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In the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, Independent congressman, presidential candidate and activist Bernie Sanders continues his fight against the imbalances in the nation's status quo, and shows you how to make a difference to effect the changes America--and the world--need to create a better tomorrow. Throughout the Presidential campaign, Senator Bernie SanIn the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, Independent congressman, presidential candidate and activist Bernie Sanders continues his fight against the imbalances in the nation's status quo, and shows you how to make a difference to effect the changes America--and the world--need to create a better tomorrow. Throughout the Presidential campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders promised voters a future to believe in through his progressive platform and a vision for America worth fighting for. This vision calls for an economic, environmental, health care, and social justice revolution beyond the stagnant agendas of Democrat and Republican politicians to build an equitable future for all Americans--especially the younger generation that will inherit the consequences of decisions made now.Inside this practical and inspiring guide to effecting change in today's world, you'll learn how to: - Understand and navigate the current system of policy and government- Work to change the system to reflect your values and to protect our society's most vulnerable- Organize for the causes you care about most- Resources for further reading and organizations to get involved withWith more than two decades of Washington D.C. insider knowledge and experience, Senator Sanders knows how to fight and change the system from within, a system desperately in need of reform in health care, immigration, taxes, higher education, climate change, and criminal justice.The political revolution is just beginning. What role will you play?...

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Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution Reviews

  • E.Y.E.-D
    2019-02-06 13:31

    I was not real familiar with Bernie Sanders or his ideas before reading this book. Turns out I agree with a lot what he has to say. Definitely an interesting read. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about the ideas of Bernie Sanders.

  • Brittany
    2019-02-17 19:40

    3.5 stars.This would actually be a great book for high school students who are new to government or politics. The graphics, charts and data really illustrate the points in each chapter and the glossary in the back would be helpful for those new to political terminology. A great mix of emotional rhetoric and logical facts to help inspire young people to choose an issue and speak up! It's definitely a book that supports the Sanders agenda, but more so, one that supports the agenda of many young people struggling or dreaming in America.

  • Owlseyes
    2019-02-23 11:44

    "These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger.”Bernie Sanders-Revolution, what for? what type of Revolution? and how?...Bernie Sanders should be reminded about present-day Venezuela. Is that the type of socialism he wants in/for America? If so, I dispense this book.A tale of two leaders of the left: New books by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton emphasize their differencesin: spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Gary Moreau
    2019-02-13 15:53

    I confidently predict that the reviews for Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution will fall exclusively on the two extremes of the rating spectrum. There will be few in the middle.While it is doubtful that this book will change many minds, it should be a must read for everyone. The arguments are well made and clear. And for those already inclined to support Sanders’ positions there is plenty of great reference data to use in your next debate with friends and colleagues.Bernie makes a key point right in the beginning: “The basic thesis of this book is pretty simple. It is that, on major issue after major issue, the vast majority of Americans support a progressive agenda…” I think he’s right. It is equally true, however, that progressives yield relatively little progressive influence in the halls of power today. Why the disconnect?The reason, I think, is pretty simple. It is my only reservation with this book and it is the same reservation I have with all political debate in the US today. It’s long on prescribed behavior and short on the fundamental change necessary to make that behavior stick long term. More to the point, it’s based on the perspective that “you’re the problem, not me.”In the case of medical care and health insurance, for example, it seems self-evident to me that a one-payer system is inevitable. The only question is how much financial, physical, and emotional pain and suffering we’re willing to endure in the meantime.At the same time, we will need fundamental institutional reform to make it work. We will have to accept malpractice tort reform. We will have to be willing to make tough decisions about our collective entitlement to cosmetic and some quality of life care. We will have to be willing to re-think what is misleadingly defined as professional standards that drive up costs and limit availability. (e.g., Allowing nurses to do routine procedures reserved only for licensed doctors today.)Of course we must take the money out of politics. As Bernie notes, “The great irony of climate change is that American taxpayers are subsidizing the most profitable industry in history, whose products are quite literally killing us…” He’s right. But why is that? It’s not that the majority of Americans deny climate change or don’t want to protect the environment for our children. It’s that our political institutions are broken.In the state of Michigan today Tesla cannot sell its cars through its direct to consumer model. Because Michiganders don’t want them? No. They can’t get a license from the state legislature and there’s a broad suspicion that it is the independent auto dealers, which fund one of the most powerful lobbies in the state, that are really standing in the way. (Legislators, of course, will argue that they are protecting consumers. From Tesla?)The money line of the book, for me, is: “One of the more profound lessons that I’ve learned in politics is that everything is related to everything else. Nothing exists in a vacuum.” He’s right. The Buddhists have been saying that since the 5th Century BCE.The racial penalty and the social and financial cost of the war on drugs and the obvious need for structural tax reform, for example, both issues that Bernie talks about at some length, are related. In both cases we are using government spending (which is really taxpayer spending) to pursue structural national goals through political and social engineering. And it doesn’t work.Bernie is right. Even his prescriptions, however, won’t work (and will probably never get enacted) without more fundamental reform to our national institutions, from our political parties to our big banks and the whole energy complex. In the venerable words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”A great book well worth the time and investment.

