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England during the early 1820s was a hostile place for unmarried women without family or home. After losing upper class standing because of her father's gambling habit and scandalous suicide, Annalee Stewart believes her fortunes improved when she is hired as companion to the young but sickly and frail Lady Lenore Blackstone. Although the adjustment from being a member ofEngland during the early 1820s was a hostile place for unmarried women without family or home. After losing upper class standing because of her father's gambling habit and scandalous suicide, Annalee Stewart believes her fortunes improved when she is hired as companion to the young but sickly and frail Lady Lenore Blackstone. Although the adjustment from being a member of the wealthy class to finding oneself suddenly in service to it promises to be difficult, Annalee has no choice but to accept where fate has thrown her. She did not expect, however, to be thrown into the dark and dangerous world of poisons and premeditated murder forcing her into protector status as well as companion.Annalee's growing attraction to Lenore, and Lenore's unexpected positive response, puts them both in the treacherous path of Lenore's husband, the cold and pre-occupied Earl of Blackstone. Annalee has also captured the eye of the Earl’s sister, Victoria. Her bold flirtations serve to confuse Annalee’s heart.Thrown into this tumultuous triangle of love, seduction, and deception, Annalee must sort through her real feelings and confounded passions. Faced with the potential demise of one lover whilst falling inexplicably toward the heart of another, her own life is threatened from within Blackstone Castle. In the deepest shadows of love and loss, Annalee must feel her way through the darkness; face her fears and trust that she will uncover the beacon she needs to find her path to true love....

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shadows of the heart Reviews

  • Kara
    2019-03-23 21:46

    This book sounded unique, and had the potential to be very enjoyable. It wasn’t.I probably should subtract 2* for the TERRIBLE narrator. Could she possibly have effected more boredom? At around the 70% completion mark, I switched to the Kindle version to finish the story without having to listen to it….something VERY rare for me.As far as the story itself…meh. Yes, 1820s England really sucked to be a woman….more so to be a lesbian. But, really… pretty much sucked to be anyone based on life expectancy and quality of food in England. Still, we do feel some empathy for Annalee….left to scrounge out a life of “service” after her father gambled away their fortune and committed suicide.But she’s difficult to understand. Kind-hearted, she decides to uncover the “dark secrets” of Blackstone castle…though in doing so she could end up on the streets, something she is not really inclined to do. As much as she’s portrayed as spunky, she really just drifts along and enjoys wearing gowns to balls to reminisce of long-lost wealth and prestige. She falls deeply in love with the Lady for whom she is hired to be a companion….but their relationship is both instalove and adolescent (dreaming of running away and letting love conquer all…as lesbians in 1820 England!?).Victoria adores and loves Annalee….because…?...she’s the only other gay character in the book? Annalee finds happiness with Victoria because….? beats being on the street homeless? Errr….not really a love story here.The mystery is weak….and I’ve run out of things I care to think about for this book. 3* perhaps for the book, but 2* for the Audiobook….and I’m probably being generous for both formats.

  • Dreaming
    2019-04-04 17:38

    I enjoyed listening to this book as an audiobook. The narrator was good and the story interesting. The villains were obvious, and although I didn't expect them to be successful, it wasn't a shock. I received a free audio copy from the author for an honest review.

  • Heidi
    2019-04-12 00:37

    Very enjoyable historical romance with a suspenseful mystery twist. I got a copy of the audible version in return for an honest review. The narrator had a pleasing tone and cadence. I could see the castle, the dark, dank tunnel. The castle, with its stone walls and beautiful ballroom. The earl was a bastard and I really disliked him. His sister, Victoria was hot! I was not a fan of Lenore, but liked her part in the story.

  • Juli
    2019-03-21 20:59

    This is the tale of a young woman, Annalee, who, with nothing left to lose, takes a job as a companion to a sickly woman, Lenore Blackstone. Lenore is married to an indifferent man and yet... something more seems to be going on here. Add into the Blackstone family a very spirited and independent sibling, who makes Annalee's heart do flips. All this adds to the secrecy of the Blackstone Castle that both intrigues and repels Annalee. What's going on at Blackstone Castle? You'll have to read to find out! Shadows of the Heart is an absorbing story that I'm sure Gothic fans will love.

