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The wealthy Duke of Weybridge knows that everyone loves a good surprise…and a good scandal. He has bounteous amounts of both for the guests—particularly for his nieces and nephew, Emily, Isabel, and Lucien—at his extravagant seventieth birthday ball. They think his promise to improve their lives means a generous stipend. But he’s got different gifts in mind: finding them tThe wealthy Duke of Weybridge knows that everyone loves a good surprise…and a good scandal. He has bounteous amounts of both for the guests—particularly for his nieces and nephew, Emily, Isabel, and Lucien—at his extravagant seventieth birthday ball. They think his promise to improve their lives means a generous stipend. But he’s got different gifts in mind: finding them the perfect matches. His task won’t be easy, because the Arden siblings have given up on love. Bachelor Lucien spends more time merrymaking than looking for a proper wife. His sister Emily, brokenhearted when her betrothal ended in disgrace, committed herself to an early spinsterhood. And Isabel’s marriage has been troubled from the moment it began—with a terrible betrayal on her wedding night. Though witty and strong-willed, the siblings are no match for their uncle’s wily machinations. And as the celebration approaches, his romantic scheming ignites illicit liaisons and irresistible temptations, sparking enough rumors to keep the ton abuzz until his next birthday....

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The Birthday Scandal Reviews

  • Cherise
    2019-02-13 12:33

    Usually I start off a book review with a little synopsis of the story. With this book I am not quite sure what to say that would be any different from the back cover blurb. There is just so much going on in this tale that to try and say anything more would be to say too much or not say enough… if that makes any sense.The characters pull you in and they all have a ton of baggage to unload and sort through. The three siblings that this story centers around are as complicated as they are enchanting. I found myself rooting for them every step of the way and enjoying the way they cleaned up their pasts to make room for the future.What I can say about this book is that I absolutely loved it. I found myself smiling at the nuttiness that is their lives. There just isn’t anything about these three that is simple, or boring. The sex scenes were delish and really added a lot of fun to the story. It’s a thoroughly fantastic read. It was cleverly written, impossible to set down and just practically perfect in every way. Cherise Everhard, September 2012

  • Melanie
    2019-01-29 19:41

    2.5 starsWell, I was in the mood for a lighthearted historical romance and 'The Birthday Scandal' jumped out at me. It seemed to fit the mark for what I was looking for, but it also offered something a bit different - namely three intertwined romances orchestrated by a curmudgeonly elderly uncle to serve as "reverse" presents for his (perhaps last) birthday celebration. Unfortunately, however, this three-in-one romance novel didn't work for me as an intertwined story - the players weren't all equally interesting and, in the end, I ended up having mainly followed the course of the storyline for my favorite couple, while skimming (and sometimes skipping) the other couples page-time.Isabel and Max: 4 stars. This was the most interesting couple for me. They've been married for a year, but so far it's been a marriage in name only, because of an unfortunate incident that took precedence for Max on his and Isabel's wedding night. It's up to Max to win his wife's favor... and it was truly fun to read their story.Emily and Gavin: 3 stars. Their story was the second most interesting to follow - although it was tedious at times. Emily is a young lady ready to set herself upon the spinster-shelf because of a humiliating past engagement and Gavin, and uncouth American, is the new heir to a Duke-dom. When Emily decides she wants a bit of carnal knowledge, Gavin sets out to dissuade her in a most persuasive way...Lucien and Chloe: 1 star. Their story was marred from the beginning for me because of the added mess with Chloe's original suitor - Lucien's less than charming father. Lucien is an admitted playboy who wants more access to his estate's funds, but refuses to settle down with a biddable wife like his father wants. Chloe didn't stand out as anything other than a blank young lady newly released to the ton. I found there was little depth to both Lucien and Chloe and I really skimmed/skipped through much of their page-time.All in all, for what we are given, Isabel and Max's story would have made a wonderful novella - or perhaps even a great book if their story had of been fleshed out a bit more. But, as a complete three-in-one deal 'The Birthday Scandal' was a bit of a disappointment....

