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Meljean Brook returns to explore the seductive corners of the dark, as a forbidden attraction tempts danger under the canopy of the Demon Night.Charlie Newcomb worked hard to get her life back together. But all that is shaken when she's set upon by three vampires desperate to transform her beauty into something evil. Because Charlie is the vital link to something they wantMeljean Brook returns to explore the seductive corners of the dark, as a forbidden attraction tempts danger under the canopy of the Demon Night.Charlie Newcomb worked hard to get her life back together. But all that is shaken when she's set upon by three vampires desperate to transform her beauty into something evil. Because Charlie is the vital link to something they want--and need: Charlie's flesh-and-blood sister, a medical scientist whose knowledge could be invaluable to the predators.But to get to her, they must first get to Charlie, who's now under the intimate protection of Ethan McCabe. As her Guardian, Ethan is attracted to her vulnerabilities--as well as her strengths. The closer he gets, the more protecting her becomes not just his duty, but his desire. Will it be enough to save Charlie when the demon night falls?...

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Demon Night Reviews

  • Felicia
    2019-04-16 00:46

    For the record: I AM OVER VAMPIRES. I've been off the genre for a few months, so going back to this was a struggle, but I enjoyed The Iron Duke so much that I really wanted to try the author's other books, and I'm glad I did!I think the biggest strength of the author is to create deeper characters than you'd generally see in the genre, and also to avoid the cliche trap. A Cowboy Guardian Angel sounds kinda hokey when I type it, but it was a relief from the cliched confident and urbane dude we usually see as a hero. Some of the lore was kinda confusing, but I really liked the shades of grey in the storytelling. Charlie was a really flawed character and because of that I was way more invested in her than some flawless perfect chick getting her man at the end.Like I said, the whole "bite me during sex and I'll bleed and enjoy it" is something I really am not into lately, but I really enjoyed the characters and the world created. Fans of JD Ward, Kenyon, Feehan, Frost and others in the genre will feel right at home here. I'll be picking up others in the series down the road.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-04-05 21:31

    Meljean Brook is the type of author who continues to blow away readers with her incredible writing. Demon Night is another wonderful submission to her world that showcases the war between the Guardians of Heaven and the Demons of the underworld. And of course don't forget those vampires and other creatures that are bent on destruction. But with Demon Night, you have two incredible and endearing characters that will go against all odds to be with each other or die trying. Ethan a.k.a Drifter, is a Guardian (angel) who lived during the Old West. He is a true cowboy and his twang is his trademark. He mission is to protect a human woman, Charlie. But Ethan is quite stumped over Charlie. He has a bit of a crush on her. Charlie is unlike any woman he has met. Charlie is damaged. She has quite a past from problems with alcohol, disappointments and trouble seems to follow her where ever she goes. But she is a survivor and her days are filled working as a bartender and keeping in touch with her dear sister, Jane. But when her new neighbor, Ethan moves in next door, her life changes forever. Charlie is being watched and stalked by the undead who want to make her their own. Ethan must keep her alive and protect her. But what is an angel suppose to do when he falls in love with a human? How can they be together? If you are a fan of paranormal, fantasy, spiritual and scorching hot romance, Demon Night is the must read. Charlie and Ethan's romance maybe a bit more subtle than her past books,(remember Hugh and Lilith's?) but you will be amazed yet again and will not be able to put this book down till the very end. Past characters show up along with new ones. Even though some may think this is an everyday ordinary romance, it truly isn't. Demon Night is so much more and beyond anything you will read. I recommend you start from the beginning of this series to get the full taste of what you will be in store for. Kudos to Ms. Brook for her imagination and coming up with the characters of Charlie and Ethan and their quest for happiness and love.

  • Sayuri_x
    2019-04-19 20:44

    I loved this book. I found it slighlty confusing at first as it is the 5th in a series (The 3rd full length) but after the first few pages, I was completely hooked and just couldn't put it down. You don't really need to have read the previous books as this is a great stand alone novel, you just miss some of the worldbuilding.The book revolves around Charlotte 'Charlie' Newcombe and Ethan 'Drifter' McCabe. Drifter is a 'Guardian' sent to protect Charlie from a vampire threat she is unawre of. I'm not going to give any more plot details away, I don't want to spoil any of it, suffice to say there are vampires, angels, demons, some hot angel/vampire action all bound up in a tightly plotted, well written novel.Word to the wise, there are sections of this book that are just not safe for work, so don't be trying to read it on your lunch hour ladies or you be frustrated something awful.And see if it on your 'to read' list, do yourself a favour and make it the next one off your pile. You will not regret it and if you do, you can come round here and leave me a snarky comment. I don't mind, I can handle it. I can't imagine there many out there who won't be utterly entranced by this book.

