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This book is part of a dark erotic fiction series and may disturb some readers.How far would you go to protect your love and your life?When two deaths turn his world upside down, Klaus must wrestle with a problem that goes soul deep. With Jodie it was capture fantasy but now he’s made the fantasy real, dragging her along as his accomplice. No one should feel so good aboutThis book is part of a dark erotic fiction series and may disturb some readers.How far would you go to protect your love and your life?When two deaths turn his world upside down, Klaus must wrestle with a problem that goes soul deep. With Jodie it was capture fantasy but now he’s made the fantasy real, dragging her along as his accomplice. No one should feel so good about something so wrong.Maybe his soul is darker than he feared. Maybe the rules shouldn't apply to him.Warning: Dark erotica, M/f/f, BDSM themes, capture fantasy, and dubious consent.Contains spanking, bondage, caning, and piercing, and one alpha possessive man about to toss aside his morals and take what he wants....

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Bind and Keep Me Reviews

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-24 20:30

    Oh My.....We return to Klaus and Jodie. Poor Jodie makes abad decisionand events spiral into a very interesting situation.I didn't know anything about this book, just that I loved the first one Take Me, Break MeSo in a nutshell because I can't bear spoilers, Jodie goes to a party, bad things happen. Klaus saves the day in a way that leads to them taking a girl (Stephanie) hostage. Naturally this was the correct thing to do.....way to go Klaus.I loved every character, and every dynamic too. All three had vastly different personalities and vastly different relationships within there little bizarre life.It was a very interesting thing to see how they all felt things for each other, and were reflective of what was going on and how they were feeling. I love getting character insight so I don't have to guess what anybody is feeling, sometimes things would happen and I'd think "Oooooo what's Jodie gonna think about that?" and right away Jodie would tell us. That was a great thing in this book.Steph was a great addition to Klaus and Jodie, I already knew I loved those two but was nervous when I realised how big of a part she was going to play. But she slotted right in and even though she was different to the pair of them, she complimented their relationship brilliantly. This book is dark though, actual non con. Steph is not willing at all, she is scared and forced into this situation.Klaus... yet again is Klaus, I liked him more in this one though, he seemed to care a lot for his women. Even though he behaves ridiculously, I kind of got it and believed he would have called it quits had Steph not looked like she was kinda into it.If that doesn't put you off, and you want to read a sexydarrrrk BDSM book that is a good example of light entertainment with enough character development and other stuff going on to make it feel like you're reading an actual book, this is a great one to read. Good times when you want a seriously sexy book without having to sacrifice content. This is the second Cari Silverwood book I've read and I felt the same with that one too, so I will certainly be looking at other things by this author.Awesome! Loved it!

  • ~ Becs ~
    2019-01-25 18:40

    Oh, holy crap!!  If you thought that the first book in this series, Take Me, Break Me was a little dark – trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  This book definitely takes the whole series in a far more sinister direction.  The first book was really the evolution of a S&M relationship, both of the main protagonists are newbies at kink and learning as they go along and definitely trying to rein in the darkness that lurks within and trying not to go too far.In Bind Me, Keep Me, Jodie and Klaus are not just dipping their toes in the dark side.  Oh No – they’re so far over the edge that they’ve set up camp and are having the Prince of Darkness over for supper!!  Talk about unleashing the beast within – I knew Klaus had a darkly sadistic nature but nothing could have prepared me for his actions in this book and just how much he enjoyed it.  The Jodie and Klaus we first saw at the beginning of the first book are now just a distant memory and are altered exponentially, completely enveloped by the darker side of their sexual proclivities.Brief summary – Jodie is late coming home one night and Klaus worries and goes to find her and stumbles upon a party gone very, very wrong.  He’s angry and lashes out to rescue Jodie only to commit a crime that could send him to jail for years and, uh oh,  there’s a witness.  Stephanie is bound in the corner has seen what he has done and what does a pillar of the community accountant do when faced with this conundrum?  Why, he abducts the poor girl of course and locks her in his basement and uses her as his and Jodie’s sex slave.  Nothing unusual there, right???What follows is a delicious smorgasbord of kink, of sex and enforced submission as both Klaus and Jodie enjoy topping Stephanie and it is completely titillating and arousing.  I think, at a push, I probably enjoyed the sex scenes more in the first book but that’s not to say that adding this reluctant third to their relationship doesn’t add a delicious and unexpected dynamic to their relationship.  It’s quite a journey for our Stephanie who, more than anything, wants to escape. At least, at first…..Klaus is quite a revelation in this book.  From the humble beginnings of uncertain sadist dom, he’s now got an awesome steely control – he knows exactly how far he can take things and certainly intends to push Stephanie’s boundaries as far as he possibly can.  He’s grown into his role as sadist master and made it his own.  I very much enjoyed hearing from all three points of view, most especially from Klaus as he justified his actions to himself.  Very Orwellian in a way!From BDSM I’d learnt control, hadn’t I? This wasn’t just my baser desires taking me over, it was me doing what would give us the best outcome. I paused and shut my eyes. Getting to make a woman crawl before me, kiss my cock, and suck it into her mouth on command…sticking it into her little asshole and fucking her there and then…that was all just collateral damage slash side benefit. Wasn’t it?Sure, Klaus – you keep telling yourself that!  Of course, you’re just doing this for the greater good.  This really is a delicious walk on the darker side – I honestly had no idea this series would take this path when I first started it and truly, Cari Silverwood had me guessing all the way through. I had no idea how this story would end.  There is so much at stake, so much can go wrong – I galloped through the story, dying to know the ending.  It’s quite an unusual plot device to turn your hero and heroine into the villains and yet still find yourself believing in them and rooting for them. In the midst of it all, Klaus and Jodie are deeply in love and I adored seeing just how much Klaus loved her, even if he can’t say the words.  It’s a bit of a mindfuck to be fair but I do so enjoy when an author can take me beyond the realms of the norm when it comes to erotic romance, most especially the darker side of the genre.  And the epilogue – I think my jaw hit the ground. Everyone in this series is most definitely not who they appear to be on first impressions and I expect an unholy battle royale in the third book between two incredibly strong characters, both fighting for control.  Bring.  It. On.4 deliciously sadistic starsBuy From Amazon

