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Architect James Justin impulsively lets himself be picked up in a biker bar by seductive hunk Bram Lord for a one nightstand that turns into something bigger. The physically impressive, forceful stranger mets, matches and exceeds James' sexual fantasies, but can shy, uncertain James be everything the strongly committed Bram wants?...

Title : A Bit of Rough
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Format Type : Paperback
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A Bit of Rough Reviews

  • Deborah
    2019-01-16 17:54

    I originally read this book years ago in fact I've I've lost count of how many times I've actually read it but this was all years ago back before I was reviewing.I have such fond memories of James and Bram it was like reconnecting with old friends but while I enjoyed this book it wasn't quite the book I remembered, I don't remember it having quite as much sex, all the "baby" got on my nerves, after all 129 in such a short book seems excessive.James is in need of a distraction which is how he finds himself in a biker bar caught in the sights of a huge handsome man. Bram never expected to find a diamond like James in the seedy bar but now he has he doesn't want to let him go.Bram knows James is the guy for him now he just needs to convince James that he fits perfectly into his life.I still enjoyed this book and I love these two, it's a hot and heavy read with loads of sex but it just wasn't the book I remembered.

  • Vio
    2019-01-27 15:51

    4.5 starsIts one hot sexy read with the gorgeous Bram and adorable Jamie getting it on every which way possible and anywhere they can. The desire and smouldering fireworks between them is very real and beautiful to see. A lovely romance, I especially loved all the kissing drool worthy!

  • Tami (synchro from BL)
    2019-01-27 12:37

    This contains SPOILERS!!!After meeting in a bar, a one night stand evolves with the speed of light into a “relationship” with D/s and bondage elements. Bram, the dominant “big man”/”cowboy”/”caveman”/ construction guy (nearly a one man stand in for the village people) more or less runs the show. He owns a big and important construction firm, which is convenient, as Jamie is a struggling young architect. This is the cinderfella-element (drop a huge, old mansion, a yacht, a hunting lodge in Canada and loads of money on top). Bram and Jamie have more or less constantly sex, they don’t even make it through the appetizers on their first date – the make it a take away and go straight to Bram’s place to – well, guess what, yes, to have sex again.A lot of “Baby”s, “I want you”s, “Shake for me”s (for real!!!) and A LOT of sex scenes (in case you missed the first two mentions of them in this review :-)). Here a little example from their first date:"The sight of Bram caught in the peak of orgasm was like a holy experience for James. Like some bronzed god from ancient mythology, the man loomed massive and proud, sculptured body held rigid as stone, rugged face a mask of feral ecstasy, enraptured and euphoric in the release of his ravenous lust."- NOT SEXY. At least not for me. I had a “bad 90ies m/f historical romance” deja-vue (which keeps reappearing with Jamie being rescued from the mean neighbour, being carried around in Bram’s strong arms etc…).Insta-love and flowery prose at its worst.First date, skipping the condoms already and mentioned the L-word... Though this is not a shifter-novel, Bram feels “mated” after this second meeting/first date. He has a “gut feeling” that they are meant to be together and Jamie is totally special, and this is right – well, it better be, because they already skipped any safety measures. I don’t see that they shared much (body fluids aside) on which this “feeling” is based upon. No, that’s not fair, I forgot: they both like Italian food. Well, see, great basis for a lasting relationship right there.And then some small, kind of artificial hick-ups on their way to the HEA: Bram is out and Jamie not so much, so he struggles a bit with inviting Bram to an office dinner, boohoo. Jamie doesn’t trust Bram enough yada yada – in the end love conquers all, and if you have a love for Italian food in common, then you’re all good to go.There was not much about this book I liked. Now that I think about it, there was indeed nothing I liked. The writing was flowery and over-drawn, the story didn’t make much sense to me and both main characters remained stereotypes without real personalities and development.On a last note: I dislike insta-love per se, but accept that in real life it might happen to people, that they fall in love at first glance – BUT I just don’t find it interesting to read. It is boring and the authors always give away a great opportunity to let me get to know a main character, so that I care about him/her. There are some – very few – books, that technically have insta-love and I still liked them, but mostly I try to stay away from that theme. Very few authors can pull that off and still write a novel that I enjoy reading.