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-04-09 21:54

    Brook's Latest Guardian Would Make Even An Angel Want To 'Fall' , Before reading Demon Night I just couldn't imagine 'cowboy' guardian Drifter, who was a very minor character in Demon Moon, being a very interesting leading man. Well I'll admit right here, I was wrong. But then I should know better, after all author Brook managed to make the very vain vampire Colin in Demon Moon into a great leading man and she does an even better job here with `Drifter' Ethan McCabe who is really no cowboy. For 140 years Ethan has been a Guardian, fighting demons and protecting humans. When the lovely but seemingly fragile Charlie is targeted by a group that plans to turn Charlie into a vampire to use her to `motivate' Charlie's research scientist sister to their cause, Ethan is assigned to protect Charlie. Ethan plans on keeping Charlie safe from a distance, because up close there is something about Charlie that is just too distracting and in his business distraction could cost Ethan his head or Charlie her life. But when the villains become bold, Ethan's plans change and suddenly keeping Charlie very close seems like a very very good idea. Charlie sees a hero in Ethan, but he's never been a white hat kind of guy. While Ethan is a Guardian he's no angel, before becoming a Guardian he died an outlaw's death in the old west. But Ethan is so solid and gorgeous that Charlie can't help but want him, even as she tries to keep herself from needing him, because Charlie doesn't allow herself to be needy and dependant, she is no longer that broken woman. Soon the connection between Charlie and Ethan grows and Ethan promises to `provide' everything she needs, but what Charlie really wants from Ethan, what she really needs from him is the one thing she can't ask for. Ethan is a great hero and Brook does a terrific job of giving him the feel of being from another time. There's something just a bit quaint in way he strings together the words he uses when he speaks, even after taking into account the "aw shucks ma'am" affectation that he uses to get people to underestimate his intelligence. Also there's a difference in his attitudes that make him not a modern man, from his physical modesty to subtle way of expressing his feelings and the difference in what his words mean to him that Charlie doesn't pick up. Ethan is also puzzle. The prolog gives a hint of his unsavory past, but when Charlie first gets someone to tell her about Ethan's past it is hard to reconcile the difference between his beginnings with the outlaw thief and murderer became, We just have to wait until Charlie hears it from Ethan's own lips to figure it out. Part of what makes Ethan such an effective romantic lead is the way that he holds himself so tightly. Ethan's rigid control could have stolen emotional intensity from his relationship with Charlie, if Charlie didn't challenge his control so thoroughly. But instead, Ethan's restraint actually builds the tension between them so that when Ethan's restraint breaks from time to time he and Charlie really sizzle. I have enjoyed every single one of Brook's novels and she has another winner here. It is a smart read and there is so much in Demon Night that is well done. And with Brook's books coming in at 50 to 100 pages longer than your typical paranormal romance, Brook has the space to take the time necessary to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of her characters as she develops the complicated and satisfying relationship between her leads. She is also able to explore the world that she has created for them more thoroughly than would be possible in a shorter book. Brook's world is an interesting one, one where good and evil are blurred and are sometimes a matter of perspective, some of the `good guys' have much to atone for and some of the `bad guys' are working for the greater good but use the ends to justify less than sterling means and her mythos which includes fallen angels, the demons, vampires and Guardians and demon prophecies hangs together well. Oh and lest I forget, Brook does steamy very well. In one of the hottest scenes in the book, both Charlie and Ethan are fully clothed and barely touch but wow! So now I can hardly what to see what Brook dishes out next. She has Demon Unbound coming in November of 2008 and a short in the First Blood anthology out in August 2008. If you are new to the Guardian series, Demon Night works pretty well as a standalone read even though there are characters that appear here and events referenced from previous books. Brook does a pretty good job of briefly filling in some of the history but if you're a new Guardians reader, Brook's website has a page just for you, it's designed to get new readers up to speed on the world of the Guardians and what's gone before, the spoilers for previous books are minimal. If you are going back and starting at the beginning of the series, Brook has the reading order of the series starting with the short in "Falling for Anthony" from the Hotspell anthology as the first story though it falls chronologically in the middle of Demon Angel. Personally, I thought the short worked better when I reread it after Demon Angel because it was more fun having an idea of who all the characters were first and knowing a bit more about the world made the story make more sense than when I read it the first time. My recommended reading order: Demon Angel (The Guardians, Book 2) - Lilith and Hugh Hot Spell "Falling for Anthony" - Colin's sister and Colin's transformation Wild Thing "Paradise" - Selah and Lucas Demon Moon (The Guardians, Book 4) - Colin and Savi Demon Night (The Guardians, Book 5) - Drifter and Charlie First Blood Demon Unbound

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-03-24 21:52

    Hmm. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I liked the book before it. I’m firmly entrenched in the world-building in this series, which is pretty cool. I understand how things work and I feel like I know most of the key players. I’m definitely down with the series. But I had trouble connecting with this heroine, and even worse, I was frustrated by what felt like ridiculous impediments to their HEA.Both the hero and heroine were new characters to the series. Ethan is a Guardian, assigned to watch over a human woman named Charlie. Charlie’s sister Jane is unknowingly a player in a demon scheme to replicate vampire blood. They want to turn Charlie into a vamp in order to manipulate Jane into helping them. Ethan doesn’t intend to let that happen. So he positions himself as her next door neighbor and is there to help her when the bad guys make their move.Charlie is a weak woman. This isn’t my interpretation, but rather a point driven home quite frequently in the story. She has a history of drinking away her problems and leaning on various crutches to get her through tough times. She even destroyed her own voice in a drunk driving crash, obliterating her exceptional ability to sing. Now she is trying to better herself, but she is deathly afraid that she will again succumb to her own weaknesses. And what greater weakness than falling in love, right?Ethan is an old cowboy who made a couple of wrong turns before becoming a Guardian… and one or two since. He’s sultry and sexy in an “aw shucks, ma’am” kind of way. That appeal is one of the few things that saved the book for me. Because his relationship with Charlie was a hot mess. These two wanted each other from the get-go, but their fears, coupled with an inability to express their feelings and needs complete cripple their momentum. Every conversation where they would pussyfoot around what they needed and wanted… every time they left vital things left unsaid… every time they miscommunicated… my patience grew thinner and thinner.The action part of the plot was fairly good, though I thought Jane was a complete tool and got off way too easy for the lack of regard she showed her sister. The sex was hot. And I feel like the series is developing well overall. But this couple and their whiny crap didn’t hold a candle to Colin and Savi. Hopefully, the next romance will work better for me.Rating: B-

  • Starfire
    2019-04-18 19:58

    Solid 9/10 for this one. I'd been holding off on starting it because it was the first book in the set that didn't revolve around a character I already felt like I'd met and come to know through previous books and short stories. But I'm really, REALLY glad I finally kicked myself up the butt and did.One of the things Meljean Brook does *wonderfully* is flawed, complex characters who manage to be strong and competent despite their flaws. And in the heroine of this book, Charlie Newcombe, Ms Brook does NOT disappoint. Charlie's someone who's been through an alcoholic hell of her own making and is determined never to go back there again. She's become a perfectionist (in the almost-crippling, negative sense of the word), someone who knows her determination to be strong is so out of balance as to be a weakness, but she keeps doing it because it's the lesser of two evils, and any lapse in her own control is likely to send her reaching for the bottle again.Watching her change slowly over the course of the book as the world of vampires, guardians, nosferatu and demons intersect with her neatly ordered life is... difficult, but wonderful.And given that the ending actually made me *cry* happy tears while sitting in my car at work reading in my lunch hour, I think it's fair to say the writing style worked for me. Can't wait to start book 4 - meanwhile, this one gets a solid 9/10

  • Maria_Love_For_Books
    2019-03-23 23:52

    Why there aren't more stars?????This book is GREAT!!!It's worth more than 5 stars!!!

