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Twice the lovers, twice the trouble There are only so many times a woman can get kidnapped before she has to reevaluate her life choices. For me, that day should have come a long time ago. Who knew getting mixed up with the two sexiest superhumans on the planet would lead to so much more than friction burns in delicate places? Being betrayed by my best friend? Check. Unco Twice the lovers, twice the troubleThere are only so many times a woman can get kidnapped before she has to reevaluate her life choices. For me, that day should have come a long time ago. Who knew getting mixed up with the two sexiest superhumans on the planet would lead to so much more than friction burns in delicate places? Being betrayed by my best friend? Check. Uncovering a plot to overthrow the city’s government? Check. Ending up in the most unlikely love triangle in history? Check. Finding out I’m destined to love not one, but two of the planet’s most dangerous men…? Yeah. That too. But this time, it’s not just my life at stake. It’s everyone in this blasted city, and I’m the only one who can help them. Fourth and final part of the paranormal romantic suspense serial “Darkness.” Features two uncompromising bad boys and their very steamy romancing of one lucky, voluptuous lady....

Title : fires in the darkness
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  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-02-02 14:44

    The Final installment is Here!!!LightningThe Shade

  • Judy Lewis
    2019-02-23 12:49

    DELICIOUSLY DARK, SERIOUSLY SEXY, COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: Fires in the DarknessSeries: DarknessAuthor: Nora AshDesignation: Book Four and Conclusion of Multi-Installment Serial, Not a StandaloneGenre: Paranormal Menage Romantic SuspenseMy Rating: FIVE SUPER STEAMY STARS *****Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Fire in the Darkness is the fourth and final book in the riveting new Darkness series by Nora Ash and oh my goodness, it's amazing! I first began reading Nora Ash last year when she dazzled her readers with the release of her spellbinding Demon's Mark Series and I've been a fan ever since. I loved it and could hardly wait to see what Ash would dream up for us next. Well, here it is and Ash never disappoints! So, light the fires, kick the tires and brace yourself, my lovelies! You're in for one heck of a great read! And believe me when I say, Ash pulled out all the stops and roared toward the finish in this action-packed, super sexy final installment of the story! Oh my glory! The story is exceptionally well crafted and well written as well as original, unique, exciting, thrilling, action-packed, full of danger, romantic, sexy, arousing and hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July! In Book One, the narrative was written in the first person from the point of view of the heroine, a naive but stubbornly independent twenty six year old self-employed cultural blogger. As the series progressed, the author added an integral and necessary third person point of view from both of the male protagonists which increased the intensity, complexity and understanding of the story and the characters. I admit, this was my first time reading a book with both a first and third person point of view but it flowed beautifully. The dialogue is smart, witty, well executed and flows effortlessly. The characters are complex, captivating, engaging, seductive, sexy as sin and surprisingly, at times, laugh out loud funny. Oh yes, even with all the danger, drama and life threatening antics, there's a delightful thread of humor woven into the story. I caught myself giggling much of the time. The characters literally explode from the pages, draw you in, grab your attention and capture your heart from beginning to end. Ash skillfully combines these elements into a brilliantly entertaining paranormal/supernatural romance filled to the brim with danger, darkness, intrigue, mystery, suspense, angst, undeniable attraction, and undeniable romance. Once I started reading, I simply could not stop. I eagerly awaited the release of each new installment. It is a completely new spin on paranormal romance and actually has a compelling and fascinating plot peppered with thrills, chills, mystery and enigmatic characters. I find that I not only enjoyed it but really loved it. Different is not always better but in this case, it definitely is! What did I love about this book? Everything! What didn't I like? Not a darn thing, other than the fact that it ended! I wanted to keep reading! Would I recommend it? You bet and I am but only for adult readers since it does contain some super dreamy sex scenes! Will I read this author again? Absolutely! Book One: When you live in a city like St Anthony that has a crime rate of forty percent above the national average, it's safe to say there's always a crime to write about but struggling, small-time, cultural blogger Kathryn Smith never thought she would get her badly needed big break through personal experience. On a late night run to her favorite coffee shop, she's held at gunpoint by two masked gunman while they rob the shop and demand cappuccinos to go. Huh? What self respecting criminal waits for coffee to go? Obviously, the stupid kind! But at least their stupidity results in giving her the chance of a lifetime - an opportunity to interview the masked superhuman hero identified in the press and social media as Lightning. He was tagged with the moniker as a result of his supernatural speed not because of his ability to control lightning, although after seeing him in person, she could imagine that he may actually be able to do just that! He's beyond sizzling hot! So, despite the danger, shattering glass and flying bullets, Kathryn whips out her trusty camera-phone and presses record. However, disappointment soon follows exaltation when she realizes that Lightning is just another typical, cheeky, flirty and obnoxious member of the male species. She would just have to work with what she has even if he isn't the "Golden Boy" she'd always imagined. She could still write an article about him and the other "supes" that would generate some much needed traffic for her blog and she would make sure it's a great article. He had the nerve to question her as a serious reporter?! Well, she would show him exactly how serious she could be. As opposed to all the other journalists who fawned and drooled over him, she would expose him and the other superhumans for the jerks they are! She would be just the opposite and expose the truth, so take that vigilante heroes! Not that she isn't thankful that Lightning had saved her chubby little behind, but his rude comments have jolted her from