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A homeland in ashes. A merciless ancient enemy. A vicious new foe. A galaxy convulsing with war. With humanity on the brink of annihilation, only one option remains, Interstellar War. Can Jon Pike achieve victory, and revenge, for himself and humanity? Find out in Interstellar War, Book 5 of The Pike Chronicles....

Title : interstellar war
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ISBN : 30200062
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 263 Pages
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interstellar war Reviews

  • David P. Duffy
    2019-01-31 10:48

    Poor Writing, Incompetent Editing-Overall BadBook 5, "Interstellar War," continues the amateurish, immature, sophomoric writing of the series, with the incompetent editing still "riding shotgun."A somewhat potentially interesting storyline-future human Special Ops Marine mated to alien symbiont, fights numerous ruthless aliens species and occasional humans, in an ever growing galactic war for freedom-has devolved from the first book, into a cartoonish, immature, talentless mishmash of inane drivel.The eBook author's repeated and increasing failures in writing a coherent, entertaining and reasonable SciFi novel, clearly indicates a hobbyist writer, who believes "participation" is good enough. Lack of any measurable writing skill set or intelligent plots and science, results in a total, comic book mess. This book is highly NOT recommended.

  • Michael Wood
    2019-01-26 06:05

    GALAXY-WIDE BATTLES IN THIS EPIC SPACE OPERAI've come to expect smooth writing, good editing, logical progression and direct, meaningful dialogue in this series. This particular volume delivers on all those expectations. I love this series! So far, Hudson has avoided falling into a particular pattern, except for the manner one book smoothly leads into the next with a twist. I, myself, have become a binge reader of the Pike Chronicles!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AS BOTH AN INDIVIDUAL BOOK AND AS A SERIES!

  • Steve
    2019-02-09 11:06

    Another Good, Roaring Fight-Fight-Fight set of BattlesThe "good guys" would be nothing without their AI capabilities, and we suddenly see a major, long overdue threat to the AI. Otherwise, this is just more of the Rockem' Sockem' robot toys from the 1960s -- endless battling all around.

  • Charles Kibby
    2019-02-18 09:04

    Fantastic storyCompletely fun and exciting series of books. Started reading just due to the name of the lead character. Pike, reminded me of Star trek. I have not been disappointed at all. Superb writing really brings this to life.

  • Rick Rider
    2019-01-29 03:46

    Another in the Captain Pike series. Good series. I'll keep reading as long as it remains a good series.

  • Nathan
    2019-02-08 05:08

    Fun enjoyable read. Sort of want the next book to take a more political or more relationship view of the current world. Lots of action is cool, but I'm also really interested in the universe that is being built.Also would be cool if we could explored more technology, and not just hammer in one or two things.Can see this easily being a longer series with how the universe is, more enemies after the current couple would be awesome and actually make a lot of sense with the current story and plot setup.Also would be nice to see Pike have some lovely kids (he needs some love yoh)Basically the action only ramps up in this one, but I think a book and more so in the future some down time interludes would be great.

  • Jesse Fort
    2019-01-22 10:43

    Oh oh oh.....This just got interesting. Humans allied with channisar and Diakans, are now fighting a war on two fronts. Sure, they hate the Kemmar a lot, but they hate the juttari more. This novel lives up to its name. This book is non stop war, in space and on foot. And it ends on potentially devastating .note. Read and find out.Very view grammatical errors, few periods missing but nothing more than that.

    2019-02-19 02:55

    Raving fan!I'm a raving fan of this series and this episode was crazy with action and intrigue. The characters were even better than before as the story examines the assumptions that they have held and how they might have been wrong. Excellent work! Can't wait for the next Book.

  • richard a rishell
    2019-02-21 09:55

    Very interestingMore ship movements than I would like but served the story line. Good read and worth the effort. Can't wait for the next book.