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Once two souls are joined...When Adam's soul mate rejected him, there was more at stake than his heart. After seven hundred years of searching, his true match would have ended the curse that keeps his spirit in chains. But beautiful, stubborn Eliza May fled—and now Adam is doomed to an eternity of anguish, his only hope for salvation gone...Their hearts will beat togetherOnce two souls are joined...When Adam's soul mate rejected him, there was more at stake than his heart. After seven hundred years of searching, his true match would have ended the curse that keeps his spirit in chains. But beautiful, stubborn Eliza May fled—and now Adam is doomed to an eternity of anguish, his only hope for salvation gone...Their hearts will beat together forever...No matter how devilishly irresistible Adam was, Eliza couldn't stand the thought of relinquishing her freedom forever. So she escaped. But she soon discovers she is being hunted—by someone far more dangerous. The only man who can help is the one man she vowed never to see again. Now Adam's kindness is an unexpected refuge, and Eliza finds that some vows are made to be broken......

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  • Jill
    2019-04-18 16:03

    4.5 starsLondon, 1885 and Miss Eliza May, an American arrives in England on the run from troubles in Boston. But when tragedy strikes her on England's shores her 'rescuer' comes in the form of Adam, king and creator of the GIM (Ghosts in the Machine). Recognising her as his soulmate, Adam binds her to him, wrist-to-wrist with a gold enchanted chain. But Eliza May wants to escape. And she doesn't believe in soulmates.Three years later after she’s been rescued from Adam's grip and living with her fae aunt, she wonders if she hasn't exchanged one form of enslavement for another. When her past captures up with her, it's time to run again, and she turns to the one person who can help.This series is one of only a handful of paranormal romances that I follow. It's a fantastic blend of historical and paranormal/supernatural. Soulbound is possibly on par with my favourite book of this series, book #1 Firelight. The ending is somewhat unexpected, but did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the story.Previously Adam's binding of Eliza could have been seen as enslavement. She was unwilling, and desperate to escape. His reasons are given here in this instalment; his atonement and the trust that builds between them are gratifying. This can be read as a standalone, but there are a number of characters from previous books that make appearances, and the Darkest London world is better understood, this story more appreciated, if you've read the series. Next up (I think) will be Miss Layla Starling and Sin's (St John) story.Kristen Callihan manages to keep this series flowing with exceptional writing, imaginative world-building, sweet romances, sexy times, interesting characters and captivating storylines. Can't get better than that.Steam: 3-3.5ARC courtesy of Forever via NetGalley

  • WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker
    2019-04-16 14:01

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Soulbound is 6th in Kristen Callihan's Darkest London series and if you haven't read the previous books you will be missing out on a ton of backstory involving characters and story arcs. However, if you wanted to miss out on a lot but not feel like you are missing a lot you could just pick this book up for Eliza and Adam's relationship. The prominence of past characters and story arcs are slowly fading away and new strides are made for the promise of future ones. In the last book (Evernight) Eliza was finally freed from the chain bounding her to Adam and she is now living with her aunt Mab. After a couple months the shiny veneer is starting to wear off and Eliza is now seeing a darker side to Mab and wondering if she escaped one captive for another. When Eliza discovers Adam chained down in the basement, she really begins to question what the truth is. The story takes off from there with power and survival struggles between all the supernaturals we have come to love from this series (Ghosts in the Machine (GIM) weakening and dying because their "father" Adam is weak from Mab's spell, the fae queen and prince angling for ultimate control, angels meddling in affairs) and Eliza and Adam's growing romantic relationship right smack in the middle of it all. For readers of the previous books, Adam needed to atone for the way he chained Eliza to him and it definitely happens. Eliza and Adam's roles are really reversed here, Adam is held captive by Mab and tortured ruthlessly, getting more than his just desserts. Through his weakness and sincere remorse for how he treated Eliza, their relationship balanced out. When a secret Eliza had been holding about herself is made known to Adam I genuinely felt his regret and began to believe they could become a couple; Adam is undeniably redeemed. We also get a backstory on Adam that humanizes him while rounding and flushing out his character, making him less of the stone faced demi-god of previous books. Eliza I had a hard time warming up to, she was very hard, cold, and harsh at times. With her continuously and for more than half of the book shutting herself out from Adam, she also shut herself off from me as the reader. This brick wall also kept me from feeling them as a couple as much as I would have liked to. They have their sexy times with Adam's desirous longing for Eliza but lacked the emotional connectedness from past book couples.The story slowed down a bit at the very end, in fact there were a few times I thought it was ending, and while it isn't my favorite from the series (Evernight holds that honor) it is still a sound entry. The ending also might have a different twist on it but I, personally, still consider it a solid happily ever after. This book and whole series are not just stories but experiences to be read and I highly recommend them all. As I mentioned, Eliza and Adam's relationship is in the middle of some power plays and new story arc developments occurring and I am certainly excited for them. Sin's (the Evernight brother) story looks to be next and I can't wait.