her hero worship and given her an entirely new perspective on the way the mayor and the city of St Anthony rely on the superhuman vigilantes to protect them from the ever looming darkness threatening to consume the city. The masked vigilantes act above the law, meting out their own justice and punishment, and they definitely should not be praised for their violent, unregulated conduct. They need to be policed and stopped. After being "semi-claimed" during a late night visit from Lightning, Kathryn becomes all too aware of the fact that she knows nothing about the true nature of the superhumans nor their special abilities. She's more determined than ever to uncover the truth but another unfortunate encounter with the criminal element of the city while looking for clues, leaves her in the clutches of the worst superhuman of all - Shade. The infamous Shade makes Lightning look like a poster boy for the Boy Scouts. And he wants to claim her too, but he intends to really "claim" her. Oh my glory! Book Two: It has now been four days since that first fateful night when curvaceous Kathryn Smith had been rescued from a robbery and unceremoniously claimed by the popular superhuman hero Lightning. Twenty four hours later, she finds her life at risk again but this time she's rescued not by Lightning but by the infamous, unscrupulous Shade. What? And the price he demands for rescuing her was very steep indeed - her complete submission. Oh yes, Lightning and Shade both have now claimed her. But to what end? Why her and how is it even possible? Kathryn thought she wanted the exciting life of an investigative reporter but now finds that she already misses her former mundane existence as a reclusive blogger of cultural issues and its resulting monotony. Maybe she's just not cut out to be a crack investigative journalist and live life on the edge. Nope, she doesn't like flirting with danger at all - not one little bit. And she certainly doesn't like being claimed by not one but two "supes". Or does she? Hmm...I wonder??? But if that's the case, why does she once again find herself traipsing through the dangerous seedy underbelly of the city following another lead and looking for more clues of the existing corruption and possible links between Mayor Wilkins and the superhuman heroes. Now after several sexual encounters with both irresistibly sexy but not so good heroes wondering who is good and who is bad and finally deciding both are bad, Kathryn soon comes to an awakening and jolting realization. She can't seem to be able to resist either of the handsome supes but in order to protect herself from Lightning and the Shade, and whatever personal vendetta they have against each other as well as the evil machinations of the Mayor, she will need every single journalistic instinct she possesses to survive but little does she know that by questioning the morals and tactics of the mayor and the unregulated, glorified masked superhumans, she has opened Pandora's Box and her actions are about to rain down hell and wreak havoc on her safe, orderly life. And to add to the ever growing danger and risk to her life, Kathryn has inadvertently discovered the identity of the not so charming Shade along with some not so flattering and very dangerous information about him. Will he want to kill her now as well? Will Kathryn be able to figure out what's really going on before it's too late? Book Three:Kathryn may have two super human heroes laying claim to her but unfortunately, that now means she has also acquired their enemies and has now become a target. She's been kidnapped by Bright, an evil, power-hungry supe, who wants to use her to weaken both Lightning and The Shade. In order to save her, both must make an appearance to the supe Council and they each must claim her together. It's well known in the city that the two supes are bitter enemies and would never work together for anything or anyone. Or would they??? Even if Lightning and Shade do publicly lay claim to her, which is totally unheard of and has never happened before, will it be enough to protect and save her from the Mayor, his goons, Bright and the superhuman Council? And if so, who will protect her from them??? And just exactly what are their intentions toward the beautiful, curvaceous and very naive blogger. Why is Kathryn's college friend Trish suddenly so interested in helping her with the investigation? And how does the supe Mirome, Lightning and Shade's former teacher and mentor, figure into this complicated puzzle??? Book Four: Kathryn has been kidnapped - again! She's been betrayed by Trish, her best friend from college. What the heck? It seems Trish is not much of a friend and she's teamed up with Mirome and Bright to bring down Kathryn and her two new superhuman mates. Oops! Yes, I said mates. They have both now laid claim to the lovely, curvaceous mean freelance journalist. Yep, we have a triad, folks and it's hotter than hot! But Mirome and Bright plan to kill Kathryn, take the city, enslave the humans and why stop there? They want to restore themselves to power and once again, rule the world. Huh? Oh yes, because dragons used to rule the earth. Oops! I may have let a small spoiler slip! Oh well, it's too late now. *wink wink* But the real question, will Lightning and The Shade be able to defeat their superhuman enemies, save the city of St Anthonys and in doing, save the world??? Well maybe - but are they willing to sacrifice their super secret identities to do it? And more importantly, can the two former friends and now enemies put their personal differences aside to work together to save Kathryn and be her mates? We'll see! But never fear - the devil always collects his due and we do find out the identity of Lightning and The Shade! Oh my goodness! This just gets better and better! No spoilers from me - well, not many - but I will say this....Beautiful, intelligent blogger, I mean journalist, who is too inquisitive for her own good-check! Two handsome sexy superhuman heroes who seem determined to claim one lovely journalist-check! Danger, drama, betrayal, kidnapping, mystery, suspense, intrigue, adventure, "superhumans", corruption and malevolent enemies-check! Heated attraction, fiery passion and steamy dreamy sex-you bet! And did I mention an outrageously sexy menage a trois? Oh yes! Thrills, chills and a whole lot more! And just between you and me, these superhumans sound an awful lot like supernaturals, paranormals and shifters. Secrets are exposed and identities revealed and you will be shocked! This is one series you don't want to miss! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!Complimentary copy received in exchange for an honest review but having said that, I would pose this question. Would I buy this book? Heck yeah!

