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Captain Jack Bass becomes the target of hatred and malicious jealousy from his commanding officer. Blaming Jack for his own failings, he sets his sights on Jack as a scapegoat. Fighting for his life, and new found love with Lori Darden, the pair learn how dangerous it can be to raise the ire of a psychopathic boss.When the chain of command breaks down, Jack Bass fights bacCaptain Jack Bass becomes the target of hatred and malicious jealousy from his commanding officer. Blaming Jack for his own failings, he sets his sights on Jack as a scapegoat. Fighting for his life, and new found love with Lori Darden, the pair learn how dangerous it can be to raise the ire of a psychopathic boss.When the chain of command breaks down, Jack Bass fights back and attempts to prevent his world from turning to ash right before his very eyes.Jack Bass is...In the Line of Ire....

Title : in the line of ire
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in the line of ire Reviews

  • Ellen White
    2019-03-01 18:55

    IN THE LINE OF IRE by Edwin Dasso. A new author for me, and he does a good job of keeping you interested from beginning to end. This shows the demons that Jack is confronting, and the romance with Lori. Of Jack wondering about the hatred that Blackburn had, that motives a person to kill. It is action packed, the medical is believable ,a mix of mystery and romance. A good good read for all to enjoy. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

  • Reagan Hobson
    2019-03-09 12:47

    The characters in this book are a bit shallow. The antagonist, Colonel Blackburn, reminds me of a mix between Dr. Horrible and a $.10 comic villain. How many times will he throw his head back and laugh maniacally? Very overdone. He's a joke, and you know his plans aren't going to work. It's like watching Wile E. Coyote try to catch The Roadrunner. The protagonist, Jack Bass, is a shy, quiet, rule-follower who ends up shooting a man in the leg as he runs away from him. The same man he jumped in an alley. It didn't fit his character. Then we have a starred general who makes the psycho villain APOLOGIZE to Dr. Bass after kidnapping him and his girlfriend and trying to murder them in the mountains. Really???? That might be the dumbest thing I've ever read. Dr. Bass also shares stories of his traumatic, abuse-filled childhood with a nurse he just worked with one time. People don't do that. characters who are said to be closed off and quiet don't spill their guts about their abusive fathers to people they hardly know.The author doesn't have a very broad vocabulary as evidenced by his over-use of the word "ire" which no one actually uses that much. Dasso also seems to get stuck on a word and use it several times in one dialogue exchange. Maybe he doesn't own a thesaurus. The use of italics is also confusing. Italicized words pepper the entire story, often several words in one paragraph. Why? It's simply not necessary.The story is an interesting one, though it seems to fall short of real suspense. You know that Jack is going to live through whatever Backburn throws at him, and you know Blackburn will try something else. The medical scenes were very interesting, and it's clear Dasso has real experience here. I really enjoyed reading Jack and Lori working together in the OR. Their dynamic made the book for me, though most of the time, they were only together for limited periods of time.This book isn't terrible, but it is a bit rough and obviously self-published. I enjoyed parts of it, but then other parts frustrated me to understand why a character would do or say a certain thing. And I'm still confused as to why the general wanted Blackburn to apologize for trying to kills Bass and Lori! Ugh!

  • Kelly Smith Reviews
    2019-02-23 18:26

    In In The Line of Ire, the prequel to Dr. Edwin Dasso's novel Past Aghast, readers learn the story behind Major Jack Bass and his beginnings as a medic in the Army in the late 1980s-90s.It talks about how he met Lori Darden, the niece of his boss, General Smithson, and how they both crossed the wrong man: Colonel Blackburn, AKA The Cutter.When Blackburn turns up drunk to the OR one nightand they report it, they open a deep can of worms...and these worms bite.It's a tale of honor, revenge, anger, life, death and love, all wrapped up in one short and sweet package with impeccable writing style.Each character is well written and very refined, and the reader can tell that some of the situations were taken straight from real life when Dr. Dasso was in the medical field.It's not a novel for most fans of "The Good Wife", as it is very deep and dark, showing the bad sides of both war and humanityin stark detail.Usually, when a novel uses excessive cursing I mark it down, but here it is not just well-placed, but necessary to the story.I loved reading this book and am glad to be a part of Pubshelf's affiliated blogger network so that I was able to discover this book.5/5--wonderful!

  • Michele Taylor
    2019-03-18 10:25

    Having read the first Jack Bass story I was keen to find out more about this courageous and enigmatic character. In the Line of Ire gave me the answers I was looking for as to what motivates Jack, the demons that he faces and the loves in his life. Ed Dasso has skilfully sculpted Jack and his love Lori as he puts them in a series of dangerous and at the same heroic situations all based around their military careers in field hospitals in war zones. When they have to confront a controlling, alcoholic commanding officer, he blames them for the consequences he faces, including demotion. From then on, he makes it his personal mission to place Jack and Lori in the most hopeless of situations where he hopes that they will perish. This prequel is a real roller coaster and I couldn't put it down. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jack and Lori but it does make it even more sad when you reflect on what happened in the first chronicle and it's poignant to think that they don't get the happy ever after that they deserved.

  • Mahamadou
    2019-03-22 14:41

    The setting and the characters of “In the Line of Ire”, a fictional novel written by Dasso Edwin has definitely intrigued me from the very beginning. The protagonist Dr. Jack Bass is a captain officer triage OD in an operating military base medical unit, he is under the command of a perverse Colonel Dr. Blackburn. Jack is a passionate and brave doctor, a hard worker who is always trying to save wounded soldiers by hook or by crook. This situation is somehow bothering the Colonel as he sees Jack as a threat for his position. He started to jealously mistreat Jack, negatively argue about anything he does. In such a strained situation, the author depicts the daily life of jealousy colonel against a devoted captain who also feels in love with Lisa. I’m still reading and I highly recommend it as must read!

  • Mario
    2019-03-11 16:41

    Set in a time of War and uprising, in the Line of Ire is a riveting novel filled with suspense and mystery. It explores being betrayed by the ones you trust or the ones that have authority over you. This novel explores fighting for ones right and ones freedom in a cruel world of jealousy and hatred. It also shows that even in an ugly world or in the hopelessness of any situation, Love can still be found as portrayed in the relationship between Jack and Lori. This is a must read. I suggest you get in your comfort spot, pull up some popcorn and start reading!

  • Nastasia Nesbeth
    2019-03-03 17:50

    This is a good book. I find that it brings out the issues that people face with those around them that questions trustworthiness, honor and more. Great prequel to the author's book, Past Aghast. Great read. I would definitely recommend it.