  • La La
    2019-02-17 17:48

    I was told this is the "bible" for those in the resistance, no matter what your affiliation is, and I found this to be true. If you want to see postive progressive change in our country, this is the guidebook you are looking for. Reading it has fired me up again. RESIST!I won this copy from Goodreads.

  • Lauren Stoolfire
    2019-02-23 12:31

    While I don't quite agree with everything Bernie Sanders has put forth in this book, it's still quite a thought-provoking political read. My favorite part - Sanders does not talk down to teen readers whatsoever.

  • Kathleen
    2019-02-07 19:50

    I agree on Bernie's positions on just about everything, so this book is preaching to the choir. However, I found it useful to read because the book includes some facts and analysis new to me, deepening my understanding. I also appreciated the links, web sites, further reading etc. listed at the end of each chapter.

  • Joan
    2019-02-13 12:34

    At first I thought I'd just skim it and read the stuff at the end of the chapters where Bernie suggests actions and where to read for further knowledge. I figured I knew the rest. Well, I was wrong. For example, when discussing the criminal system, Bernie added information on the Opioid Crisis, so he is keeping his information up to date. He also addressed it to teenagers and 20somethings, not so much by talking down to them....good for him!...but by including definitions of words and terms they may not have encountered yet in life. He also included more graphs and illustrations perhaps than in other books but none that wouldn't be just as useful in a book meant for adults. I was very pleased to see how strongly he came out in stating Climate Change is the most important issue we as humanity need to deal with and insisted that it is not too late to deal with it. Still true, if just barely. I do have one small quibble: the definition he gave on "gift tax" p. 210 is incorrect. The giver pays the tax, not the recipient. The info at the end of each chapter was excellent! I took a few notes for my own needs and interests. Overall, this is an excellent book, designed to make it clear that there are ways to fight for the Progressive movement even in this administration. Or maybe especially in this administration. I was also pleased that Bernie Sanders acted, as usual, as an adult, and did not take any digs at the Trump administration. Hand to your teen to get them to understand why politics matter. Especially since I understand fewer high schools teach pol sci these days.

  • Michael
    2019-02-07 11:37

    You can't help but like Bernie Sanders, who Steven Colbert affectionately called a "grouchy old communist." He's an affable man whose consistent message has taken on tremendous resonance in the Age of Trump. This book is essentially a distillation of his campaign message from the 2016 Presidential election, along with helpful graphics that display pertinent information, a lot of links to sources of additional information, and a glossary of key terms. I don't find much to disagree with here. Sanders seems like some fire-breathing radical only because our politics have moved so far to the right. He's really a New Deal Democrat: higher taxes, higher services, regulate Wall Street. Oh, and take climate change seriously. If he weren't so old--he's 75--I think he'd have a real shot at becoming President. Who knows? Everything I thought I knew about American politics was erased on the day the shit-flinging orange chimp landed in the Oval Office. Feel the Bern!