  • Terry Baker
    2019-03-28 00:38

    When Annalee Stewart lost her upper crust status due to her fathers gambling and subsequent suicide, her godmother begrudgingly took her in. After her death, Annalee was fortunate to secure a post as companion to the young and frail Lady Lenore Blackstone. Although no longer wealthy and part of the elite rich society, Annalee considers herself fortunate to have a home, even though she is in service. England was really no place for unmarried women without means in the 1820’s. Unfortunately, Annalee finds herself in a dangerous situation. Premeditated murder, shady characters in a dark and dismal world throws Annalee headlong into the role of Lenore’s protector. Annalee and Lenore grow very close and Annalee fights her growing attraction to Lenore, a woman she can never have. Lenore however welcomes Annalee’s love and attentions and encourages them, putting them both in imminent danger from Lenore’s husband, the Earl of Blackstone.The Earl’s sister, Victoria is enamored with Annalee. She flirts unashamedly with her and Annalee finds herself responding. This confuses Annalee, as her heart belongs to Lenore. But, deep down she knows Lenore is unavailable and as much as she yearns for her, Lenore will never be hers. What will happen in this ill fated triangle of love and deceptions? Annalee must sort out her feelings and passions.When Annalee’s life is threatened within the walls of Blackstone Castle and after love and great loss, Annalee must make choices. Who to believe, who to trust and most of all, who to give her heart to.Another well written winner in the gothic historical romance book titles from the Queen of dark, dangerous and intrigue, Patty G Henderson. A page turner from start to finish. This is written in the true style of the old gothic romances from yesteryear, with one difference, instead of heroes and heroines, we have heroines only. A dark, brooding castle, a touch of danger and intrigue, wonderful characters, mix them altogether and you have spine chilling, thrilling perfection. Throw into the mix, illicit love, a love triangle with three gorgeous women, beautiful scenic descriptions, a story set in the 1820’s and you have gothic romance at it’s very best.All of the characters are well fleshed out and fully developed, multidimensional, easy to get to know and like, or dislike as the case maybe. But most of all, they interact well together, the dialogue is easily understood and the story seamlessly flows along and kept this reader on the edge of her seat throughout.If you like a bit of spice in your romances, this is highly spiced in parts. Red hot and deliciously decadent, yet tasteful and tender. Not too much to overwhelm the reader, just right in proportion. This is the fourth book in Patty’s gothic historical romance series. Each story is as gripping as the last. This book is no exception, even though Passion For Vengeance is an award winning book. I expect the same for this book. I’m now eagerly looking forward to the fifth gothic romance book. Well, any book from Patty G Henderson will be most welcome. I’ve added this to my re-read folder to savor time and again.

  • Ezra
    2019-04-13 22:31

    Shadows of the Heart is a thoroughly well written novel set as a historical gothic period piece. The characters felt well developed and true to their natures. And though I know very little about England during the early 1820s it felt very authentic. I have been watching the CW's Reign and felt like this could be a spin-off similar to the tale. The author's choices in dialog and in descriptions were well done and very telling of the story. Though I can't say I felt attached to any of the protagonists, yet I felt I would have like to get to know Victoria a lot better. All in all a fetching stories of court's, love, cunning and murder.

  • Whoopy
    2019-03-31 22:00

    I really liked it. It is a story in between romance and crime/mystery. When I started reading I had no idea how the story would evolve, which is nice because too much predictability is not what I'm looking for. The story is set in the 19th century and I am a bit soft for stories in that timeperiod. At one time (view spoiler)[I was afraid the story would have a sad/bad ending, which always leaves me in a pityfull mood, but luckily it is not a complete sad ending. Although I would have prefered the true love between Annalee and Lenore would not end as it does. (hide spoiler)]I wouldn't mind reading a sequel to this story.