  • Sara
    2019-02-06 23:22

    Sometimes fear can be solid – it can be something that clogs your lungs and invades your blood vessels until you wonder if the next pump of our heart will see you dead.Oh boy. What a twisted tale this has turned out to be. After reading Take Me, Break Me and dare I say, enjoying the story of Klaus and Jodie I was more than intrigued to find out how it would continue. What I thought I would get and what I got are two totally different things.Klaus was my rock, my soul mate, my lover, my man who delivered me delicious pain over his lap, or with his hand firmly clenched in my hair or his foot on my neck. I wouldn’t have done it for any other man. But I loved him. Klaus and Jodie have settled nicely into their new roles and their renewed relationship. Things seem to be going swimmingly and I was ready for some great scenes filled with kink and Klaus’ new learnt and controlled Sadism. But…what happens in those first few pages had my jaw on the floor. WHO starts a book off like that and what the hell is going to happen through the rest if this is how it begins? Can I answer that? No, it is one twisted mess that seems to have a way of fixing it but is this right thing to do?Jodie, this has ripped a huge hole in our lives. We cannot be the same after this. I can’t tell if this is me rising to the occasion, or descending into Hell. If I could take back what was done to you, I’d sacrifice myself to whatever fucking god I could find, but I can’t.I will admit that I fell in love with Klaus in Take Me, Break Me. I loved watching him change and grow but in this? He blew me away. The control that he exhibits while balancing that fine line where he could take it too far was stunning. His emotions, his inner struggle and yes, even his sadism were gorgeous to me. With Jodie; we see a very different side to her that was fitting though be it at times confusing, yet her ying and the yang came together in perfect form. The author has such a way of bringing the beauty into the darkness and the pleasure with the pain.Speaking of beauty; let me step outside the story and just talk about the writing. The writing is gorgeous. Things like:The flat liquid glinted in the fluorescent light. Outside in the night, past the wide open glass doors, the wind sighed and sent tree boughs rubbing one another and rustling. The pages on a magazine flipped. Leaves skittered along the wide verandah.That right there is the reason that books that go into the dark side of our sexuality and psyche are so easily read for me. The beauty and intelligence of the writing can carry you through the darkest scenes if you just let them seep in and marinate into your soul. Those words have me immersed in the story, I am there. I can see the liquid and hear each noise, I am transported from my comfortable chair in the safety of my home to the unknown that is soon to unfold and tell me its story.Down the rabbit hole this story takes us. I would like to say that we went pretty dark with Jodie and Klaus in the first book but what we learn here was certainly eye opening and once again I loved it. I am a fan of the dark side of erotica and Bind and Keep Me takes us to the darkest corners where we have to take a step back along with our characters to remember what is right, what is moral and when to say fuck it all and just let it happen.I was so fucked in the head. I loved this. And I wondered who I was. I’d thought I was a pillar of society. But now, I knew I was a thousand miles from that. And I wasn’t sure I cared anymore.Bind and Keep Me is sure to push buttons and boundaries. There are parts that admiringly had my eyebrows up and past my hair line as well as many curses uttered as I tried to figure out where this was going. This is one hell of a mind fuck from the first word to the last that even Klaus would be in awe of. Sexual possession, power, sadism – all rolled into one.