  • Ashley
    2019-03-23 18:54

    Ethan "Drifter" McCabe, a sigh-worthy Guardian who manages to bring sexy back to suspenders-- Wait, were suspenders ever sexy? Probably not but who cares and oh gawd, who can even think straight when Ethan's wearing them?! YUMM-ee!!! Eehhm...what was I doing? Oh right, typing up my review of DEMON NIGHT.Ethan, once a rebel outlaw of the American West where no lock could contain him, is still busting through locks a century later with his Gift. Well, every lock except for one. When Lucifer revealed the symbols for the shielding spell, word got around pretty quick on how to use them for protection. When activated by blood, the symbols shield the inhabitants within any space from any outside attack except natural disasters like fire and smoke. The problem is that if someone is stuck or trapped behind the spell, no one can retrieve them, locate or sense their psychic energy nor can they pass them any messages for the spell prevents the inhabitants from reading, hearing, or seeing any form of communication. Ethan's inability to break through this particular lock not only frustrates him but it will also soon haunt him.Over the course of the last two months, Charlotte "Charlie" Newcomb has been indulging in steaming hot sexual fantasies starring her new next door neighbor, Ethan McCabe. His slow and rumbling western drawl flows sinfully over her senses, arousing every single nerve ending within her body along its way, but she's never actually laid eyes on him. A wall divides the porches of their apartments but there's comfort and safety in that wall. Finally on an upswing after detonating her life with drugs and alcohol, the last thing Charlie needs is a man but there's no harm in dreaming. Unfortunately when a pack of vampires come after her, Charlie is soon forced to discover that her neighbor is not only dropped dead gorgeous in a hot rugged cowboy kind of way with his hat and duster, but he's also her Guardian and Charlie's heart is in serious trouble of falling head over heels in love.While the reasons for the vampire attack on Charlie are perplexing, it's Ethan's rampant emotions where Charlie's concerned that weigh heaviest on his mind. Knowing that it's Charlie's inherent nature to be needful and clingy, Ethan swiftly erects emotional walls to distance her with what he thinks will be her inevitable behavior. But as he comes to truly learn who Charlie is deep inside, Ethan realizes (with no small amount of shock) that Charlie's strong inner neediness is combated by a will of unbreakable determination. With each moment in her presence, Ethan grows to admire Charlie's unshakable backbone and her determination to make the best of a dire situation with unswaverable bravery. Suddenly, instead of Charlie's need, it's Ethan's need that drives him to provide for Charlie not because she necessitates it but rather that he's just dying to be the one to give her everything and anything she desires. Le sigh....Ethan and Charlie soon discover that it's the Demon Sammael that is ordering the vampire attacks on Charlie in an attempt to transform her into a vampire. Prior to the successful closing of Hell's Gates for the next five hundred years, several hundred demons escaped to Earth. Free from Lucifer's Punishment for the time being, the demons are grabbing for power and have begun infiltrating vampire communities and using them as a means to break the Rules. The Rules prevent demons and Guardians from disrupting Free Will and killing humans but the Rules don't apply to vampires and nosferatu. Typically Guardians would slay any vampire who broke the Rules and both Guardians and demons slay nosferatu due to their mutual hatred, but without Lucifer's enforcement the demons have found a way to break the Rules without getting their hands wet with human blood.Sammael hopes to use Jane, Charlie's sister, as leverage for the transformation. Jane was the only person capable of hauling Charlie out of her downward spiral and truly saved her life. It's because of this and so much more that leads Charlie to do anything where Jane is concerned. When Ethan informs Charlie that Jane's beloved boyfriend is not Dylan Samuels but rather the Demon Sammael, Charlie's first instinct is to remove Jane from danger but Sammael won't let her go without a fight and demons can be oh so convincing especially when it involves their precious agendas. Jane's genius capabilities with DNA is coveted by Sammael and he'll do anything to keep her beside him even to the extent of transforming Charlie into a vampire. Jane will be that much more motivated in her DNA work if it'll help Charlie and her...uncontrollable urges.Unfortunately, Sammael isn't the only threat. Recently, entire vampire communities have been exterminated in the breath of a single night. Something new is stalking Earth, something that will be more than a threat to not only vampires but Guardians and humans as well. In the midst of locating Michael - Doyan and leader of the Guardians - in the hopes of discovering a means to neutralize mankind's new enemy, Charlie and Ethan fall hard for each other. But despite the fact that Ethan has provided everything Charlie would ever need and more, he still hasn't given her the one thing that she wants and can never directly ask for.I know that I'm beginning to sound a bit like a broken record but I must point out this fact, again, that DEMON NIGHT is unlike anything I've ever read. How Brook manages to pull this off with every novel is seriously beyond me but it's something that I've come to expect and thankfully it's something that's consistently delivered.A quick shout out to Western Romance lovers: DEMON NIGHT is a must read!Ooooo Ethan...he's a man's man but he also ignites lust and sin within the opposite sex. He's unfailingly polite with cultivated manners that has you instantly knowing that his momma raised him right. His giant but comforting stature offers the kind of protection that every woman, even the most independent and strongest, yearn for. While Ethan's slow drawl makes him appear slow in thought, it's actually a rouse allowing him to choose his words carefully, giving him the opportunity to remain one step ahead in any conversation. Yet this behavior also leads him to draw quick conclusions especially where Charlie's concerned. I admit that in the beginning I felt the urge to knock some sense into Ethan's thick skull for trying to distance himself from a woman of incredible worth, but Charlie did it for me with a nice swift right uppercut. You go, girl! In essence, Ethan's and Charlie's struggle really stems from her inner battle against ragin need and his desperation to provide. Thankfully Brook spends a lot of time (that this reader soaked up with utter glee) fleshing out their relationship.Charlie is also an extremely likable heroine. Her background isn't common in romance but if you know me at all then you've come to expect that I'm not a lover of squeaky clean heroines. What makes Charlie's past so interesting is that although she is damaged, it was all inflicted by her own hand. There's no murky childhood or brutal boyfriend, Charlie simply took herself and her talent as a singer for granted. Now, where she may have been weak she's unfailingly strong yet her soul is still vulnerable and it's these combined attributes that has Ethan falling over himself to ultimately be Charlie's hero. Sigh...Ethan... *mentally shakes head* That cowboy is so distracting!And now my favorite part: The sexual tension. I've read authors who can create unbelievably ripe sexual tension but top it off with anti-climatic sex. I've also read authors who cultivate just the opposite. Brook is neither of these, instead her characters have so much incredible chemistry that the pages simply can't contain the steam they create. Oh, and the sex is off the charts explosive. Ethan is a man of amazing control and when it This physical and mental control is a common trait amongst Brook's heroes but it's an absolute blast to see their rigid restraint crumble in the face of their heroines and Ethan is no exception.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-03-26 01:34