  • Michelle
    2019-02-15 18:51

    My son cracked up when he seen that I had won this book. I told him it's always better to have information than to be in the dark. So know he is going to read it as well. He is heading to college and taking it with him.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-29 11:40

    I received an uncorrected proof-advance readers edition in a GoodReads giveaway. Some of the visual supports and text sections were not included in this copy.The book is titled "Guide to Political Revolution" however it is not truly a guide. Each chapter ends with a section consisting of a few pages containing information on how to MOBILIZE- my copy was missing some of this, a PLAYLIST suggesting video presentations for more information, and FURTHER READING suggestions. Perhaps this is considered the "GUIDE". The book presents a comprehensive text explaining/describing the need for comprehensive change/reform in our economic, social justice, health care, education, environment and immigration policies-laws-practices. The facts/situations presented by Bernie Sanders are appalling! Our country is in dire need of a political revolution. Power and wealth resides in the hands of too few. Limitation of power was a key underpinning in our nation's founding. In the Articles of Confederation federal government was not provided with enough power to manage its responsibilities and provide direction for the many interactions between states and foreign countries. Our Constitution was written to provide power and to ensure that checks/balances to this power existed. After reading the information presented in this book 'big business' has too much power and acts in its own best interest- not in the best interest of the people. Laws/regulations/policies need to be created to limit this power. The Federal government is in need of radical change. We need to elect people who will work with each other for the best interests of the people. The policy ideas presented by Bernie Sanders are a valid place to start. America will be great again when the people are taken care of - access to affordable education, employment with wages that provide a desirable standard of living, access to affordable healthcare, a nondiscriminatory system of justice... The Preamble states:We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.After reading "Guide to Political Revolution" I seriously question if our federal government continues to establish Justice, promote the general Welfare, insure domestic Tranquility, and provide for our Posterity. Read this book.

  • Elaine
    2019-01-31 12:32

    This book, although cataloged at my library as adult nonfiction, is written at a level ideal for young adult readers. Most 14+ can read and appreciate Bernie's sentiments, which are presented in his voice, as if he is speaking right in front of you. It is a quick, easy read, and he presents reasonable solutions. My largest critique is that, as an academic, I'm not a fan of how citations are presented. I wish there were footnotes or endnotes directly connected to the sources at the end of each chapter.

  • AryaTheFangirl
    2019-02-19 18:38

    I totally get why this is called the bible of the resistance. however if you follow or have followed Bernie's platforms than you already know his stance on all of these. so there was not new information. still a solid read though

  • Regina
    2019-02-01 16:27

    This is a very accessible overview of Sander’s policy platforms. He is very detailed without getting bogged down. I highly recommend it.

  • Mary Librarian
    2019-02-23 13:39

    A call to work towards a better life for our country.

  • Yvet Maassen
    2019-02-17 16:50

    book about Bernie's past, campagne and goal. Nice insights into American History. I hoped for a bit more background to his campaign.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-12 18:50

    A quick read, recommended to everyone. It starts with us!

  • Tim
    2019-01-23 19:56

    This is one of the most essential reads in politics today. Instead of resorting to attacks or dwelling on the past, Sanders sticks to the policies of social, environmental, and racial justice that have earned him so much support. The writing and level of detail in "Guide to Political Revolution" is Bernie Sanders at his best - motivating the next generation of altruistic, hopeful voters to get involved in local politics and fight for what is right.

  • Bethany
    2019-02-04 17:37

    This nonfiction books is perfect for high school and college-aged readers who want to learn more about the state of our nation in regards to a livable wage (ch. 1), tax reform (ch. 2), Wall Street and the impact of big business on the economy (ch. 3), health care (ch. 4), higher education and its cost (ch. 5), climate change (ch. 6), the criminal justice system --with an emphasis on the industrialized prison complex (ch. 7), and immigration reform (ch. 8). Sanders breaks down his proposed ideas on all of these topics and backs up his reasons with logic, statistic, and testimonies of the everyday people. The infographics and the fact that the book is just over 200 pages makes the wealth of information more palatable, as do the glossaries on economic terms and types of governments. In all, I agree with 90% of Sanders's propositions, but what I like most is that he seems to be the only one calling out how the government isn't "for the people" anymore, but is in the pockets of Big Business, and that that is the state of our "for the people and by the people" country is appalling and unacceptable.