  • Ferdy
    2019-04-18 13:50

    SpoilersPretty fun and entertaining, enjoyed it more than the majority of PNR novels I've read. It wasn't quite as tropey and cheesy as the rest of the genre, although it still had its fair share of tropes and cliches. I mostly liked it because the heroine had a bit of a backbone and wasn't some wide eyed twit who loved being abused and used as a doormat by her designated love interest. -What's what: Eliza/Adam's story. Sort of a love/hate romance but not really. Insta lust. Sexy times. Bad guys. -A good chunk of the story was dedicated to Adam/Eliza escaping from Mab, and Adam trying to get rid of the chains he was forced to wear. There were a lot of romancey parts in between as well, but I wanted less of that and more of the Eliza/Adam vs Mab/Mellan story. Eliza/Adam weren't even ready for action until well over half way, it kind of slowed everything down.. Adam being in chains for most of the story just bothered me.-I HATED Adam in the last book, what he did to Eliza was fucked up. He chained her to him for well over a year (I think almost 2 years), he tricked her and took away her freedom, and in that time he didn't listen to her or respect her, he just barked at her and verbally abused her and treated her like his property.. Yet with all of that he expected her to fall at his feet and be grateful. WTF?! Why would a 700 year old think taking away someone's basic freedom would make them happy? What planet was Adam on? It was truly disgusting, he had the power to let her go, and explain to her that they were soul mates in a rational and calm manner. Instead he decided to treat her like trash and act like she had no rights whatsoever. It was vile what he did.I didn't think he'd be able to redeem himself, and he didn't really, but I liked that he actually realised what he did was wrong and tried to change and make up for it. It helped that Eliza called him out on everything and didn't just forgive and forget as soon as he pouted or threw a hissy fit. She also didn't trust him straight away just because he finally treated her with some respect. I actually don't know how she managed to trust him at all, he took away her basic freedom for over a year and the only reason she even escaped was because of the help of other people. If she hadn't escaped she would still be tied to him, and he would still be treating her like crap and acting all hard done by because she didn't worship the ground he walked on.-I was super pissed at Adam when he said this to Eliza:"When will you realise, Eliza? You have the power. Between us. You always have."Er, what? She never had any power. She was his prisoner for about 2 years. She wasn't allowed to live her life, she could do nothing and go nowhere because he wouldn't let her. She had to literally follow him around like dog all whilst he bitched at her and acted as if she was in the wrong. She was utterly powerless, he had all the power. Ugh, he was such manipulative liar. The only reason he wasn't as bad at the end was because it turned out he had zero relationship experience, so he didn't know anything about romance and whatnot. But even still, he was old enough and intelligent enough to know that imprisoning someone wouldn't exactly make them happy, willing and friendly.-I rolled my eyes at Eliza lusting after Adam's body when he was bruised/bloody or getting whipped and tortured. It was ridiculous. It was obviously written that way so readers would know exactly how super hot and sexy Adam was, but it was a bit much having her drool over him when he was half dead. -I was glad that Eliza didn't stupidly try to free Adam when she found him in Mab's cell, it would have led to them being in more danger and ruined any chance of future escape. I was expecting her to act like other Mary Sue heroines and be oh so sad at her captor now being a captive, and try to save him without any forethought or planning. It would have been utterly ridiculous, I was glad she acted cautiously around her former captor/the man she feared and disliked. She actually reacted realistically and with some common sense, which was refreshing, most PNR heroines are such vanilla thickos. -I didn't really get why Adam had to leave London/Eliza and live on an alternate plane. He'd been fine popping in and out of London before so why couldn't he do that again, and be with Eliza that way? Surely, that would have been better than Eliza dying. Adam and Eliza's HEA was kind of creepy - Adam was still alive and free to move around whilst Eliza was dead and trapped. Eliza had fought for her life and freedom for so long yet she ended up having to give both away just to be with Adam, that wasn't romantic at all, it was just depressing and weird. Then again it made a change from the usual PNR ending, so I guess in a way it was a nice change from the usual.-Loved that Adam was a virgin and Eliza was the experienced one, it made their relationship dynamic so much more better than if it had been the other way around. Also, Adam's shyness and uncertainty was quite cute. -I didn't really like any of the fae, they were one dimensional and kind of boring.-Liked the world, the paranormal/magic system, and most of the secondary characters. They weren't anything spectacular or unique, but they were written in a fun way.-None of the characters spoke how they should for the time period, they sounded more from modern days than Victorian times.-Most of the heroes/heroines of the series seem so interchangeable, and as if each of them could easily fall for another hero/heroine given the right circumstances/enough time.-I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to Sin/Layla's story, Sin seems interesting enough but Layla so far comes across as very vanilla and Sueish. I hope she actually has an interesting and atypical personality.

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    2019-03-21 16:16

    Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.Kristen Callihan has been 5-for-5 with her DARKEST LONDON series, and I’ve been looking forward to Adam’s story most of all, so when the mailman delivered SOULBOUND the pressure was on. This installment brought with it plenty of new revelations with regards to the Fae, the King of the GIM’s curse, and we finally discover what was plaguing Archer in FIRELIGHT. The writing was as strong as ever, and the author made me weep with her romantic elements, but this book had a degree of predictability to it that the others didn’t which is why Callihan’s perfect rating streak must end here.This world is peppered with paranormal excellence from the mythology to the plethora of otherworldly characters; however only the Ghosts In The Machine have captured my interest to the point of obsession. Spooks are common enough in this genre, but this author’s approach is exceptional, bar none. Adam’s nature has been one of this series’ most closely guarded secrets, and is so intricately linked to the Fae that an examination of one will spoil the other, and both get cracked wide open in this novel, thus expect a deluge of answers, just not from me. Ha!As astounding as all of this book’s epiphanies were, they paled in comparison to the atypical conclusion. Callihan didn’t simply choose the path less traveled, she forged her own, and in doing so completely changed the definition of happily-ever-after. A common complaint of mine where ghost romances are concerned is that there aren’t any easy solutions to unite the couple, and the obvious fix is the one that no reader wants to face. I loved the direction that Adam & Eliza’s story took, although it was partially to blame for this installment’s foreseeable chain of events.Two of DARKEST LONDON’s previously featured heroines are GIM, so a coup on their King meant that this novel’s plot arc was widespread which had its benefits because the better part of this series’ characters got a word or two in. The mystery behind book 1 was solved at long last, and will in all probability carry over to the next title if Sin has anything to do with it, although I wouldn’t mind terribly if Lucien’s tale took precedence, especially after his recent admission. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that wherever this author goes from here, I will follow.SOULBOUND will make you believe in the impossible, there is love after death. ~4.5 stars

  • AH
    2019-03-23 07:57

    Initial Thoughts:Another wonderful installment in the Darkest London series. Soulbound focuses on the enigmatic Adam and his love interest Eliza May. There's even cameo appearances from most of the characters of the previous books, too. Update 2/25/15Check out Badass Book Reviews where Christal and I discuss this book. If you have not yet had a chance to start this series, we highly recommend it, especially to lovers of historical and paranormal romance. Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for a review copy of this book.