  • Elena Alvarez Dosil
    2019-04-19 17:42

    Review originally published at: received a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.Annalee Stewart belongs to a prestigious family in England during the 1820s. But after his father lost everything on gambling and his posterior suicide, Annalee's life changes drastically. Her only option is getting hired as a companion for a rich lady. She is recommended to take care of Lady Leonore Blackstone, a very fragile woman who lost had a miscarriage and is not able to get pregnant again. Annalee falls immediately in love with Leonore, and will try to find out what is wrong with her Lady's health.I am not much for romance, but I was curious about how an LGBT romance in the XIX century would go. The books is beautifully written, and their characters are presented and described with all kind of rich details. I found interesting how daily life in the castle was, and found odd how much free time Annalee often had.There is a third important woman in this story: Victoria, Leonore's sister in law. I think she is one of the most interesting characters in this story due to how different she is from the rest, and how she rejects many laws of society. She is also strong willed and intelligent.I have to say that the end of the book was quite predictable, but I really hoped Henderson was going to surprise me. And she did, but not how I wanted. The first half of the book is compelling, having the listener wanting to know how these relationships will work out; but the second half is depressive and anticlimactic. We foresee what will happen and realize that Annelee will not to do enough to prevent it. I felt helpless seeing how Leonore, weak and without personality, let everyone decide about her, and Annelee, with a bit more judgement than Leonore, did nothing to help her. It was like seeing a disaster coming in slow motion: heartbreaking. I am sure that if it had depended on Victoria, things would have happened in a very different way.Cathy Conneff did a wonderful interpretation of the three woman in this story. She transmitted their feelings and brought the characters to life. I missed some variation in voice range and the male voices need more work. Leonore had a different accent that I was not able to place but discovered later on that she was French.It was an interesting read, quite different from what I am accustomed to. I think it would interest to anyone into romance and victorian novels.

  • Jasmine
    2019-04-19 19:42

    I really enjoyed this book! It was really short but I knew that going in and loved this book. The historical fiction aspect of this book was impeccable. It shows you don't need length to situate someone in an era. You just need a few important details to show us on all levels where and when the book takes place. Things progress really quickly and a lot of things happen but it's still nicely and evenly paced. I loved Victoria - she was an amazing character and a hottie!

  • V
    2019-04-15 19:45

    ***No Synopsis***This was a very interesting historical romance set in the 1820's. I liked the fact that it seemed that one of the women was able to live her life in relative freedom to express her more masculine presentation. It also was a very good example of class divisions at this time.It was a bit odd that the main character, Annalee, falls for the sickly Lenore and as soon as she dies, falls equally as fast and hard for Victoria.It was good fun and a quick read.

  • Heather Jones
    2019-04-07 22:51

    I’ve been looking for something light and fun to put on my iPad for reading at the gym, and having seen a mention of Shadows of the Heart on a facebook group, I figured a lesbian regency gothic might fit the bill. (I also learned the lesson that, although Nook e-book files, in theory, use epub format, you aren’t actually buying an epub file. So I couldn’t add it to my iBooks collection but had to download a Nook app. This was annoying. I won’t make that mistake again.)The story’s set-up is classic gothic romance -- I could easily imagine it having one of those old Mary Stewart gothic covers with the castle and the girl running down the steep path. We have the girl of good family now reduced to serving as a lady’s companion; the near-invalid young wife left in obscurity in the lonely and vaguely sinister castle; the bullying and indifferent lord of the manor; the transgressively dashing and lascivious sister; the old family servant of questionable loyalties. All the building blocks are present.Annalee Stewart (who has a surprisingly modern self-awareness of her lesbian identity) has been hired as companion to the Earl of Blackstone’s young wife Lenore, who is sickly following a miscarriage that has left her unable to give him heirs. The Earl spends his time off pursuing other pleasures, but for neighbors we have his domineering mother and madcap amazon of a sister. Annalee works quickly: within 24 hours of arriving at her new position, she has conceived both a tender and protective passion for Lady Lenore Blackstone and a rather more tempestuous desire for Victoria Blackstone, her employer’s sister. Fortunately for her, both these passions will be reciprocated enthusiastically. We are also given enough clues to guess at the darker plot arc: someone wants to do away with the sickly Lady Lenore in order to make room for a new bride who can give the Earl an heir. As Annalee is caught up in the uncertain currents of the castle and the rural social circle of the Blackstones, she finds herself torn between the urgent need to identify the nature of the danger in which Lenore stands (while being badly distracted by the sexual relationship they plunge into at the first available opportunity) and the temptation of Victoria’s bold advances.The story has all the elements of an entertaining thriller--unfortunately, it doesn’t stick the landing. The details of the historic setting, the rules of society, and the language of the era are all a bit “off”, as if the author learned all her Regency history by reading Regency novels written by people who had learned all their Regency history by reading Regency novels. (Note: the preceding is not a cut-and-paste error.) The book is written in the first person but I never really got a handle on the narrative voice. The protagonist explains things to the reader that would need no explanation in context, yet there is no sense of framing the story as a tale told to a cultural outsider. (The epilogue -- which goes on long enough to constitute an outline for an entire second book -- has a slight air of being a framing text such as a personal journal, but ambiguously so and there is no such feel to the main text of the novel itself.)The plot proceeds at breakneck speed. Not only (as previously mentioned) does the protagonist fall in love with two different women in the space of her first day on the job, but similarly unconvincing is the speed at which we advance from initial attraction to energetic sex. (Even setting aside the delicate negotiations that would be expected in this historic setting.) There isn’t much chance for enough chemistry to develop to support Lenore’s sudden switch from child-like invalid to assertive lover. The narrator explains her own feelings in repetitive detail, but fails to convince me of them in her actions. (Though, to be fair, her passivity when the object of her desire most needs rescuing rings true on a historic basis more than her other reactions. At the crux, she is forced to confront just how little power she has to affect her own fate or the fates of the women she loves.)The climax and resolution gallop down upon the reader as swiftly as the introductory scenes did. It would involve spoilers to note just how the romantic triangle is resolved. The formulaic tropes that were set up in the opening scenes fail to twist in any surprising ways. Our protagonist lives happily ever after but relatively few of the other characters succeed in doing so. And then, as if to make up for the hurried pace, a leisurely epilogue lays out pretty much the entire remainder of her life, complete with what seems to be an entirely unnecessary move to America.I can forgive many flaws in a story if there is beautiful writing. And I can forgive pedestrian writing if the story is well constructed. Unfortunately, Shadows of the Heart didn’t manage to hit my sweet spot on either of these points. The author has a solid grasp of the elements of a thrilling gothic romance, and with greater attention to craft and pacing those elements could have been woven into the book this seemed to promise to be.

