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An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.She likes her relationships uncomplicated. So does he. But one weekend of unspeakable passion changes everything for both of them. This is the ultimate weekend hook-up for Ciara Herrera when a business trip turns into a raunchy weekend of sinful debauchery with Nikolaj von Henningsen—the confident, powerful, impossibly sexAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.She likes her relationships uncomplicated. So does he. But one weekend of unspeakable passion changes everything for both of them. This is the ultimate weekend hook-up for Ciara Herrera when a business trip turns into a raunchy weekend of sinful debauchery with Nikolaj von Henningsen—the confident, powerful, impossibly sexy dirty-talking blue-eyed alpha male billionaire with a panty-melting British accent. Find out the lengths people will go to fulfill their fantasies in this sizzling hot and sexually explosive romance of wanton lust. This fast-paced alpha billionaire romance series contains themes of domination and submission sure to leave you VERY hot & bothered. The Seduction Factor is a series of 6 books. The entire series has a HEA ending....

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ISBN : 24950309
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casual encounter Reviews

  • Scarlett Avery
    2019-02-11 20:27

    Meet Nikolaj von Henningsen. This blue-eyed billionaire with a sexy British accent is tall, dangerously hot, witty and his bad boy attitude will leave you panting. Don’t be fooled by the suit, the dirty-talking God of sex isn’t afraid of spanking you! ENJOY!“I’ve wanted to taste your pussy since I licked my fingers earlier. I want to play with your little clit and gorge on your sweetness and make you come so hard you cry out my name as you pull at my hair for mercy.”—Nikolaj

  • KathyAnne
    2019-01-27 20:41

    This was hot, steamy and oh so delicious! Great start to this new erotica series by Scarlett Avery... :) I love the relationship that is slowly developing between these two. They seem to be a perfect match for each other and they have great, great chemistry together. Ciara certainly got more than what she bargained for with this casual encounter! The gorgeous, wealthy, dirty talking Nicolaj definitely won her over in the passion department. Now we'll have to see if he can win her heart and break down Ciara's emotional barriers. He has his work cut out for him if he wants to win her trust. I have a feeling that he isn't going to give up. I think she made an impact on him that he just can't walk away from. Looking forward to the chase... :)This is part one of a 5 part serial and I'm looking forward to part 2! ARC was provided by the authorFollow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest

  • нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ
    2019-01-29 12:48

    A little too short of a read for me. I like Nikolaj whereas Ciara yeah a little too self-confident which is not bad but I kind of like how confident Nikolaj is but Ciara is more harder for me to feel that I like her more, but I do get to feel and see how and why she feels insecure with furthering her feelings for Nikolaj. I'd like to continue with the series basically cause I'd like to see how Nikolaj will tear her down by all that sweet downright hot sex.

  • Shirley Verdin
    2019-02-05 15:47

    Only words I can use to describe this book is HOT, and STEAMY GOOD!!! And I'll leave the rest to the imagination! :)

  • Denise Palma
    2019-01-24 19:32

    Wow! This was a quick, hot and steamy read (fanning myself). Nikolaj sounds so yummy and I am liking Ciara character too. I will be starting the next book immediately....:)

  • Kathy Wideman
    2019-01-23 20:54

    This book is super steamy. Pulled me in and made me want to keep waiting. It’s good I have all 5 books to read back to back. Ciara doesn’t do relationships, sex only. She never sleeps over and never lets any sleep over at her house either. Make her come and she will return the favor. She takes a trip to Toronto, Canada for business, her last weekend there she sends all her helpers on a trip and decides to stay and relax. She meets a man at a bar named Nikolaj and is immediately attracted to him. They drink and dance the night away. Then things get steamier and she breaks her rule. He sleeps over. Normally she would be eager for him to leave but with Nikolaj there is just something different happening. She then spends the day with him. Nikolaj makes her feel things she hasn’t felt in a long time not to mention what he does to her body. Will Ciara take a chance or will she runs from the way he makes her feel? Will Nikolaj just let her go if she runs or will he chase her? Nikolaj is a lot like Ciara when it comes to relationships and feelings. But, he wants more with Ciara. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. The characters are great and so is the writing. This is the first book by Scarlett Avery I have read and I loved it. I look forward to reading more by her.I was given this book in return for an honest review.