    Third in the Guardians paranormal-romance series revolving around a subspecies of angel created from humans who have sacrificed themselves to save another. The couple focus is on Ethan McCabe and Charlie Newcomb and takes place in Seattle.My TakeThis was a bit confusing as I'm reading Darynda Jones' series about a Charley and this one starts with a Charlie. I recommend both series, just don't read them at the same time!I do love the stories Charlie comes up with! I would read this if all I had were the fantastical tales she creates on the spur of the moment.In this story, the demons are researching blood trying to find a way to produce artificial blood for vampires. A subplot is the protective spell that only Guardians knew until a demon threat required their sharing it with San Francisco vampires. Well, you know what they say about a secret shared. Yup, everybody knows it now. A few symbols, your blood and only you can pass through the barrier. Definitely puts a crimp in the Guardians' policing.Brook really creates an amazing and intricate storyline. It's been awhile since I read the short that started me on this series but I'm already wanting to go back and reread the series. This whole series is a buy for me.The StoryIt's a rough night at the bar and Charlie is kicking back, enjoying her smoke break when the vampires attack. Despite her speed in calling to Old Matthew and Vin, the vamps are faster but somebody appears behind her back. Saves her. Then disappears. Except for this feather. And she could have sworn it was Ethan.Once home, she's grateful to hear Ethan McCabe out on his balcony. He makes her feel safe. A good thing as the vampires are stalking her, planning to Turn her. They're not the only ones interested. An old boyfriend of Jane's, Mark Brandt, also wants to meet up with Charlie.Then a nephilim shows up. A demon no one can kill. Combined with Sammael's efforts to kidnap and Turn his lover's sister, the danger to Charlie is off the charts. Ethan and SI are desperate to save Charlie and identify this new demon as they can only kill it in one form.The CharactersCharlotte "Charlie" Newcomb is damaged. She had the most incredible voice and didn't treasure it. Instead she lost herself in drink and that last car crash damaged her throat; she'll never do better than a gravelly tone ever again. She also has some cognitive problems with processing. But it was enough to jerk her awake to what she was doing and now she is struggling to make amends. Partly by working at Cole's Hard Time Bar and Grill as a bartender to pay Old Matthew back for the damages she caused. At home, she indulges in opera, classics, torch singers. She always spins a great story. Vin is another of the bartenders there.Ethan McCabe, a.k.a., Drifter, is a Guardian. He sacrificed himself to save his younger brother, Caleb; a pointless sacrifice. His human cover is as a representative for Ramsdell Pharmaceuticals. His Gift is the ability to open steel or magnetic locks. His past. Well, let's just say he has a very sad history.Jane Newcomb is her very smart sister who works at Legion Laboratories. She just doesn't know it's a front for a demon business. Most of the human scientists at Legion work there because the demons are turning their relatives into vampires. Ethan can't figure out why they haven't gone after Charlie, yet. Jane's boyfriend Dylan Samuels also works at Legion. He's also known as the demon, Sammael. Back in Ethan's Wild West past, Sheriff Samuel Danvers runs a tight, clean town. When the McCabe Brothers show up, he intends to tidy them up.Colin Ames-Beaumont and Savitri "Savi" Murray play a small part (their story is in Demon Moon. Lilith, aka Agent Milton, is the daughter of Lucifer but rebelled and now lives with Hugh Castleford, a fallen Guardian; they head up Special Investigations (SI), a paranormal department of Homeland Security put together by Michael, the first Guardian with all Guardian powers, and Rael, one of Belial's demons, who is also U.S. Congressman Stafford. Sir Pup is Lilith's three-headed hellhound. Caelum is the otherworld home of the Guardians. Selah is another Guardian. Jake and Rebecca are novice Guardians. Senator Bill Brandt and Mark Brandt, an old boyfriend of Jane's who works as legal counsel to Senator Gerath. Manny is the current head of the Seattle vampire community; he took over when Vladimir and Katya were found dead. He's a dealer and a pimp. And he owes Ethan.The Cover and TitleThe cover is actually rather thoughtful with a short-haired Ethan McCabe on the alert looking off to the side, wearing a thick black leather jacket over his bare chest...mmmm...nice chest. The background is a gritty urban buildings at night.The title could refer to so many things; it's really rather vague.

  • Christine
    2019-03-29 19:48

    August 14, 2013 [review update]I first read this novel more than five years ago and have just finished re-reading it as part of my mission to re-read and catch up in this series as the concluding novel in this series, Guardian Demon just released this week. I didn't think it was possible, but I actually enjoyed this book even MORE this time around. I think it may have something to do with having just re-read the first two books in the series within the last month, so the world building and series story arc is so fresh in my mind. Regardless, my immense enjoyment of this novel the second time around is also a testament to the quality of Ms.Brook's writing. It's just so timeless with her excellent use of language, humor, drama, complexity and intensity. Plus it's pretty damn sexy even if you're not into that and skip the sex scenes.. the magnetism between Ethan and Charlie and the development of their relationship is just so well written. Anyway, if you haven't started reading this series yet and are a bit daunted by catching up with all 8 books and numerous novellas, don't delay it any longer. Pick it up and start reading.. I don't think you'll regret it! [original review from 2008 below]. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Utterly fantastic![review originally posted on my blog, the happily ever after.. in January 2008.]Guardian Ethan McCabe, a.k.a. Drifter, has been living next door to his human female charge, Charlie Newcomb, as she has become the possible target of an organized vampire attack. From the onset of the novel, the attraction between Ethan and Charlie is subtle yet unmistakable as they interact from the safety behind the wall separating their apartment balconies. When circumstances bring them face to face, there is no denying the inevitable romance that develops between the Guardian and his charge. While Ethan is guarding Charlie, the newly established Guardian organization, Special Investigations, is trying to determine who or what is behind a series of serious disturbances within vampire communities around the globe. Making things even more complicated for the Guardians, Charlie's scientist sister, Jane, is immersed in research that unknowingly to her, has tremendous significance to vampires, demons and consequently the Guardians. The situation gets even more dire when the ultimate demon from Hell shows up. So as the Guardians attempt to find connections between all of these activities, and as the implications of Jane's research are revealed, the the story becomes more and more engrossing, and of course Ethan and Charlie fall deeper in love.Demon Night is an intense novel teeming with incredibly real characters, fierce action, and undeniably heart wrenching plot twists. The love story of Charlie and Ethan is a wonderful blend of humor, tenderness, and passion. Charlie is a complicated character, one who has made some serious mistakes in her past that have been tremendously difficult to make amends for. Despite the odds against her, Charlie has survived and although she is vulnerable and somewhat insecure, she makes huge strides in developing her self worth which in turn strengthens her bonds with the people she cares about and gives her the confidence she needs to maintain control of her life. Ethan is a troubled cowboy turned Guardian, a combination that makes for a very sexy, easy going, reliable hero who takes your breath away with his relentless dedication to protecting Charlie and searching for what she truly needs. Of course, the way he talks and carries himself, and the way he kisses doesn't hurt his image much either.Meljean Brook has a wonderful talent for seamlessly blending the overarching plot of the series with the story arc of the individual novel. She writes scenes that make your pulse race and your eyes widen. And just when you think the situation is stable, and a conflict is resolved, another plot twist has you right back on the edge of your seat. Meljean consistently delivers emotional intensity straight through to the very end of the story, and of course gives her characters the happily ever after they truly deserve. Demon Night is an exceptional novel that should not be missed. It will leave you amazingly satisfied yet wanting more.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-26 20:45