  • Jennifer Y
    2019-03-19 13:15

    Originally posted at The Book Nympho         Kristen Callihan has done it again, another 5 star read for me! Soulbound might be the 6th book in the Dark London series but it's fresh and entertaining. There's no rise and repeat formula at play with the Darkest London series.Kristen Callihan shared on her Facebook Page about how she wanted to make each book in the series to be different and have their on feel. She has delivered and I love picking up the next book for this fact. Yes there is a connections within the world and yes earlier characters pop up from for cameos but truly each book and couple do have their own feel.We first meet Eliza toward the end of the previous novel, Evernight but Adam's been around since bookI knew going in that Eliza and Adam was going to have to work for their HEA since Eliza refused to even speak to Adam when we last saw them at the end of Evernight. Why the silent treatment? Well let's see, Adam made a deal with Eliza to bring her back to life but she didn't know that it included being chained to Adam's side.Why was Adam a douche to Eliza? Well he didn't chain her up in the fun way. Adam's known since he first saw Eliza that she was his soul mate. But instead of wooing her, he pulls a caveman act. Eliza wasn't haven't it. Months later we find the couple living alone but eventually coming back together.Adam does his best to atone for the wrongs he did to Eliza while they work together to bring down the Fae Queen bitch and her brother. Not to mention something is up with the GIM.I loved getting Adam's backstory and he went from arse to swoon worthy leading man.He sank to his knees before her. She gave a little squeak of surprise when he pressed his forehead between the soft pillows of her breasts. But she did not push him away. Adam knelt, his neck exposed, his hands at his side. "What kin I had have long since turned to bones. I'm no longer a knight but a broken-down shadow of that man. Hardly worthy to be your champion."He glanced up then, forcing himself to meet her eyes. "But Eliza May, your champion, I am. Upon the souls of the only ones that mean anything to me, my children, the ghosts in the machine, I swear, while there is breath left in my body, I will protect you."Adam and Eliza's chemistry was front and center. They had sexual tension and fun banter. Two MUSTs for a great couple."Shall I leave you two alone, then?""Quiet woman, a man's relationship with his sword is a sacred thing.""So I've heard.""Saucy wench."It's clear that the next story (and last, sniff!) is Sin's, brother and cousin to most of the leading ladies in the series. (Seriously the connections that were made over the series was written well and woven together like a master weaver.) Sin's book, Forevermore doesn't have a scheduled release date yet but I'm hoping we get it later this year.  Until then I'm going to back track and read the novella, Entwined. 

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-03-30 14:53

    I love these books. Kristen Callihan has rocked my world for the second installment in a row, with a fantastic new story in an already extraordinary series. She made me laugh. She made me cry. And she made me love these characters. This book is sexy, surprising, and poignant, delivering 100% on the promise of its premise. I just finished reading it and I already want to go back and read parts of it again.This is Adam and Eliza's story, one that Callihan has already laid the groundwork for in earlier books. Just to recap, Eliza kind of hates Adam's guts because he chained her spirit to him for years. The thing is, Adam recognized her as his soul mate and knew she was his only chance to end his 700 year curse. He was terrified of losing her, but handled everything terribly wrong. Now she has escaped him, but finds herself in another prison of sorts. Her grandmother, the Fairy Queen, is grooming her for something horrible. She lives in a gilded cage, but it's a cage all the same. As she learns more about what kind of monster Mab really is, she realizes she needs to get away.Unbeknownst to Eliza, Mab has been keeping Adam prisoner for months, torturing him daily. Once Eliza learns the truth, she teams up with her old enemy so they can help each other escape. They set out together, trying to help Adam regain the strength Mab stole and searching for Fae artifacts. All this, while learning if they have a chance to mean something to one another.Adam has been such an idiot in how he tried to force a relationship with Eliza, but here, I loved him so much. He has been unable to feel during all his centuries as the king of the GIM. Now that Eliza is in his life, he has so much to sort through... so much to lose. There is no doubt how much she means to him and watching her feelings grow for him is so very satisfying. I felt his fear and desperation, and later his joy, his wonder, and even his heartbreaking sacrifice. I cried, I'll admit it.Eliza was pretty great, too. I appreciate how she stood up for herself, yet still kept an open mind. And when she opens her heart to Adam, when she finally tells him, ohmigod it is so good. There is no game game playing or artifice. Plus, the ending --wow-- I never saw it coming. I worry that some people might take issue with it, but I thought it was amazing. This. Book. Is. Amazing.By the way, we also have some groundwork in place for Sin's book. It looks to be a doozy. I can't wait.If you aren't reading this series, you should be. Simply among the very best of the genre.Rating: A*ARC Provided by Forever

  • ☆★Tinja★✮ A Court of Pizza and Laziness
    2019-04-08 08:58

    I loved this! It's so good, like her other books in this series. At first I thought I'd despise Adam, because of how he treated Eliza, but the opposite happened and I totally fell in love with him. The first half of the book was more like 4 stars to me but I enjoyed the rest of the book so much, that I decided to give it 5. The ending was kind of sad (at least I thought so), I'd wish there'd be another solution available but it was still a happy ending for them. I'm really devastated that this series is going to end after Sin's book, I don't think anyone wants that. I'd love Lucian and Augustus to get their own book.

  • Mei
    2019-04-19 10:53

    Another great installment!I was curious about Adam since he appeared and I admit to loving his story! :)I loved Eliza too, even if I found her slightly annoyingly stubborn for her own good. But I could understand her too.Adam has treated her at the beginning of their relationship very badly: chaining her literally to himself! Obviously that didn't sit well with Eliza: being treated like a slave, like an object!His reasons were for his own good, but ther're still wrong!What was good is that he akcnowledged this very soon in this book and did everything to correct his wrongs. I like when the hero is not to sisinine to admit his faults! LOLThis series is so deliciously complicated and so very well written that I find myself craving the next book! I suppose it's Sin's! Yum!!!!