  • Debbie
    2019-02-12 14:54

    I read the description of this book and saw the letters "HEA" and thought, YES.... I can read this short story and get my happy ending. Sadly, this is not the case. This short story ends on a friggin cliffhanger and I'm not sure how many books there will be. I've read the reviews for the second and third books and it appears they both end in cliffys. So be warned.Ciara is afraid of commitment. She was apparently hurt by someone in her past, so she only stays in relationships for a short period of time before bailing when it looks like something more can develop. When Ciara goes on a business trip and meets Nikolaj, she's confused by her strong feelings after spending an amazing weekend with him. But they are strong feelings and she and Nikolaj had a great time not only in the bedroom. But old habits die hard and Ciara is afraid to change. Nikolaj however, is a man accustomed to getting what he wants.I loved both these characters and thoroughly enjoyed this story. I was bummed when I got to the unfinished ending and will wait until all the installments have been released before making my decision to proceed with this series. I don't mind cliffhangers sometimes, but I've discovered I'm happiest when the entire story is available so I can read from beginning to end without forgetting important parts.

  • Babel
    2019-02-10 15:40

    Feeling bold and curious? Then this serial might be the appetizer you're looking for. It's a cross between female empowerment and sensual liberation. The protagonist is not a meek girl, she's a lady of means, ambition and drive. Sadly, the only thing she's lacking is a strong man to melt her senses.The first thing we know about her is that she's leaving behind a man who doesn't satisfy her. While in Canada, doing a creative job, she encounters a very special man. I enjoyed reading about her pleasures and this man's prowess. The dialogues are quite enticing, yet sometimes they felt slightly artificial, not what people would say and in such words.I think it's a very strong first part, sophisticated, laden with explicit steamy times, and with a strong-willed female character as Ciara and a gorgeous hottie as Nikolaj, it's also a very promising story.First reviewed on Literaria

  • Tammy Hamilton Green
    2019-02-04 12:52

    In business it's called the bait and switch. Scarlett's version of the bait and switch is different though. To explain, our last eye popping glimpse of Ciara was on her knees deep throating Count Ludvig Wilmer Theodor Jönsson, well his "Johnson" that is. We learn now that, "Ludvig was a selfish lover with a small cock and a drinking problem." That was the bait, (Interesting factoid --Bait fish are the smaller ones.) Here's the switch. Enter Nikolaj Tristin Johan Von Henningsen de Bretteville. He's tall, blonde, sexy, very forward, has a British accent, and best of all ...he's packing. Start salivating ladies, cause it's not seven, not eight, but nine inches. Yes, that's a bait and switch any lady consumer would gratefully accept, whenever, wherever. Damn Ciara! Hope he knows how to use it. Better read The Seduction Factor to find out!

  • Catarina Swartz
    2019-02-18 15:33

    What happens when you meet a man who blows you out of the water, who challenges everything you believe and makes you want more. Do you give in or do you run?Ciara hasn’t meet a man who could rock her world not until she met Nikolaj. All that she believes in is now challenged and the only thing to do is run.This is the first book in the Seduction Factor Series and it is hot and raunchy and will melt your panties.Scarlet Avery will send you into over load and you will be begging for more.You will be holding on to see where this series goes and I for one can't wait to read the second book.I gave this book 5 stars

  • AngelinaT
    2019-02-10 20:32

    Wow! That just left me breathless! I was a fan of the Unbearable Passion series and the story of Sofia and Bryce and this book starts the tale of Ciara, Sofia's sister. Her story is even steamier and I can't wait for more and more! I love Ciara's attitude and she seems to have met her match in the sexy billionaire Nikolaj. Can't wait to see where this story goes....wherever it is I am sure it will be oh so good!!!

  • Siriniti Kidd
    2019-02-22 15:33

    wow I can't wait to read the next part. they sure have some fire between them.