  • Nerine Dorman
    2019-02-13 01:41

    As always, Cari Silverwood is a pleasure to edit, and in Bind and Keep Me, she effortlessly subverts readers preconceptions of what's consensual. It's always tricky maintaining tension once you've established a couple, but Klaus and Jodi remain full of surprises when Steph is added to the equation. Though as a reader, this is not my chosen genre, I nevertheless found myself turning those pages, and yes, holding my breath and/or swallowing dryly. She is a mistress of creating tension, and if you like your erotica dark and just ever so slightly. Ah, damn... Who'm I fulling. There's nothing slight about the twisting in this novel.Suffice to say, Cari doesn't shy away from treading on some seriously wicked territory, and as someone who read this book twice in one week, I can completely recommend Bind and Keep me if you're looking for a capture fantasy to whip your senses into overdrive.

  •  Rosebud
    2019-02-18 23:20

    Just when it looks like Klaus & Jodi will be happy in their BDSM relationship an unexpected event threatens their HEA ending. Someone has died and one or both of them could be implicated in their murder if word were to get out that they were at the scene of the crime. To keep their involvement a secret, Klaus will have to kidnap a witness to the crime and keep her until such time as she can be trusted to keep her mouth shut. That or Klaus will have to permanently silence her so she never has a chance to talk to the authorities at all. This book picks up where book one ended so I really recommend you read "Take Me, Break Me" first or you will not be able to appreciate this one as you should. The same warnings about this being a dark erotica read with the possibility of triggers is still there so be aware of those if this is an issue for you.A very fascinating read in the capture fantasy genre. Do I really think events could play out in real life as depicted in this story? Not likely, but dark erotica is an acquired taste that messes with one's mind which was the case here. To be in the hands of a sadistic Dom not knowing if you'll ever be freed while having to submit to him in any fashion he so desires is a tough thing to pull off without the story crossing the line into taboo areas. I do believe the author was able to pull that off for the most part. Any concerns/issues I had were more from the standpoint of a personal issue. The risk of providing any spoiler information has me not going any further into this.Adult content. I've read many books by this author in the past and know she can write HAWT scenes that feed my addiction for gritty down and dirty sex. Reading this book in a public setting is not advised as the erotic BDSM action would make it very difficult to read quietly and keep a straight face. The best way to describe that could be summed in the lyrics of "Hot In Here" by Nelly. Another winning story by an author who knows how to amp up the action with a story that compliments a storyline that had me reading it in one marathon session.

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-27 01:35

    Where to start? How can something that should be so wrong, feel so right? So tantalizing? So much like something I would want to try? First of all, I love Cari's writing. She grabs you and thrusts you into the story. You aren't just watching things take place, instead you become the characters. You become Klaus. You become Jodie. You become Stephanie. It's one thing to be lured into wanting to be the one to have things done to you. It's another thing entirely to be pulled into desiring to be the one to do them, the one to cross that line. Yet that's exactly what Cari does and does it amazingly well.I fell in love with Klaus and Jodie in Take Me, Break Me. Didn't know how I would feel about this one. Didn't know on what kind of wild ride Cari would bring me. But wild it is. It makes you question everything you think you should feel, especially about your freedom and that of others.Right from the beginning the roller coaster started. I was ready to burst in to tears if Klaus found what he thought he found. I loved seeing his thoughts at what he was doing. I loved seeing Jodie change, yet still not change in a way. And I was experiencing along with Stephanie all of her mixed emotions. My heart was in my throat at the ending, I knew what I wanted and couldn't believe that it may or may not happen. Yet I still wondered how I could want that. And the Epilogue ...OMG!!!! Where's book 3?? I need it right now!!!Is this book for everyone? Probably not. But then again, no book is. It straddles the dubcon/noncon line, if not just out and out crosses it. It's a complete Mindf&*k. But it is for people who want to have their boundaries tested, who can enjoy an amazing story regardless of the "circumstances" that start it and who want that ride, where giving up your freedom is downright enticing.

  • Amber Rose
    2019-01-28 00:41

    This is the second book in Pierced Hearts series. I loved the first book. I loved how it took it's time getting into the darkness that I love so much. But, this book. Well, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I didn't have any idea where the story was going to take, since I did not read the blurb. It kind of surprised me. Jodie goes to a party and things start to go down in a bad way. Klaus comes in and saves the day like a hero. But damn it started off so fucked up I didn't know this was going to happen. Klaus ends up taking a hostage Stephanie and keeping her as a slave. Right or wrong, there comes a time when you have to stop a second-guessing and wondering if what you do is moral. This is where things start getting all fucked up in my mind. Jodie starts to take on a dom lead in a way with Stephanie and Klaus starts letting the darkness take him and I loved it. OMG, It was so nice to see where this was leading. There are some f/f, f/f/m. I have no problem with this and I quite enjoyed it my self. I liked Jodie a lot better in this book then the last. I liked when I started thinking what this person would feel at this time and the chapter I found out. The insight was great. This is a 3 person POV, which did not bother me at all. I wanted to have all 3 POV's going on so I could get every single thing that was happening. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I am wondering how the next one will be playing off.Copy provided by author exchanged for an honest review.