  • Melliane
    2019-04-18 08:01

    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI do not know if you know Kristen Callihan, but one thing is for sure, she manages every time to delight me with her novels. Oh yes, this author has an incredible gift and she carries us every time with her stories featuring some new really fascinating characters. Of course, as always, we find many former protagonists and we learn more about the secondary’s. Here, we therefore find Eliza and Adam discovered earlier.In the previous volume, our young heroine Eliza was released from the strings that Adam had placed on her since she was dead. Her freedom was something she wanted more than anything and we can understand that after all she has endured. Yet it seems that she left behind her a cage to be placed in another one. Mab is hiding many secrets that will completely change the situation concerning the behavior of the young woman and her brother Mallan also has a great role to play in this. It must be said that the two have both their own objectives but it always concerns Adam and Eliza. Our two heroes will then have to team up together to avoid the schemes provided for them. Yet it is very difficult for our young heroine to trust the man who enslaved her. Conversely, Adam is determined to end his curse and it means to connect with Eliza, her soul mate and to show her that they can be much more despite what he did to her, what he made her endure.I loved the story of this couple. Nothing is easy for them. Eliza does not succumb directly to his attraction, she is quite suspicious, especially after all the events and whatever happens, she tries to stay away from him. Starting the novel, it is very easy to understand the young woman but much less Adam. Still, while getting to know him, knowing his reasons, we assimilate why he did so even though it was not a good idea. Then I must say that our hero does all he can to make amends so she can finally trust him, so she opens herself even if he is in a bad shape.As I said we also see the appearance of the characters we love like the Archer’s couple or Evernight’s and we even have the chance to catch a glimpse of the person who will be put forward in the following adventures of our characters. In all cases I still had an incredible time once again with this novel. We have a great really compelling plot and we remain fascinated by the characters and their actions.

  • StephanieG
    2019-04-16 11:56

    Eliza May just wants to be free. Free to make her own choices and not forced into servitude to survive. She thought escaping Adam would earn that independence but all it did was put her in more danger than ever before. With the Fae queen looking to use her as a pawn in her game for power, Eliza must trust Adam and hope she comes out alive and with her heart intact.Adam has been a mystery up until this point. Popping in to create a GIM and then disappearing again. It wasn't until the previous book (when he made the bonehead move of saving Eliza's life only to chain her to his side) that readers start learning more. Soulbound answers all questions about his past and his motives and it paints the picture of a fascinating man. His 700+ year journey from mortal knight, to being cursed by the Fae queen, to creator of the GIMs has molded him from a foolish, prideful man into a king his children adore. He's no saint, his wicked side gives a new meaning to the word, but there's much more than first presented and uncovering all his secrets is an amazing experience. In a time when women are under the care of one man or another, Eliza wishes to break free and be offered the same luxuries available to her male counterparts. Not sure what she would do to afford that life but I love her spirit and desire to want better. In the beginning her wants are superficial and disappointing. When she opens her eyes and sees the protection the Fae queen offers is a guise to use and shackle her to someone she loathes, her character really takes off and becomes far more enjoyable as her survival instincts kick in and her wit comes into play. She shines brightest when under pressure and when I believe she's at her best. Their love affair is not a simple one. Adam must atone for what he did to Eliza and show her soulmates are not just something you read about in a fairytale. It's a very passionate romance that builds at its own pace but what I think puts it above the rest, and there is stiff competition in this series, are the far reaching consequences if it fails. There is so much riding on Eliza forgiving Adam and accepting him into her heart that it becomes a story of its own and puts their relationship on a grander scale. It breaks from the norm and is so enchanting and incredibly satisfying. To sum it up, I love this book. The characters are near perfect, the story sets a great pace from the beginning and never feels rushed or drawn out, and the world building continues to amaze me. The last couple books didn't blow me away. The stories were just good and the characters about the same. Soulbound feels more like the books featuring the Ellis sisters (my favorites) and it reminds me why I enjoy this series so much.- Stephanie

  • Sunny
    2019-03-26 09:59

    4.5 stars. ARC ReviewOriginally posted at Love Affair with an E-ReaderReview: Utterly compelling and soulful. These were my first thoughts after I finished Kristen Callihan’s Soulbound, Book 6 in the Darkest London series. This series is one of my favorites because of the Ms. Callihan’s creativity. Her characters standout in a crowded field of paranormal and mythical characters. She brings a special twist to each of her stories and this one is a prime example of that. Adam is a reoccurring character from previous books. What we know is that he is the creator of the GIMs – the Ghosts in the Machine. But who is he? Where does he come from? What is his connection to the fae? How does Eliza fit into his world? In an imaginatively written narrative, we discover Adam’s identity and how he becomes the entity that he is. We discover so much more about him than in the previous books – and that alone is worth the wait. He is mercurial, bossy, demanding, controlling, caring, fatherly, innocent, and oh, so sexy. Eliza is a reluctant heroine. She escapes from Adam in the last book. Now she finds herself having to partner with him against a common enemy. And although she has many reasons to despise Adam, she begrudging starts to admire and then care for him. One of the highlights of this story is how the characters of previous stories are expertly woven into this one without overtaking the main narrative. We gain insights into Archer’s story, background into Lucien’s past, check-ins with Jack, Mary, Daisy and Ian among others. It’s like puzzle pieces coming together. We are just beginning to see the larger picture.Did I mention this was a satisfying read? It is especially for those who have been following the series. I don’t recall if I recommended the previous books as a standalones, but this one needs and deserves the support of books 1 through 5. In A Nutshell:If you are a fan of the Darkest London series, run, don’t walk, to get your copy (or simply press your 1-Click button). If you’ve been thinking about starting this series, today is a good day to begin. One day you’ll be getting to book six, and then you can thank me for the recommendation. Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-13 12:16

