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Victoria has a secret…Reclusive designer Victoria Andrews hasn’t gone outside in five years, though she yearns to escape the prison of her house. She designs sensual lingerie for the most exclusive dressmaker in London, although she has never known a man’s touch.A Duke in disguise…Wounded and stranded in Scotland, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, is avoiding tVictoria has a secret…Reclusive designer Victoria Andrews hasn’t gone outside in five years, though she yearns to escape the prison of her house. She designs sensual lingerie for the most exclusive dressmaker in London, although she has never known a man’s touch.A Duke in disguise…Wounded and stranded in Scotland, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, is avoiding the murderous scandal that darkened his family name. As his wounds heal, he spends several sensual nights with the beautiful seamstress who knows nothing of his true identity.A passionate awakeningCan a woman trapped by her emotional scars be able to love a duke, when it means abandoning her safe world to embrace the life of a duchess?...

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  • Lover of Romance
    2019-03-28 01:08

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary  Victoria Andrews lives like a prisoner in her own home because she can't bear to go outside due to an incident that happened five years previous. She stays indoors and works on her designs for clothing and unique lingerie and sells her work to a dressmaker based in London. She loves what she does and is good at it, but her family needs the funds. With her father away to war, their debts are piling up and they need a steady income to make it by. Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthington, is shot while trying to survey his land and get around the scandal that surrounds his family. He ends up being taken in by Victoria Andrews,  a man that needs her help if he wants to live. Victoria never opens her home to strangers, but when she notices that he needs help she overcomes her fears and aids him by sewing his wound with bright pink thread."We've done this all wrong, haven't we?" he murmured "I've ruined you, and I haven't even touched you.""You haven't ruined me.""Haven't I?" His voice was warm velvet, a caress in the dark. Never had she imagined that she could stand before a man looking at her in this way. As if he wanted her.Victoria and Jonathan end up helping each other, but there is scandal and mystery surrounding them. Will Victoria be brave enough to be the kind of wife that Jonathan needs inside and outside of the bedroom?The Hero  Jonathan, recently took his title of being the Duke of Worthington. With his parents gone, he steps up. Jonatha came up to Scotland to make a new purchase on a home, but all the tenants that were booted out from the previous owner, now blame him and so he can't reveal his true identity or they will probably kill him. He has already been shot, but he doesn't know who or why. Jonatha was a hero I loved. He is such a rake but still is honorable too. He likes to aggravate Victoria just to see her blush, he is upbeat and has an easy going personality. It was interesting seeing his certain character traits come through. He is drawn to Victoria because she sees more than just a "Duke" she sees a real human being and he just wants more of her.She deserved better than to become his mistress. He needed a wife, but not one who secluded herself from the rest of the world. He required a woman who understood the intricacies of London Society, who could fulfill her duties as a hostess and provide the requisite heir and the spare. There were dozens of ladies who could easily assume that role.And yet, when Victoria's hand moved to touch his heart, he wished that wife could somehow be her.The Heroine  Victoria lives in fear of going outside. She suffered a trauma where she was left alone after an accident for days to wander. And now every time she gets even close to the door, she gets panic attacks and can't breathe. She is realistic in realizing that she will never be courted and be able to go to London with her family. Her mother and sisters leave for London for the Christmas holiday and Victoria is left with a few servants. Victoria doesn't live a meaningless life just because she can't go outside. She creates beautiful and erotic lingerie. She doesn't care if its makes good money, money that her family needs ever since her father went off to war. I had mixed feelings over Victoria. In many ways, I liked her, and I understand why she felt she needed to stay indoors. I grew to like her more as the story progressed. But at the beginning, I wasn't sure what I thought of her. She seemed very hesitant to help Jonathan when he was in need or even innocent people who were being burned out of their homes. But she eventually comes to terms with many strangers in her home and adapts.Plot and Story Line  Undone By The Duke is a heart warming romance that I grew to fall in love with. There were many aspects of this story that I fell in love with. This is the first installment of the series, which is based on Andrews family and the events surrounding them. I found this installment very interesting. This is not the first time I have read this author. I read the fourth book, Unlaced by the Outlaw and really liked it and I wanted to return back to this family.It sets off with seeing the closeness that Victoria has with her family, especially her sisters but her mother as well. They leave for London and try to convince her to go along with them. However, Victoria knows that it isn't possible. From the very beginning of the story we see how real her fear is. It's not the type of fear that you can easily overcome especially since its been five years since she has gone outside. When she is left alone, she ends up having to help an injured man who has been shot. This is where I started to not like the heroine as much. I felt like she was a bit cold feeling when it came to helping others. But in retrospect I think it was just the way that she dealing with the turn of events, because she does eventually help him. We also get an introduction into the events surrounding Jonathan and the reasoning behind why he was shot. There are tenants that Victoria's family offered to give sanctuary too. But suddenly they are being burned out of their cofter homes and many are being killed and they seek refuge in the only home around...Victoria's sanctuary. This is where we see growth in her character. She starts to soften and open her heart to others with the aid of Jonathan.What was also fun was seeing their romance blossom. At first they don't care for each other too much, but their is attraction and as they spend more time together, their connection becomes stronger. I was enchanted by Jonathan and is willingness and patience with Victoria and her fears. Most men would just shrug them off, but he doesn't. He takes them very seriously. Because deep down he wants to marry her but he also knows he has to find a way to help her overcome her fears and I was charmed by the way he goes about it."Why would a man in your position ever marry a woman like me? A woman who can't even walk outside!""Because she saw the man not the duke."The situation with the cofters, just about broke my heart. We see the trauma and how determined these people were to survive and stay in their homeland. They are a proud people, but they also just want to live on land that has been their home for generations. We see their side of the story, and with the way that the author writes it, you can't help but feel compassion for them. Their story is real and she does a job well done in showing how desperate their situation was back then.We also see one other side plot that is building. That is with Vicotria's mother and father. They once loved each other, but grew distant with each other. Each of them loves the other but don't know how to show it. Probably due to the fact that they haven't talked for many years. And I am hoping to see more of this relationship because I grew intrigued by it. Just seeing hints of their story, makes me eager to read the second book. But there is one thing I really had issues with when it comes to this book...the ending. Now I can be picky about endings, but I felt like it was a bit off, and a bit rushed. It didn't quite fit with the rest of the story.The Cover  I will admit this is my least favorite cover of the series. It's probably why it took me so long to read it. I do like the background with the lake and the mountain, but I don't really like the bright red and white.Overall View  Undone By The Duke is an exciting tale of romance, adventure, learning to overcome your fears to embrace a thrilling future. Its about sacrifice and the tests of true love.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-03-29 22:02

    I loath Jonathan.