  • Kathy Martin
    2019-01-28 16:23

    This was a fun romance. An over-bearing father and a scheming great-uncle gang up on siblings Emily, Isabel, and Lucien to give them much improved lives. Emily has been living in seclusion since her fiance was killed in a duel with the brother of the woman he compromised. She got very tired of her father throwing more men at her but is now struggling to survive with a limited income and limited opportunities. She's bored! Her sister Isabel has been estranged from her husband since her wedding when he chose to support his friend in the duel which she felt was a betrayal of her sister. They have spent the past year avoiding each other. Their brother Lucien has been living in London on a small allowance and dodging the young women his father has been throwing at him.All meet together at their great-uncle's in hopes of bettering their lives. Also at the castle is the Duke's American heir. Naturally, Emily takes one look at him and takes an instant dislike to him. However, since she is determined not to marry but is interested in taking a lover, she thinks he would work quite well in that role. He isn't opposed but his sense of honor won't let him completely compromise her. Along the way they fall in love.Isabel is surprised to find that her estranged husband has also been invited to the house party. He is willing to compromise with her and offer her an adequate income ... if she will supply him with an heir. As he seduces his wife, she begins to fall in love with him. But her mistaken perceptions about his possible mistresses keep her from trusting him. All three are surprised to find that their father is on the verge of offering for the nineteen-year-old daughter of a neighbor. Lucien is trying to think of any way to stop this marriage because he doesn't want to subject anyone to his father and ends up falling in love with the girl himself. All of these romances are being played out at a house party and involve lots of clandestine meetings, unsuitable suitors, grasping debutantes, and gossiping society ladies. While the eventual resolution of the romances was never in doubt, it was fun to read about each couple's journey. Leigh Michaels makes each of the characters, with the possible exception of the the protagonists' father, likable and well-rounded people.

  • Nikki Wilde
    2019-01-27 15:26

    This story follows Lucien, Emily, and Isabel while they attend their sick Uncle's birthday ball. Each are unhappy in their own lives in one way or another and all are desperate for a little cash to help float them. Emily the youngest has forsaken marriage. After the scandal on her engagement night she never wants to go through that again. Lady Isabel, already married but not having spent any time with her husband since, knows she needs more that the pittance she's allowed from her dowry. She decides to re-negotiate a bargain her husband has laid out for her. One she knows he'll never agree to. Lucien just seems along for the ride. He doesn't want anything to do with learning how to run his father's lands. He just wants to continue having fun in London with his friends. I had so much fun with this book. It had everything you'd want from historical. I believe Emily and Isabel were my favorites, I didn't much care for Lucien but his story seemed less exciting to me. The last chapter, although, predictable was very satisfying. A bit of humor that made me laugh. It all worked very well together. Charming and lighthearted. I'll definitely have to look up Michaels to see if her other novels are just as fun.

  • Diana Francis
    2019-02-19 15:25

    You should treat my review with suspicion. I didn't finish. I started, got so far, and skipped to the end to see if my fears panned out. They did. This is one of those books that drive me nuts because one romantic conundrum could be entirely resolved if hero and heroine would simply talk to each other, something they don't do until the end of the book. Gah! I could see that one coming a mile away. Plus the blackmail thing between them made me twitchy. On the next romance, Emily is entirely distrustful of men, for good reason. Her fiance fights a duel over a woman he impregnated and is killed. This happens before the books starts, so it's not a spoiler. Her father who apparently loves all his children, though it is hard to see it, pretty much cuts her off unless she finds herself a husband. So this woman who's been betrayed by her fiance, is next betrayed by her father. Finally, the third romance--I just didn't feel it. That could very well be my fault. In the end, I came to despise the father and the grandfather for the manipulation. So basically even though I love a good regency, this story simply wasn't for me.