    4.5 starsWith book six in the Darkest London series, Kristen Callihan once again pens a highly detailed, tautly-written book for her readers. It’s apparent that Callihan cannot write a bad book. With her eloquent writing and talent for dishing out clever dialogue, it’s easy to fall in love with Adam and Eliza’s story.Eliza is a strong-willed woman and in the face of powerful Adam, she will not falter. So even when he is cursed and only his soul mate can save him, Eliza flees, unwilling to surrender her freedom to him.As with a lot of Callihan’s books in this series, the backdrop is dark and gritty, providing extra ambience for readers to soak up and enjoy. Paired with Eliza’s personality and Adam’s almost mocking bitterness, you can definitely feel the tension in the air as they speak to one another. I especially enjoyed Adam’s character who seemed to bring this book to life all on its own. All of the books have this darkness to them, but Adam brings something more mysterious as well.If you’re a fan of either Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk series or Jenn Bennet’s Roaring Twenties, this is another series that expertly melds together various genres to become something new and exciting on its own. I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book!*ARC provided by publisher

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-04-12 08:04

    There was a lot that I liked about Soulbound. Adam, the king of of the GIM, believes Eliza is his soul mate but keeping her chained to him because of his his fear of losing her, earned him her hatred. Coming into the story now though Eliza has been freed, and when Eliza runs into Adam again the balance of power between them has shifted, which gives a plausible reason for taking their relationship in a new direction and gives us readers chance to learn more about Adam and his curse. Transitions in enemies to lovers stories are make or break for me and this one totally makes this shift work for me.There is a great deal of emotion surrounding of Adam's situation in the story, in his longing for his mate, in the actual consummation, and also in the repercussions for those (the GIM) tied to Adam - and for a time it looks as though more HEAs than just Eliza's and Adam's are at risk. There is also a great set up for our next leading man, Sin, who suffers so here, and also some glimpses into Lucien's pain that make me want to know more of his history.Where the story worked less well for me was in the ending. While the resolution of the conflict with this story's odious villains was great, I didn't like the vehicle for Eliza and Adam's HEA - and I guess that I missed something about the GIM king situation that made it necessary.So bottom line is that I liked this -with nits- and I liked seeing Eliza more powerful and Adam more vulnerable.

  • Fathima
    2019-04-08 14:57

    Wow wow wow !!!!

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-04-17 11:00

    It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. –Descartes3.5 ‘My impatient dove and wicked tease’ StarsOnce a Templar Adam is the King of the GIM. As he wouldn’t bow down to the Queen of the Fae he was cursed to wander the earth to find the other part of his soul. That was seven hundred years ago. He has not been able to feel, to love until he finds the other part of his soul. It is a very lonely existent. But he has created his children but it still isn’t the same.He had a saving grace when it came to the curse. The angel Augustus balanced it out somewhat.In the previous book we meet Eliza May who is saved by Daisy and Mary by calling Adam. Adam recognizes Eliza and offers her a ten second deal. But he doesn’t turn her into a GIM but ties her to him. Doesn’t turn out that well for him. She escapes with the help of Will Thorne and St. John.Time has passed and Eliza has been living a somewhat happy existence with her Aunt Mab who is actually her Grandmother. She never reckoned to see Adam again until one fateful night she hears a dog cry out for help in the cellar. The dog is chained and in pain. In helping the dog she is in for a surprise.„Hello, dove. Did you miss me? “Adam.“I thought you were a helpless dog” “I gathered.” That she preferred a mangy dog to him didn’t burn in the slightest. Not at all. He is a stubborn and prideful man but concedes that after months of torture he needs help although it does grate on him. “I do not want your help.” “Perhaps not, but you need it.” He sagged again, panting through the pain. “For the entirety of our association, you’ve wanted nothing more than to get away from me. Pray, do not change the pattern now. Go on with you. Get out.”Eliza doesn’t trust anything that comes out of Adam’s mouth.“Dove, she’s the one who does this to me.” Repeatedly. Eliza’s perplexed expression deepened. “She must have a good reason.” “Oh, aye.” Adam drawled. “She’s a demented bitch.”But Eliza needs his help as she is to be wed to her Granduncle Mellan. At the same time he is looking for the golden horn of Bás so Adam has another objective to focus on. Adam agrees to help Eliza and protect her from any harm.“I’m not the knight in shining armour you need-“ “No, but you are the only one available.”They come to a sort of truce and in the end become somewhat of friends. Although they are supposed to be soulmates but neither of them believe in that nonsense. But to his help there are once again strings attached.“I’ll give you more than ten seconds to decide.” “Oh really?” she drawled, not wanting to smile. “Mmm…..” The sound came out like a deep purr. She imagined a lion doing much the same. Before he pounced. “A full minute.” As they become closer more feelings get involved and the unthinkable happens.“You are correct,” he said. “I’ve fostered an intense dislike of you for the past year and a half.” That ought not to sting. But it did. He wasn’t finished, however. “I like you better now”They start to like one another. Oh the horror of the situation.I did know what Eliza was to a certain extent but not fully. Colour me surprised. Not the outcome or the ending that I wanted but it was still really good. But there is always some amount of sacrifice involved with love. Ms. Callihan somehow always manages me to like and love her characters although I don’t want to or I think that I won’t. The author gets the English humour just right. The dry and witty sarcasm that we love. Even the language used is correct and not every author can do that. “Ah, now,” crooned Adam, “here we are, then.” With infinite care, as though he were handling a babe, he lifted the sword out, and a sigh seemed to go through him. “Ah, my lovely, it’s been far too long.”“Shall I leave you two alone, then?” Eliza’s lips twitched. She’d never seen such a look of reverence mixed with old familiarity. It was nearly indecent.Adam spared her a glance. “Quiet woman, a man’s relationship with his sword is a sacred thing.”“So I’ve heard.” „Saucy wench“Overall a fantastic book and definitely worth reading. I shall miss the series once it is over.