  • Rhonda
    2019-01-23 17:31

    I 'floved' this book!!! So hot and it was so good!!! I can't wait to read the rest of it! 5 stars for damn sure!!!!!

  • Deanna
    2019-01-25 14:32

    Wow!This is one of the most exciting stories I've read in a while. Great plot and even greater execution. Bravo!

  • J a c i n t a
    2019-02-23 15:26

    4.5 StarsWas given an ARC for an honest review. Ciara Herrera a world renowned lighting designer and has made name for herself. From 5 star hotels, high end restaurants and very wealthy people alike use her for her creative eye. Ciara is one of the most beautiful woman you will ever see and stops crowds when she walks into a restaurant or anywhere she goes. She is tall with olive skin, beautiful crazy black hair that comes mid way down her back, high cheekbones and a feisty personality. Ciara likes high end fashion and is always done up like a supermodel. She doesn't do relationships or has sleepovers with guys, she likes to keep things simple. Ciara kinda does the bang and bail.Ciara has to go over to Canada to see a client and while sitting in the bar having a drink a beautifully handsome man named Nikolaj who has a Brittish accent comes to join her. Nikolaj is like the female version of Ciara. Nikolaj is a billionaire who owns his own company. They spend an amazing evening together with food, drinks and dancing. The night is coming to a close and Ciara finds she is breaking a few of her rules with Nikolaj. One thing leads to another and Ciara finds that he is an "Alpha Male" and never had anyone like him before. The sex is hot, passionate, raunchy and know's how to bring her to an explosive orgasm...They spend an amazing weekend together and feelings that Ciara hasn't felt in a long time come to the surface. Those feelings she never wanted to feel again as she liked them simple but Nikolaj has challenged her and the way he is feeling he isn't afraid to hide them. Nikolaj is going away to a different country for business that he can't cancel but wants to spend time with Ciara once he gets back but Ciara won't allow herself as she is afraid of what she is really feeling and won't admit to them. So when Nikolaj has to take a business call for his trip away Ciara does a runner back to her hotel. Nikolaj will not let her escape without a fight and will chase if he has to.I really liked these two characters and the chemistry is amazing. This story will leave you with a cliffhanger and you will be wanting to grab the second book ASAP!!!

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-02-03 16:52

    I am so happy to have Ciara's story. I admit she made me feel uneasy in her sister and Bryce's story BUT towards the end she grew on me and I knew her story would be fun and have a definite draw. Now we get her and she is funny , witty , independent but yet very vulnerable and it takes us a bit but we do finally get the full story about that reasoning. Ciara is a very successful businesswoman. She deals with lightening decor and has traveled the world for pleasure and business. Right now she is heading to Canada for a new project and her current dull boyfriend Dylan is boring her to death with his goodbye sex. It is comical, I also feel bad for her that she struggles so much when it comes to enjoying and finding a guy that can get her going. Faking it must be exhausting !! Anyhow....once she ditches Dylan the cling on she heads to Canada and almost immediately is swept off her feet by another sexy rich guy with a foreign accent !! Nikolaj is sex on a stick and he has his sights set on her. If you ever thought shoes were unimportant think again. A pair of shoes may just change Ciara's life forever !! Long story short....Their chemistry is electric , the sex amazing. Ciara isn't faking a thing and she is blown away !! There is a pull there and they are both not use to this , both very busy and fiercely devoted to their work. Spending a fulfilling couple of days should be enough , even too much but they are both finding it may not be enough. Nikolaj is leaving for business and Ciara is set to go back home. Will they see each other again or is this a one time thing ?? Nikolaj has a plan in mind but Ciara may not allow for that to happen.