  • Katherine
    2019-02-11 13:40

    A Bit of Rough is a story about a shy architect named James who meets a confident cowboy named Bram at a biker bar. The two have a sexual encounter in the alleyway behind the bar and quickly fall in love with each other. Bram loves the timid behavior of James, and James admires Bram's forcefulness. The two meet up for dinner the next night, but their sexual hunger is stronger. They head off to Bram's place where there is a hot sexual scene in the kitchen which they then move to the bedroom. This book contains some light bondage. There is also a very hot phone sex scene. Although this book is more erotic then romantic, there is some heart pulling loving scenes as well. I especially loved the way Bram saved James from the homophobic next door neighbor Williams. I could really relate to James and Bram was my idea of a near ideal man. Baumbach does a very good job of not overly feminizing the characters and making them seem very believable.The sex scenes were very hot and I had to put the book down a few times to cool myself off. My favorite scene was the shower scene in chapter seven.The reader is left begging for more by the end of the book and is in luck, since the romatic tale of the two lovers continues in Roughhousing.

  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    2019-02-09 13:44

    This book is very hot. If you're looking for a steamy read, that's for you. Bram is a professional dirty talker. The problem for me was that I got a little bored and I had to stop reading it at 50% and then pick it up the following day, because even if the sex scenes are not repetitive, I wanted to know something more about the characters.If I take out the sex scenes and concentrate on the plot (and that's the only way I could concentrate on it), I think there's a decent story. Jamie is a young architect, who's keeping some detachment from his co-workers because he's afraid of being rejected for being gay, because that's what happened with his family. Bram is the out and proud owner of an important construction company, he's self-confident and it seems he's been waiting for Jamie all his life. Jamie needs to be taken care of and that suits Bram just fine, because he's the ultimate caveman, protecting his mate physically, feeding and pleasing him.So, the story is very sweet, but I wanted to skip the sex scenes to get to the story. No, I didn't skip the sex scenes, but as I said before, I didn't read the book in one go, like I usually do with books of this length. I was a little bit bothered by the violence displayed by Bram when he defended Jamie from his attacker the first time. It's only when you understand the drama in Bram's life that you realize the reason (view spoiler)[but I still think there was no need to kill the dog when it was his owner who was a jerk (hide spoiler)]. I sort of doubted Jamie's common sense because Bram's attitude was a bit intimidating and Love was spoken almost immediately. These things usually worry me, because Bram seemed a bit crazy.There were a few typos and I think sometimes the point of view shifted in a strange way. The book is almost completely in Jamie's point-of-view, but sometimes we got a few paragraphs that could only be in the point of view of Bram or someone else.It's a very entertaining book, with a good main couple and a lot of hot sex. I want to read the sequel to know what happens to Bram and Jamie. I really wanted to see Jamie introduce Bram at his boss' party.