  • Emireland
    2019-02-21 19:30

    Quick and satisfying but underdeveloped I have always loved Leigh Michaels romance, so I was curious how she would do in the regency era. Not bad in terms of storytelling and romance, ok in terms of regency period novel. It doesn't have the glaring wrongness of a modern romance set in regency time. But at the same time, it didn't actually feel like the regency period. Characters and settings were all underdeveloped.Also, this is almost like three short stories in one, in that none of the characters are very well developed because she is trying to tell the romances of the three siblings in one book. I would be have been more satisfied if she had separated out Emily and Gavin's storyline, and made Lucien and Chloe a subplot in the Maxwell and Isabel storyline. I felt that I was missing information by the time I got to the end. All the characters are likeable enough but you just can't get into them as much for the little time spent on each storyline.All in all, I didn't hate it, and if left to a lesser writer, this would have been a mess, Ms. Michaels could have done better.

  • Jolie Mason
    2019-02-21 19:36

    Great readOne of the best Michaels has done. Very enjoyable relationships, complex and very human. Very much recommend if you haven't read historical romance. It's a great starter.

  • Crystal
    2019-01-23 16:40

    Not my styleAlthough the characters appeared charming, this was not my style of book. The descriptive sex is not what I prefer to read.

  • DeborahColgrove
    2019-02-04 13:46

    Great storyI loved reading this story. I have to admit that I figured out the ending early and it was as good as I thought it would be.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-04 13:27

    Great A wonderful Historical Romance. I really enjoyed this book a lot. I will definitely read this again and recommend it.

  • Missy
    2019-01-31 16:34

    First time reading about four (or five) different main characters in one book. Not bad. Point of view switches in each chapter.

  • Kim Underwood
    2019-02-14 19:23

    Enjoyed this book!!Its a great book to enjoy! Fun to read for sure. Exactly what I wanted to read. Loved the characters and the many plots. I definitely recommend reading it!!

  • Paige
    2019-02-16 14:29

    I enjoyed the author’s The Mistress’ House, and was happy to treat myself recently and give this one a try. It had been on my wish list for a few years before I finally decided to make the purchase. But the book left me with a sense of disappointment after reading it and a bit of regret over doing so.While the premise was initially interesting, there was no real development of any of the romances. This made them all fall flat. The format of the other book I mentioned was set up to where each story had its own sections. That allowed for the characters to be more fleshed out. Since these stories intermingled, the pacing was erratic and rushed. There was too much bouncing around from one story to the next. We never got to know any of the characters or believe that they could fall into love. The only plausible match was the one with Isobel, since she was already married. However, her less than charming husband started their story by blackmailing her. This left a sour taste in my mouth. The story involving Lucien and his father’s fiancée (yes you read that right) was, at best, lukewarm. Since she had another paramour she was planning on running away with. The one involving with Emily and the “new” duke was a bit better, if completely unbelievable. It still didn’t gloss over the fact that, somewhere along the blood line, they were related which, for me at least, is a deal breaker. If the story was set up like The Mistress’ House it could have been much better. That type of set up would have allowed for the stories and characters to have been better developed. The constant back and forth jumping never works for me in a story. It is better to focus on one set of characters rather than having to keep up with so many different threads. While reading, I only cared about the romance between Isobel and her husband, in the vain attempt that at some point he would stop being an ass so they could work on repairing their marriage. The others just happened to fall into marriage because of “insert random reason here”. There was no connection between any of the couples which left this novel lacking in the long run. And the ending with the great-uncle and father felt corny. While the synopsis gave indication that that great-uncle was behind the matchmaking, adding the father seemed to be an attempt to redeem a person who for the entire novel was an utter ass. And it fell short. While I won’t classify this as a “won’t re-read”, it will be a skim through should I pick it up again.