    This series is my new addiction. Ethan is a guardian who has been keeping an eye on Charlie. Charlie is an ex-singer who is struggling to recover her life after a self-destructive streak. She's being watched by the guardians because her sister is currently dating a demon who wants to find a cure for vampires' bloodlust. Unfortunately, the demon has made plans for Charlie in order to secure her sister's cooperation. I wasn't too enamored with this one. The storyline was good, but I felt like it dragged in some places. I also wasn't really able to get on board with Charlie and Ethan's relationship. I loved Ethan and Charlie was a pretty great heroine, but something about them together just didn't click for me. The side characters in this one were pretty great though. We see a lot of Jake, a young guardian who was a Vietnam vet before being changed. He offers a lot of humor to story and its great to see the way he interacts with Charlie. I also enjoyed how Brook used this story to muddy the lines between good and evil. The first two books really have that demons are pure evil vibe going on. Even the first one does despite having a demon heroine, because her "goodness" is subtly attributed to her being only half demon. This one starts to blur those lines through showing the relationship between Charlie's sister and her demon boyfriend. Yes, he has an agenda but it comes across throughout the story that he really does love his girlfriend. However, the sister's attitude to what he does to Charlie pissed me off. But then, the sister in general annoyed me.This is a really great paranormal series, but seriously if you're going to start reading these books do it in order.

  • Erin
    2019-04-01 00:58

    I read the first two books of this series, and I really, really wanted to love them. I think Meljean is a class act, funny, interesting, and I really wanted to love her books. I'd have to say that I liked those books, but I didn't have a sense of urgency about reading this book. The TBR pile is large, and I kept pushing this book back in favor of other reads I was more excited about. Then I read Meljean's blog entry about trying Demon Night if you couldn't get into the earlier books in the series. I took her up on it, and I'm glad that I did.This is a great book. In previous books, I sometimes felt as though the book was smarter than I was, like I was constantly missing something. I reread sections of those books more than any other books in recent memory. Constant rereading took me out of the story and diminished the effect of world building and characters that I could see were interesting if I could just stay invested in them. This book solves that problem without dumbing down the plot, the world, or the characters. This is still a smart chick's romance, but the head scratching is gone. Like Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook has written a book that centers firmly on the central couple while still developing the world and moving the larger story arc forward. I finished this book, hit the kindle store for the next one, and started reading it immediately. In my house, that's that highest praise a book can receive.

  • Edoftheworld
    2019-03-28 20:38

    I was fighting to give either 3 or 4 stars for this book.4 stars because I love Charlie. She is strong, unlike fragile and weak females. She has attitude and a courage to face life. How can one still want to live after going through and losing what she had? Truly admiriable. Yes, her life was a downward spiral a few years before, but she got up. And went head on against life, avoiding things that she likes because then she would not be dependent on them, like before.Also, though this book is twice the thickness of the usual books that I have, I didn't feel bored at all! Instead, I had to keep myself from sleeping just to finish this book. [Laughs] I love the conversations between Ethan and Charlie. It was too sweet. Talking through a wall separating them... So romantic. [Grins]But I considered 3 stars because near the end, Charlie was adamant about Ethan showing her that he needs her, even though she had chosen to not depend on anyone or thing. She was a little too needy; she kept asking him to need her etc.Other than that, the action and most of the story was great. Therefore, 4 stars! :)Ed

  • Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)
    2019-03-22 21:43

    Another great story by Meljean. The story of Ethan and Charlie is another amazing and emotionally satisfying tale. Meljean does a great job of presenting two sides of a love story. Normally, I am not a big fan of the "emotional baggage barriers" that can artifically separate a couple from each other and their HEA. I think it's because if the couple would just attempt to talk they would see each is being silly. But not so with Ethan and Charlie. Each has fears and the story is developed just right that I am swayed to each person when I read their POV. I love the Guardian series!

  • Bree
    2019-03-20 17:32

    <3 Reread in April 2013.Re-read in October 2011.

  • Moarbooxpls
    2019-03-22 21:52

    Love the author and am enjoying the series overall but this one was not my favorite.

  • NatashaA.
    2019-03-27 01:33

    Took me a bit to get into because I skipped the first two in the series but I definitely enjoyed. I'm going to have to check Ms. Brook's website to see if there is a Guardian encyclopedia...