  • Ayanna
    2019-01-22 19:45

    This story. Oh, this story. Where to start?This is my impression of this story:First off, what the hell is up with the names? You've got Bram Lord, or wait, Abraham Lord (like towards the end oh, yeah, btw, his name's Abraham, and you're supposed to get it right away and no, what are you talking about, I didn't purposely try to keep that from you as a "surprise!" moment wait what do you mean you don't care? You have to care! You're the reader. ...Oh, all right, fine. [sotto voce: jerk]).And then Justin James. Or is it James Justin? No, it must be James Justin; they refer to him as James all the time. ...but what if it's one of those that refer to people by their last name all the time? But no, there's Bram, and he's Bram. All, right, James Justin. And his sisters, J-something, J-something, J-something. Oh, yeah, and don't forget that Nurse. Nurse Jill.I dunno. I mean, I found myself accidentally skimming a lot of it. There is a lot of sex. There is a lot of weird sex. But I mean, hey, at least they're consistent with the construction theme, right? You've got gravel and sandpaper and callused sex. There are malapropisms, but I'm going to ignore that because the rest of it outweighs that in weirdness. I got lost during the sex scenes. Wait, what's gripping his dick now? And what exactly is causing this sandpapery-ness if it's not the dude's hand (it can't be, cuz bit later, his hand's all silky and smooth or something. Unless it's not, and it's something else completely).The rest of it with all the other characters was so...somehow subtly cliche that I'll be darned if I can put my finger on what it is, but it' somehow. Like the MC's got just a bit too much Main-Character-Power and now everything he goes through is pointless because we know everything is going to go perfectly well for him in the long run, because he's got MC-power and all that shit.Oh, yeah. What's up with Bram and casually snapping the neck of a dog? That's freaky shit, man.Also, that Chinese myth about a cheetah and lion...I'd like to know this story, as a Chinese person who is interested in Chinese myths and has heard stories growing up, but has never heard of any cheetahs in Chinese stories. I'd like to hear the basis for the heavy-handed profusely used analogy.

  • Bev
    2019-02-11 18:33

    Having read some of Laura's previous stories, thought I would take a look at this and the two sequels. This was one very hot story, indeed the sex between the two MC's seemed to be the storyline, so if that's your cup of tea, then great!! 4 starsThere were more than a few niggles with the editing, and I'm sure most of them could have been eradicated if someone had bothered to look. I also had a problem with the amount of baby's, the 'shake for me baby' and 'tremble for me baby' got really irritating after a while, and it would have been so much better if the author had made more use of the creepy neighbour. Having said that, what sex there was...and there was plenty, was well written, there was ooodles of desire, smouldering looks, lots of sexual tension, and I loved that Jamie called Bram his caveman.

  • Nancy
    2019-01-28 16:50

    I really enjoyed A Bit of Rough. The scene in the alley was one of the hottest sex scenes I've come across in a m/m romance. Jamie's shyness and insecurity were a perfect match for Bram's loving dominance, although both men had stubborn personalities. It was fun watching these two men adjust to each other and overcome Jamie's trust issues in and out of bed. Looking forward to more of Bram and Jamie.

  • Karel
    2019-01-27 14:45

    I'll just like to put down an equation for this book.nP = 2nS Where P is the pages with plot and S is the pages with sex.For every 10 pages of plot, there were 20 pages of sex. Yes, twenty. I counted. I hesitate to call this a romance story. It's more like Porn With Very Little Plot. It's good writing that manages to save it: I like the two characters, even though to be frank, I'd run away from Bram screaming like a banshee if I met someone like that in real life. He's aggressive to the point of creepy; the kind of character that could easily be a villain and the only thing stopping him is the intention of the author.Frankly, he'd make a very convincing villain.

  • Nile Princess
    2019-02-04 19:45

    I did enjoy this book in bits and pieces and I loved Bram and James as individual characters and as a couple (eventually), but the way they were thrown together didn't do them justice. Insta-love, outside of paranormal matings (and sometimes even then) is not fulfilling. The pacing was way too fast, especially when you throw in Bram's uber alpha personality. If you were James' friend in real life, you would tell him to ditch the psycho, change his locks and possibly skip town. Bram just came on way too strong, wanting committment and professing love after all of two days. There was too much sex. I always hate saying this because it makes me sound like a prude, but I was skipping pages and pages of sex scenes that, for some reason, didn't work for me. I've read books with lots of sex where I read every detail but I didn't here, and I'm not sure why. It just felt like they were trying too hard to be sexy.Outside of that, there is a good story in here. This is my second time reading it. A solid 3 stars.