  • DemetraP
    2019-04-15 23:49

    I give the author credit for having a different, unique heroine. She is agoraphobic and can't leave her house. She sews dresses to make money for her family. I guess I felt there was too much background noise. You have the suffering of the Scottish villagers (I don't need to read about someone dying horribly of burn wounds in a romance novel) and the heroine's mother struggling with their money troubles. It cast a shadow over the book. I did like how the duke tried to help the heroine get over her fear of going outdoors. And it was sweet that he wanted someone to love the man, not the position and prestige of the duke. It lacked the historical details that make reading a historical novel so much fun. There were scenes of sewing but not much detail for how; just that she sewed some stuff. I will say the best part of the book was the superstitious Scottish housekeeper. She kept me laughing. She was the only comedic relief in the book. I guess I just felt like it could have been better. It was just ok. I don't see myself ever re-reading it.

  • Erica Chilson
    2019-04-08 18:01

    5 stars do not come easily to me anymore, and it's been years since I added a book to my 'Best of its Genre' shelf. *Crosses fingers* Every time, book #2 disappoints me, without fail. I hope this series breaks the string of bad luck. Undone by A Duke was a pleasant surprise- a book I quickly chose without much research since I had a few days left on my Amazon Prime Borrow, and had to pick something. I absolutely loved it. It hit on every emotion, making me feel right alongside the characters: laugh, cry, feel frustration and anger. But mostly it just made me feel good and put a smile on myself without coming off as cheesy. The end of the book went a bit off course, making me want to shake Jonathan, and it felt as it should have ended sooner... but I didn't mind. I would recommend to fans of Regency Era Historical Romance, and to the Scottish fans as well, as the book takes place on Scottish soil. Will I read more from this author: Most definitely. Will I read more of this series: Buying book #2 as soon as this review is finished. If it doesn't disappoint, I will immediately buy book #3 thereafter, and it's only a few weeks' wait for the next in the series (I believe book 4 is the conclusion. Unless the author thrills me by giving the parents' their own book. I'd love to read that)

  • Margaret
    2019-04-15 01:06

    book provided by NightOwlReviews Victoria is a very selfless person. He has not taken a step outside her home in over five years. She made her mother and sister to go London without her for the holidays. She just never knew that making them leave would change her fate and future. She never thought that by helping a wounded man her entire world would change. Jonathan was shot because he was mistaken for someone else. He was then brought to the nearest household for help and recovery. He never thought that a gunshot wound would change his life so completely. He never thought that he would find his match. Victoria brought Jonathan back to his perfect health. She took care of him until he was well enough to leave on his own. Throughout their time together they talked about themselves but very little was said on Jonathan’s part. He did not want anyone to know exactly who his is. Jonathan found out that Victoria is completely afraid of leaving her home. So they both made a deal. He would help her get over her fear before he was well enough to leave. As Jonathan was healing Victoria and he got closer and closer. They talked about a lot of things when they were together. It helped because they always shared their meals and it stopped the uncomfortable silence. Victoria actually started to have some feelings for him. But she knew that she would never be able to make him a good wife because of her fear. Jonathan finally got Victoria outside one day. But it was not in the way he thought. They were having an argument and Victoria got up and ran away. She ran outside and into the snow. She did not realize it until Jonathan mentioned it to her. Then she turned to rush back into the house and almost fell on ice. When Jonathan caught her, he kissed her. She did not know what to make of it but she knew that she enjoyed it very much. Neither one of them knew that her mother saw it. When Victoria’s mother came back to check up on her daughter, she told Jonathan that she needed to talk to him. Jonathan told her mother who he really was and that he wanted to marry Victoria because it was the right and proper thing to do. Her mother was worried because Victoria really cannot do what society requires of a wife. But Jonathan promised that she would be taken care of. And when Victoria found out she was happy because she was secretly in love with Jonathan from the very beginning and only fell more in love with him as she got to know him. When they returned to Jonathan’s home in London, everything changed. He left her alone; she was basically on her own. He did not want anything to do with her. The only one who helped her was his sister. Jonathan’s sister helped Victoria with her new status and made sure that she was comfortable. When Victoria voiced that she was not happy and started standing up for her, Jonathan finally realized that he was in love with her. When he told her she told him that she has loved him since he came to her house with the bullet wound. I liked this book. It brought a lot with it. It had drama and romance. It was the perfect blend for a historical romance. I loved how the author put everything together. I am looking forward to reading the next book written by this author. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical writers.

