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Available as paperback at - as a free download at -"All around was the awful sound of moaning. It was not just mournful, but the sound of immense suffering, the cries of dying men. The battle had waged on, and the day was far spent. In dirt and blood, the soldiers waded on. Horizontal rain,Available as paperback at - as a free download at -"All around was the awful sound of moaning. It was not just mournful, but the sound of immense suffering, the cries of dying men. The battle had waged on, and the day was far spent. In dirt and blood, the soldiers waded on. Horizontal rain, snow, and wind made the normal battle conditions much worse.Near the edge of the field I stood holding a gun, pointing it at the lad who had once been my best friend. He was dressed in the red coat of a government soldier; I was not."Angelos opens on the field of Culloden, Scotland, as the legendary battle of 1746 has ended and the wounded Jacobites are being shot or clubbed to death. Davy MacLeod holds a gun to the head of his former friend, Paul Cope, his hands shaking, ready to pull the trigger on this man who betrayed him and delivered his family to death. This man who took even his beloved from him. Revenge seems a foregone conclusion.The trouble is that Davy is a radical, one who does not believe in violence and who has eschewed any form of warfare in the name of God, man, or society. In a Europe torn by religious wars, he identifies with the Anabaptists, the Radical Reformation, people whose teachings spread through ratty pamphlets and stands taken for love and allegiance to the Prince of Peace....

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angelos Reviews

  • Acacia Slaton
    2019-01-28 04:47

    It was foretold to Davy (the young heroine and soon to be martyr) that he’d see and experience hard times but not to fear as God was with him. Young Davy, a shepherd boy pondered but never forgot the prophetic words of Condone, a recluse and priest. It’s been told and many would agree that love can change a person and cause them to do what they otherwise wouldn’t attempt under normal circumstances. Yet, Davy’s love for Jenny was forbidden as she was of noble birth and he was of mixed heritage. These two lovers would secretly elope and come together during a time when war was brewing and the aftermath would lead to the innocent bloodshed of Davy’s family and village. Barely having enough time to mourn the loss of his family, Davy discovers his bride, Jenny has been captured and her very life is in danger. “Angelos: From Whence Come Wars?” by David Holdsworth is a short an easy read and one that had me engaged from beginning to end. Although fiction, I reflected on the love of our savior and how we are called not only to suffer but in some cases to die. While persecution and dying for our faith has not come on the shores of America I am mindful that in foreign countries many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are dying for their faith and allegiance to Christ. As I read this book (although fiction) I thought about how the Christian freedom we know and experience in America may one day be no more. If and when that occurs my prayer is that I will take up my cross and follow Christ as I realize that as a Christian this earth is not my home; an eternal reward is awaiting those who persevere until the end! Beautifully written with prose and well thought out words, David Holdsworth’s tale of a country at war will cause the reader to reflect and ponder whether or not their faith can stand the test of time as the heroines and martyrs in this book.

  • Marion
    2019-02-06 08:49

    I received this book for free through Firstreads. It's a short story, which I easily read in one sitting. The story is based around religion in Scotland in the mid 1700's, people's actions and how these actions are viewed through theological beliefs. The introduction is brief, however gives the reader an understanding of the religious sanctions at the time, so as to easily follow the story. The story begins at the end, and the author successfully tells the sequence of events which lead up to this climax. Several different events are described in this story and fit together nicely towards the end. The book was well written, but the stand out for me was the poetry the author included throughout the story. The poems were outstanding and made the book a very unique read.

  • James
    2019-01-28 02:41

    Short.Interesting, especially in how it prompts speculation as to the involvement of angels in our lives, especially as how they're an expression of God's care for us.Historically, I don't know how accurate it is.Theologically, it seems to me like it's pushing an idea of "love" as the ultimate expression of Christianity, and ultimate standard. It presents Christ dying simplistically "for love", ignoring the motives He gives Himself. God is love, and I don't put down on that, but the apparent ignoring of every other facet is what I'm not so keen on. I'd be glad to be mistaken.That said, the portrayal of love, as giving your life for another, is to be commended. Particularly in the selfless way it happened in Angelos.

  • Lorna Holland
    2019-02-01 02:04

    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads. Although not being the sort of book I'd usually read, I actually really enjoyed it. It was interesting and well-written, and gives a great message. In particular, the poems stood out to me as they were beautifully written with poignant imagery.