  • Cassie Hess-dean
    2019-02-07 17:40

    OMG that was hot! I can't believe that book pulled me in and kept dragging me until the end!! HOT HOT HOT!!! Didn't want it to end! Ciara won't get close to a guy since Luke broke her. She will have sex but that's where it ends. Dylan believes he is falling in love with her and she is just faking it with him. He is a nice guy, has money, but doesn't know how to use what the good lord gave him. Ciara fakes her orgasms and she is ready for a change. So before she heads to Toronto, she tells him that they should take a break. While she is in Toronto, she is approached in a bar by a man named Nikolaj. They spend the evening drinking, flirting and dancing. This man promises to make her come at least four times in one night and he doesn't disappoint. His hands, his mouth and his does he know how to use them. The two spend the next day together exploring the town and have another amazing night together. But the next morning when he is asking her to take him to the airport so they can spend more time together, she starts to get cold feet. What is she so afraid of? Does she think that there could be something more between the two of them? When he gets a work call and tells her he has to take it, she takes the chance to escape. She sends him a text and he responds. Will he leave things the way they are? Or will he pursue her until he gets what he wants? And is that what she really wants? Can't wait to read the next book to see where this relationship goes...such a great read!!!

  • Kristin
    2019-02-02 14:30

    Ultimate Weekend Hook-upThis is a story about the ultimate weekend hookup between Ciara and Nikolaj. Ciara is in Toronto on business, when she meets Nikolaj. He is a dirty talking billionaire who can't resist a dare / bet. Ciara is a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn't want from men. She knows that she don't want to get serious with anyone. Ciara and Nikolaj have a lot in common. He hits on Ciara when he meets her. They go dancing and later find an unlock door for Nikolaj to start working on his dare (to heat things up). These two have a lot in common, a lot of the same likes and dislikes, and rules. Ciara was into casual encounters and never sleeping over with one. The chemistry between Ciara and Nikolaj is out of this world. The sex scenes are hot, scrumptious and steamy. Nikolaj is a hot alpha with a sense of humor. He likes to be a little bit dominate and to give a woman multiple orgasms. Ciara has a kinky side as well. They seem to be really into each other, but Ciara is scared and won't show her true feelings. These two are great together. I hope that Ciara comes to her senses and let herself find happiness. Since this is a cliffhanger, I have to wait for the next book in the series to find out. I highly recommend this to anyone to loves a dirty talking alpha male.

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    2019-02-07 17:38

    Now, this is something that’s really epic and mind-blowing! Queen of erotica, Scarlett Avery, has done it again!Ciara Isabella Herrera (wow, what a mouthful) is a successful lighting designer and her services are highly in-demand not only in New York but also in other countries, most especially in the European continent. Her reputation precedes her, most notably due to her “uncompromising position” with he Count that was caught on cam. Despite this though, she is stuck with Dylan, a guy who doesn’t know a thing about pleasing a lady. But her dry spell comes to an end in Canada when she meets Nikolaj, a Danish billionaire with British accent. All her rules on dating and bedding men are suddenly changed when she succumbs to her fantasies and allows Nikolaj to share her hotel room. Their one night tryst turns into a weekend escapade that both would never ever forget. But Ciara feels this should end.I thought Sofia’s story in Unbearable Passion books was hot. Now that I’ve read and met her sister Ciara, I just realized, this book Seduction Factor, is way much steamier and more erotic than that of the escort girl’s conquest. This is perhaps the hottest and raunchiest erotica I’ve read to date. And oh boy, Ciara is the bomb! Can’t wait to read what’s happens next when she goes back to NY!

  • BooksandBeyondFiftyShades
    2019-02-16 16:30

    Ciara Herrera was a woman that knew what she wanted and what she wanted was to have a great night, she already had a great life. She was successful at her business. Her personal life was different than her professional one, guarding her heart after it was broken into a million pieces was the result of her not wanting any strings attached. She had rules in place for a reason but those rules were meant to be broken when Nikolaj walked into her life.Nikolaj had been the womanizer for a while now, he knew had rules in place when it came to women. Being a gorgeous billionaire he knew there was a lot of women that wanted him but he was only interested in one night stands. He was protecting his heart but everything went south once Ciara walked into his life and he knew she was it for him.Nikolaj knew it would not be that easy to break the walls Ciara had placed around her heart, but will he succeed at it? Will Ciara be able to be unaffected by Nikolaj's charm?Casual Encounters was something totally different than what I imagined. This story is well written and the characters are extremely passionate. Hot sex scenes will not disappoint.Ciara and Nikolaj are two very interesting characters and I can't wait to see where their journey take us. I will recommend this book and series.