  • Judy
    2019-04-14 23:13

    Ms. Willingham is an excellent writer. This series of has an intriguing group of characters from which to draw upon for future books. In this first book in the series, Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, has traveled to Scotland to check out a property he has won from the local bad guy - the Earl of Strathland. Jonathan avoids London society due to a scandal in his family which resulted in his parents' deaths. Instead, he focuses primarily on building up his wealth and at some point, has intentions to marry and beget an heir, although marrying for love is not part of his plan.There is trouble in Scotland between Strathland and local crofters. As a result Jonathan is shot by a young lad who mistakes him for Strathland. He is carried to the home of the Andrews family to be treated for his wound. The only person at home is the eldest Andrews daughter -Victoria who hasn't gone outside in five years due to being lost for several days in the cold countryside of Scotland when her family first moved there. She longs to go outside and realizes she will never have a normal life if she can't get past her fears. In fact, her mother and three sisters - Margaret, Juliette and Amelia have traveled to London to try and find husbands for the girls but Victoria is alone at home during the Christmas season with only two servants to keep her company.She does have a passion, however. She sews beautiful undergarments and dresses and arranges for them to be sold to a well known London dressmaker. The funds she earns from this secret enterprise brings in much needed funds into the family coffers. Her father has been away to war for several years and Victoria, her mother and sisters never seem to have enough funds.**Spoilers**When Jonathan is brought to her home to be treated for his gunshot wound, he doesn't tell Victoria he is a duke, however, it is obvious from his clothing he is a wealthy man. Jonathan's and Victoria's relationship and its buildup is obviously the main part of the storyline. Although it was somewhat interesting, it was too slow for me. Ultimately, they do marry and travel to London where their relatinship slides downhill due to past wounds in Jonathan's life. It was almost too much for me when he basically abandoned Victoria for several months toward the end of the story without any real warning or details about what was going on during that time. Yes, stuff is resolved during the last few pages of the book but I must confess to being thoroughly disappointed with Jonathan for the last 1/3 of the book.So what is left? The reader is left to look forward to the next books in this series hoping they will answer some of the following questions about the characters we have come to care about:Beatrice, Victoria's mother and her regretful and sorrowful thoughts about her life with her absent husband who is away fighting England's war makes one wonder how their relationship will evolve in future stories.Juliette and Dr. Fraser - there's was obviously something going on there but Juliette has turned cold toward the doc.And then perhaps the most intriguing character of all - the somewhat sexy, rough looking, Cain Sinclair - the man the Andrews girls hire to sell their line of undergarments - is my favorite. Will he and Margaret eventually wind up together? I will be very disappointed if his story is not written.Lastly, there is Amelia, the feisty, youngest sister - what will her story turn out to be?Okay, since I have stated that I found much of the storyline somewhat slow and didn't care for Jonathan's part in the last 1/3, why have I given this book 4 stars? In part because the writing is very good but also I loved the characters in the story. I have already purchased the second book in this series - Juliette's story. I look forward to reading it and plan to continue with the rest of the series.

  • Zel Polev
    2019-04-15 21:09

    This book was just alright for me. It had elements I liked but I wasn't really attached to the characters. I liked the idea of a romance with an agoraphobic heroine but when I actually read the story, I was more apathetic than interested. I expected to like it. I liked the beginning. I liked the idea of an agoraphobic heroine who sews underwear saving a wounded duke's life. I thought it was an interesting setting. I felt like the romance could have been better developed if it was more of a stuck in a cottage during a snowstorm romance. Instead, they were bombarded with other people in the house. Anyways, the middle, the actual meat of the story, is a bit underwhelming. The ending finally picked up with the earl's factotum abducting Victoria but by then, the long lull cemented my opinion of the book. I liked the beginning and ending but the middle was a bit of a bore. This is a poor standalone book. It has different character perspectives and their respective romances. It didn't really relate to the two main characters and they weren't really resolved. If I didn't read future books in the series, I wouldn't even know why they're mentioned in this book. A passing mention is fine but there are pages dedicated to them, which are wholly unrelated to the two main characters. I think the worst offender of this was the mother. She goes on and on about her failed marriage and the poor state of her family. She wonders where everything went wrong and by the end, there really is no answer. It's so frustrating to read about other characters as a set up for future books. I can do passing mentions but when the heroine or hero is totally absent from the scene and it takes up a lot of pages AND the conflict isn't resolved in the book, it annoys me. I also liked the idea of the lingerie business but the actual story was a bit conflicting. There is a real doom and gloom that permeates the book. For a playful riff on Victoria's secret in the nineteenth century, this book was a real downer. Everything was serious and I think there was a conflict between the cheeky idea and the gloomy atmosphere. I also wish her name wasn't Victoria. It, coupled with Aphrodite's unmentionables, was a bit much. I think you should have one or the other. It's like being beaten over the head with it. Get it? Victoria's secret. Yes, I got it. So the story revolves around Victoria and Jonathan. Jonathan is shot since he was mistaken for the earl of Strathland. The earl had been burning people's homes to clear the land. He needed the land for his sheeps to graze since he was in the business of wool. Anyways, the duke was taken to Victoria's home and she ended up providing refuge for other wounded people. The wives ended up as her workers sewing lingerie. She divvied up the profits. She needed to work since her family's finances weren't that great. The duke helped her with her issues. He asked her to marry him. She worked harded to overcome her phobia. They married. A contrived conflict of him not wanting to be like his father pops up on the second half of the book. She thought the distance between them was because he was ashamed of her being a recluse. He was being distant because his father was obsessed with his mother to the point of violence. They work things out when she was abducted and there was a real chance of miscarrying.

  • Marilyn Rondeau
    2019-04-17 19:18

    At one time in her life Victoria Andrews was a vivacious and adventuresome young lady, until five years ago when a most traumatic experience had since turned her into a recluse. As a result, Victoria had not set foot outside her door (agoraphobia) for the last five years. Jonathan Nottoway, the fourth Duke of Worthingstone, was traveling to Scotland to investigate a new property when he was mistaken for a ruthless landowner and shot. Luckily for him, he was found and brought to a nearby house where Miss Victoria Andrews was determined not to let him die.*** This was a totally new author for me, and why I picked it up must have been a gift from my book loving guardian angel. Not only did I discover a new author whom I will want to check mark as an auto-buy author but UNDONE BY THE DUKE will find a permanent spot on my keeper shelf. First of all, I loved the unusualness of having an agoraphobic heroine! Naturally, in the Regency period, they didn’t have a name for it, but it existed with Victoria. Not only was Victoria an agoraphobic who, incidentally hated her condition, Victoria was also a secret dress designer. Secret because persons of the nobility -no matter that they were living on a very reduced income - thought it better to starve than to be in ‘trade’. From dress-maker to a maker of very sexy unmentionables - whew!When Victoria, alone but for a cook and a man-of-all trades was presented with a wounded man, bleeding all over knew she must stop the bleeding one way or another. Naturally, she sewed him up - using pink thread. And this is just an inkling of the beginning of what turns out to be a very intensely moving story I thoroughly fell in love with! Still in disguise and never letting Victoria know who he was, Jonathan fell in love with his angel of mercy, then worked feverishly to help Victoria conquer her demons. Bottom line: UNDONE BY THE DUKE is just a superb example of why I love to read - clever, intoxicating and thoroughly entertaining. HIGHLY Recommended!!! Can’t wait for more from both this series and this author!

