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Rick heads to Atlanta where he hopes to find his wife and son....

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  • Книжни Криле
    2019-03-06 14:19

    САЩ е територия на супергероите. Ако комикс, в който няма и помен от тях вземе да се превърне в хит – това говори много за заглавието. И не ще и дума, че „Живите мъртви” на Робърт Къркман и Тони Муур е истинско явление, и то още преди Франк Дарабонт да адаптира поредицата на екран. Все пак трябва да сме благодарни на едноименния сериал на AMC за пиковата популярност на комикса „Живите мъртви”, както и на „Студио Арт Лайн” за превода и издаването на първите броеве у нас! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":

  • T.
    2019-03-05 19:31

    I am amused at Rick's limited vocabulary ("shit shit shit") but, yeah, what else could anyone really say? I think this is when everything sinks into Rick's consciousness, when he finally grasps the gravity of the situation. There was a bit of nonchalance to him in the previous issue, as if nothing can touch him yet. He thinks he can survive this, and he actually already did (to lie in a coma untouched by the undead is a miracle in itself), hence the hope that his wife and son may be alive, hence the incredible stupidity of taking a horse and riding to a big fucking city full of those things! Genre-blind, this man is, but there's an apparent explanation to this: Kirkman says The Night of the Living Dead doesn't exist in their universe, hence this is the first time that people have encountered zombies in their lives. Really loved the illustrations in this issue./First read 23 December 2009.

  • Escape into a Booksite
    2019-02-23 13:08

    So far these are following the show exactly, well I suppose I should say that the show has followed these exactly. Rick has just gotten back to camp with Glen not that we know his name yet in the graphic novels) and discovered that Lori and Carl are safe there. And now he's had glimpses of just how many Walkers are out there and how horrific they are.Onto Issue 3...

  • Ehab Fathy
    2019-03-17 12:15

    Very irresistble issue , still amused me

  • Bren Hdez
    2019-03-25 18:14

    Lori :/

  • HistoriadoraPotterhead
    2019-03-12 16:32

    Me ha gustado mucho este segundo volumen en el que vemos como Rick sigue buscando a su familia, hay una escena en la que me he sentido como el protagonista y me han dado ganas de vomitar por el asco que he sentido. La parte final es muy emotiva y además aparece otro de mis personajes favoritos de la serie:Glenn.

  • Sam Chapman
    2019-03-01 16:31


  • Georgia
    2019-03-15 14:23

    I liked this more than #1!

  • Luz Martins
    2019-03-24 14:08

    El Caballo :(

  • Tiffany Fox
    2019-02-26 15:23

    Rick heads to Atlanta where he hopes to find his wife and son.Another great issue by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Again the amount of detail that Tony Moore puts into these issues are amazing.In this issue Rick makes his way to Atlanta, first in the police car and then on horseback when the gas runs out. Not expecting to find any walkers again, Rick runs into a whole street full the second he turns into Atlanta. Upon falling from his horse and fighting a hand full of walkers, a young man pulls Rick into an alley way and up a fire ladder to the roof. After running out of Atlanta a full city block, Rick and the young man make there way to his camp just outside of the city. The young guy feels bad for Rick, so he gives me a little pep talk to get him up and moving again after Rick falls to his knees with the news of Atlanta being over run with walkers. Upon making it to the young man's camp Rick finds his wife Lori, and son Carl.Of course, the comic came before the TV series, but they did expand several things between the two. Namely the two major differences kinda change the story line a bit. The main things that are changing are the events in Atlanta and the major distance between the camp and Atlanta in the comic versus the distance in the TV series. Rick did enter into Atlanta on horseback on the TV series, however, he ended up not getting help from the young man (Glenn) until after he got inside a tank which was in the middle of the road. By adding this in the TV series, Rick not only had to fight his way out of the group of walkers but also ended up meeting several from the group with Glenn. On the TV series, this added to the drama simply because you see how Rick takes charge and connects with these individuals as someone who can help them and add to the safety of the group. In the comics, you still see Rick as a softer person. He is grieving over the possibility of having lost his wife and son so soon after being introduced to this newer world. The other thing that was changed was the distance to the camp. In the comics it seems that they are taking what they see as a safe stand by staying close to the city in case help comes. In the TV series they take a more reasonable approach and understand that the city, although a wealth of supplies is also a very dangerous over run city of walkers. Whether you love the storyline of the comics or the TV series, the basic story is a great and emotional one.I love the differences between the two. You will never find a novel or comic that will translate completely to movie or TV. Tony Moore does an excellent job with certain small details that don't need to be translated in the ways that film will need them to be. In the comic you don't know how much time has really passed from Rick being shot to him waking up from the coma, but he has a thin layer of facial hair which he didn't have on the first page of the first issue. Little details like these can be over looked, but you see them and you register that some time has passed without the story saying xx amount of time has pasted. These are the little things that I really do enjoy with Robert Kirkman's stories and other comic series he has worked on.I recommend for any fan of The Walking Dead Universe, zombies, apocalypse, and dystopian genres.Originally posted:

