been featured in his dreams lately. Of course, the two mate fully, complete the bonding ceremony, and fall in love. Along the way, there's further misunderstanding on the part of Connor's former lover, and current boss, who steps in and manages to get Connor away from Adam for a short time. There's also a lot of sex, truly a LOT of sex in this story -- animalistic, alpha male claiming his lover sex. To be honest, I found myself skipping over it. If you like that in your stories and you enjoy werewolves, you should enjoy this one. If not, consider passing on it.

  • Sarah *Saranghae yo*
    2019-01-17 14:27

    I read this while on a 7 hour bus ride from Buffalo to NY. I thought that this story line had potential. Since I am not versed in Native American Folklore, I cannot contest to the authenticity of the mythology presented. However, I bristled at the explanation given for the protagonists attraction to men; I felt that it invalidated the protagonists emotions.I was weirded out near the end when a normal love making scenes turned (view spoiler)[ into a bestiality scene (hide spoiler)]. Not my scene. The author can write worth a damn; I liked how smoothly her writing transitioned throughout the story, There wasn't a line that gave me pause due to awkward phrasing. I just wished there was a bit more character development. If you were to ask me about the nature of the main protagonists, I honestly couldn't answer you. The character with the most personality IMO was actually (view spoiler)[ Mitch. (hide spoiler)] Ignoring the minor quips I had with the story, it was a satisfying read. I will look out for more from this author. Can I hope for a story about Mitch and Greg?

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-01-25 16:15

    It just about killed me. Half the content of the book is talk about spirits. They are mentioned ALL the time and were quite frankly boring to the point of making me fall asleep. Thanks to that, there is no real introduction to the characters, in fact, very little is said about their personalities, character and there are just a few situations that even make this a romance. There is a lot of 'mine' vibes going on, only packaged differently and without that sweetened end such possessiveness usually carries. Adam seemed like he wasn't all there by the way he talked and the doctor was unconscious or puking almost through the whole duration of the book. What I did like was the basic idea. I always like shifters and this was no different. I was also intrigued by the sex in shifted form. But overall this was actually a 2 star read for me. Only the fact that it was written really well and with a lot of effort invested in it, made me give it a 3.

  • Wyndslash
    2019-01-24 17:27

    I wanted to know more about what happened to Greg and Mitch, though :) Hopefully the next book in the series will deal with that ;)

  • Sarina
    2019-02-14 17:31

    Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.I love shifter stories but, I have to admit, this one was kind of a first for me. Most of the shifter books I’ve read before are what I consider to be ‘modern’ where you don’t really get any werewolf lore within the pages of the story or, if you do, its minimal at best. Here, you get a good foundation right away at the start of the book that’s built upon as the story progresses and I thought that was fantastic; it also worked really well with the overall feel of the book and the spiritual aspect that continues throughout the entire story.There were quite a few characters integral to the storyline and I enjoyed the diversity offered in both their backgrounds and their personalities though I did like some more than others. You don’t get a lot of background about Connor but there is enough information given to understand what motivates him. He obviously has a caring personality and a drive to help people but what I liked most about him was the struggle he goes through to really understand what’s going on in the world around him, especially when he finds out that there are more things that go bump in the night than just a few raccoons. It was interesting watching him go through the process of leaving his skepticism behind to embrace the fantastical. Adam was kind of in a league all his own; I really enjoyed his background and the introduction to his character was unique. It was also completely obvious just how much he cared for Connor by his actions and how it tore at him when they had to be apart.Like previous books by this author that I’ve read, there was a lot of sex included with the story but I never actually felt as though it was overwhelming to the plot itself. The scenes were well done and more graphic than in the books I usually read but that really made for a nice change. I enjoyed the interactions between the main characters both in an outside the bedroom but I have to admit that the sex scenes were hot.

  • Furio
    2019-02-10 17:30

    This short, expensive M/M romance might please people looking for a quick read peppered with many sex scenes.The supernatural element and the Alaskan setting will only add to the pleasure with their exoticism.Ms Baumbach is a professional: her plot flaws smoothly, her characters are consistent if not really believable and writing is proficient.What is wrong then? - First of all, such a potentially interesting basic plot needed more pages to give the reader more satisfaction and more fun for his money.This could have been done without compromising the light-hearted fun.- Second, sex scenes are not awful -coming from the pen of a woman- but they are repetitive, with silly attempts to render sexual moanings and descriptions of intimate caresses which are either hard to believe or more suited for a heterosexual coupling.- Third, the author's views about love in general and gay love in particular are devastatingly superficial, full of stereotypes bordering with the outrageous.One character is a beautiful, vulnerable, cub-like youth; the other is an impossibly large, gorgeous, all manly stud.Sounds familiar? It is if you have read "Bit of rough" by the same author, where we get exactly the same kind of dumb cub vs alpha male relationship.Here she is apparently dissatisfied with just the two main characters therefore she sets the same trick with two side ones... Please...The logical consequence to this cub-wolf "love" story is more than questionable: the alpha-male must perforce be sexually dominant and the cub submissive and finding nothing wrong with it.It took decades for Harlequin authors to create heroines with self-assurance and a job: do we really have to face again the same stale stereotypes in gay romances? One might also add that in an erotic novel these stereotypes strongly limit the scope of the possible sex scenes.I would have have given 0 stars but it was not possible... pity.