  • Farrah
    2019-04-07 14:11

    The Darkest London series continues with another fantastic book. Soulbound was dark, thrilling, and wonderfully romantic. I loved this book and I thought it was an excellent read.Eliza was a heroine who wanted nothing more than the freedom to make what she wanted of her life. She was strong, often stubborn, but also smart enough to know what to do in just about any situation. She had her flaws, sharp tongue included, but that made her seem like a more real character. I really liked her.Adam was wonderful. Like Eliza, he had his flaws, namely his impulsive actions in trying to claim Eliza in a way that was guaranteed to make her run. But, he was also very protective of his GIM, whom he considered his children, and determined to make Eliza love him. He came off as gruff, but he was really sweet. I thought he was great.The romance definitely came off to a tumultuous start. But, once they were able to get to know each other beyond Adam's desperation and Eliza's suspicion, they were clearly perfect together. And they definitely had chemistry that sent more than a few sparks flying.The plot was fast paced and had me hooked from page 1. As with every book in this series, there were twists, thrills, and plenty of surprises along the way. The story was wonderfully dark and the ending was great. I'm excited to read the next book in the fantastic Darkest London series!Soulbound was a dark, thrilling, and fantastic romance that I really liked. Romance lovers, this is a book not to be missed.*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Beth
    2019-04-02 11:59

    One soul separated by lifetimes is finally reunited. But after years of searching, Adam mishandles his soul mate reunion creating what would seem an unbreachable chasm with Eliza.Eliza is kept as a slave to Adam. When she is broken free, she soon discovers freedom is not always what it seems, even when its family. Eliza quickly questions the motives of her fae relatives. When she discovers a brutally beaten dog, she knows this is a place of agony and must find her way to break free and take the dog with her only to shockingly discover that its not a true dog but Adam. He has been taken by her aunt/grandmother and tortured for months.Its a race against time and superior magic for Eliza and Adam. As they fight for refuge and true freedom, a real bond between Adam and Eliza tenuously begins to grow. Can they ever find happiness in each other or will their paths rip them apart. Guess you'll have to read Soulbound and find out, sure glad I did.I really enjoyed this steampunk, paranormal romance, fantasy read. Callihan draws us deeper into the Darkest London world. The story is as the series states, quite dark with horrendous acts of evil and hardship caused for the pleasure of the powerful. A page turner, Soulbound engages its reader with its heart and fictional characters that scream with real people characteristics.I received this ARC copy of Soulbound from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication February 24, 2015.Written by: Kristen CallihanSeries: Darkest LondonSequence in Series: 6Page Length: 384 pagesPublisher: Forever Publication Date: February 24, 2015Rating: 4 Stars ISBN-10: 1455581666ISBN-13: 978-1455581665Genre: Steampunk, Paranormal Fantasy, RomanceFind this book on: Amazon | Barnes & NobleReviewed for:

  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    2019-04-03 11:56

    What a nice surprise and a lovely addition to the series. I highly enjoyed this, and it was especially sweet after my slight disappointment with Evernight. Now this was a good fantasy read. The ending threw me for a loop, even though I knew it had to be that way. Very good story, harkens back to the quality and readabilityof the early books of the series.

  • Deniz
    2019-04-02 09:53

    4,5 StarsYou can find a Q&A with Kristen Callihan, an excerpt and a giveaway on Closet Geeks and Slow MoReview:The other day a Friend of mine pointed at my Darkest London Books and said: "These looks so beautiful, what kind of books are they." This actually stopped me in my tracks. I've got the series on front row display for two reasons, first the eternal coverslut in me adores the way they look. And second I adore the series. But what kind of books are they? I answered: "Really good ones, you should read them!" My friend looked at me:"DUH, I guessed you must like them, you got what FIVE of them.. but what genre are they?" See that's why I paused and gave a . I am not so sure where I would put these.  After thinking about it I said: "Well, they steampunkish, kinda fantasy. PNR?"Yeah, that's how awesome of a description I gave her. I know, I know- I should get awards for my super book explaining skills. *smirks* But honestly I've been thinking about this and also why I do love the series so much and sadly I think Callihan has reduced me to a fangirling mush. Just warning you....Goodreads kept recommending me the series, but not many of my friends had read them, so it was on my TBR, but the reason I actually started reading the books? Well, I won Firelight at a GR giveaway. Which I am super happy about - I mean gifted books, yeay! - but I also finally got around to read it.  I got totally hooked, I proceeded to read every single book and novella I could get my hands on.As I said, I love the series.Each book is the story of one couple, they all could be read as a stand-alone, though they are in chronological. The characters are all connected one way or another so they do appear in each book.But wait, why would you only read one of them? Trust me you don't wanna read this as a standalone. It would work- but why miss out on the other books? So if you haven't started the series yet... go read ALL of them!Soulbound just like the previous books is definitely character driven.   Putting it simplistic I guess: It's essentially a romance about two characters and you know it will have a HEA.  But there is much more to this. Even if the ending is kinda clear, it's the journey that matters. By the way this kinda has an insta-love thingy going, but it's done in a way that is not only acceptable, it's moving and oh well, for a lack of a better word believable.  I don't wanna go too much into the plot, cause I won't be able to keep the spoilers at bay, but there are several twists and turns that surprised me. And while I totally expected a HEA, in the second last chapter of the book, I was seriously wondering how Callihan is going to give me one!And may I just say, this is one of my favorite Persephone and Hades inspired stories ever!The world building is... oh well.. for lack of a better word.. great. Each book reveals more about the paranormal side of the Darkest London world. And in each book Callihan managed to be more intricate and surprising.  As Callihan said she draws from legends, myth and fairytales, so yeah some of it is what we would expect, but Callihan adds her own stamp to it. Takes her inspiration and creates something new.  The series is set mostly in Victorian London. Each and every book, I am taken aback by how beautiful and vividly Callihan describes that setting. The fact that she gets the feeling and surroundings of Victorian London so right, makes her added fantasy twists feel more real. Every time I read one of the Darkest London books, I get lost in the world Callihan has constructed. And always, always I am left wanting more.My favorite part is definitely the character building. I was looking forward to reading Adam's story. I had my ideas about Adam... But Callihan surprised me, with how Adam's story unraveled. Not only the story, but his background. I mean we had hints in the previous books, but I kinda expected him to be more wicked... Instead I found the more I read, the more I cared for Adam, the more I understood hi, connected to him and fell a little bit more for him. Eliza came across as rather spoilt in the beginning, but as the story went on her character evolved and one gets to see deeper into her. At the end, I was not surprised by her actions- well maybe a teeny tiny bit by the last twist- but well, it was just such an Eliza thing to do...I think it after all that fangirling, it should be clear that I love Callihan's writing style. I am not sure how she works on a novel. (Darn! I should have asked her that!!) But not only does she obviously have a great talent when it comes to using words. She also proves that she is a master of her craft, by the way the novels are constructed. I don't really see a clear MO for the series- They are romances, they are connected, set in same world but each is unique, all wrapped up in gorgeous prose. Callihan excels in conveying emotions- she has just the right balance it's enough to make your heart ache with it, but not too much that it feels fake or over the top. I think this book cemented the fact that I will read anything Callihan writes. She definitely has become one of my favorite authors.Soulbound is a fabulous addition to a great series. And one of my favorites in it. Adam, is my second favorite character in the series, just like Callihan I adore Jack. When I finished Soulbound I went to see if the next one will be Sin's story. But I couldn't find anything online that - so I was beyond pleased to hear that Callihan is working on Forevermore. Already dreading that it is the last one in the series though...It is a must read for lovers of the genre. Well, if you ask me its a must read full stop.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-28 15:56