  • Lula Pantoofle
    2019-02-17 17:34

    The final instalment! Well it all came together in a whirlwind. No real surprises. It all felt a bit like an action movie. It just wasn't a well-crafted storyline with twists and turns. I am not sure that paranormal erotic romance is going to be my thing. Maybe it tries to be too many things. As for the erotica. Well, lets just say that by the end it just felt like a vagina stretching contest. I just started to wince throughout it all. It just wasn't pushing my buttons really. I think this was definitely a case of this series being fine, but just not my cup of tea.

  • Erin Penn
    2019-02-05 18:59

    The exciting conclusion to the Darkness series completes the wonderful superhero plot with the final big bad revealed, further character development of the male leads into (finally) beings you can like, and strong MFM sex scenes driving the character development while satisfying the erotica urges.The difference between p*rn and erotica and romance - p*rn you can remove the stuff outside the sex and nothing really changes, romance you can remove the sex scenes and nothing changes, but with erotica the mix of sex and pushing forward the plot means you must have both for the story to make sense.Fires in the Darkness delivers on the MFM menage erotica promise.A little disappointed with where the superpowers come from, but at least Ms. Ash does provide a backstory. On the other hand I was only expecting a Happy-for-Now ending so I guess everything balances.

  • Sherill
    2019-02-07 20:36

    FIRES IN THE DARKNESS-AN ENTHRALLING SPINE-TINGLING ROMANCE. - A red-hot romance that sets the pages on fire. Series are fabulous, you get acquainted with all the awesome characters and the characters in this series are powerful, sultry, and superhuman heroes. This story focuses on; KATHRYN, an audacious, sexy, curvaceous blogger who can't keep herself clear of horrific danger, and the voice of reason; SHADE and LIGHTNING, two strapping, sultry, potent superhuman heroes who have claimed Kathryn as their own and have sworn to protect her.What you'll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, powerful vivid scene descriptions, magic, pent-up rage, jealousy, gut-wrenching moments, spine-chilling suspense, action packed, murders, superb banter, life threatening incidents, unexpected surprises, identities revealed, betrayal, jaw-dropping toe-curling sensual romance, and a heart melting conclusion that leaves you wanting more.No matter how hard Shade and Lighting try to convince Kathryn not to go off by herself she never listens; both feeling they should have put her on lock down. Kathryn is abducted again, and this time it is by someone she trusted with her life. The betrayal is worse than the sting of a scorpion leaving her filled with hate. Bright has plans to take over St. Anthony, and wants to use Kathryn as bait to lure the love struck superheroes into a trap. Shade and Lightning will stop at nothing to save her. WOW/SPECTACULAR fast paced well written creative read by a truly gifted author. A magnificent conclusion to this captivating series. The characters spring to life with the intriguing plot, fantastic dialogue, thrilling action, and blazing hot romance. Kathryn’s lion-hearted persona make her a most valiant hero. I relished this story; a most exhilarating read. If you enjoy romance with engaging characters and sizzling romance this is an excellent choice for your library. In the world of fantasy romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating. {I was gifted this book and this is my completely honest review}. Without reservations I highly recommend this book, and the series.....