  • Poison
    2019-02-03 21:45

    *I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review*First, I have a confession! I had totally preconceived notions about this book, and not a single one of them was accurate. I was sure I knew who the third was going to be in Jodie and Klaus' relationship, and I wasn't even close. I was wrong so much and so often, I probably should have been disappointed, but, um, yeah, I loved the book.I really liked the characters. Klaus has gotten over himself, which is great, and we get character arcs on the two female leads in the story, Jodie and our mystery female, who I shall not be naming, in case anyone else had the same notions I did.The D/s and sex is so smokin' hot I almost set the couch on fire. I had to sneak off for some "me time" before I was able to continue. The dialog is just so dirty and sexy.Finally, the plot! I leave it till last as if its an afterthought, but it really is the driving force in everything that happens. Its great, generates tension all the way throughout, and I loved it. I love how it drives many of the decisions all the way through, and how Klaus takes advantage as it goes.This book was great. I can't WAIT for book three.

  • Kristin
    2019-02-17 20:24

    This book is really hard for me to rate and review. Let me start by saying that I loved book one. It's right up there as one of my very favorite dark books ever. Even book 3 sounds extremely promising and I intend to read it as soon as it's released. Bind and Keep Me was well written and very much in line with book one. My dislike of it has nothing to do with the author and everything to do with my own personal preferences.**very slight, not really spoiler**I don't really feel that it's a spoiler to say that another woman is added to make a trio in this book, the synopsis says as much. I suspected that I wasn't going to like that going in and I was right. I hated every minute of Klaus fucking with this other woman. I suppose I prefer my males devoted to the point of obsession. I do NOT like this particular dynamic, it felt like a betrayal, regardless of whether Jodie was ok with it or not. As a result of that, I found Klauss sadistic nature harder to swallow BECAUSE the emotional ties weren't there for me anymore. I was happier with how book 1 left them.Regardless of my hang ups, if you like f/f/m and dark, DARK reads, Cari Silverwood is amazing

  • Lina Sacher
    2019-02-19 19:42

    This book is... I really... Hmm...How do I say this?If you like stories with dubious consent, then you have to read Bind and Keep Me. Well, first you have to read Take Me, Break Me. Then you have to read Bind and Keep Me. Stat.Honestly, it is awesome and hot and deliciously dubious in the consent department.This isn't just a story you read, this is a trip you, quite literally, go on. You will embark on a journey where your body will go in one direction (it will be looking for your vibrator and for a clean pair of undies), while your mind will be wondering what the hell is right and what is wrong. By the end, you'll probably have gone through at least three pairs of panties and a few pairs of batteries, and your ideas about right and wrong will have morphed into a gray area that you might not want to examine too closely. But the good news is that your significant other will need to write a personalized 'thank you' note to Cari for all the hawt, kinky sex you'll be requesting, so I guess it's okay that you'll have readjusted your moral compass.The general plot line is that Jodie got into a pickle and Klaus had to get her out of this pickle. But, in the process of getting her out of the pickle, he created an even bigGER pickle and the only way to stay out of an even BIGGER pickle, he had to, essentially, kidnap Stephanie. Who was also in a pickle. Lots of pickles to go around.Are you still with me? Look, I'm just trying to keep this review spoiler free, okay? I won't tell you what actually happened. All I will say is that Klaus' solution to their major problem was to take a captive - Stephanie - and do bad things to her body and fuck with her mind in order to ensure her compliance and loyalty.The consent here is very dubious. Some may say it wasn't consensual at all. Non-con treads a very delicate line. An author has to be careful to not turn the readers off, to keep the characters believable, likable, and relatable. I think that Cari Silverwood did a great job with balancing the realism with the fantasy (realism of the fantasy?). Creating a situation where the capture fantasy made sense in a contemporary setting, was really interesting, and really freaking HAWT."I sat forward. No threat. No growling. I wanted to see her cave in, apparently, all on her own. So she could see, feel, taste, her defeat against a nothing background."Klaus was a scary, dominant, and sadistic bastard, yet he intrigued the masochistic submissive in me. I'd volunteer to be his willing (or even unwilling) victim any day. Cari kept us guessing - is he a good man who had to make very difficult decisions and then enforced them in very interesting [HAWT and scary] ways? Or did he lose his shit?Stephanie is our victim. Or is she?"I rallied my rational self from the fog of mixed horror and lust that only Klaus could summon in me."Honestly, I can write so much stuff here that I've decided to stop trying to express how I felt about the book and instead let you decide for yourself that this is awesome and that you need to 1Click it like right now by showing you some teasers.Jodie's POV:"I slowly slid one foot off the seat and lowered it until my cold toes touched the side of her neck.She stopped. Her big eyes stared up at me. Glasslike orbs that said nothing in this flickering darkness. I could empathize with almost anything and anyone, Klaus had told me. I knew what she must be going through. I did sympathize, and yet…She writhed again, away from me an inch, as if escaping my touch. I moved my foot in and, keeping my eyes open so I missed nothing in her response, I pressed it harder, ever harder, onto her neck until she stilled. Then I leaned down, and let my other foot slip also, to rest lightly on her ribs. She stayed there, quiet, and I thought her throat moved in a swallow.“Good,” I whispered, and I smiled, I fucking smiled, and a thrill shivered through me from my groin. A sexual thing. I could tell. Damn. I would have to be careful. This was a little creepy even to me."Stephanie's POV:"I growled deep in my throat and attempted to shake my head as much as I could while held. And got nowhere.“Don’t growl, girl. Naughty things happen to growly kittens.”His assured smile sent a prickle of delicious terror into me that I now recognized as a Klaus specialty. Dissected by his gaze, situated naked on this man’s lap, and subject to whatever experiment in pain he might choose to do, it was a moment of scalding understanding. I was his victim, whether I chose to be, or not. I also knew that I found it arousing."Bottom line is that the story is interesting, the sex is freaking HAWT, the characters are likable (lovable!), and there's lots of sadistic dominance and dubious consent going on.Now do you get it? Go 1Click on amazon. <---- Purchase link.Review copy provided by author in return for an honest review. I also beta read this book.

