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After learning to cope with her near death experience and new found psychic abilities, Brenda and her lover decide to move to Tampa, Florida and the house of their dreams. Malfour House is a very old Victorian located in The Tides of Palmetto, an exclusive community for the rich.But after she and Tina move in, Brenda finds the dingy Walls and empty rooms screaming their seAfter learning to cope with her near death experience and new found psychic abilities, Brenda and her lover decide to move to Tampa, Florida and the house of their dreams. Malfour House is a very old Victorian located in The Tides of Palmetto, an exclusive community for the rich.But after she and Tina move in, Brenda finds the dingy Walls and empty rooms screaming their secrets in her mind. Brenda begins tracing a path filled with murder, betrayal, ghosts and the deadly curses of Santeria, a dark and exotic religion. Realizing that Malfour House will not let her leave until she unravels the clues to the horrifying murders long buried in its past, Brenda renews her career as a private investigator....

Title : The Burning of Her Sin
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ISBN : 9781594930348
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 263 Pages
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The Burning of Her Sin Reviews

  • Diane
    2019-03-15 13:33

    I was not quite sure what to expect when i got this book but 'whoa, nelly!' was it something else to read. My pleading is to certain readers(kidding); if you believe in the after life then this book is it because the storyline deals mainly with paranormal stuff/beings. Enjoyed the author's writing because she pulled you in with every word on these pages and at times it made everything seems so scary plus the murder mystery plotline was both intricately & so well paced that readers got dragged through the book at a headlong speed. I was conflicted because i did not want this series to come to an end it was that good and don't talk about the romance between the two leading ladies which was written as a little side story and not as a major part of this series per se plus the work of the great supporting characters. Highly recommended to everyone

  • Cheri
    2019-03-12 19:29

    I read the ebook edition a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I got a free review copy of the audible version and started it this morning. I'm enjoying it so far!**Ok, I just finished the book a few minutes ago. The story is just as good as I remember it being. It's really very good. Initially, I was enjoying the narration of the audio book but by the time I got half-way through, I realized that if I read it again, I'm sticking with reading with my eyes. The narrator does a pretty good job of voicing the other characters - some changes in inflection and emotion that matched the scenario - but the main character, Brenda Strange, was done in a very soft, very calm tone that never seemed to change. Sometimes the narration was so soft that I missed words. The super slow pace of the reading made it tough for me to get into the story, which is why it took me so long to finish it. Of course, like anything else, what didn't work for me may be great for someone else. Overall, I really like the story and do highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a mystery. And if you're a fan of audio books, definitely go to the site and listen to the sample. You usually get a good five minutes to hear the narration and that's generally enough time for me to know if I'll like it or not. Either way, it's a good read. I'd give it a 3.5 out of five for this version.

  • Susanne
    2019-03-25 16:19

    Meet Brenda Strange. She is a rising lawyer on the path to becoming a partner at the law firm she works in. One day, Danny Crane changed that when he opened fired at the law office. Brenda was shot but returned to the land of the living. At first, things appeared to be normal. But the near death experience left her with a gift; the ability to see ghosts.... The experience also changed Brenda in that she left her career to become a private investigator. She also makes teddy bears in her spare time. The story moves to Tempa in Florida where Brenda and Tina, her partner of five years, buys the old Malfour house. Brenda falls in love with the house but realises that something is not quite right when she comes across the ghosts of Carlotta and Angelique. Who are they? Why are they still in the house? And so begins the mystery of the Malfour House. While Brenda investigates, she has deal malevolent force that is intend on driving her and Tina out of Malfour House.

  • Dee
    2019-03-14 11:15

    3.5 starsThe prologue to this story sets the stage perfectly. Fast forward from 1926 to present day and Brenda and her partner Tina are house hunting. It’s no surprise when they buy a house built in the 1900s. However, the event that put Brenda on her death bed was gritty and took me by surprise. After surviving the harrowing event, Brenda develops psychic abilities, which enables her to see things that have happened in the house, and makes this story very much a paranormal mystery.When they move into the old home, Brenda finds love letters dating back to 1924, which adds intrigue to the plot. There’s a bit of a plot jump between chapters four and five, and the introduction of a new character, Papa Chucho, threw me off kilter for a beat.Even though the story is told from Brenda’s point-of-view, her partner, Tina, is well fleshed out and a likable character. My one quibble, was the constant references of Brenda looking like Lady Di, well the mention of such didn’t bother me but her being called Princess all the time wore a little thin.Brenda makes Teddy bears, which gives the story a nice little subplot. The story is set in Tampa, which was a delight for me to read about.There’s plenty of inferred sex between the heroines, but there’s no explicit content and romance is far from forefront to the bigger story. For some reason, someone wants these two women out of Malfour house, but who and why? Of course I can’t say. But curses, poisoned gardens, old love letters, and many other aspects add layers upon layers of mystery and intrigue to the story.Even though I understand why the story had to end like it did, and it was fitting, I can’t say I was happy about it. I would say it’s a happy for now, but then again that could be taken to mean many things. And I can’t explain it more clearly without giving away spoilers, which I’m loathe to do. So in order to discover the outcome you’ll have to read ‘The Burning of her Sins’ yourself.Copy received in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cheri
    2019-03-17 15:33

    Very well done! Enjoyed it thoroughly and already bought the second in the series. My review is located at

  • Carolyn Rose
    2019-03-25 13:30

    I don't often read "ghost stories," but I enjoyed the sense of place (Tampa, Florida) in this one and the justice done at the end.

  • Maddy
    2019-03-17 14:13

    Brenda Strange had an enviable life. At the age of thirty-two, she was a rising star and about to become a junior partner in the New York law firm where she worked. She’s been in a committed relationship with her significant other, Tina, for 5 years. And she even bears more than a passing resemblance to Princess Di. Brenda’s life goes in a direction she would never have predicted when the deranged spouse of one of the law firm’s employees goes on a shooting spree in the firm’s offices. Brenda is shot and nearly dies. As a matter of fact, she undergoes a near death experience which changes her life forever. At first, she is unresponsive to the world around her. She spends her time making teddy bears and not doing much else until Tina suggests that they fulfill a dream of Brenda’s to buy a summer vacation home. They take a vacation to Tampa, and Brenda is drawn to an old Victorian home known as the Malfour House. The home needs extensive renovation, but it calls out to Brenda as the place where she needs to be. After a battle to buy the house, Brenda and Tina settle in. One of the unforeseen aftereffects of Brenda’s near death experience is that her psychic intuition has become very active. She experiences what is known as a “full spectrum” sighting—she can smell, see, hear and touch the visions. Malfour House has a reputation for being haunted, and Brenda discovers that is true. When she is in the house, she alone smells a strong burning odor. And she is introduced to a set of murders that occurred 70 years earlier. It appears it is her mission to solve the murders and free the people who were done some terrible injustices. Brenda becomes consumed with uncovering what happened, obsessed with Malfour House, all of which causes problems in her relationship with Tina. The ghosts of the past are real to her, and she jeopardizes the present in her efforts to help them.The least believable element of the book to me was when Brenda acts as a private investigator. This seemed rather forced to me, in that she was really set up as an amateur sleuth through a majority of the book and did not seem to have any particular skills that would enable her to be successful at being a private investigator. I have to admit that before I picked up this book, I expected that I would not like it. I am very much a fan of realism and do not care for the supernatural or otherworldly in my reading. Haunted houses and psychic revelations are not my bag! Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the book. Henderson did an excellent job of introducing the paranormal element of the book into the narrative in a believable way. The characters were well developed, and the story moved along nicely.