  • SidneyKay
    2019-02-01 12:44

    Where’s Robert Altman when you need him?Has anyone ever watched the Marx brothers' movie A Night at the Opera? If you have, remember the very funny scene where all these people keep showing up and are eventually crammed in this teeny tiny cabin? And, then someone opens the door and they all cascade out. Or have you ever sat through a Robert Altman movie? Think Gosford Park, Nashville, A Wedding, The Player. All those characters and conversations that must be followed. One of my all time favorite movies is Gosford Park and even with all those characters moving in and out of the scenes I am still able to follow along. There is a focus in it, something I can grab onto.Why do I bring up the Marx brothers' A Night at the Opera and Robert Altman, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The Birthday Scandal. This is the first book by Leigh Michaels that I’ve ever read. While I may read future books by her, they will have to have the criteria of having just one main couple in them. You see, we have three couples, their father and their uncle to wade through. Let’s see, there’s Max and his wife Isabel and her sister Emma and her love interest Gavin, and Lucien, (Isabel and Emma’s brother) and then Chloe, the girl who is supposed to marry the father, but really is Lucien’s love interest and Dukes and Marquess' and Sleepy and Dopey and…oops, wrong story.You might think that because there are three couples, there would also be three stories and there are. Sort of. The problem I had with these stories was that instead of being separate stories, they were ALL intermingled into one story. And, in that one story there wasn’t any strong lead characters that I could focus on. No, they all had equal space allocated to them. With all these tales weaving together, it was hard for me to keep track of who was doing what to whom. One moment I would be reading about Max and Isabel’s disastrous marriage and the next paragraph there is Emma snarling at Lucien. I don’t mind secondary love stories in books, if there is a strong principal love story going on. That wasn’t the case here; in fact, they all seemed to be secondary stories. I also read numerous anthology/novellas. Some of them are good, some not so much. But this book cannot be classed as an anthology/novella either. In those books, there is usually a separation of story-lines, but that wasn’t the case in this novel. There was just too much of a jumble going on, so much in fact that there wasn’t any room for any good character development. There were possibilities in this story, the author is a strong writer…the words are all there. It’s the construction of the book that caused me problems. There was just too much muddle for me to enjoy this particular book. KaysBlog

  • Alex
    2019-01-24 14:53

    What a fun read! Action packed and very entertaining - no repetition. From the beginning you can see the set up, but the road to all the hea is highly enjoyable. I had never read anything by this author before - this was a great one to start with.

  • Cheryl A
    2019-01-25 15:34

    Although I have my favorite genres, I try to read a variety of books so that I don't get stuck in a rut. I picked this title up and read the back blurb and it sounded like an interesting twist on the Regency romance genre. Unfortunately, I should have paid attention to the open shirt on the front cover...The story revolves around three siblings - Lucien, Emily and Isabel - all who are a little gun shy about romance. Lucien is enjoying the good life of a young Lord about town in London, much to the displeasure of his father, the Earl of Chiswick. Isabel's marriage to Lord Maxwell got off to a bad start when her husband participated in a duel on their wedding night, causing a rift that continues. And Emily's fiance was killed in disgrace in the same duel, causing her to retire to the country and swear off romance forever.When a summons comes from their uncle, promising a "reverse" present, the siblings quickly flock to Weybridge Castle, hoping for the means to set their problems aside. Unfortunately, their uncle and father have a little plan of their own in mind to solve the problems, but not what the siblings expect.Following the tried and true formula of Regency romances, there is a lot of flirting and misunderstandings. The usual tight witty dialogue isn't as evident and the author throws in a fair amount of actual sexual encounters, rather than the traditional chaste romances. Overall, the three intertwining stories worked well and the novel was a light hearted, quick read.

  • Watching
    2019-02-12 16:25

    Not everyone is what they appear to be!Three unhappy cash strapped siblings are lured to the home of their ill great-uncle, a duke, thinking they will be returning back to their everyday lives a little wealthier.Lucien, Isabelle and Emily arrive at their uncle's meandering castle to find they are not the only guests invited and there will be a garden party and ball to celebrate uncle's seventeenth birthday.We meet Maxwell, Isabelle estranged and neglectful husband of one year, Gavin, the newly titled marquees and colonial cousin who is the duke's heir, Earl Chiswick, the sibling's sharp tongued father and teenage Chloe, who the earl is thinking of marrying.We watch overthe week as Lucien asserts himself and takes control of his future, Isabelle communicates and resolves the issues tearing her marriage apart and Emily learns to trust. Most importantly they all fall in love and leave the castle ready to live different happier lives.Great-uncle Josiah and the Earl of Chiswick close out the book quite differently than they started it.As you read and the characters reveal themselves you appreciate the Earl and Duke all the more. I would certainly recommended The Birthday Scandal, it keeps the angst level right where it should be, keeping you interested without being overly distressed, it's fun while not silly and realistic.