  • Eden Winters
    2019-02-16 16:46

    A Bit of Rough was the very first m/m book in a collection of that consists of about 400 at present time. Bram Lord is the strong, protective lover we all dream of, and in James he meets his match. Over the the years I've told many that the first chapter alone was worth the price of the book. That sex in the alley scene is a scorcher!It seems right that this book was my introduction to the genre. It's a well-written explanation of why I'm now hooked on m/m stories.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-01-24 12:41

    Smokin’ hot….This was the first m/m book I ever read and it broke me for all others for a very long time.James Justin hid what he was from most of the world. His deep desires were kept under wraps, admitting them to himself only in the dark, and anonymity, of night. A chance encounter with a cowboy allowed him to embrace that side of himself, at least for a little while. What he didn’t expect was the wealth of emotion the stranger invoked in him. Physical desire, certainly, but the need to see him again was unusual, and scary. Bram Lord was everything he ever wanted and more. Bram was secure in the life he led and his place in it. Would Jamie’s insecurity ruin any chance for both of them?I thought I was blushing through the first half of the book but everything was fine once the fan kicked in. Jamie and Bram went together from the start; drawn to each other physically – and then emotionally – in a love story that speaks of honest, human emotion. Don’t get me wrong, this story is beyond HOT! Honestly, that alley/truck scene set the bar for crazy sexy. And an Italian dinner will never be eaten with at least one heartfelt sigh. While I expected a sexy romp what I didn’t expect was the tender, rough, and loving relationship that developed between the two. Jamie seemed so hesitant at first, seeming to be uncomfortable in his own skin while Bram was the older, more experienced and much more sure of himself lover. Volcanic, explosive, hot, scorching, combustible but also tender, protective, loving, funny, and generous are just a few ways to describe them and the relationship they are building. While the relationship did develop faster than the speed of light, I was more than happy to give up some poetic license to embrace this entertaining romance. Five, scorching, sheet-burning stars! ~ Diane, 5 stars

  • Macky
    2019-02-16 14:28

    Having read and really enjoyed a couple of Laura Baumbach books I kept looking at this but then deciding on something else at the the last minute, but seeing all the high reviews I finally gave in and downloaded it. I think my subconscious must have been trying to tell me something all along!There were a few problems for me, one was the dialogue between the two guys during their (many) love scenes. Brams constant and repetitive use of " shake for me baby", " tremble for me baby" etc etc began to grate and in the end I started to find the ' dirty talk ' extremely cheesy and a tad annoying. In fact I just wanted them to stop talking and get on with it! The endearment 'baby' was also overused and last but not least was the instalove. I prefer it when there is a good dose of sexual tension and we're made to wait and watch the relationship develop a while before love is declared but after the hot scene in the alley, the sex was coming thick and fast and bobs your uncle, within a couple of days they're in love! I,m partial to a good love scene or two but in this case if the sex had been reduced and a bit more story introduced it would have worked better and personally I'd have enjoyed it more.I can see why this book would appeal to a lot of readers so I'm not saying its bad but sadly it didn't rock my boat - my own likes and dislikes obviously coming into play. I'm not a great lover of D/s in my m/m romances so even though this isn't hardcore it still has that dynamic. I did love her book Details of the Hunt and her collaboration, Mexican Heat with Josh Lanyon though. A shame, but disappointed.

  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    2019-02-03 16:45

    Hot little story...maybe a little bit to much hotness, without enough story to back it up.The sex part was's just, if you took out all the sex, the book would only be about 10-12 pages long.What story there was, was actually good. I enjoyed it, and wanted more.The beginning...Holy Hotness.Things went a little down hill, when within about 36 hours, they decided to ditch the condoms, and they were in love. Nothing wrong with either of those things, but 36 hours? Really?Bram--Oh I loved Bram. Even if he kinda acted like a werewolf, wanting to sent mark James. But it was hot.I think, if the sex to story ratio was a little more balanced, this would have been a 4 star read. I just needed a little more story to get there.

  • Ami
    2019-01-31 18:34

    This book contains one of the hottest shower scenes I've ever read *fans self*. I enjoy the story VERY much. I know that James and Bram are two "typical" type of couple in m/m story: one is the petite & shy and the other is the study & caveman. BUT, despite the number of sex scenes, there are plots going on around. There is enough background of the two characters to make me love them and wanting to know more about them. It's a very good read and I can't wait to read their next story.