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-31 15:09

    SlashReaders: I was soooo not impressed with this book at all. I was rather uncertain when I ordered it to begin with. Yeah, it lived up to no expectations whatsoever. The sad thing is, the story its self could've been good. There was potential there with the ideas as well as in the characters.However the author had obviously read and or watched too much porn during the writing process. As most of the book was taken up with overly detailed sex scenes. Which I don't mind if the rest of the story is good to go along with it. But when the point of the book ends up being overly muscular men that are all hung down to their knees and always ready to fuck anything and everything. Well, sorry but the point of the book isn't the story it's the sex.So, if that's what you want out of a book go right ahead and you'll probably enjoy this. I however felt that there was a great deal more potential in this book and the idea that went to a great deal of waste because the author was too hung up on big cocks, muscles and sex noises. Due to this she failed in every other aspect of the book, even though her characters had a lot of nice detail and were beginning to round it all fell out flat in the end and went no where but.

  • Eepa *mm loving bookworm*
    2019-01-27 20:13

    This was somewhat odd read. The first half was very enjoyable, I liked the slow build of romance between Connor and Adam and the setup of remote Alaskan town and the clinic where Connor works.On the other hand Connor is little too accepting of all the changes and upheavals in his life and what mating with Adam really means. There is about one small freak out scene and few short scenes where he thinks about things but it all seems little too easy for me.And then it all descents into sex fest in the later half with lots of knotting action which never freaks any one. "Oh, my partner's dick is stuck in my ass, cool!" That was about that. And never did the partner tell anything before hand, or even after. I especially liked (view spoiler)[ when Mitch asks Greg if he gives his consent in the middle of the sex. Never explaining what he ask the consent for... So nice to give your life mate a possibility to make _informed_ decisions, in the middle of sex.(hide spoiler)] And anyway, including the beginning of second pairing in this book was little too much for me. There was nice hints about it and the rest could have very well left for their own book.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-01-25 13:15

    Gay alpha werewolf who doesn't need to hide his desire for a man. That's something nice to read for once. This was a very fast read for me. I enjoyed this book by Ms. Baumbach much better. My preference is when she writes solo. I liked Adam, the skinwalker. There isn't too much in the world building. The story wasn't too complex with any major conflicts. If not for the skinshifter, it would have been a slice of life contemporary for me. This was a sweet romantic story with some hot m/m sex. The wolf to human sex was unexpected. I found it to still be pretty smexy. Then again, I'm okay with shifter/human sex. As much as I try, I can't seem to remember the main character's name. I remember Adam, Greg, Mitch and Dark, but the main guy who all the fuss is about escapes my memory. And this is why I've left the story at a 3 star. It was enjoyable, but rather forgettable for me. This book is for m/m lovers who enjoy paranormal romance and aren't afraid of a little shifter sex.

  • Amber
    2019-01-19 12:12

    I've avoid this one for a while simply because the covers are just so unappealing. But I finally picked up for a challenge and unfortunately I probably should have judge this book by its cover. This had a interesting take on the werewolf trope with the Indian culture and skinwalkers. But it didn't explain or flesh it out. It was frustratingly vague. On top of characters like Adam, Dark, and Mitch remain mysterious and most of the time flat. Adam seems to have two modes sex and shifting into his werewolf form. I ended up knowing nothing about him except he was the alpha and Conner was his mate. Conner was a different problem in that more time was spent building his relationship with Greg than Adam. At least they talked to one another. Conner accepts losing his whole life because of great sex which just made me roll my eyes.

  • J'aime
    2019-02-02 17:26

    I came across this author accidentally while looking at paranormal romance titles, not realizing it was M/M erotica. This book is really more of a novella since it's only about 130 pages. That being said, the author does pack a lot of punch into those pages.Connor is a doctor in a remote town in Alaska. Adam is a Skinwalker, who has been waiting for many years to find his mate - Connor. The author must have done a good bit of research on Native Alaskans to give such a feeling of realism to the culture and rituals (even the imagined ones). The idea of a Native American skinwalker (werewolf) is richly explored here, and even the secondary characters are well developed. The love story between Connor and Adam, though quickly built-up, is believable and there is plenty of hot sex. The author will be releasing a sequel through her new small press, MLR. Overall, it was worth the money.