  • Anchit
    2019-02-20 16:32

    IMO it's just restating what we all wish for. I didn't find anything revolutionary or action items here.The book talks about lots of ideas but we've already heard those ideas several times. We need better welfare for the people, taxes need to be cut for the common people, corporations are greedy and need more regulations to encourage them to help the common man, labor unions need to be supported, the minimum wages have to be increased.What surprised me was the amount of country bashing. "Our country is the only country in the whole world, where you cannot expect to stay alive even after working 40 hours a week", minimum wages etc. Really? Have you seen how bad it is in other countries out there? I realized that every country has it's own amount of self-bashing by the media. Surprising.After a couple of chapters I stopped this. It felt like a waste of time.

  • Adove
    2019-01-27 12:56

    touches the talking points of his some point, it list the problems of broken american system.Yes, it needs reformation, but i would be more inclined to learnt how, with concrete plans. However, this books seems to target people who didn't know the problem exists! It is quick read.Also, the links in the 'mobilize' pages can come handy. I hope there is list somewhere from the book!

  • Samm | Sassenach the Book Wizard
    2019-01-23 16:41

    This book honestly just made me rage. I wanna ride a moose down to the US while drinking maple syrup and burn the White House down again. It's honestly heartbreaking and mind boggling some of the healthcare. I can't understand it!Made me feel REALLY good about Canada though. We ain't perfect but we have a lot more of our country together in comparison.

  • Stephanie ((Strazzybooks))
    2019-02-13 13:34

    First Christmas book received! 💙🎄

  • Amanda
    2019-02-06 13:46

    Well, when you've followed his primary campaign, live in his state, and watch any late night show interview he's ever done, you can pretty much repeat Bernie Sander's platform by heart. Which is not a bad thing, but I didn't find anything in this new book that was new to me. It's a good book for students and young people because its text is clear and comprehensive, but I felt like I was hoping it would go more in depth about grass roots movements. But I really love that at the end of each chapter was a section called Mobilize which had links for different organizations to get involved. Also, that book cover is just 🤓👌🏼