  • Booklover
    2019-02-26 17:18

    As I said in my earlier review, I love this series so damn much. This is the first set of comics I've ever read.However, there were some things I couldn't believe that Rick did, or didn't do in this issue. For instance, when he went to get gas and walked into that house, he again, didn't have a damn weapon.What the hell's wrong with him? I mean, Rick's seen a few zombies so far and even if there weren't zombies to worry about, he still could've run into the owners of the house, or some squatters that could've blown his damn head off. And then him meeting Glenn. While I'm glad Glenn saved Rick from becoming zombie chow, Rick should've still been on his guard. Someone just happens to find you and risks their neck to save you?Who would do something like that and not want something in return? Rick can be thankful or grateful that Glenn saved him, but he should've also been a bit suspicious that some guy he doesn't know, risked his neck to save him.And then for Glenn to bring Rick to a camp where his wife and son just so happen to be at? Unrealistic to the millionth power. I mean I know this is a comic book and 90% of it is unrealistic, but I just think it's a bit much that the second set of people Rick comes across, have his wife and son with them.Anyway, sorry for being a downer, as I do love the series. I just had to nitpick about a few things.I felt horrible for the horse. Rick got the horse out of the barn and rode it to Atlanta, only for it to die a few minutes later, in one of the worst ways imaginable. That just sucks.I AM, however, happy that Rick had Glenn to help him, or he'd have been screwed.

  • Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
    2019-03-01 17:18

    This 2nd issue doesn't forward the plot all that much. There is a nice surprise at the end, which was nice (haha). Not going to tell you what it is, but I am glad that cliffhanger isn't going to be looming for several comics. I suppose there were a few things that made this "unique" for a zombie story. I can't say for sure, because I haven't read/seen many, but the whole herding everyone to the cities and the massacre which results (though we don't see it). I've never encountered that detail before. That is pretty cool. Rick gets a loses a horse in a few pages. I want to keep reading before I make any further judgments.Read more commentary and add your own here:

  • Pau Vilchez
    2019-03-21 17:06

    Durante su viage a Atlanta para que se pueda encontrar con su mujer y su hijo, Rick se queda sin gasolina y se abre camino através de las hordas de zombies a pie....No digo más que hago ¡spoiler! Sigo pensando lo mismo me gustan mucho más estos cómics que los capítulos ya que están muy bien resumidos (20-30 páginas) y los dibujos son hermosos. ¿Saben que? Ahora mismo me leo el tercero. ¡DE VERDAD SIENTO PETAR CON TANTAS LECTURA PERO SEGURAMENTE HOY ME LEERLE TODOS O LA MITAD DE LOS CÓMICS DE THE WALKING DEAD!

  • Greta is Erikasbuddy
    2019-03-14 15:08

    Rick finds his horse which is a girl horse not a boy horse. So, that horse could probably care less about girl horses in Atlanta.He also doesn't drop his bag of guns in Atlanta when his horse gets nommed on.Glen does save him and take him back to camp.Here we learn that Rick is from Kentucky and that Lori's fam lives in Atlanta.Then of course everyone is united. No mall scene, No Meryl either.

  • Kristi
    2019-03-01 19:18

    Not as good as the tv show. When I read this I didnt know it was issue number 2 so eventually I am going to write a review on this but I am not going to yet. I am going to do a reread after I finish #1.

  • John
    2019-02-26 13:17

    I don't know how well this compares to other comic books since this is my first comic book series. I do know that if you are a fan of the TV Series you will like this. I enjoy finding out the differences between the two.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-21 14:23

    (continued from comments on Issue #1) ...even more promising after the Issue #2. The series seems to be firmly planted in the psycho-social exploration sub-genre of post-apocalyptic fiction. More speculative fiction than horror. This is, IMHO, a very good thing...

  • Evey Morgan
    2019-02-26 19:36

    En apenas 50 páginas se cargan cantidad de cosas que ocurren en los 3 primeros capítulos de su adaptación televisiva. De momento la adaptación es notablemente superior. Ya se encuentran en Atlanta y Rick se encuentra a alguien (un personaje muy querido por todos los fans) por el camino.

  • Dannuel Saùl Delizo
    2019-03-10 15:28

    When Rick got to Atlanta, the party was just getting started. So exciting!

  • Angie
    2019-03-03 14:11

    Ugh, Lori Grimes. The Worst.

  • Anto
    2019-02-22 13:21

    Primera vez que me digno a leer los cómics. De masoquista. Y en este aparece por primera vez Glenn. GLENN T.T

  • Sannie Hald
    2019-03-07 16:34

    Weird reading when you are used to read manga.. Wrong side! :D

  • Demi
    2019-03-12 16:22

    Plot: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Characters: ⭐️⭐️⭐️World Building: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Twists: ⭐️⭐️Enjoyment: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Again, just absolutely brilliant.I'm finding myself enjoying these more than the show.

  • Elizabeth Robinson
    2019-02-23 14:28

    This was a bit better than issue one. I think I probably prefer the tv adaption of this comic better than the actual issue itself.

  • Anthony Valletta
    2019-03-09 15:31

    More insights on Rick and a few more familiar characters. Seems a bit longer than the first volume, which is a good thing. The tv show departs slightly from the comic here.

  • Sean
    2019-02-27 18:23

    Great artwork, and a brisk pace. I like it.

  • Czar Nicholas
    2019-03-09 14:29

    A lot different from the tv series, but it was a fun read still.

  • Kaycee
    2019-03-25 15:18


  • Savanah
    2019-02-26 17:23

    let us reminisce on the early years like tiny glenn

  • Lucrezia
    2019-03-09 19:35

    Atlanta and Glenn XD I love this part!