  • Edwina
    2019-03-31 22:01

    BAD ENDING TO A GOOD STORY!!I started out liking Undone by the Duke but it crashed an burned right at the end of a the story. Victoria Andrews is Agoraphabic, She can't go outside. She was traumatized 5years ago when she was 17. Now at 22 she still is unable to leave the house. This was a good storyline but it got a little unrealistic. Like when she was going to stay in a burning house and be burned to death. It seems like you make a great effort to get out of a burning house. Instead of risking loved ones coming in after you. But she does eventually get a little better with the help of Jonathan Nottoway the Duke of Worthinghstone.. Jonathan is brought to the Andrews home after being shot and Victoria nurses him and saves his life. In turn he helps her venture outside. Jonathan and Victoria are forced to marry becasue he has been living with her alone with only a few servants in attendance since he was shot. I loved there Christmas together where they were totally alone. There are villains in the story. The Earl of Castleton who wants The Andrews land. At the end of the story is were I had the most problem and down rated a 4 star story to a 2 star. What fool goes to the home of a powerful rich Duke and threatens his Duchess and her family in front of all the servant. That was Dumb and then Kidnapped the sister and Victoria in plan sight. An Earl is no were near as powerful as a Duke. They don't even come close. Only a Prince is higher in rank then a Duke and just below a Duke is a Marquess. Earls are in the middle of the hierarchy. No sane Earl would tangle with a Duke. This Earl was just evil and mean not insane. He was a rapist also. This is what made the story unbelievable for me. The ending ruined the entire story!! Just for a few more pages the author writes dumb stuff. I know I Won't be reading bk2 Unraveled by the Rebel. Juliet's story. I don't like the storyline and what happen to Juliet and the results of her abuse. I might read bk 3. Michele Willingham has promise as an author.

  • Melissa Vasquez
    2019-04-17 19:08

    I loved how Jonathan and Victoria started out slow. They got to know one each at a nice pace. They become friends first. Both are hiding from their fears. Some fears are easy to get over and others do take time. They helped each other over come their fears. Jonathan slowly stole Victoria's heart. Day by day he broke down her resistance. He had the arrogance down. ;-) Victoria was tormented. She wanted things to change but was scared of that change. Jonathan wanted to "save" Victoria, for he was unalbe to do that in his past for someone close to him. I had to admit this book was not what I had originally expected. But it was a great change in pace and reading material. Over all I really enjoyed reading Undone By the Duke. And now I would love to read other stories about the sisters. I will be keeping my eye out for them. POSSIBLE SPOILERS:Some lines I loved in the book:" In my experience, the quietest women tend to be the most adventurous. There's a wildness that they let no one see. "I have to agree with this one. :-)"Beyond the glass lay her deepest fears and the future she wanted.""It has been my experience that the women who do not desire notice are the ones most worthy of it."

  • Zoe
    2019-03-29 19:06

    I am all for complicated stories and multi-layered plots. But some writers confuse a complicated plot with side stories about the secondary characters. I feel that this book is one of those "confused books". I like Jonathan much better than Victoria, but nothing was spetacular about either one of them. Jonathan is the typical supposedly tortured hero who, quite honestly, did not seem all that tortured to me. But at least he had characters. Victoria is a wet blanket. On my annoying heroine ranking, a web blanet is only second to a shrew. I appreciate that she was a recluse and has had little contact to the world. I do not mind that. But I don't see why anyone would fall in love with her. I feel that there is not much more to say about this book. I do not dislike the characters intensely. But the plots, the characters, the relationship, the chemistry, the land problems, the turmoil in Scotland or the intricacies of the ton, the irrelevant his parents and her parents and all the sisters and their future lovers in subsequent books in the series.....nothing held my interest. I was rather, uninspired.

  • Julie
    2019-03-23 21:53

    A wonderful historical romance with an enchanting love story. A hero and heroine who know both true pain and sacrifice, and still are blessed to find one another. Get the kleenex out!

  • Samantha
    2019-04-19 01:17

    After a traumatic experience, Victoria Andrews retreats to the safety of her home. But her fears turn her sanctuary into a prison when she finds herself unable to take a single step outside in five years. Her only solace is in the design and sewing she does in secret to help her family with their financial problems, but if anyone ever discovered that Victoria is the force behind the scandalous lingerie taking London by storm, she and her sisters would be ruined. Seeking suitable (and preferably wealthy) husbands, but unable to afford all that goes along with a complete London season, Victoria's mother and sisters go to London to visit the aunt for Christmas to attend her events and meet her candidates. Because of her fear of leaving the house, Victoria is left behind with only a few loyal servants even though the Scottish countryside around her home is in a time of violent unrest due to land clearances. Victoria takes in some wounded in the upheaval, including a stranger with a gunshot wound. By his clothing and mannerisms, she can tell that he is clearly wealthy, but seeking to avoid a scandal involving the violent deaths of his parents and enjoying the attentions of someone interested in his person and not his money or title, the man keeps his identity a secret, revealing only that his first name is Jonathan. As Jonathan heals physically, Victoria begins to heal emotionally. But will the secrets they hide destroy the progress they make, or will it bond them together more strongly? This novel tackles a few interesting topics, including agoraphobia, sexual liberation, Scottish land clearances, and abusive relationships. Victoria's fears and the scars left on Jonathan's emotional well-being due to witnessing his parents' abusive relationship are a palpable force throughout the book. Without giving away any spoilers, I will only say that while the ending felt conclusive with a HEA for Victoria and Jonathan, there were plenty of unresolved issues that would provide promising plot lines for future books in the series, featuring Victoria's sisters and some of the minor characters. The narrator's voice had little inflection, and the voice used for male characters in particular seemed somewhat garbled, as though talking with a full mouth or through pursed lips. Rather than enhancing the experience, I found the narrator to be a little distracting. However, overall, I enjoyed the book and plan to continue with the next book in the series.