  • Silkeeeeee
    2019-01-29 15:40

    Well, this is definitely a girl kind of gay read. Insta-love and a lot of, "Sweet Babies', and an HEA insure that it's the girly kind of read. That being said, it's also full of some of the hottest sex I've ever read. So, read it for the sex alone and you won't be disappointed. 

  • Danny Tyran
    2019-01-18 15:48

    I jumped many pages because they were describing f...cking scenes again and again. If you love construction-caveman style of guy falling in love with a younger man, you will be pleased. I was not. Just f*cking dull.

  • Trix
    2019-01-16 15:30

    This book turned out to be different than what I had imagined or expected. In terms of detailed sex scenes, it rates a 4 star but in terms of story and plot it only get about 1.5 rating.The feelings and events woven in the book have just as much weight as the sex scenes. And I just couldn't grasp the whole idea of falling in love in 2 days. Or the fact that both men had only sex on their mind 24/7. I mean, it's possible... what with men being men but not quite to the extent shown in the book. And such level of aroused response comes after some time spent together, not 2 rough couplings.The plot was minimalistic. Throw in a closeted abusive neighbor and you've got the damsel in distress situation, where the big man comes and saves the day. Other than that, smooth sailing all the way. All other neighbors are nice and civil, friends and coworkers all adore and accept your sexual orientation. Which leaves plenty of room for descriptive sex. A little too simple for me, sadly.

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-01-24 20:53

    Love the author and this book was amazing. A lot of sex, but there were some very sweet moments in it so it compensated for the over use of sex. Highly recommend it.

  • Michalyn
    2019-02-13 20:31

    I've learnt to set the bar pretty low when it comes to my expectations of the slew of gay romances being published lately, so I'm not sure why I'm surprised at being disappointed by A Bit of Rough.James is a shy architect, who in a moment of impulse, picks up hunky friendly Bram at a bar. What follows next is supposed to be a journey past personal demons and to love. The problem with A Bit of Rough though like with so many other romances is that the love and the demons take a back seat to the endless sex. I was over 130 pages into this 233 page novel and only 24 hours had passed and 90% of that had been spent having sex. It's a shame because Baumbach overall is a decent writer and the main characters themselves are pretty likeable. If you're used to reading yaoi then the dichotomy between James and Bram is typical: James is smaller and cuter; Bram is bigger, very protective and more aggressive. It's unrealistic but there is enough of a "guilty pleasure" aspect to it that it keeps you reading. However,there's only so far guilty pleasure can go. The weak character development and a plot almost devoid of real tension take away alot of the potential of this novel.Add to that some purple prose that had me alternately chuckling and wincing and it's hard to give A Bit of Rough anything more than 3 stars. I give it 2 because as entertaining as the marathon sex was, in the end there really isn't very much here.

  • Matimate
    2019-02-05 16:32

    I enjoyed this book for several reasons 1. plot was not the main point, 2. sex was there ... a lot and make little room for the plot I mean several pages of sex and one or two sentence reserved for the plot is fine thing, 3. petite man in suit and huge man in dusted jeans yellow hardhead make always nice "princess and beast" outcome. James was working as an architect and was generally unhappy no boyfriend, one stalker at his house and his supposed project was handed to another. All bad things happened to our James. He decided to prowl for one night stand in biker pub, he was perhaps on point of suicide, who knows. He was picked by huge muscled man who looked like type who would run trough the concrete wall and did not even notice that there was any wall just shook his head to get rid of ruble and even did not slower the run. James was fucked rough against the wall. No no this is not end. They eventually introduce to each other and the relationship flourish. Bram Lord is not only huge and muscled and used to work with hands even if he is owner of huge construction firm aka rough exterior but educated gentle soul. James fell in love and Bram fell in love. The fireworks are around them and so much sex that it is possible only in gay romances. But heck who would want the realistic plot in such literature? I wouldn't.