  • Ruth
    2019-01-30 18:41

    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS:The continuing story of Klaus an Jodie. This story was very disturbing..What starts out as an average day of going out with friends, Jodie soon becomes involved in something totally unexpected. Jodie is relieved when Klaus shows up to be her hero. Then things take a strange turn, and things quickly go down hill from there. What happens next can only be described as sick and disturbing. From reading the first book, TAKE ME, BREAK ME, we know that Klaus has a dark side..I was able to get over that, because Jodie seemed to be ok with it eventually..But now, we see that Jodie has her own dark side and it can be almost as disturbing as Klaus's. I just can't wrap my head around caring for someone, and yet calling them pet or slave and making them eat on the floor. Nor could I get over Jodie standing by while Klaus pushed his sick sadistic ways onto someone else. This book contains a lot of sex (oral, anal) some of it f/m/f some of which is not consensual, also, kidnapping, canning, flogging, and piercing. I did not care for this book..

  • Hollow Well
    2019-02-04 23:34

    I enjoyed this book well enough. Perhaps I read it too closely on the heels of completing its predecessor. It felt like a retelling of the first, in a way, except pushed up a notch because now there is a ménage. The author seems to have wanted to strike a balance where the capture fantasy is somewhere on the boundary of consensual / non-consensual. I think this was done so as to keep the aggressors in a good light, but add a sense of darkness.Oh, yes, I found the Ff bits to be totally hot and the story was really fun to read. However, I feel that a lot was set up in the plot with hooks for great adventure, but at each turn the book reminded the reader that the great adventure here is sex. After a while though, I think that I may have thought, "Oh, here's another sex scene... hmmm..."Immediately upon completion, I thought that I would need time before I read the next in the series - feeling a bit saturated in the genre. Already, though I find I am starting to wonder about what is next... So, I'm certain that I'll move on the #3... just not yet...

  • J luvs books
    2019-01-26 17:39

    This book takes off from where Take Me Break Me, left off. Things are going well for Jodie and Klaus, until a very bad situation happens and the life these two knew has to change. This book was harder for me than the first. I had a bit of a problem with how Steph was added to their relationship. And, how Klaus would handle certain situations. I felt like he was more infatuated with Steph and it bothered me. Also, he was more loving toward the end of the first book with Jodie, but not so much in this book. I wanted that for Steph and Jodie. The sex scenes were great though! I didn't mind the mff or ff scenes, just the way he seemed more into Steph and the lack of love bothered me. Don't get me wrong there were times he showed his love for Jodie but not very much. I loved the connection between Steph and Jodie, though. I can't wait to read Make Me Yours Evermore! This book gives you a little glimpse as to what is to come.

  • littleKitten
    2019-01-25 22:23

    4 "trustworthy" StarsI'm really enjoying this series, no surprise because I love BDSM and D/s relationships. Although this series steps quite a bit out of the whole safe, sane and consensual bounds. I was surprised by how much I like the F/f scenes, but it's all well written. If you enjoy dubcon grab this series and run with it, it's a great ride.