  • Patricia
    2019-03-30 23:46

    In short: Check out the quotes, remember that I love Meljean and that I'm a very picky person. Yes, you will most likely love at least one installment and go crazy about Michael, which is why you'll love the rest of the series as well. Or you'll fall in love with the worldbuilding, the complex characters, you name it. And then, you. will. love. the. series.In long:Demon Night was amazing. I've already read all the books that have been published until now – so the first 7 novels and novellas – but Charlie, the heroine of this novel, was probably one of my all-time favorites. Meljean Brook created a world I want to live in. Her characters are so mind-blowing, real and fleshed out, they could step out of the books and no one'd believe they were just some piece of fiction. Although, in comparison to the extremely complex heroine the hero, Ethain, felt a little like arm-candy.Most of the times, when you buy a PNR novel, you are in for a entertaining, but flat read. They're either too flat, too forced, too light, too 'author-tried-way-too-much-and-it-shows'-ish. But say no more, buy a book written by Meljean Brook and you shall never suffer from PNR-ia again.I didn't expect these novels to be so damn.. clever. Insightful. And I mean on a level that speaks to the reader. My future-wife really thought about what she wrote. She creates exceptionally enjoyable stories, with – no matter if we're talking about her novels or novellas – thick plots and strong personalities. And when I'm saying strong I'm not talking about strength as in being a kick-ass heroine or an alpha-hero. I mean that their personalities are very authentic and believable. Neither flat nor stubborn in the way that some authors tend to write. They give their protagonists (and antagonists) a charactertrait and cling to it, eg creating a very indipendent heroine and then forbidding themselves to write the heroine depend on something, anything, while that is a human thing to do, even if you're all indipendent. (Of course there are worse things, for example the heroes who're allegedly open-minded and all that and then laugh at transgenders.)Here is a good scene:Gingerly, Charlie ran her fingers along his left suspender until her hand rested against his. A light touch, a connection that wasn‟t asking or taking anything.He seemed grateful for it, though; he turned his wrist to cup her hand in his palm. “I can't help but think that maybe my sacrifice didn't mean anything to him. (..) So it's tore me up some, Charlie. It would feel awful good to slip into your arms, and I want you so bad I'm damn near dying for it. But I don't know that my head's on straight after the blow Caleb laid on me. And I don't know if I'd be taking what you're offering for wanting you or because I'm hurting. I just know I ain't going to use you as a salve.”Charlie understood that all too well. “All right,” she said softly.His fingers flexed around hers. “All right?” His brows lowered over his eyes with his frown.Had he expected her to argue, to talk him into letting her fuck his grief away? (..)But he probably knew this about her, too, so there was really no reason not to explain. “Mine crept up on me instead of hitting me fast, but after a while, it was the same—so that if I didn't have a… a salve, I couldn't function, and I'd start planning my day around just getting it,” she said quietly, and had to swallow before she continued. “And you tell yourself that it makes you feel good—but really, you're just getting by. Because you feel like shit with it, but you really feel like shit without it, so you need it to get through the day. And after a while, you're desperate to get through the day without it, but know that stopping will feel worse than going—and you don't know if you're clinging to it as much as it's clinging to you. But you're constantly looking for a way to get rid of it without hurting yourself… but there's no way. And eventually you hate it as much as you need it.”She tugged lightly on Ethan's suspender before meeting his direct gaze with a sincerity she hoped he couldn‟t mistake. “So I never, ever want to be anybody's salve.”Charlie and Ethan both were lovely together. He's a Guardian and his mission is to protect her. She's a human with a history of needing things – people, alcohol, you name it – and in the middle of some supernatural shit. Her sister plays an important role there and I have to admit that while I don't even try to understand most of the secondary chars half of the time, I could understand Jane. That didn't keep me from wanting to put her through some shit, though. - Yes, I know. I should learn how to forgive one day.. Hmpf.It was an awfully complex sibling-conflict/situation. See, Jane once told Charlie to either grow a pair and get her shit together or walk out of her life. And while I see how that's exactly what old-Charlie needed to hear, I also feel like Jane simply gave up on her sister and didn't deem her worth the effort. Which.. hurts. Me. Yes. The literary character hurt me, Daddy. Go, hit her! But when Jane was in a similiar situation the 13-years old part of me thought: Now, let's tell her the same damn thing! Of course, as soon as I put myself in her shoes I couldn't and was satisfied enough with what Charlie said.. as long as I didn't think about the other person involved in the Jane-situation too much.. And.. urgh. It's just.. And.. Arg! See? This is why I don't like to think about the secondary characters' intentions too much.)As I've mentioned before, Ethan was a little pale compared to awesome Charlie. But then, why not compare him to other paranormal heroes? Because he's definitely one of the more colorful paintings on the wall, with a history, with friends and a funky way of talking.Demon Night, the whole Guardian series, is unique. Charlie and Ethan, the plot, Jane and her problem. I instantly felt a connection to all of them, which is one of the best things happening in my book-life lately. (If people can have a lovelife, I now have a booklife, so what? Huh? HUH?)Let me explain what's making this story so special: One of the bad guys here is.. sort of good. Not the do-gooder-good sort of hero, but he truly loves. See, I read some novels this year where the authors gave the villains a lead role and while I accepted them and thought it was interesting to get a glimpse inside of their heads, seeing them in love etc. all those novels aren't nearly as good as the little parts the bad guy in Demon Night got.I don't want to spoil you, so let's just call the bad guy Karl. Yes, like the Llama, but I won't even give him a hat, because he's not a Llama.. Karl is a full-blood-demon. Not like Lilith (with a penis), but a real demon. Someone who should actually be unable to feel love, but he does. He has some principles and he really is in love – in his own weird way. But he stays a demon, an asshole, actually. When it comes to him, the reader (or at least I) is torn between feeling hatred and being loyal to Charlie and Ethan or accepting that it's simply his role in the game and adoring how he is an asshole except when the one he loves asks him to stop being one. Because.. he does. he doesn't change his personality, but part of it is loving her and he changes how he behaves for her. Isn't that cute? But I hate him. Of course. Asshole that he is. Hot, cute asshole.. Shithead. Damn.But my favorite part will forever be Charlie. Right after the part I've quoted above comes this one and I think it explains Charlie's personality perfectly - As well as it shows Ethan's intelligence!He'd figured Charlie all wrong.Ethan watched the tight curves of her waist and hips as she trotted up the stairs, the lean length of her legs. She'd called her body the result of her dependency, but it was evidence that he'd overlooked when he'd been focusing on the inside and avoiding what he'd perceived as a weakness.The emotional neediness was there; he hadn't been mistaken in that. But like the fool who missed the forest for the trees, he hadn't seen the whole right in front of him: Charlie knew herself so well that she'd created a layer of pure steel that was physical and emotional, keeping those tendencies contained. She'd channeled weakness into strength, and he'd wager anything that if she found herself being trapped by her need, she'd chew her arm off escaping it—knowing that the brief agony of loss was better than a slow starving death.Had it been her lack of shields? He hadn't had to expend any effort getting in. He'd noted how well she chose which emotions she revealed, but only considered it relevant as to his need to get into her head to read her. Maybe that was why he'd missed seeing how strong she'd built the gate that led into her emotions; it had swung open so easily to admit him, he'd never imagined that she'd built an impenetrable lock on the other side.And when she'd closed it, she'd surely gotten a part of him caught up in there.The plot was very interesting, especially after having watched the season premiere of Supernatural the night before I read Demon Night.. Now, no, there are no what-was-their-name inside of Castiel, but Brook introduces the reader to her own version of Nephilim and they ain't cute. I was already wondering what she'd do and whom she'd use as the big-bad-motherf-cking evil after having closed the gates to hell, but this was unexpected and I'm very curious about what's going to happen next. (Well, I was, when I finished the novel, which is why I finished the first 7 novels in what felt like three minutes.)“The only other beings I've heard of having the black wings are the nephilim,” she said, and a flicker of recognition crossed Castleford's face. “Another one of Lucifer's experiments—the nephilim were the offspring of demons and humans.”“I remember reading something of them in the Scrolls several hundred years ago, but I'm certain there was no mention that they'd been born of humans,” Castleford said slowly. “And demons aren't fertile—was it done through a ritual?”Lilith shrugged. “I never got the details. I don't even know that the demon who told me had the details, or was just passing it on.”For the other Michael-suckers out there. She's (=Meljean's) foreshadowing a darker part of his past and/or persoanlity.Did I mention that I love Meljean? Meljean, I love you!