  • Alice
    2019-03-30 01:11

    Victoria and Jonathan Victoria has agoraphobia and has not left her Scottish home for 5 years. When a man is shot, she allows him to be brought into her house and calls the doctor. Of course a romance is inevitable. This very different plot idea of a brave heroine who's afraid, and a very evil villain really spice up the plot. This is book one and the series will follow the family as we focus on each sister. A very good start.

  • Elaine Tena
    2019-04-08 23:00

    Not worth your timeThe narrator's male voice had a lot to be desired and the story was blah. I had no sympathy for the heroine and wanted to push her out the door and into the garden myself. Her sister and their heroes were more interesting

  • Lisa Baffi
    2019-04-14 20:06

    Four stars!I liked this story, it had interesting characters that interacted with each other well. I liked how Jonathan and Victoria helped one another. The steamy scenes were very sensual.

  • Alyssa Stanley
    2019-03-21 22:00

    Great book to pass the time.Actual rating: 3.5Sweet and funny. I'm intrigued to read the others. Perfect for a quick read when you don't want anything too heavy but you still want characters you can invest in.

  • Sara
    2019-04-16 20:12

    The story started out well (in my opinion). But as the story progressed, it started jumping from one character to another. Instead of focusing on the main characters Jonathan and Victoria, the story jumps to Victoria's sisters, the every single character around the family. I would say it felt like half the story was only focused on Jonathan and Victoria. As a result, you are left with unanswered questions, which will force you to purchase other books in the series. Something I have no intentions to do, since I got this free from the Samsung Kindle App.As I stated above, the story started out well. I liked the character development. But the moment of marriage, the characters did a full 180 and became the opposite of what they were like in the start. From there, I became annoyed, and enjoyed the story less and less.Had there been less jumping around from multiple characters, and a massive change around for the characters, this would have been enjoyable.

  • 78sunny
    2019-04-03 18:05

    Kurz-Meinung:Bei dieser Reihe hatte ich ja Band 2 (Unraveled by the rebel) vor diesem ersten Band gelesen. Ich muss sagen, dass mir „Undone by the duke“ noch besser gefallen hat. Für mich war die Geschichte romantischer und ich mochte den Helden etwas mehr, da er dominanter war. Band 2 war so ein Zwischending zwischen Highlander Roman und Regency Roman, aber dieser erste Band hier ist schon viel deutlicher ein Regency, was mir ebenfalls besser gefiel. Trotzdem sind beide Bücher für mich Highlights im hist. Liebesroman Bereich und Band 3 habe ich mir bereits vorbestellt.„Undone by the duke“ habe ich mir von einer Freundin ausgeliehen und irgendwann möchte ich mir auch diesen Band ins Regal stellen. Die Reihe zeigt das Leben von 4 Schwestern. In jedem Band spielt eine die Hauptrolle und die Handlungsstränge der Bände überlappen sich. Daher empfehle ich die Reihe in der richtigen Reihenfolge zu lesen. Jeder Schwester ist sehr individuell und hat meist ein bestimmtes Problem. Bei Victoria war es die Angst davor aus dem Haus zu gehen. Warum sie diese hat, müsst ihr selbst lesen. Dieser Angst und wie sie diese überwindet spielt eine große Rolle im Buch. Daneben spielt das heimliche Nebeneinkommen der Schwestern eine große Rolle und spiegelt sich auch im Titel der Reihe wieder. Das fand ich interessant in die Liebesgeschichte eingewoben. Überhaupt spielt sich viel neben der Liebesbeziehung ab, was ich teilweise sehr erfrischend fand, an anderen Stellen mir aber mehr Szenen mit dem Hauptpaar gewünscht hätte. Allerdings ist dies in diesem Band schon deutlich besser als im zweiten. Die Liebesgeschichte fand ich sehr süß. Ich mochte die etwas spitzbübische Art des männlichen Charakters und später seine doch recht deutlich werdende innige Liebe und seinen Drang Victoria zu beschützen. Nicht so gut gefiel mir mal wieder das (ach so typische für hist. Liebesromane) Drama wo die beiden schon längst zusammen gekommen sind. Da muss man sich in dem Genre wohl mit abfinden, aber ich finde es teilweise schon sehr nervig, dass genau an der Stelle wo man denkt 'Endlich haben sie sich gefunden/Endlich haben sie es kapiert' dann doch wieder irgendetwas passiert bzw. sich einer aus nicht wirklich nachvollziehbaren Gründen zurückzieht. Das war auch bei Band 2 schon so und wie gesagt ist dies bei vielen Büchern dieses Genres typisch. Da ich nicht so der Spannungstyp bin, könnte ich gut darauf verzichten, andere fänden es sonst aber vielleicht langweilig.Das Buch ist nicht ganz so spannend von der Hintergrundhandlung gehalten wie Band 2, aber es bahnt sich hier schon einiges an. Das große Drama spielt sich aber bei dem Handlungsstrang der Hauptcharaktere aus Band 2 ab, der hier nur im Hintergrund oder gar verdeckt abläuft. In Gefahr gerät aber auch Victoria. Leider wusste ich dies alles schon, da ich Band 2 vorher gelesen hatte. Also lest bitte in der richtigen Reihenfolge!!!Was mich besonders an der Reihe und eben auch diesem Buch begeistert sind die erotischen Szenen. Die sind der Hammer für einen hist. Liebesroman und trotzdem passen sie einfach herrlich. Vielleicht liegt es darin, dass ich in dem Genre sonst eher ältere Bücher lese und das ganze da doch etwas prüder beschrieben wird, aber ich muss wirklich sagen, dass ich sehr positiv davon überrascht war, wie gut die Autorin das hier geschrieben hat.Ich kann die Reihe jedem Fan des Genres empfehlen und ich fiebere dem nächsten Band entgegen. Meine Wertung:5 von 5 Sternen