  • Damaskcat
    2019-02-23 20:40

    Lady Emily Arden has rebelled against her upbringing and society and lives in a cottage on her own with a companion to lend her respectability. An unhappy betrothal which led to the death of her fiancé has turned her totally against the whole idea of marriage. Her sister’s unhappy marriage to the handsome Earl of Maxwell has only strengthened her feeling that marriage is not for her. She receives a letter from Uncle Josiah – the Duke of Weybridge – inviting her to what he believes to be his last birthday party. Lady Emily, Lady Isabel and their brother Lucian and their father the Earl of Chiswick gather at Josiah’s castle and find they are expected to meet Gavin Waring the Duke’s heir who has grown up in America and is a stranger to all of them. What follows is a light hearted Regency romp with some sparky dialogue and some interesting characters. I particularly liked Benson, Gavin’s valet, who is very much a Jeeves character and an excellent ally in what becomes almost a French farce at times. The Duke himself is very well done too and I liked Lady Emily.If you feel Regency romances should stop at the bedroom door then maybe this won’t be for you but the sex scenes were tastefully done though a little repetitive at times. Overall this is an entertaining romance with plenty of humour thrown in and a few surprises for the characters and the reader.

  • Laurie Franco
    2019-02-18 16:41

    This book looked and sounded absolutely fantastic....and it was even better than I had hoped! The story revolves around a set of siblings who all have something going on in their lives that causes their father to constantly give them grief. Enter their rich, titled, Uncle Josiah who writes to each of them and invites them to his castle for his upcoming birthday stating how unwell he is and how each of them is his "favorite" of their mothers children. (Of course, none of them knows he writes this to each of them, lol). Once I got to the part where each of them arrived and they have their first interactions with both their father, and with one sister-Isabel's-husband, I was hooked on this book. Due to Hurricane Sandy, I'm home and with nothing to do but read, I got through this book in record time. I was actually really disappointed when it ended, since I was completely involved in everyone's story. I won't ruin anything, but for those that have read the book and know what I am talking about, I have to say that out of the three Arden's, I was really rooting for Isabel and Max! I was thrilled with how their story turned out, but wish I knew more about them!

  • Shannon Pitts
    2019-02-03 14:35

    5* to a 3* average as 4*When I first read this in college I loved LOVED it. It was a 5* all the way. However, now that I'm married and have kids, it had too much angst for me. It still has parts that I loved, but the whole, "I love him, but he doesn't want me!"...while he's thinking, "I love her, but she doesn't want me!" Drives me crazy. I now have reading about that and stupid misunderstandings that could easily be avoided if they just talked (this bugs me less in historical romances than mondern ones because they really didn't least that's what we're led to believe about the past nowadays.). I've been through too much with health issues with my husband and kids that time wasted due to dumb misunderstandings really bothers me. That being said. I would have given it a 3* this time which for me means "it was okay, and I'll probably read it again." I gave it a 4* because I averaged my original read to this one.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-30 18:27

    This is an enjoyable regency romance. Instead of the usual one romance there are three siblings, Lucien, Emily and Isabel, each struggling to find true love. Lucien is a playboy who feels no need to settle down with one woman. Emily has been living in seclusion since her engagement ended in disgrace. Isabel is estranged from her husband following an incident on her wedding night. Each of the three are invited to their uncle's seventieth birthday party, he is in failing health and promises to give each a gift to improve their lives. When they arrive they find that the duke has invited other unexpected guests and things don't go quite the way they planned. It is a fun story with some interesting characters and believable romances.