  • Warren Benton
    2019-01-29 18:30

    Bernie may have lost the nomination, but he didn't lose any of his fight.  He believes in a better America and tries to lay out his ideas in this book.  This book is taking some complex political agendas and tries to break them down into easy to understand ideas. I believe this book was written for a younger crowd.  All of the ideas in this book you have heard before if you have followed Sanders for any period of time.  The book is written and printed in a way that is supposed to be "Hip" and "Trendy". This book highlights many of Sanders top points he likes to talk about.  Increasing Minimum wage which he wants to see get moved to a living wage.  He talks how if we increase minimum wage to a living wage then lots of people who are subsidized now with welfare will no longer need it.  he also points out " Increasing the minimum wage is good for businesses as well as workers because it reduces employee turnover.  When workers earn a living wage, they are more likely to stay with their company, reducing the employer's high on-the-job training cost."  I understand Sanders' point that lots of people have minimum wage jobs and are struggling to support their family.  I feel we need to get people more employable.  Because if a 16-year-old gets a job, they do not need a living wage.  They are still supported by their family.  Sanders also talks about closing the loopholes where profitable businesses are getting large tax breaks and subsidies. I agree with this point.  I feel that insurance companies who BCBS is supposed to be not-for-profit but pulls large profits (raise rates blaming it on the ACA) and get subsidized.  The Oil industry does the same with getting subsidies and still pulling record profits.  One thing that I may be reading Sanders wrong on is he seems to want everyone to be equal.  This is not feasible.  I do not think we should punish people for being rich.  If you can get rich (and pay your fair share) then, by all means, get rich.  Sanders believes in health care for all.  Now I don't think it should be forced that everyone has to get it.  I do think it should be affordable enough that if people want it they should be able to.  "In a 2016 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the New York Times, 20 percent of working-age people with insurance reported having table paying health care bills, while 53 percent of people without insurance reported the same situation."  As someone with a congenital heart defect, I go to the doctor a lot.  I feel that insurance really screws you in many cases. I think that we really do need some kind of true health care reform.  Maybe breaking up the BCBS (which has 1 in 3 Americans) and letting there be more competition would help the market.  I have also hated how copays do not count toward the deductible.  So when I go to my cardiologist I pay the $70 copay, then the insurance company doesn't allow the doctor's office to charge the $4900 for the visit.  The insurance company only allows $2500.  Well, my deductible is $4000 so I get to pay the full doctors visit and really the only thing the insurance company did was say to the doctor's office "hey you can't charge him that much".  I received a proof copy of this book because it was a Goodreads giveaway (14th book that I have won).  So a few things that might be addressed in the regular purchasable book that I didn't see in my copy.  I need footnotes.  I hate when people spot out numbers and facts like "Zillow said that rising sea levels by 2100 could claim up to 1.9 million homes, worth a total of $882 billion."(actual quote from book) without a footnote so I can go find the article that gave said information.  I thought Sanders was the least likely to screw people over candidate from the 2016 choices.  But this book seems to point out problems and then only give a partial solution.  I need more information than what this book contained.  

  • Marissa
    2019-02-23 13:43

    I read the audiobook version of this book and I really didn’t like it. Like at all. But this book has over 4 stars average here on Goodreads so I wanted to see if I was missing something, because surely I must. I really love Bernie Sanders so I wanted to enjoy this book seeing as it has Bernie Sanders written all over it, however, I must be missing something that everyone else is getting. It doesn’t say the audio is an abridged version of the original, so idk what’s going on. First of all, I don’t really know who this book is aimed towards. Very little of this is new information to me. I thought the first chapter was well done, speaking about and going in-depth with certain companies avoiding their taxes. The numbers provided were really helpful. Other than that, everything else was stuff that either is well-known/been argued for years, or empty words without statistics to back it up. Again, don’t know if I’m missing visuals that everyone else is getting.The part that really gets me which makes me think I’m missing something is the mobilization to do something. After all, that’s what can make this an actual political revolution. However, there is no explanation about what the American people can do. At the end of the chapter about medical reform, the summarization of what needs to be done is literally “Pass Legislation.” Like, isn’t one of the problems with the politics of the US is that the American people feel disenfranchised with the government because we feel we aren’t listened to? Like, there was nothing that was said what us normal humans can do. This isn’t a Political Revolution at all.Needless to say, if you read this, probs don’t read the audiobook??? Like, everyone who has read the physical copy apparently get more mobilization things in it. The audiobook is just bad and I used it to fall asleep.

  • Lynne
    2019-01-24 12:55

    Preach, Bernie! Preach! Now...if you've read Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In...this is very much a re-hash. A cliff-notes version, if you will. But, that is one of the beautiful things about Bernie. He stays on message. Has very solid views on very specific things. And, he repeats that message as often as possible. Very refreshing for a politician, as they tend to morph with the winds, if not simply say something with out saying anything at all. Love, love, love this man. Do I agree with everything he says? No, of course not. But, his reasoning is sound and, despite his curmudgeon persona, it seems to come from a place of love and inclusiveness. Since this really was just an edited down version of the afore-mentioned book, I really wished he provided some realistic, hands-on recommendations for what the lay-man can do to assist in his revolution (as, this book really is HIS guide...not a guide for US who believe his ideologies). Yes, we can run for office (very unrealistic for most of us) and, (which I maintain should be as mandatory as filing taxes). But, how can the wholly unconnected average Joe step it up in a meaningful way, without turning our lives over to public service entirely? I know if enough people make small, incremental changes, the cumulative effect would be, to borrow a Bernie phrase, 'uge. But it's harder to connect the dots on this one, for me anyway, than it is, for example, with climate change and the many simple things we can do to help, without up and joining Greenpeace. Yes, this is something I clearly need to think more about and decide for myself...but politics, and the extraordinary forces affecting it (yes, I'm talking about you Koch brothers), seems as daunting as global economics or even the stock market.