  • Virginia Campbell
    2019-04-15 18:16

    Author Michelle Willingham introduces us to the four Andrews sisters in "Undone by the Duke", Book One in the "Secrets in Silk" series. A traumatic incident in Victoria Andrews' past has left her a virtual recluse, afraid to leave her home in Scotland and interact with the world at large. With her father away fighting at war, the family finances have suffered, and her mother worries over the marital prospects for Victoria and her three younger sisters. When her mother plans a trip to London to introduce the girls to society and to gain the notice of eligible bachelors, Victoria remains at home. Content with her sewing, which secretly includes garments she sells to help pay for the family living expenses, Victoria is left in the care of two trusted servants. However, Victoria cannot keep the world at bay, and her life is changed forever by the arrival of unexpected visitors. After gunshots are heard nearby her home, an injured man is brought in by her manservant. Bleeding badly from a bullet wound to the leg, the man identifies himself only as "Jonathan", and Victoria dubs him "Mr. Smith". Obviously a man of quality, he is also a man of mystery, but Victoria cannot let him bleed to death. Using her stitchery skills, she closes the wound and prays that the doctor will make his way through the winter weather and the violent unrest between English landowners and ousted Scottish tenants. When the doctor finally arrives, he brings with him some of the wounded and homeless Scots, and Victoria agrees to offer them refuge if the doctor will care for the English gentleman. Jonathan has reason to keep his identity a secret, for he is in fact Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone. In Scotland to investigate the state of his own family property, Jonathan was shot by a young boy who had mistaken him for the reviled Earl of Strathland. Victoria, the woman who wanted to be alone, is now responsible for a houseful of people in need of care and shelter, and she must take control of the situation and make decisions she never expected to make. She must also face her increasing sensual awareness of the handsome Englishman who takes great pleasure in teasing her and watching her reactions. As her yearning for something more in life begins to grow, so does her boldness in designing ladies undergarments increase. Victoria and Jonathan each have their secrets to keep, but a friendship between them eventually becomes an attraction with the promise of something more. When her mother returns, Jonathan states his intention to marry Victoria, but he knows she will refuse unless he can manipulate her into saying yes. With her mother's blessing, his plan succeeds, but there is much to be resolved before their future happiness can be secured. Can the woman who hid from society truly enjoy life as the wife of a Duke? Will Jonathan let go of the painful memories of his father's cruelty to his mother and reach for a happy life with the woman he has come to dearly love? Look forward to more "Secrets in Silk" as each of the Andrews sisters has their own romantic adventure. Review Copy Gratis Amazon Vine

  • Chris McFarland
    2019-03-25 21:10

    Victoria Andrews has designed some of the most sensual and scandalous lingerie for the most exclusive modiste in all of London. Yet she hasn't met the modiste in person, hasn't left her Scottish home in five years, and hasn't felt the touch of a man...ever.Jonathan Nottaway, Duke of Worthingstone, has had his fill of women for the time being, marriage minded or otherwise. After his fiancee dumps him due to a family scandal beyond his control, he disappears from society for a year without any intent on returning. Deciding to check on a piece of property he one in a card game, Jonathon heads north to Scotland, not realizing that the man he won the property from was so cruel and so hated among his tenants that showing his face was likely to get him shot and leaving him to the uneasy ministrations of a skittish female and her superstitious servants. Will his recovery bring about a healing for both of them?This was a tantalizing, intriguing, and emotional read. The heroine suffers from a truly debilitating phobia that she cannot even put in to words, much less explain or reason. The incident that led to this phobia was truly horrifying to her, and given the fact that she has been letting it build and fester for five years, it seems almost insurmountable.Aside from the phobia, Victoria does have a certain amount of quite bravery about her. She is highly observant of things around her and is thoughtful when contemplating solutions to issues that come up. Upon the appearance of Jonathon she proves that her phobia is consistent with her personality. She is naturally skittish around strangers and has to force herself to socialize with anyone, even just one person.The hero in this story is a bundle of emotions held together by a contradictory disconnect. His life has been full of abuse, anger, shame, grief, and guilt. After ending up on Victoria's doorstep he is cautious and hopeful all at the same time. He hopes to protect her from his world and protect himself from the heretofore unknown feelings that she seems to bring about in him.The supporting characters in this story are memorable. The sisters are very much like any sisters you meet. They are loyal to each other and very close, but nothing alike. Their different personalities complement each other and lead to the successful clothing design endeavor. Jonathan's aunt is brash, but likable, as are Victoria's aunt and uncle. Their neighbor, Cain, is cunning and harsh, but is an overall good guy and his connection with Madison is an interesting subplot.The villain, however, takes the cake. The Earl of Strathland is more than words can describe. Even curse words would not be strong enough to describe him and what he does to innocent people who are supposed to be under his care.Overall, this is a good book. Well paced, well written, and well plotted. It is the first book in a quartet, so we will be seeing many of these characters again.

  • Leila Hays
    2019-04-11 00:08

    Like in the young adult genre, in romance there is very little that hasn't been done before.  It's all a matter of presenting an old idea in a new way.  But (feel free to correct me by posting a comment) I don't think I've ever read or heard of a romance novel where the heroine suffers from agoraphobia.  Maybe it's because of the difficulty in introducing the necessary hero (I mean, how is a young lady supposed to meet the man of her dreams if she can't leave her house?).  Well, Michelle has the answer.  You set the story in the Scottish Highlands in the nineteenth century or earlier (where there's always some sort of conflict to be had), and have a bad guy shoot your hero.  Problem solved.Undone by the Duke is the first in a series of four books, each one focused on one of the four Andrews sisters.  I've read the first three (the fourth isn't out until December, and I'm already dying of the anticipation).  This one is probably the most demure of the bunch, with the least conflict and danger (although it's definitely there, and the bad guy is pretty nasty), and the least passion (although there's still plenty of it).  I think the reason this one isn't quite as hot is that the hero isn't too terribly tormented (although he does have is issues), and he isn't a Scot.  I mean, there's just something about a Scot, right?  Sean Connery and Sam Heughan (swoon). Need I say more?Now, let me be clear on something.  If you're looking for the sweeping historical detail and background of something like the Outlander series, you'll be disappointed.  But the absence of such depth of setting isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It makes the Secrets in Silk series much easier to read (and reread), not to mention finding the sexy parts for more careful perusal.  After reading the Outlander series for the umpteenth time (as any good fan does, myself included), Undone by the Duke and the other novels in the Secrets in Silk series are perfect for taking a breather, but still getting your Scots romance fix.This review was originally posted on LeilaReads