  • Urszula
    2019-02-18 13:38

    This was a very easy book to read, and very easy story line to follow. The story is about 3 siblings and about one, life changing week of their lives. The three main characters: two sisters and a brother are very likable and fun. Each one of them has a chip on their shoulder about something, yet through out that particular week, the walls come down, the passion comes out and a true happiness follows. This book is full of well written, hot, passionate scenes, as well as great & funny moments.I liked the style this book is written in. The language is very nice, without being too over the top, that you get in some regency romances.It was a great romance to read. It had an interesting story line, with few unexpected twists and tangles.Fantastic for any romance lover.

  • Tracy T.
    2019-01-27 17:39

    Wow I was just reading an amazon review by Luba Roland who describes this book as raunchy and bordering on porn. Wow that couldn't be further from my opinion. I found the sex extremely mild, so I totally disagree with that review.On to my review now..This book was good. From some of the other reviews I thought it was going to be 3 separate books. However, it was one story with three love stories woven in about 2 sisters and a brother all finding their happily ever after at their uncle's Birthday party. Which I was glad for. Good characters, good stories and dialogue with very mild sex scenes.I listened to this book via audible as I read along and the narration was okay, too many male characters with the same sounding voice was confusing at times.

  • Doreen
    2019-02-07 13:42

    Talk about a dysfunctional family! One daughter can't stand to be in the same house as her husband. The other, after a scandal caused by her betrothed, has moved to a cottage in the country and given up on men completely. And the son has got in with a fast crowd and is on his way to being a wastrel and a rake. Their father is courting a girl still in her teens, and their grandfather says he's dying. Add in an heir from the States who was found working in the fields by the lawyer sent to locate him, and a birthday celebration for the expiring grandfather, sundry rakes, gossips and society ladies no better than they should be (if that), and you end up with a lot of fun.

  • Mainer207
    2019-02-18 13:40

    Cute story!I had a bit of a hard time getting invested in this audiobook for some reason but that was probably just me being distracted. There were multiple dramas intertwined but it was fairly easy to follow. The characters were interesting and I enjoyed them getting into and out of "situations." I love Rosalyn Landor as a narrator and she did her usual fine job with this book. In fact, it was her name on this audiobook that caused me to listen to it. If you want a pleasant Regency romance consider this one.

  • CK
    2019-02-22 20:35

    What a fantastic premise of a story but by having all three siblings in the one story meant that I wanted more! Each of these stories could have been a full novel in themselves as the writing and interaction between the characters was fantastic but as a little snippet in time where they each got to believe in love again was beautiful. I love historical romances anyway and this was a well written and put together story so if you enjoy the genre then I would recommend this book :)

  • Anastasia
    2019-01-31 18:42

    This was a fun historical romance, and I liked the three stories (although I felt the brother's story got shortchanged). It doesn't get five stars because the obstacles for almost all of the couples were self-imposed and could easily have been resolved by simply talking to one another - but then there would have been almost no story at all. The "surprise" ending was not really a surprise for me, but it was fun all the same.

  • Cassie
    2019-02-19 20:31

    This was like getting 3 romance stories in one. Michaels did a wonderful job with this because even the secondary stories felt really well done and complete. Usually I don't feel like the author gives enough development to secondary stories but Michaels managed to develop them completely and they also felt> finished at the end of the book. I don't want to give spoilers so I will just say that Leigh Michaels wrote another wonderful romance full of laughter and love.

  • J.L. Hammer
    2019-02-03 18:36

    The Birthday Scandal is a well-written historical. I love this group of spunky siblings and the interactions with their overbearing father. From the start I was drawn into each of their situations and I felt a connection with the characters. I will definitely be reading more novels from this author.

  • P.
    2019-02-15 18:42

    This is a complicated book, with a plot that circles back on itself due to the machinations of a couple of control-freak elders. It took a while to get used to [inured actually] the couples whose relationships were being manipulated, but since I never rooted for any of them to succeed I can't say this was an enjoyable read.