  • Divania Timmal-Jones
    2019-03-28 19:46

    This was...just okay. Neither character did much for me. The millions of references to Charlie's neediness became a bit frustrating. I also found the end drama about figuring her out really stupid. It was unnecessary and just pages' worth of hurt feelings and internal monologue. Also, how slow could either of them be?! I was just like, COME ONNNNNN now this shouldn't be this difficult to guess!The story was also a bit confusing. I am usually fine with following complex plots, but this was just convoluted for no real reason. Too many things were happening, and they weren't well described. Many conversations were just confusing, and not in a wonderful, George R.R. Martin kind of way. I'm honestly more interested in reading about Colin and Savi. They both just seem more engaging. Ethan was a tad boring. I found his "Miss Charlie"s quite cute, but otherwise he spoke in circles and didn't have much of a personality aside from being dutiful. And Charlie was whiny. Too much getting hurt by every little thing, and too many references to how slow she was.

  • KindleJo Jo
    2019-03-24 00:46

    Guilt, addiction, rage, redemption, sex, love, and kicking arse all over Seattle and San Francisco. Demon Night has it all. I love this book so very much <3 <3 <3

  • Joprah
    2019-03-26 01:48

    da best novel ever

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-11 22:44

    This was quite what I expected - another brainy paranormal romance from Meljean Brook! I did enjoy it, although not quite as much as the first and even a little less than the second in the Guardian series. I found it to be quite as I expected (not a bad thing) - a sizzling hot romance, an overall plot that is not really very memorable, and some "huh?" moments as I struggle to keep up with some of the characters' internal journeys. In this case, the romance is between Ethan, a high plans drifter of a Guardian (with a drawl no less) and Charlie, a recovering addict human bartender. Charlie's sister is working on important scientific research related to creating living blood (that vampires can drink) and thus Charlie and her sister get dragged into the Demon / Guardian conflict. Ethan is Charlie's guardian. When she (view spoiler)[gets turned into a vampire(hide spoiler)] he becomes her "provider" in more ways than one. Charlie and Ethan are suffering from a common problem for characters in Ms. Brook's books, and that is that they are extremely internally conflicted, and they are unreasonably wrapped up together in their own internal conflicts. I appreciate the connection being portrayed, but in this particular case it seemed a little too much for the situation. Now when Hugh and Lilith, who have been mortal enemies for 800 years and then become lovers while directly battling Lucifer for control of their lives, in book 1, have such an extreme connection, I bought it. The conflict was so dire, the history supported such a connection, it was powerful to me. In this book, I felt Ethan and Charlie had this amazing strong, basically psychic connection, that I didn't quite buy because they just met, and neither of them is as personally remarkable as Hugh and Lilith are. So maybe what I am saying is, the scale of the romance outweighs its characters and plot, and this made the book feel unbalanced to me.What I did enjoy about this book though, was that Ms. Brook explored some new angles. She writes great psychological romances, where everybody thinks alot. So the element of Charlie's status as a recovering addict, and how that informed her character, her response to the paranormal events going on around her, and most especially how it informed her falling in love and learning how to be OK in love and not totally lose herself, was really fascinating. Ethan had a little bit less of an internal struggle, but he was not neglected in the history department either. I appreciated seeing characters I know, including Lilith, Hugh, Savi, and Colin. I was really tantalized by what I saw of Michael. He seemed different to me in this book then in previous books. I am hoping he's got a book in this series somewhere because I would like to see this new darkness explored in him. I definitely plan to keep reading this series when I am in the mood for it.

  • Estara
    2019-03-23 19:47

    This is a series nicely balanced: the characters are the most important ingredient, but the plot and world are necessary and play major parts because otherwise the characters would only emo-angst or triumph without challenge.Demon Night, which is the third full length novel in the Guardian series, clarified a few things to me which I had only dimly recognised before. The protagonists are all people who in the course of the book have to adapt to the troubles and triumphs that the world/plot throw their way and none of them get out unchanged and none of them get out triumphant with no more shadows hanging over their life, having overcome everything that was thrown at them.In Demon Night we have a heroine who destroyed her own life and career through alcohol and a guardian hero who sacrificed his life for his brother only to find out that his brother was still tricked by a demon into being hanged. Charlotte is dragging herself out of the chaos she created by her own fingertips (and the fact that she got an ultimatum from her sister as a boot in the behind), but Ethan only sees that she was dependent at one time and is really scared she may latch onto him, and so he tells her to her face. Charlie can’t see how far she’s already come from her all time low and agrees with him, which is the major love obstacle for the rest of the book until Ethan figures out that she has become much stronger emotionally than him, then the author focuses on Ethan as a bit of a slow guesser emotionally so that that HEA takes until the last pages (I don’t think that was necessary really, but it also wasn’t a hurdle to the rest of the story).What I like is that Charlie doesn’t get thrown her HEA either and it comes with major changes, too. She gets forcefully turned into a vampire (and Ethan gets the guilt that he couldn’t save her from that although he had prior warning and was ordered to protect her beforehand), she does NOT get her singing voice back magically and she gets the impression that guardian Ethan only becomes her food out of guilt. She also loses her sister to the blandishments of a demon: Jane just can’t believe she cannot reform Sammael. The sisters will never be as close again (and Charlie is a stronger person than Jane anyway: she never sets her an ultimatum as her sister had done to her).Ethan hast to adapt to having failed his brother and Charlie and to forgive himself for that. It takes him awhile to understand that she wants love from him and not nourishment, really. He then takes on the guardianship for the vampires of Seattle and the awareness that even more dangerous demons (called nephilim) have been loosed on earth.