  • Mary Strunk
    2019-02-02 19:48

    ARC given in exchange for an honest review Wow. This is one hot steamy quick read. I love that this series is about Ciara. I was hoping she would have her own story and the author didn't disappoint. The way her writing just draws you into the story and keeps you hooked, it's amazing. I enjoyed this book and wish it didn't end.Ciara won't let another man get close to her after Luke destroyed her. She is a successful business owner and travels a lot. One night she is in Canada and meets Nikolaj. Everything changes from there.Nikolaj has his ways and always stuck by them. He is a successful business owner and works a lot. One night he meets Ciara and can't keep his eyes away from her let alone not go and talk to her. Only now he wants to make sure she doesn't run.The author did a good job on this story. I enjoyed it and if you enjoy reading hot quick steamy reads then you won't go wrong with this one. The chemistry between the two is hot and man does it get steamy. Read the book - you won't regret it.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-22 12:26

    This story—Ciara’s story—starts off hot and heavy. Who would have thought it? After hearing about how perfect she is during her sister’s series (Unbearable Passion) I would have never suspected Ciara to be so naughty behind closed doors. In the aftermath of a broken heart, she now prefers to be a man-eater; only dating for a short period of time until she gets bored or completely sexually unsatisfied. While traveling for work she meets her next casual encounter, Nikolaj. Ciara quickly realizes she’s met her match with the sexy billionaire and their mutual combustible chemistry. While she already has an abundance of self-assuredness, he possibly surpasses her with his as well as his dominance. What makes this a stand out is not the story but the scorching and kinky sex. Quelle surprise!Rating: 4 StarsTo see more reviews like this, go to Smut and Bonbons.~Complimentary copy received in exchange for honest review.~

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-02-11 17:41

    Ladies, this book is HOT! Panties are most definitely optional and I personally would opt out! “I’ve wanted to taste your pu--y since I licked my fingers earlier. I want to play with your little cl*t and gorge on your sweetness and make you come so hard you cry out my name as you pull at my hair for mercy.” I was happy to see that Ciara was getting her own series after the ending of the Unbearable series, her sister Sophia’s story. Ciara is much more outgoing and fun. After months of fake orgasms (I loved that prologue by the way), while traveling for work, she meets the sexy, accented Nikolaj. The two hit it off instantly. However, when feelings start to get involved, something Ciara avoids at all costs, what will happen? “It’s as if I have you under my skin, Ciara.” This was a quick, erotic read and I can’t wait to see what will happen after that ending! ~ Tiffany, 4 stars

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    2019-02-12 17:53

    Ciara is used to being independent. In love and in business she is her own master. She regrets the few times she has actually remained in a so called "relationship" with a man. It never works out!She is the owner of her own growing interior lighting designs company. She is successful and needs to remain in control of her emotions.This is her premise until she meets Nikolaj. He is that man we all dream about... super rich, educated, successful, hard working, great sense of humor and for the cherry on top, he is gorgeous with a body like a Greek God! The man can be compared to Everready Bunny! His vitality can only be surpassed by the entire nine inches of him that has never disappointed a woman!Well written and fun of blazing hot scenes, Scarlett Avery proves once again her mastery of the erotica genre. This is more than some sexy encounters. We have a plot line that will draw you in and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I want more!

  • Tiffany
    2019-02-21 12:25

    Reviewed on Behalf of Give Me BooksLadies, this book is HOT! Panties are most definitely optional and I personally would opt out! “I’ve wanted to taste your pussy since I licked my fingers earlier. I want to play with your little clit and gorge on your sweetness and make you come so hard you cry out my name as you pull at my hair for mercy.”I was happy to see that Ciara was getting her own series after the ending of Unbearable Series, her sister Sophia’s story. Ciara is much more outgoing and fun. After months of fake orgasms (I loved that prologue by the way), while traveling for work, she meets the sexy, accented Nikolaj. The two hit it off instantly. However, when feelings start to get involved, something Ciara avoids at all costs, what will happen? “It’s as if I have you under my skin, Ciara.” This was a quick, erotic read and I can’t wait to see what will happen after that ending! (4 stars)