  • Michelle Bowman/ We Love Kink .com
    2019-01-21 17:32

    The story begins with Take Me Break Me where we meet Jodi and Klaus and they live out a capture fantasy that turns real. In Bind and Keep Me Cari takes the dubcon and moves into noncon. This book isn't for everyone. If you aren't into capture and noncon books you might want to pass. But if you are......OMG you have got to start this series from the beginning cause you will be hooked.I don't even know where to start with this one with out giving out any spoilers. But let me just say that Ms Silverwood completely blew my mind.She takes us into a dark world of something I don't want to call BDSM because its not always consensual but dayum is the sex H.O.T !! I am seriously in love with Klaus. He is the uber Dom. The feelings he shows for Jodi and the female (whom I won't name because of spoilers) is beautiful to read. One second you are thinking that this is just so wrong but then you do a complete 180 because it seems so right.I'm not going to get into anymore because I don't want to give anything away. Just know that this story is way more than you will be expecting and you won't be disapointed.Oh and one last thing.....Just for Cari.......Review by Michelle**free copy provided for honest review**For more reviews visit welovekink (dot)com

  • lynn❤️lynn
    2019-02-20 20:36

    This story continues from the last, but takes on a dramatic twist when klaus , actually does have to kidnap a female after site witnesses him murder someone, to save Jodie.It's all been a big misunderstanding, and the victim is in fact partially to blame for the circumstances as drugs are used, and it all goes horribly wrong.Klaus is there to help save the day and sorts the evidence, so not to implicate Jodie, having the scene cleaned..very wise..He kidnaps the witness, since he can not leave her behind to tell all, and decides he must turn her into a sex slave or kill her as well, to save himself and Jodie. This seems so out of character for Klaus, but here we see a big shift in his personality. Is this the effect of all the kidnapping scenarios have had on him?, hard to tellWhat he subjects the kidnap victim to is greatly disturbing and the fact that Jodie is actually party to this as well.she's fully aware of what he is doing and the fact he is enjoying what he does is greatly disturbing.This book was very well written, so much so I couldn't put it down.I can't wait to read more from this author.

  • Kym
    2019-02-09 00:43

    I enjoyed this so much more than the first!!! Not much i can say except screw Cari sideways for ending the story the way she did! Is there another book after this???? I sure hope so. I loved experiencing Stephanie's submission to her captors and i can only image how things would go for the head strong switch Kat! I know Chris will definitely have his hands full!!!!5/30 EditI just found book three and I cannot wait to start!!!!

  • Kathyesf
    2019-02-16 17:46

    Wow I don't even know how I feel about this book. I have read a lot of dark erotica but this one was harder for me to read than any other. I had to take several breaks. Maybe it was the couple aspect of it.....I just don't know. This is the kind of book that you read and as you become aroused from reading you start to question yourself and wonder how can this be who am I and how can this be a turn on for me.

  • Piper
    2019-02-07 20:33

    Yes! I loved this story, even more than 'Take Me, Break Me! The suspense, the sex, the head fuckery, the dominance and the submission was beautifully woven into a book I couldn't put down. I wouldn't go out of my way to pick a book with f/f content, but - wow - it was such a necessary ingredient in this tale - and it was hot. Go figure!!LOL.

  • Kent
    2019-02-06 17:50

    This was a tough book to put down. I enjoyed this story, but I wish the author had let us know how it went when all three got back together and it would have been nice to know where they went when they moved out. I was hoping/expecting to get that closure in book 3 but that didn't happen. Still a great series overall.

