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Mama Lona’s Man combines a Caribbean love story with a zombie thriller. It’s a bit James Bond, a bit "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and a dash of "Night of the Living Dead."The leading man is a ex-Navy SEAL controlled by a witch doctor. When he meets an American girl caught up in island intrigue, they fall in love even though he's been dead longer than she's been alive....

Title : Mama Lona's Man
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ISBN : 9781301347049
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Mama Lona's Man Reviews

  • Maghon Thomas
    2019-01-23 16:11

    This book has quite an espionage feel to it. And it’s quite an adventure ride! Spy gadgets and trips to islands and secret meetings. It took me a little bit in the beginning to catch on to the different scenes and characters and how they play into the story together, but once I caught on, it was pretty fun. I normally don’t read the spy type stories but throw some voodoo magic and zombies in there and I’m good to go, plus I live in that tropical climate, minus the tourist island and plus a whole lot more bugs and poisonous things LOL! Zombie romance is so interesting, and the book/upcoming movie “Warm Bodies” comes to mind a little. There’s always someone who can make you a little more human!Abby is brought to the Caribbean with her “government” working dad to try to calm down the two brothers who are rivaling for the presidency of this island. She is trying to catch her dad in action so she can figure out exactly what he does. In the process, she gets kidnapped, meets a real life zombie, saved by said zombie, learns what her dad is, finds a crazy voodoo practicing old lady who controls the zombie, and gets caught up in all the action. She’s a busy girl, ain’t she I liked Abby, but sometimes she didn’t feel real, like some of her choices and actions are mature, and then she turns a little childish…. But thats being young for you- they don’t always make the best choices. And I do wish there was just a little bit more backstory, but her past builds up. And maybe a little bit more of her dad as well, but you learn a good bit about him too. I do like that she tried to help Randy so much!Randy is the zombie. His past and present life breaks my heart. He’s controlled and used in a way no one should ever be. And when he finally meets Abby, her reaction to him allows him to finally speak to her and open up, even if it causes him pain. And though Abby’s dad isn’t so keen on Randy hanging around, Abby wants him close. He’s scary, as he’s an unkillable zombie, but deep down he is still human and he hurts and has feelings and is miserable in his existence. I thought this part of the story was excellent. Normally, zombies are portrayed as brain eating, no feeling, heartless shells, but Randy’s controller has a little magic up her sleeve and Randy is a “special” zombie. Hate can make people do horrible things. But Randy the zombie can make anybody like him if they just take the time to get to know him I found this story a quick read, and though the beginning had me a little confused, I’m glad I kept reading because it’s a fun one. And it’s probably because I normally don’t read that type of story. It’s unique and has its own fresh feeling to it. I would recommend this one to YA zombie fans, and those who like crime solving espionage, conspiracy type stories. You can never know who to trust. There’s a lot to figure in who is on who’s side, and if you’ve got a zombie on your side, you may have a shot at getting it back to good! A 3.5 PAWS from me! As it’s part of a series, I believe I’ll pick up book two and see where it goes!

  • Sara Trimble
    2019-02-06 18:48

    Review:I got the chance to review this book as part of the Bewitching Blog Tours event. The title intrigued me and I decided to give it a chance. I can admit it was nothing like what I'd expected. The first scene of the book had nothing to do with the plot of the book. I spent the entire time trying to figure out why the author would open with that scene. I understand the relevance of trying to show what Mama Lona's Man is like, but it didn't fit with the overall story line.Another thing I noticed pretty soon into the book is that the author expects the reader to know more about the story than he's provided. I'm assuming he's meant to have the story be intriguing by leaving some secrets hidden, but the overall effect didn't come off very well. The story line is a good one. I love voodoo and zombies, yet the idea of a woman falling so quickly into love with a zombie really turned me off. Not because he was a zombie, but because the author goes into such detail on how dead-like the man is. It was kind of creepy.The story progressed awkwardly for me. There was no intrigue. The author provided the answers for each problem just shortly after it arrived, without allowing the reader time to adjust to the situation. The plot itself seemed a bit boring. We're thrown into a civil war, without knowing anything about the place that's being destroyed, and without any reason to care about the people who are causing such trouble. I also found the double agent scenes a bit out of reach. The author throws in random surprises, but it doesn't help build the story up. It rather just gives the reader too much coincidence.If I had to rate this book, I would have to give it a 2 and a half. It would be a great story, with a lot of rewriting and tightening of the plot, dialogue and character development.

  • Jan
    2019-01-30 16:57

    Mama Lona’s Man by Brett DavisWell, an interesting tale with, at turns, some young adult humor, family negotiations and beautiful scenery…and Zombies. Yup, I said zombies. I will admit the story read in an even timeline with its own twists of historical fiction as well as multiple family generations, but the central character falls in love with…you guessed it, the main man – Mama Lona’s Man – an ex-Navy SEAL gone zombie.You actually get to feel for the main character, turned against his will simply because of happenstance, and while the story because almost unbelievable (did I say almost?) the ending is a happy one although very unrealistic – the young’uns will love it!But not so fast, oldies! There are lots of memories for “the father” to relive, many of them happy. And the daughter who, while struggling through adolescence, certainly could have made more unhealthy choices in her young life. Least we not forget the entire peripheral family as well, who all join forces to actually help this young man save a much-loved island.All-in-all it may not be a deserted-island-keeper, but it was fun, entertaining, and evoked a certain sense of imagination that I’m not sorry I subjected myself too…but I’ll leave part two to quietly fade away, if there should be one.