  • Allie
    2019-02-01 12:39

    I can't believe that Laura Baumback hasn't fired the editor and/or proofreader for this one. And the story (especially the character of James) annoyed the hell out of me. I've read Ms B's work before and enjoyed it. This one, not so much. I'm onto the follow-up now and hoping for better but not anticipating it since it's the same annoying characters. James lets himself be pushed around by everyone, it would seem. And the last sex scenes were outrageous (and I do enjoy sex scenes but these were unbelievable to the extreme). The guys had 4 orgasms in quick succession and, during the last 2 orgasms, there was no pause and no flagging of either man's erections! WTH? One of the men was in his mid 30s. Was he taking Viagra? Because, if he wasn't, I want to meet him LOL And poor James' ass must have been fucked (literally and figuratively) and utterly ruined to be taken by Bram and his HUGE cock. Really? At one point the poor man was trying to speed things along and he still managed to have an orgasm and still go on to be pounded again immediately afterwards. I'd imagine his asshole looked like some poor ass that's been fisted by an elephant by the end of that particular evening. Poor James and poor James' asshole. I won't bother going into the whole insta-love debacle.

  • Sandra
    2019-02-15 15:45

    2.5 stars That first sex scene was so fucking hot, I had such high hopes for this. But for some unknown reason the author decided to go with an insane and unexplained insta-love format. So while the sex was smoking, it was interspersed with lines that read like bad junior high poetry, such as:"[I] buried my cock next to your heart and wrote on it with my juice."Eww? And a really really think to say to someone on your second date. it was just so intense but easily could have been written to span a couple weeks instead of a couple days. And while the sex was hot, anything can get repetitive. I pretty much skimmed the last three sex scenes, one of which included 10 page long erotic massage.Borrowed on Nook in Bookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

  • Ashley♥Alexis
    2019-01-28 15:33

    The expression on my face after reading this book was one of bewilderment. This book started off so well. How did it go so wrong? I LOVED the story. LOVED Bram... man... i really really loved Bram. I spent the first half of this book with a figurative hard on for Bram, but there was too much sex!! I enjoyed the sex but too much made me bored. On Top of all the sexing Bram and James fall in insta love. I hate insta love. I liked the possessiveness and the commitment they made to each other but having someone say "I love You" the second night you're with them is not ok. There was nothing content wise I didn't enjoy. I just thought the sex needed to be toned down. I mean all they did was have sex and the hand full of times they actually spoke was right before sex. Even with all the sexing the actual story line is good. I'll be reading the second book because I really did like the story.

  • Chippy *Moves Like Jagger* Marco
    2019-02-05 16:45

    image: 4 1/2. I read this a while ago, so please bear with me. I really did like it a lot, but I thought there were a couple of lost opportunities in the story to create some more tension between James and the nasty neighbour, which is why I knocked half a point off. I could've knocked a whole point off for this, because I was waiting for something more to happen, but although it didn't, I still felt it deserved high marks, because I did enjoy the story, and although some of the uses of "baby" and starry-eyed wording irked me, I warmed to Bram and James so much as characters that I found myself re-reading favourite scenes more than once.

  • Janeylou
    2019-01-21 18:24

    2.5 stars

  • Amanda
    2019-02-10 16:25

    I did enjoy this read, even though the instant love was in full force. James is an architect who decided he wants something different and just a little bit dangerous in his life. He goes into a biker bar and lets himself get picked up by hunky Bram. Bram plows into his life with force. They are both instantly attracted to each other. James is blown away by Bram's forceful nature and doesn't fully trust his feelings. Drama happens, feelings are questioned (with James anyway) and a relationship begins. Like I said, this was a huge case of instant love but it still kept me intrigued. I will go on to read Roughhousing and continue with the progress of Bram and James.