  • Chechoui
    2019-04-03 00:47

    You don't have to have read books one and two to jump into this book. The covers of books one and two are just so awful that I couldn't bring myself to check them out from the library, so I had to skip to book 3. Yes, I am a cover snob. Brook creates a very interesting world that draws you in. I like that the protagonist, Charlie, unfolds slowly and her past is not laid out for you, but rather you get hints here and there throughout the book to put together. I felt like the book started off strong but ultimately I had to give it three stars because it fell into the predictable cycle that have me wary of romance books. I'm really over female characters not feeling like they deserve happiness, and I'm also really over couples who are unwilling to communicate and express their needs, so people just go around upset, hurt, and pissed off because they don't know the other person wants. The immaturity kills me. It's a bummer because the book was a four-star book, but about halfway through, once the main characters try to figure out the relationship, it really fell flat for me, and I had to push myself to get through the rest. It really makes me question romance books and how this is a successful formula. Is this what female readers really want? non-assertive women that you want to throttle for being stupid? Where are my strong female leads who aren't afraid to express their needs as well as their sexuality? I will give props to this book having a huge plot twist in it halfway through that I won't spoil. It definitely keeps the reader on her toes.I do hope the novice Jake gets his own book; he seems like a promising character and fun. And the world that was created with guardians, demons, angels, and vampires is very interesting. Also I feel Lilith's Hellhound really needs to be prominent in a book.Also if you haven't already do yourself a favor and read this author's steampunk series, Iron Seas. I think it is better! I suggest starting with book 3, Riveted.

  • Jocelyn No
    2019-03-25 17:30

    My Meljean Brook reading glut continues!This book was one of the most professionally crafted of this series, but is weirdly my least favorite. The hero was a cowboy (now an immortal guardian) and the heroine was a recovering alcoholic. I really liked how the book talked about her struggle to get over that, how it wrecked her life and relationships. I liked that it talked about how her default emotional state was one way, and how she'd become strong by struggling against that. I kind of wish there'd been more about AA in there, because it's played such an important role in the recovery of everyone I know who used to have substance abuse habits. Still, Charlie's character building was awesome.Ethan didn't seem to progress much through the course of the story, though maybe I missed it. He learned to trust Charlie's strength, to trust himself to do the right thing, which is good, but I thought he was a little one-dimensional. I liked him, sure, but he doesn't have the depth and texture that the other characters in this series do - and I have to say that the western talk really seemed odd in the sex scenes. I was laughing through a lot of them because of some hilarious 1800's bit of dialog.The side-plot that I really liked was Charlie's sister - supposedly the strong one. I don't want to spoil anything, but her relationships really underlined how important self-knowledge is, and how much it affects the people around you when you don't. Even though this one was not my favorite, I liked that Meljean introduces some of the plot evolution in the main series story-line here. That's hard to discuss without spoilerating, though, so I'll leave it alone. I'll re-read, repeatedly even, but might skip over parts.

  • Lin
    2019-03-30 18:48

    Once again - loved it! The Guardian's is fast becoming my fav series (well at least until another Guild Hunter book comes out)This one is about Charlie, a scarred barmaid whose being targeted by vampires due to her sisters involvement in research into blood for Legion pharmaceuticals (love the name, guess who runs that one). Protecting her is Ethan 'drifer' McCabe, a cowboy guardian who was actually introduced in Demon Moon (though this took me a while to remember when), along with novice Jake (who i love already, which is cool because he takes front and center in the next Demon Bound).Of course it aint all that simple and something even worse than a demon is loose in Seattle.I still think she's gonna have trouble ever topping Hugh/Lilith but I liked Charlie and how well her problems were explained and overcome.

  • Hbeebti
    2019-03-20 01:53

    I was seriously curious about this book. I mean yeah there wasn't a lot about Drifter/Ethan, in other books but man I wanted to know more ,he was just one of those characters. So here it is Ethan is by far my favorite. Usually I don't care for true cowboys that much. But holy smokes he was HOT!! Love him!!!!!! I felt like on some levels I could totally relate to Charlie. She thinks of herself as slow. Takes more time to gather her thoughts and process things. For me that was unusual in books that I have previously read and really enjoyed that. Ethan at first thought that she was too needy and that the way that it turned out through out the book that there was so much more to Charlie , I love it! Drama unfolds with Charlie and her sister Jane. Then there is a nasty demon that is causing problems between the siblings. At one point wanted to smack Jane. New baddies come to light and lots of fighting. Overall I think this is the best book of the series so far.

  • Jensownzoo
    2019-04-01 20:56

    Oooh, I liked this one. It even made me tear up at the end. This is the first book that I've read by this author and I will definitely be scoring some more. I realize that this book is the third in the series, but the author does a really good job at bringing a newbie up to speed without infodumping all over the place. And she didn't abandon characters from her previous installments, either, which is nice. I liked the character of Charlie--damaged but strong, but a strength that she has to fight for every minute. It made a change from the type of characters that I usually read and was done in a way that wasn't annoying at all.The only thing that was a little irritating was Ethan's narrative voice. I didn't mind the folksy, western dialogue, but the author tried to take it into his thoughts as well and it didn't come over as so charming or even consistent in that medium. A minor annoyance, but I noticed it and it yanked me out of immersion on more than one occasion.

  • The Window Seat
    2019-03-21 19:45

    Going in to this book, I had no idea who Ethan - the hero - was. If you are hesitating to read it, Ethan is Drifter's real name... so that may help a bit... though for me, it didn't because I barely remembered Drifter either!Drifter is a Guardian that is on assignment in Seattle to watch over the sister of a scientist studying... well, they aren't really sure, but since a demon is funding it, they know that it can't be good for the guardians or for humans. Since the "MO" of the demons is to transform the scientist's loved ones in order to guarantee their cooperation, Charlie is the prime suspect to keep her sister Jane in line. Ethan's job is to prevent Charlie's transformation and protect her and the rest of humanity from whatever it is the demons are up to this time around.For the full review, please go to

  • Alison
    2019-04-03 21:48

    First off, I did not read the first books in this series. With that being said, I enjoyed the world building, it was certainly a very unique take on vampires, demons, hell, etc. I also like Ethan, although his bad grammar and suspenders made it hard for me to picture him as "sexy"...but I do love a cowboy. I also enjoyed Jake as a side character and the overall plot.What killed this book for me though was Charlie and the romance between her and Ethan. First, he is hot and cold...but then jumps into a relationship with her as soon as she "needs" him. And Charlie....JUST TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT! Men are not mind readers and I hate that drama crap that women pull in relationships, he needs to "figure me out" instead of her just telling him. Her insecurities drove me crazy, I could not get this book over with fast enough.