  • Susan Destefano cavallo zimmerman
    2019-02-04 16:48

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Scarlett keeps them coming! Nik is sure to be everyone's new book boyfriend for sure, he is certainly no pushover, ,he is a billionaire, forty, successful active businessman, and knows what he wants in a woman and not afraid to go after it. I would have liked a bit more of a chase before the closet scene, but it was still hot. Ciara still has her issues and it appears Nik is not going to let those walls stand for long. The NY, well, what can I say about him? Unfortunately at 39, he should know better, but sadly there are men out there that really have no clue what to do with a woman's body. The background was well developed if you remember the first series, and I do! I am searching for book 2 as I finish this review! Trust Scarlett to keep that blood flowing!

  • Donna Feibusch
    2019-02-07 17:29

    An Awesome Read!I enjoyed reading The Seduction Factor: Billionaire Erotica Romance (Alpha Male Billionaire Romance, all about Ciara a young Lighting Designer with her own company & Nikolaj a thirty-two year old man with his own Gaming company. Ciara is in the bar/lounge having a drink while her team goes to Niagrai Falls for the day on her in a rented black limo all expenses paid. While she's sipping her cocktail a hot guy starts complimenting her hot shoes. The author wrote a very interesting story, and the characters make the story come to life. It's about two people who enjoy the Chase & enjoy a one time shot, but have decided they have found something that's worth taking a second look at and maybe more. Read this story it will make you laugh, sigh, shake your head and cum up a storm! I can't wait to read part two & three.

  • Keatyn's Mommy
    2019-02-03 20:37

    HOLY HOTNESS!!! Whew!!!! I'm a fan of Scarlett's and follow her book and stalk her Facebook looking for more. There's a reason.... She writes sexy like "melt the e-reader hot!!"Ciara and Nikolaj are hot as hell together!!! Billionaire chasing the sexy siren that is Ciara Hererra. A lighting designer making a name for herself internationally bumps into stud muffin Nikolaj in the hotel lounge while both are in Toronto on business. Ciara and Nikolaj have a sexy casual encounter with no strings but it turns out Nikolaj cannot get enough of the sexy Ciara and wants more. Can she look past the fact that he's sexy as sin and see him again or will she run away like she's known to do. If you haven't read Scarlett's "Unbearable Passion" series. By all means go one-click and enjoy the story of Ciara's sister Sofia while you wait for Ciara's next book.

  • Fee (Ebook Addicts)
    2019-02-17 13:33

    This is my first encounter with Scarlett Avery, and I loved it!Ciara is a extreamly successful lighting designer , working with 5 star hotels, restaurants and wealthy customers and she is in even more demand following a romp with a Count that has been plastered all over the media. Clearly it has been making her good business.On a trip to Toronto she encounters Nikolaj - he is a hot billionaire who after a night of wine and dining with Ciara has her break down her walls and breaking a few of her rules.No sleepovers and no falling for guys.I loved the chemistry between them and they just seems to be the perfect match for each other - Ciara has met her match in Nikolaj, and she does something to him that he help but break his own rules as well.A great starts to this series for me, if too heavy handed on the designer name dropping, I still loved it!4 stars

  • Alison Chewning
    2019-02-01 20:36

    Casual Encounter was hot and steamy and very exciting. This was a fun quick little read that will leave you breathless and panting. Awesome new series by Scarlett. I really enjoyed this story and was happy to see a HEA.Nikolaj Von Henningson is a billionaire with blue eyes and has a Brittish accent. He is also a dirty talking sex god. Oh my stars loved Nikolaj he is super sexy with a dirty mouth that you leave you breathless. Ciara Herrera is a business owner who travel a lot. On one of her trips she goes to Canada and that is where she meet Mr. sexy dirty mouth Nikolaj.So looking forward for the next one in the series. Highly recommend!!*** Review copy provided by Obsessed by Books ***