  • Jodi - Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger
    2019-01-27 16:47

    “Just a few dozen rounds of double vaginal to go and we’re sure to become BFFs. Hopefully, we didn’t kill you so bad you won’t want to do it again once you’ve had a bit of a break. You know, for our relationship’s sake.”5 Stars with 5 Star sex scenes! Crossing Swords with a Very lucky lady!I Absolutely fell in Love with this series, and hated to see it end. Fires in the Darkness had so much going on , pain, love, surprises, shocking revelations. We get to find out who the person is behind each mask. Some were surprising, some was seen coming, Bright , and his disgusting ploy was no shock, but Mirome , Lightning, and the Shades father figure did really surprised me. Some of the nastiest supes in the city verse Kathryn, Lightning, and the Shade . That's a match up for sure!I've always liked Kathryn , the heroin, throughout the series , especially in this book. She really stands up for the men she loves, and proves how much she loves them. She doesn't care how much is stacked against her, with there super speed quick movements, and magic beyond any. The hero's were fantastic as well! Even a bad boy can make the best hero, if he was really a bad boy after all? Only one thing ..Dragon bornes , and humans usually don't mix.Kathryn is the exception to the rule with Lightning, and The Shade. Themselves proving how much they love her as well, with sacrifice , including giving herself to the enemy shared , or showing ones face to the humans breaking every rule known.Hearts mend, the Shade finally opens up to his old enemy Lightning, Healing scars from long past, and the supes species will definitely carry on , as will the secrets of the supes with the one and only secret keeper . The only thing I didn't like about the book is it had to bring the series to and end, this is, and will be one of my favorite book series. The epilogue was a very good closing , hoping we may get to see some more of the future of there new lives in a spinoff ? Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty*Note* review has been on Amazon catching up on Gr

  • Marissa
    2019-02-06 15:37

    The number of times Kitten has been kidnap is ridiculous, and frankly somewhat endearing. Although it is annoying that she would trust a distant long time friend over two men who have saved her repeatedly over the little time spam that they known her, I can sympathize why she did it, because she is very loyal to the people the loves. I do not fault her for that. That being said, I love that author involved The Shade and Lighting in this final part of the series, so we got more of an inside look to their complex personalities. As with Kitten, I was a little annoyed with Lightening constantly being up and down about his feelings for kitten, but he really made it up to me now. That being said, I will always be a fan of The Shade in the end. I am completely happy with the ending, just a little sad it ended, but there are so many times that Kat can get trouble and her heroes have to save her....hopefully.I expect them both to be stressed.(Ryan Reynolds always seems like a Lightening to me...)

  • Helen
    2019-02-04 18:00

    Have loved this series as much as Demon's Mark by the same author, this ending didn't let it down at all. It was fast paced through the whole book and never drags. Kathryn, Lightening and The Shade are all in dire straits and for one of them there seems no way out. Won't give any spoilers but this book has suspense, drama, 2 delicious 'supe's' and a one feisty female who won't just be the little woman.Really liked the character of Kathryn as she is normal and not like a supermodel.Will be waiting patiently(or not) for the next series by Nora AshWas luckily given a ARC in exchange for a honest review-Thank you

  • Kady Bowers
    2019-02-09 20:50

    I feel like had you have put these 4 books together you would have a great beging to an amazing series. I really enjoyed the concept of the books it was unique for me. How ever they were way to short and i was left with so many questions at the end. I know all stories leave somethings to question but i felt like i had more questions than answers by the end of the book. I would have liked more info on our main charaters. Why is Kathryn such a loner cause i call bullshit on it just being her weight. I just wanted more!

  • Stacey
    2019-02-01 15:56

    this is an ARC review given in exchange for an honest review ,so what if you fell for not just one but two superheros one that seems evil but one who seems good and what if you know one of the superheros names who they are when they are not in their super hero uniform . and what if the past is revealed and what happens when you have one who will sacrifice themselves . so you and the other may live but will you just allow it or fight to get back what is your triad .

  • C. Erani Kole
    2019-02-23 15:43

    This was a fun, hot and hilarious serial. So satisfying! Yes, Lightning and The Shade can hold their own but it's so fun to see them with Kathryn. The final installment was intense because of the stakes at hand, and there's a huge battle. I think I'm more freaked out about the fact that so much could be compacted into a- well, a serial. lol I have no regrets.

  • Ash
    2019-02-18 16:44

    I can't believe that it's over!!!!! Please just another one about their life together! I recommend this series even though it was over too soon.

  • Angelique
    2019-01-27 19:47

    The last book and even more delicious than the last 3. It just kept getting better and better. Happy for a woman such as her. And her mouth lol...