  • Shayna
    2019-02-19 21:36

    Shayna Renee's Spicy Read's Top Pick 2013 Cari Silverwood never ceases to amaze me! She captured me almost instantly with her first Pierced Hearts book Take Me Break Me, and then pulled me right back in with Bind and Keep Me! Quite frankly, I'm emotionally exhausted, in a good way of course. Bind and Keep Me definitely puts your heart and your mind through the ringer once or twice. Cari Silverwood showed me how beautiful and how twisted dark erotic romances can be, and she has set the bar on this specific genre."We cannot be the same after this. I can't tell if this is me rising to the occasion, or descending into Hell. If I could take back what was done tonight, to you, I'd sacrifice myself to whatever fucking god I could find, but I can't"We first met Jodie and Klaus back in Take Me Break Me, the deliciously dark erotic book 1 in the Pierced Hearts Series. We are reunited with this couple, and I was delighted to see that they were still going strong with their fascinating and sadistic relationship. I am not usually the type to love this darker side of BDSM and capture fantasy, but the way that these characters burrowed themselves inside my soul and showed me that not only was what they had completely off the charts erotic as hell, but it was THEIRS, and it was beautiful and intriguing."Let me see your darkest thoughts, your deepest desires. I want the very worst of you as well as the very best."Bind & Keep Me was extremely well written. Sometimes it's tough to follow along when an author puts in the POV of multiple characters, but in this case it worked brilliantly. This is the type of story that is so emotionally charged, that you just have to know specifically what each character is thinking and feeling at the time. It would have drove me nuts if I only got to hear Jodie's POV while Klaus was the one truly struggling with his thoughts. I can't really explain why I am so in LUST with Klaus, I mean I should be fucking scared of that dude, but reading his POV and knowing deep down he has these urges he is trying to control, and when he talks about his Jodie, my heart drops, because even though he can't say the words, you can tell he is completely in love with his pet. Let's be honest, a Dom who is fighting with his emotions, which makes him all dark and scary and makes his palm twitchy = a TOTAL TURN-ON!"I tried to fight how that made me feel, like I was his."The element that made me all emotional in Bind & Keep Me was the addition of the third player, Stephanie. I struggled with this at first, because I'm not sure what direction the author was going to take on this threesome. This could have got real ugly, real fast. But the fact that we got her POV and witnessed the struggles that Steph was having with her emotions, played a big part on why this was such an intriguing read for me. The relationship that grew between Stephanie and Jodie was incredibly beautiful. A different side of Jodie came out around Stephanie, a little Domme perhaps. That was the right direction with those two, because if Jodie didn't have the upper hand with Stephanie, I don't think that these three could work. Seriously, I want to go through this entire book with you because I loved it so damn much, but then I will start spilling spoilers, and I don't want to do that. I will say, that you definitely need to read this series in order starting with book 1 Take Me Break Me. This sets the foundation of Klaus and Jodie's relationship, and to understand it, you have to know what they went through.To have this book as a TOP PICK for me was an easy decision. When an author can transport you to a place where you are not fully comfortable, but can still captivate you so much that you don't want to leave, is an incredible talent. Cari Silverwood has impressed the hell out of me and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next. I just want to warn you that this is not a typical romance that you usually see me review on this site. It's dark and a little twisted, it's sexy and disturbing, but I guarantee that you will find a part of yourself in these magnificent characters.*ARC provided by authorFor more of my reviews visit

  • Regan
    2019-02-14 19:36

    Klaus and Jodie are living harmoniously in their D/s relationship that transpired in Take Me Break Me. One night, while out with a girlfriend, Jodie decides to attend a party which quickly turns south as she is drugged. Klaus is alarmed when she doesn't return and goes out to find her...only to find a horrific scene and make a rash decision that will change both of their lives forever. To cover up the now crime-scene Klaus and Jodie take home the only witness, a young woman with intentions to hold her captive until they can trust her and then set her free. As the dynamic of their relationship changes with a third party involved, where does that leave the future?So I admit after I finished Take Me Break Me I cruised the synopsis' and reviews for this book and the unreleased third book. I was a bit impatient and my peeking definitely bit me in the butt since after finishing this I now realize that I do not share the opinion of the majority. This proves how subjective reading truly is. The beginning of this book immediately hooked me and I became engrossed instantly in the story. Klaus' action to me was justifiable and I empathized with him during the beginning of the book. However, with a new female captive it took me a bit to warm up to Jodie's new characterization as a Domme-in-training. To me there is something more heinous about a woman captor versus a male captor. The psychological dynamic between two women is more emotional, soft, and supposed to be nurturing in my opinion so to see Jodie turn dark so quickly was a shock. However, Jodie warms up over the course of the book and I was pleasantly surprised to read the female captive preferred Jodie over Klaus. The ending of this book seriously had two punches to the gut and I couldn't see either coming! I cannot rave how emotionally charged and gritty the ending was but I won't say anything else so I don't spoil it...As in the first book this novel was brilliantly written and full of poetic and thoughtful passages. The author truly shines in this series and I am anxiously awaiting the release of Make Me Yours Evermore.

  • Stephanie Christine
    2019-01-25 17:29

    I have been in Klaus withdrawal since I finished Take Me, Break Me so I was excited when I won BaKM during the Lovestruck Hop on Cari Silverwood's blog *BDSMsnoopydance* I just finished reading it this morning and OMG! All the mind fuck feels!!!!I honestly don't know where to start! This book is darker and edgier then the first oneTake Me, Break Meand I absofreakinlutely loved it! Klaus and his cane did not disappoint!This book is dubious consent/capture fantasy with BDSM. That means that Klaus ties up and does some terribly wonderful bad things to our new, not so happy to be there,Heroine:) That's right,with Jodie along for the ride, there's someone new to play with:) Don't let that worry you though. The way Cari Silverwood writes it you can't help but see it's the only way, and the sex between the three of them is hot! and the last couple chapters! the last couple chapters! sum up my ADHD review of Bind and Keep Me : #mayormaynothavediscoveredractiongifs