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-04-06 00:58

    I’m so pleased I found this book through the Kindle Unlimited program. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent tale of overcoming fear and finding a new world opened to explore. I’m not speaking of travel, even though some travel is involved, but of an emotional journey. The pacing of the story is steady, and kept me turning the pages, so I could find out what would happen next. I’m not going to recap the story, since I feel the book blurb does this extremely well.Ms. Willingham brings her scenes to life, allowing me to enter and feel as if I’m part of the action. Her writing is deeply emotional, and the heroine feels intense longing, passion and abandonment as she fights to conquer her overwhelming fear of the outdoors. I truly felt the fear that Victoria experienced when she attempts to go outside for the first time in five years, her inability to touch the door, to twist the knob. The author’s writing is smooth and descriptive without being intrusive, painting the background and setting with a masterful touch. She stays true to the regency period and uses no modern terminology, which will pull me out of a story quickly. Her writing is so vivid that I was able to live vicariously through the characters, experience what they felt and what they were seeing.Talk about building sexual tension, Ms. Willingham is superb at this, letting me to experience it as it finally reaches a crescendo, culminating in an emotionally charged love scene, without becoming overly graphic. She shows the passion through the emotions the characters are experiencing, instead of the mechanics of the sexual act. The love scenes are truly beautiful, and engaging. Now, for what didn’t work for me. I felt that she did not resolve the issue with the villain of the story to my satisfaction. It left me frustrated and disappointed, even though I did sense that she plans to further develop this story line in the other books in this series. I do plan to read the rest of the novels in this series. In fact, I’ve already downloaded the other two that are out.If you’re looking for a story with beauty, that engages the heart, then this is a book you will want to read. I know I’m certainly glad I did. Happy reading!

  • Claudia
    2019-04-17 21:00

    Another well written story by Michelle Willingham, bitter sweet for me.I started this series without expectations and I was surprised to find intriguing characters and new stories to come for all Andrews sisters. My biggest surprise was to see what happened to the proud MacKinloch clan. Reduced, over to time, to renting their land from the English.Another sobering lesson about the damages created to people's lives in Scotland.Somehow the fact that the Andrews family helped them made it a bit better for me to read about the MacKinloch craftsman as a background story to Jonathan and Victoria. Jonathan Nottoway, the Duke of Worthingstone, has traveled to Scotland to check out a property he has won from from the Earl of Strathland.Jonathan was avoiding the London society after both his parents died violently and everybody thought that because of his father's debt and shame he would be ruined. His fiancee left him but in secret he build up his wealth. He was aware that he should find a suitable wife to her an heir to all his wealth. Love or friendship were not in his plans after everything that happened in his life.Victoria is alone at home during the Christmas season with only two servants to keep her company due to her fear to go out of the house. She has a passion to sew beautiful undergarments and dresses she is selling them to a well known London dressmaker. With the money that she earns she wants to make sure that her sisters and mother have enough funds for the London season.She was resigned to a life alone in the house and she fully embrace it.When Jonathan is shot by a young boy who mistakes him for Strathland he is taken to Victoria to be treated for his wound. Jonathan's and Victoria's relationship is the main part of the story-line and it's interesting because it shows the foundation of friendship and love at the same time and the healing of two broken people. In the background we see the struggles of the MacKinloch clan and Dr Frasier interest in Juliette.A very interesting era and I am guessing the next books will focus on 2 main characters and how a peaceful life is build for the Scots with some help. I am looking forward to the next one.

  • Debra Lambert Stone
    2019-04-09 21:09

    Undone by the Duke (secrets in silk Book 1)I really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to reading more by Michelle Willingham. Now onto book 2. Thank you for a good read. Happy reading.

  • Andrea Guy
    2019-04-03 20:57

    I've read several of Michelle's books from Harlequin Historical, so when this book popped up on Net Galley, I was excited and I wasn't disappointed either.This story was different, very different. Victoria is suffering from agoraphobia as a result of a stressful even that happened 5 years ago.Jonathan is in Scotland to look into some land he won, but when he arrives he's shot and brought to Victoria's home.Some of the plot is old hat. Jonathan is a Duke that would very much like to be loved for himself rather than his title or money and there's a scandal in his family that keeps him from being in society. Victoria's family is of course, down on their luck. Her father is fighting in Spain, and her mother is struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile Victoria and her sister's are making gowns to help out, unbeknownst to her mother and at some point, Victoria starts making ladies "unmentionables." And not the plain ones either. Victoria is truly a Victoria's Secret kinda girl! or at least designer.What made this story such an enjoyable read were how flawed both characters were, and both with a kind of neurosis. Victoria couldn't step out of her house and Jonathan was afraid the the violent temper his father had would be passed on to him.Yet somehow these two fall in love, without wanting to. I loved how caring Jonathan was with Victoria, especially when he was trying to get her to overcome her fears. You could also understand why she never wanted to see a doctor about her problem. In those days, there really wasn't much done for mental illness. She would have likely been locked away in an asylum, which isn't a pretty place for anyone to be.The other thing I liked was the sort of role reversal. As Victoria is starting to feel slightly more comfortable being outside of the four walls of her home, Jonathan is the weaker one. His feelings for Victoria seem out of control and he fears hurting her.I love how both characters have a strong love of family and I especially love how protective Jonathan can be.This is another great book by Michelle Willingham. I can't wait for the next book