  • Debbie Benson
    2019-02-03 16:31

    Marked by the moon, Connor was claimed by his mate, Adam. When Adam takes Connor, he passes the gift of being a skinwalker or werewolf to him. Connor's boss and friend, Greg, thinks he is rescuing him and takes him back to the clinic. After healing and accepting his new life, Connor leaves in the night to rejoin Adam. The younger of the two clinic guides takes the opportunity of stopping Greg from interfering with Connor's desires to claim Greg as his own mate after waiting three years for him. Mitch or Me-ATH-chae is a werewolf as well who spotted and admired Greg when he got off the plane with intentions of starting a clinic in the remote Alaskan town. Greg has also spotted Mitch as a wolf and admired him at the same time.

  • Marsha
    2019-01-25 17:15

    This was my first foray into this author’s works and I wasn’t disappointed. Gay sex lopes side by side with werewolf metamorphoses and achieves a passionate mix that had me panting for more. (Heh. Couldn’t resist that.)The characters are predictably sexy, muscular men but with their tender sides, too. The author knows how to write and the sex scenes are fantastic even when they border on the surreal. Wild, animalistic sex ropes in the reader but since it borders on bestiality, it’s not for everyone. You’ve been warned.

  • R.J.
    2019-01-27 20:08

    Another present for me, and I really enjoyed this book. It was another book that I couldn't leave alone until I had finished it (poor kids and hubby!). My only mark down was there was (and i can not believe I am saying this) too much sex between the two main protaganists. It would have been a 5, but the end scenes were unecessary imho and I went away having skim read a lot of that last scene (before my conscience kicked in and i went back and read - so OCD! ROFL).Thank you Phil for sending me another winner...RJ X

  • S.L.
    2019-02-05 19:21

    Pros: The Native American shifter, and the mythos woven into the story, is amazing. The flow of words, the narrative itself, the imagery -- all beautiful and engaging. The characters are lovely, believable, and you really are swept up in their story. I like being swept up.Cons: I have an issue when irreversible changes are done to a character without all the consequences adequately explained outside of a sexual situation. It reeks of dubious consent. And the fact that Conner isn't as angry at having choice ripped away from him as one would expect leaves me with that 'WTF' feeling.

  • Mary
    2019-01-19 17:23

    I like this book, I don't LOVE it like I love A Bit of Rough and Roughhousing, because I worry about what Connor will do as a wordly man up alone in the icy north. But he has Adam who is hotliness personified and who loves him dearly. Hello, the man waited like a hundred years for him to come along, but I worry. Now Greg and Mitch (say it right- Me-AHT-chae), holy cow- them I don't worry about and their story was smoking hot. I would love to see a book about Greg and Mitch.

  • Agnes
    2019-02-10 20:18

    This novel was fun to read, but I didn't like how feminine Jacy seemed to me. It honestly felt like OTITN were a harlequinish het romance with an extremely soft and boring female character. The Wolf on the other hand is like the stereotypical alpha male protagionist with no bad characteristics whatsoever. To be perfectly honest, I only enjoyed this one because of the steamy sexual scenes with a shifter-themed "bonus".

  • Lizzie
    2019-02-03 17:10

    3.5 actually. I really like Laura Baumbach. Her alpha males are scrumptious and her submissives MCs are capable adults. My reasons for the rating? I don't care for an author trying to spell out sex noises. It's....lame. The story was nice delving into a different myth of the shifter genre and that made it interesting. However, the story ended abruptly making it feel unfinished. Will there be another?

  • Shermel
    2019-01-16 12:11

    First, man love book I ever read. Wow! Laura Baumbach develops the characters nicely in my opinion. The way she describes the emotional, love and winter scenes is imaginative. The ending was not rushed but I wanted a little more interaction with Adam and Connor after the transformation. Halfway through the book, I was searching for other books in the series. None yet so sad. This book is going in my collection.

  • Natalie
    2019-01-25 14:17

    So what we have here is hot (albeit ridiculously over-the-top) sex, pseudo bestiality, lots of spirit mumbo jumbo, and characters that proclaim their undying love but barely know each other. Weird story, entertaining but vaguely unsatisfying. I'm giving it 3 stars, but there was an awful lot of WTF.

  • Errent Ayn
    2019-02-13 13:11

    Personally, I enjoyed this book a lot. I've actually read it more than twice since I got it. I love the vivid use of descriptive words and I especially loved the plot. The elements of myth and Native American culture really give the book a particular feeling. This book is really worth the read and it will have you reading it numerous times.

  • Da'ad
    2019-02-13 14:28

    The hot, long-winded sex alone will keep bringing back for more of this author's work. Whew! And the sweet romance aint too bat either. I love that combo. Sigh. And I love that two couples are shown having sex, and I like the both of them. So hot!

  • Khaoula
    2019-01-29 15:18

    i liked Mitch and Greg, in my opinion , they would've made a better story, because Greg wouldn't have to sacrifice being a doctor , i liked that they were doctors a lot and i resent the author for making Connor give it all up .

  • Nikki
    2019-01-30 16:20

    Kind of blah. The werewolf stuff was actually pretty dull, and the "mystical, animalistic Native American" trope is just ridiculous, and there was actual, literal, magical cock in this, which was pretty hilarious. I laughed my way through this, suggest you read for lols, not romance.