    I've been in the mood for paranormal books lately and so when I was given the opportunity to read this book, I took it.It's a series but I was able to jump in with this one and enjoy this paranormal romance. Definitely can be read stand alone.These two soul mates get off to a rocky start. After seven hundred years, Adams not willing to let Eliza get a way from him. He does a stupid thing. A total guy thing. Eliza doesn't really take it so well, even though Adam saves her life. They have an interesting dynamic. She's a girl out of time. Definitely sporting the women can do anything vibe but hanging out in the nineteenth century. That makes her interesting. I did get irritated with her. She really made Adam pay for his early mistakes. Her doubt makes this story take a bit longer than maybe it should have. I so loved Adam. He's a man who was cursed for doing what he thought was right. Spending so long in an unfeeling state, he's remarkably kind to the GIM. As their king, he is bound to them as well. His well being effects theirs. It made for an interesting situation towards the end. This author did like to make us earn our happy too. I was ready to crawl in the book and kick some character bootie if they didn't get this thing between them figured out. Luckily for them, they didn't have to deal with this middle school teacher. I was happy with their ending.I needed a good paranormal romance and this certainly is one. Fae, shifters, ghosts and more. I enjoyed the world. The explanation of how all these supernatural being came into being was interesting and well told. Totally felt like this world could sit next to the one we live in.The sexy times had an interesting little twist. Not gonna say but it wasn't something you'd expect from a guy who's been around as long as Adam has. They had an undeniable need for each other. Adam clearly saw Eliza as his soul mate but she didn't. They had to work through some issues and that made the relationship real. No falling into each others arms on page 2. But when they did fall into each others arms, oh what fun!And then there is Sin. I really liked him. I wondered, at first, why we kept getting little pieces of what was up with him. But he played a big role and it seems he will be the focus of the next book. Would love to read that one.If you've been looking for that good paranormal romance to give a chance to, then this is the one you need.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-19 09:14

    Soulbound is Kristen Callihan’s 6th Darkest London book. It’s also, unfortunately, the second to last book in the series. Adam, the GIM King, has spent centuries searching for his soul mate. When he’s called to make Eliza May into one of his GIM, he knows he’s finally found her. Eliza is the one person who could lift the curse Queen Mab placed on him all those years ago. Panicked at the thought of losing her, Adam makes the mistake of chaining Eliza to his side. After months locked in a silent battle Eliza manages to escape, only to run straight into Mab’s clutches. Now they must work together in order to defeat Mab once and for all.After seeing the way Adam treated Eliza throughout Evernight, I was a bit skeptical about how Callihan would deal with their relationship dynamic. There was an immense power imbalance between the two established that had me worried. Luckily, Callihan did an excellent job of leveling the playing field and making it understandable that Eliza would slowly forgive Adam for what he had done. One of the best things about Soulbound was seeing how the events going on with Adam and Eliza were causing a ripple effect throughout the supernatural community. It gave what they were doing a great sense of urgency by showing how it was negatively impacting main characters from previous books in the series. I would only advise people going into this book that there are several scenes that made me fidget uncomfortably. Primarily, they dealt with torture and rape. However, I will say that if you read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books (especially Acheron) you probably won’t bat an eye at these scenes in Soulbound.All in all, this was a great addition to the Darkest London series and has made me anxious to see what Callihan will do for the final installment.ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Douglas Meeks
    2019-04-05 15:11

    I had to think overnight about the rating. It was never in doubt that it was a great book but the last book was SO good it kinda spoils you for this one. I finally decided that comparing it to Evernight was really unfair so when I compare it to almost anything else it is around a 4.5 Star (rounded to 5)Adam and Eliza made another reluctant couple since she was still more than a little mad at him for chaining her to him for months (we DO get to find out why he did it).Coming up with a villain was probably the hardest thing in writing this story but using Mab (she has been the villain in so many stories in some manifestation I can't count) was a great one.I can tell you it is touching and emotional, the story is great BUT even with my rating I can say I thought it dragged in a couple of places for a very short time AND she almost got into "social engineering" which along with politics is a reason for me to drop at least 1 Star from any review but she pulled back before she went off the edge LOL. I will say it once more to any authors that might read this: LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AND PET CAUSES AT HOME! I want to be entertained, I can read something else if I have some perverse desire to be "enlightened"Back to the book, it does turn into a tender romance but the ending I am still rolling around in my head as to whether or not I really liked it. It seems that it was required but still ........ well you will have to read it and decide for yourself.Highly recommended and the setup for the next book (which she does about as good or better than ANYONE) looks to be amazing. NOTE: For whatever reason, I can say I did not have as much of a problem trying to remember who everyone was as I have in some of the previous novels.