  • Kazza
    2019-01-16 18:51

    SHAKE FOR ME BABY!!!!I loved Bram Lord, what a tall, mountain, feral beast of a sweet, domesticated man. How contradictory is that sentence? Bram is as rough as sexually, with a big sexual appetitie and a very dirty mouth (oh hell yeah, Bram takes no. 1 on the dirty talking poll for mine, and that's a BIG compliment). James goes to a biker bar looking for a walk on the wild side and he gets it courtesy of cowboy boot wearing Bram, up against the wall, roughed up by bricks on one side and a big dick on the other. There is sex pretty much immediately and then pretty much throughout the whole book, at the expense of more character development, but the book is what it is and I seriously can't get enough of Bram. What you do get to learn is that Bram owns and runs a construction company and he likes a pretty, sexually adventurous partner, which James is. Why does he like James so much? Well it seems he reminds him of his mum, small, dark hair and big eyes with a bit of spunk, though to be honest I don't see much spunk in James (yes, well not going there). I guess Bram is looking for what his parents had, a loving, long lasting, monogamous relationship. He likes that James has a career as an architect, and doesn't want a "daddy".While not over the top feminine, James is definitely the female equivalent, he is sexually harassed by his bigger, douche of a neighbour, and gets the vapours a bit too often for mine, but he's an OK character. Bram steps in and takes out the neighbour, go Bram. Without Bram James would just be an average character, nothing noteworthy, but Bram wants him, falls instantly in love with him, so I'm happy that Bram is happy. James is lacking in confidence, though happy in his career, he seems to feel everyone is homophobic when historically it only appears his family justitifes that level of trust issues. I must say he is a counterbalance to the rather "caveman" proclivities of Bram. Bram really is a likeable guy, he's confident, well liked by his workers, neighbours, comfortable being gay and had a nice upbringing by decent parents. He is happy getting his hands dirty, is smart enough to run a successful business, but just as happy to keep a neat house. There is some tragedy in his life too. He is defintely over zealous in the love stakes with James but for me it's part of his appeal, I love his possessive, over protective streak, hey, it's fiction. If you like M/M lovin' with lots and lots of sex, heaps of dirty talk, some bondage and a take charge big man with a smaller more feminine counterpart then this book should satisfy. I enjoyed it and I will thank Bram mostly for that because I loved his character and he made this book for me.

  • Boyboygirllove
    2019-02-03 17:49

    A bit of HOT, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY Rough!Bram is a strong, confident man who knows how to take charge...and boy does he take charge of James! What starts as a passionate [email protected]#k outside of a bar one night, quickly turns into an all-consuming need to be with each other every moment they can steal away from their lives. I guess you would call this insta-love BUT I was feeling every minute of it! In fact, at times it couldn't move fast enough for me! These two were so perfectly matched, it only made sense that they wanted to grab hold of it and claim it for what it was....LOVE. I thought Bram was the ultimate alpha, or "caveman"', as James referred to him. His way of protecting James from his big, bad neighbor, sometimes with his fists and sometimes from a distance was very endearing. I loves the way their jobs and interest in architecture brought them even closer together. The author showed you just enough back-story to understand where they guys are both coming from.And now, for the best part...steamy HOT sex! Whew...there were so many great scenes that heated up the the shower, on the stairs, over the phone! There was a slight dom-sub side to these boys that added another level to their sex and put it over the top for me. These men were so hot for each other and boy could they dirty talk! The things that came out of Bram's mouth were insane! I loved that way he pushed James to verbalize what he wanted from Bram, knowing how hard it was for him to do so. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A Bit Of Rough for anyone looking for intensity and passion!

  • Katie
    2019-01-31 18:38

    Two men meet in a bar. One is big a muscular and blond, the other is lean and dark with soft curls. Which is a good visual set up. They meet, hook up and can't get enough of each other. Which is nice and fun but very unrealistic. If you like a story with a ton of sex and normally I do, this book would be a good choice. My complaint is that the sex scenes where not only overly descriptive but overly creative as well. The top (you can guess which one that was) LOVED to talk in bed. Normally I would like that but his descriptions were dirty and not on the hot side but the embarrassing side. If you like a strong top and a spitfire bottom that have a lot of sex and fall head over heels for each other with very little conflict this is a book for you. It is an easy read but it took me a while to get through it because the sex just got boring. I like sex in my books. I like a lot of sex. But this just fell flat for me.