  • Marisa
    2019-04-13 21:19

    I loved and hated this book at the same time. It is more a growth book then it is a romance. It is definitely not rainbows and sunshine. As a matter of fact I felt completely melancholy throughout the whole book. Even the ending left me content but not completely happy with it. First of all my go to type of book is a historical romance, preferably from the regency era. This one is set in Scotland and to me that is not a detractor at all. It is actually a nice change of pace to be honest.Victoria has a secret and yes the pun is intended and was a thought I had in my head throughout the book. To be honest it annoyed me but that’s just me. She is desperately afraid to leave the protection of her house. So much so that she would rather face death then do it. Now we know given this is a romance and we cannot kill off our main character.Jonathan is the strong and supportive Duke in disguise set on helping her overcome her phobia. I really liked him for about ¾ of the book and somewhere after that I just really didn’t. He turned from a strong supportive individual to an unsure, unconfident, individual at the blink of an eye.The story progresses with a villain and is written to be continued. Both our hero and heroine learn to overcome their personal issues together which is what I did enjoy about the book but the mood and setting was gloomy and bittersweet for the majority of the book. Every character it seems, and I am not kidding, is broken in one way or another. The mother, the father, the sisters. The second book in the series is to be about Victoria’s sister Juliet and the good doctor and I both do and do not want to read the next book. The story is very well written. The characters flesh out rather nicely. Enough so that I do want to know more about them and hope for nothing but the best of all. This was a page turner for me I actually finished it during a rainy weekend. Given the weather which probably lead to my melancholy feelings while reading. It is just the tone of desperation, depression, and need that just are not my usual forms of entertainment. Take from this what you will but all in all it was a good book, just not my usual read.

  • BookMaven
    2019-03-31 01:00

    MoroseVictoria Andrews has elected to stay home in Scotland for Christmas, while her family is away visiting in London. A knock on her door reveals a wounded man in need of assistance. He has been shot. A local Lord is waging war on the local crofters outside her door, also. Victoria has little choice, but to take in the stranger.Jonathan Nottoway, Duke of Worthington, dare not reveal his identity to these Scots, for they might decide to ransom him. Actually, he quite enjoys interacting without the heavy shroud of a Dukedom. He has other reasons for keeping his secrets, also. He discovers his virginal angel of mercy has secrets of her own. She is fashioning scandalous unmentionables for sale in London. What prompts this angel to risk her reputation, and that of her family, to engage in trade of this risque' attire?The advertising blurb really drew me in. I thought there would be humor, fun, and delightful, sexy banter. NOT. Everyone in this story is unrelentingly sad, in the bleakest of circumstances, with no relief ever. I was unconvinced that love could bloom in this hopeless desert. This novel touches on the pain of agoraphobia, which at first intrigued me. But I quickly found that reading about someone taking baby steps toward a door while experiencing extreme anxiety for pages and pages quickly grew tiresome.This book was adequately written, but the plot took in too much misery for me to find any pleasure. Every character is frozen by insecurity and dysfunction. Any shred of romance indicated was destroyed by constant self-talk about denial of any possibility of any such finer emotion. This book had some history about the uprisings between the landholders and the crofters in Scotland, which was mildly interesting. However, there was not enough real intimacy between any of the characters to make them appealing. Even the requisite "happy ending" in historical romance was born out of lies and tragedy, thereby rendering it impotent.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-02 01:07

    Ms. Willingham never fails to develop characters that touch me. I see flaws in the heroin and hero I can identify with. I was intrigued by Victoria, secretly making women's sexy undergarments (ha,ha), and her fear of leaving her home. This phobia is nearly incapacitating. She is disappointed in herself for the deep fear she lives with. Though her family does needs the money, she would sew anyway. It is her escape and the one thing she can do without fear and do it well. Victoria's new life begins when Jonathan Nottoway enters her life (he is shot in the leg and is brought to her home for help) I love the way the two characters develop slowly enough that you feel you know them. We get to see a little about the other sisters and her mother. I was fascinated by the glimpse into the strained relationship between her parents. I love how Jonathan becomes attracted to Victoria; she is different from the forward women of London. He keeps his true title from her, fearing she may only see him for his money and title until later. Jonathan has secrets he is living with also. How is parents died is the big one. His personality seems to change toward the last half of the book. His fears tend to rear their ugly head as he and Victoria return to London. Once they are settled in the home he shared with his parents he becomes consumed with his fear of treating Victoria like his dad treated his mom and he becomes distant. We all have insecurities and Jonathan lets his control him for a few months. All ends well, and there is a SEXY love scene between Jonathan and Victoria that had me reading it a second time. Just to make sure I didn't miss anything. *wink, wink*.I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and I really hope we get the story of Victoria's parents. An estranged couple, wanting their relationship to work but not knowing where to begin.

  • Laura
    2019-03-23 20:54

    When a book starts out with the hero staring down the barrel of a gun you just know it's going to be good! That is precisely how we meet out hero, Jonathan Nottoway, Duke of Worthingstone. After being shot and taken to the home of our heroine, Victoria Andrews, where they are all alone except for two servants *gasp* sparks start to fly. Heroine Victoria is not your average run of the mill English miss, oh no, she is quite different. I've been reading romance novels for well over 20 years and I can, in all honesty, say that Michelle Willingham came up with a quite refreshing twist when creating her heroine. Victoria hasn't set foot outside her house in 5 years, yes you read that right, 5 years. Not only that , she also designs racy lingerie for the well to do ladies of London! As you can probably guess Jonathan, being the hero, tries to help Victoria get over her fear of the outside world. It was great fun following these two through their well written and fast paced story.It's a book I didn't want to end. There are so many characters I want to know more about and am looking forward to reading their stories. Victoria's sisters, parents and a few others all making this series a must read. Sometimes it's hard to write a review without wanting to write about all the great parts and this is one of those times. Even though the characters aren't as fleshed out here as they are in Michelle Willingham's other novels, the story line is solid and very enjoyable. You get enough of the character to either like or dislike them, not only the main characters but the secondary too.So from the touching dedication to the lovely acknowledgments, yes I read those too, it's a first class read. One you can't help but want more of......