  • Lucy
    2019-02-16 18:34

    This is book 2 of the Pierced Hearts trilogy. The books deal with capture fantasies & dubious consent. In book 1 we are introduced to Klaus & Jodie. Jodie wants Klaus to help her stage a capture fantasy and we see their journey as Jodi becomes a slave and Klaus her master. Book 2 adds a third character to this duo - Steph. (view spoiler)[ Due to a predicament Jodie finds herself in.... Klaus and Jodi decide they must kidnap Steph, keep her hostage, and begin training her as a sex slave(hide spoiler)] Blind and Keep Me is darker than book 1 and I enjoyed this book much more. I struggled a bit with book 1, at times feeling bored, but with this one I read it pretty quickly. Although it had plenty of cringe worthy moments, it was an interesting read. Things I didn't care for was the F/F action between Jodie & Steph, I'm just not a big fan of that. What I did love was Klaus. He is a sadist and is even more sadistic in this book. He was in my opinion obsessed with Steph and since I wasn't a big fan of Jodie I personally loved that he appeared to have a preference for Steph over Jodie. The Klaus and Steph alone scenes were my favorite of the book. I am totally evil and laughed my ass off when (view spoiler)[ Steph is finally given the freedom she so wanted only for Klaus to back come and kidnap her again...Poor Steph lol(hide spoiler)]The final chapter sets up the next story for book 3. (view spoiler)[ Klaus' business partner Chris abducts a woman named Kat (hide spoiler)]I think for fans of dark erotica this one is worth checking out, but definitely read the first book to become familiar with Klaus & Jodie.

  • The Romance Evangelist
    2019-02-10 20:20

    A copy of this book was purchased by me for my own enjoyment. The complete review is available at Night Owl Reviews.This book took me to a place I’ve never gone before with Cari Silverwood, and kept me off balance all the way to the ending I could not have predicted. We see how Jodie and Klaus have found the relationship that works for them, although its nature must be kept secret from all both their closest friends. But when Klaus is forced to pick the least worst choice in an effort to save both Jodie and himself from what could send them both to prison, he vaults past any notion of dubious consent well into what no one could deny is non-consensual activity. This is not a capture fantasy. This is real life with real consequences. Can the undeniable love between Jodie and Klaus survive what they have both become?Make no mistake: Bind And Keep Me is not for everyone, not by a long shot. But if you like reading beautifully written dark erotica with romantic elements, then this book might be for you. I loved it as much as the first one, and couldn't put it down until I was done. And the ending went off into such a perfect alternative to my guess that I'm just as mad to read the next book as I was to read this after completing the first one. You can’t ask for more than that.

  • Bethany
    2019-01-21 23:46

    I loved the first book in the series. This book started strong and ended strong but I kinda got lost in the middle. I love that Klaus and jodie were building a solid M/s relationship with the help of others in the lifestyle. I adore how the lovely submissive jodie found a little bit of a switch in her. I just didn't care much for Steph. I was disappointed that she didn't progress further into her own acceptance and understanding of being a submissive/slave. I was also confused with the fact that it was decided she would be a third but when the 3 interacted together I could only feel the connection between the girls. Overall it was a good book. I just did't feel like I was there as much as I like when reading. With that said I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms
    2019-02-17 18:34

    Cari you have me sucked into another book. I read this is in 1 day. I love Klaus, Jodie & Steph. Klaus has really become even more Sadistic. He actually killed someone for Jodie and they ended up kidnapping Steph to protect Jodie & him. I can't say more because that would be a giveaway as to the story. And now I can't wait to start the next book it has Kat (Domme)& Chris (Dom) from the first book with glimpses of both of them in the second book. Although, Chris had more of a part in the second book. I loved this book!

  • Dee
    2019-02-12 17:46

    I bought this book immediately on finishing Take Me, Break Me which I absolutely LOVED. This story is also extremely well written but I didn't enough it as much as book 1. I thinks that was due to the way Steph came to be with/stay with Jodie and Klaus; that said I very much enjoyed the sex scenes which included M/F/M, F/F/M and F/F.

  • Tequila
    2019-02-13 20:22

    Cari has done it again! I love Klaus and if there's an opening in the basement, I am willing to occupy it! I was instantly drawn in and was given the same yummy goodness that I experienced in Pierced Hearts one with even more added goodness with Bind and Keep Me! The plot line kept me on my toes and as soon as I finished this one, which had a major twist I did not see coming, I hurriedly went to the library page on my Kindle to start book three! I need more Klaus!!!!

  • Michelle
    2019-01-29 01:41

    This book has got to be one of the most hottest book I've read. I discovered CS in the Make Me anthology and what a great discovery. While I'm not a big fan of ménage, it fit in this story and was written so well. My only other mixed feeling was trying to understand how Jodie could not be jealous. But it's all about preference. Excellent writing both of the story and erotic scenes.