  • Diana
    2019-04-09 23:59

    Shadows of the Heart is an enthralling reading from the beginning to the end. It's fast paced and it makes you want to know what's going to happen next, making it almost impossible to let it down. Annalee Stewart is a fallen-from-grace-turned-to-companion young woman who struggles with the fact that she no longer is who she used to be before his father lost his fortune and subsequently killed himself.She is hired to accompany Lady Lenore Blackwater and quickly finds herself attracted to her. Later, when she meets Victoria Blackwater, Lenore's sister-in-law, she can't help but respond to her blatant advances.Finding herself in the middle of a murder plot, Annalee has to be clever about who she trusts and what to do to help the woman she loves without endangering herself.I enjoy historic novels very much, and if it has some lesbian romance, all the better. I totally recommend this book for a light reading; it's the perfect mixture between romance and thriller. The downside, it is not entirely historically accurate (both the settings and the characters), and the development of the romance triangle is way too fast; doesn't give you time to linger on the situation.

  • Rae Storey
    2019-04-02 20:41

    Set in the 1820s England, life was difficult for women with no family or money. Annalee had both, until she lost them all when her father committed suicide. She was lucky to find a position as a care taker of the elderly sister of a family friend. Her life was dull. But when she was sent to a new position as companion to sickly Lady Lenore Blackstone, her world was turned upside down. The two make an instant connection, and grow to care deeply for each other. But life at Blackstone Castle isn't the ray of sunshine it first appears to be. Dark and sinister things are taking place within those walls. Will Annalee ever find true happiness?Finding decent historical eviction lesbian novels is rare. Of course Sarah Waters is the queen of the genre, but I am constantly searching and hoping to find new authors. I am very impressed with Patty Henderson's Shadows Of The Heart. She captured the spirit of the period, the oppression of women in society, and the desperate desire to feel loved.

  • Britni
    2019-03-21 23:44

    I was absolutely enamored from page one. I was so drawn in to this story that I flew through the book and wanted to know even more about the characters! Miss Henderson, I will read your books any time! Absolutely enchanting!!!

  • Eel
    2019-04-18 00:40

    Ok. First things first. I do not like this comment box. It has lost my input 3 times now.

  • Yerma
    2019-03-22 01:58

    Enjoyable gothic romance / mystery audiobook.There could have been more development of the romance aspects of the novel, but enjoyable nonetheless.Excellent narration.