  • Graham Wilhauk
    2019-02-04 12:54

    I got this book as an ARC and I am happy that I chose this one. It was either Bernie or a crappy YA fantasy or YA sci-fi. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh, let's feel the Bern!(WARNING: some political opinions ahead :D )I am not the BIGGEST Bernie Sanders supporter, but he is EASILY the person I would have voted for out of what I consider to be the five most popular candidates for president in the 2016 election (Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Rubio). I am a pretty solid liberal myself and I agree with the good majority of these ideas. I do think that the top 1% controls to much and need to be taxed quite a bit more. I do think that health care should be a right and not a privilege, just like in other major countries. I do think that we should let in more immigrants from places like Mexico and the Middle East. There are plenty of things that Bernie nails at and he isn't too bad at making potential solutions either. However, the book itself is set up as an overly long essay about all of this stuff. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting, but it wasn't gripping. It was more facts than it was a human story. Great nonfiction of all forms tell a human story and I felt like that was absent from Bernie's book. So with that, I didn't completely love this. However, I am still glad I read it. It gave me a new perspective on certain issues occurring in America right now. You know that Bernie truly cares about America and it is perfectly reflected through this book. However, the writing wasn't superb and there were a few things that weren't really talked about through constructive criticism and more through deconstructive criticism. Though, if you are looking for a quick and easy read that will still get your mind going, this is for you!I am giving this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Sophia M
    2019-02-06 17:53

    Upon finding out about Bernie Sanders’s new book directed at the younger generation (myself included), I was very eager to get a copy. American politics has always interested me, but because of my age and lack of experience, I could never fully understand all the topics discussed in political races. This book was the perfect solution for that, as it covers many current areas of discussion, such as taxes, minimum wages, health care, immigration, education, and so on. Mr. Sanders did an excellent job at explaining all the aspects in an understandable fashion, while adding statistics and his own opinion on the matter as well. For me, many statistics stated in this book were both shocking and eye opening. “There’s no state where a full-time minimum wage worker can afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent,” (page 6) was something that particularly surprised me. His opinion was also stated numerous times throughout the book, along with what he thinks should be done. “In the richest country in the history of the world, every student who has the desire and ability should be able to go to college,” (page 110) and “To me, family values mean leaving behind a planet that is livable for our children and grandchildren,” (page 131) are two of his quotes that I agree with.Overall, this book fostered my interest in politics and helped me to better understand what is happening in the world today, and what can be done to turn certain aspects of life into a more positive and beneficial direction. It is especially important to educate the younger generation so that we can make the world as great a place as it can be. This is a definite must read for any teens.

  • Glen U
    2019-02-01 15:28

    Simply written, it is meant to appeal to the young people of the country, as Bernie Sanders has shown he can do, through the last election. Full of facts that will polarize the reader, it is an eye opening look at what is wrong with this nation. In essence, I fully agree with Bernie's contentions about the faults of America, but I don't know if I can ever see the answers he proposes, happening. He is right when he says that the young people of America are the hope and salvation of the United States as they will have to deal with the disparities and unfairness we now face. But I digress, back to the book. Again, it is full of information, written in almost a graphic format, and all of it designed to spotlight the many problems we face and will face in the future. Climate control, immigration, education, wealth redistribution, health care, justice reform, tax reform, are all touched upon, including Bernie's solutions, in a 200 page primer. Statistics and graphs are shown but a scientific and comprehensive look at the subjects is not the purpose of this book. There are mentions of action groups and resources to get the ball rolling if one would like to be mobilized in the "political revolution". Definitely not Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", but it is an informative and entertaining read, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the future of America. A very good read.