  • Marcela (BookaholicCat)
    2019-04-14 11:52

    Soulbound is the sixth book in the Darkest London series by Kristen Callihan.Soulbound starts couple of months after the events in Evernight (fifth book). Eliza is living with her aunt Mab and her Fae court; but what on the beginning was a shinning and exhilarating life, it soon has become crude and cruel. So much, Eliza is wondering what Mab is hiding. Some days she even wonders if being slaved to Adam was better and safer than living with Mab. Things only get worse when she discovers Adam chained and tortured in Mab’s dungeon.When somebody from her past comes to taunt her, Eliza knows the only person she can trust is Adam and together they escape Mab and her machinations. What they didn’t know was that Mab was not their strongest enemy. To survive this new threat they will have to open their hearts and be honest with each other.I liked Eliza but sometimes I wished she was more honest about her feelings. She tried to distance herself from Adam by closing up, but what that accomplished was to distance herself from the reader/story as well, making her feel cold and remote. Not something I like in my heroines. She was a lot better when she was able to open her heart, but it was a bit too late for me.Read the rest of my review at The Bookaholic Cat

  • Christina
    2019-04-05 16:19

    *2,5 stars. I enjoy this series as a whole, but the author has used the torture/rape as drama trope in almost every book. At one point, the hero muses, "Torture had changed him." Torture had changed him? Why do so many authors think torture or rape makes for sufficient characterization? Aren't there other ways to make your MCs relatable other than victimizing them? It's cheap, lazy and imo, insulting. Callihan makes a point of defying the virginal heroine trope (good!) but rape as drama is a-ok apparently.Apart from that, I thought the book was merely fine. I didn't care for either of the characters, and though their romance wasn't bad, it was predictable. I had expected more, since this series is usually good with chemistry between the protagonists. (view spoiler)[ Also, the fact that when Eliza finds Adam, she doesn't free him and has to think about it left a bad taste in my mouth. He was being tortured and abused for months. Adam was an asshole to her when they first met, but he didn't deserve torture, jeez. (hide spoiler)]

  • Tami (synchro from BL)
    2019-03-21 13:14

    This was lacking. And so this series continues with ups and downs for me. I so hoped this one would be about Sin, but it wasn't. It was about the most boring couple ever. Adam and Eliza. I cannot even put my finger on it exactly why it was so unenchanting. I just now that it was to me. I didn't like her, I didn't like him and the constant "his beautiful warrior's body" this and that did not help. Don't get me wrong, I like beautiful manly man just like the next girl. But if masculinity is so pronounced that it needs the adjective male to encompass it completely - it gets ridiculous fast. I found the story mostly stupid, predictable and not really well thought out. I really really hope for the next installment.

  • Marta
    2019-03-22 09:01

    Loved Adam! Being King of the GIM's, I thought he would come off as an evil character. Not the case, he was fun and loving especially considering that he was a 700 year old former Knight, with a secret I couldn't imagine for an old guy. Eliza, had a secret of her own which didn't hurt the story, but did give another insight into her and Adam's relationship...past and present. Eliza was ok to me, not my favorite heroine in this series. I was not a fan of the ending even though it is considered a HEA given the circumstances that both of these characters were presented.

  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    2019-04-17 08:15

    ** 3.5 - 4 stars **. Love this series although I think this may have been the weakest one plot and character wise.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-03-25 09:57

    Soulbound is my first ever Kristen Callihan book, but I can definitely say that it will not be my last because this book was marvelous!! I loved how Ms. Callihan combined two of my favorite genres, historical and paranormal, and totally made them work. There was just a very unique atmosphere to this book that I haven't felt anywhere else; it was truly original. Eliza May fled America and went to England to make a fresh start, and she made one alright. She managed to land herself in dangerous situations time and again! And the only person that she can turn to for help is Adam--the man who brought her back to life, but took her freedom from her before she took it back. Eliza wants to hate him, but it's not so easy to do when she learns more about him, and anything short of loving him is impossible. I really enjoyed Eliza's character! She was saucy as Adam has said; strong, brave, and just bada*s! She's stubborn, compassionate, caring, and she wants to be free and good. Eliza resists Adam for quite awhile and even though I was telling her not to fight it, she was an awesome character! Now Adam really took home the prize; he just completely and utterly stole my heart! He's irresistibly sexy, strong, possessive, and he has this sweet, sensitive side that had me swooning. I can't even describe all of who he is because I wouldn't be doing him justice. "It felt as though you were mine... No," he amended, "it felt as though I was yours. . . . So many souls belong to me. . . . And yet I've always remained alone. . . . Let me believe it," he whispered against her skin. "That for one night you claimed me. . . . Let me believe that I am yours."Adam just so badly wants to be loved and he made heart ache for him and brought tears to my eyes with his sincere desire to love and be loved. Adam touched my heart and I won't be able to forget him. Soulbound is sensual, passionate, heartbreaking, and beautiful. I laughed, smiled, good sighed, ached, raged, and I felt ecstatic. It was spectacular, I loved it one hundred percent, and I can't wait to read the other books!!Soulbound is a standalone with a HEA ending, and it's told mostly from Eliza and Adam's POV, but we do hear from a couple more. Sin is one of those characters and I'm so excited to learn more about him! ~ Paige, 5 stars

  • Shelley
    2019-04-10 07:58

    **I received this book for free from (Forever) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre* Paranormal Romance*Rating* 4~My Thoughts~Soulbound is now the sixth installment in the Darkest London series, and the series is still fresh and full of wonderful characters, surprises, action, adventure, romance, and a hint of steampunk. This time out, our pairing is the mysterious Adam, or the King of the GIM (Ghost in the Machine), and American Eliza May who also happens to be the granddaughter of Queen Mab. It's in your best interest to read books in this series as they are released, or read them back to back. If you don't, then you miss some important information that Callihan is trying to impart on you.*Full Review Posted @ Gizmos Reviews**Recvd 02/10/2015 via NetGalley* Expected publication: February 24th 2015 by Forever