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Callum Hunt’s summer break isn’t like other kids’. His closest companion is a Chaos-ridden wolf, Havoc. His father suspects him of being secretly evil. And, of course, most kids aren’t heading back to the magical world of the Magisterium in the fall.It’s not easy for Call . . . and it gets even harder after he checks out his basement and discovers that his dad might be tryCallum Hunt’s summer break isn’t like other kids’. His closest companion is a Chaos-ridden wolf, Havoc. His father suspects him of being secretly evil. And, of course, most kids aren’t heading back to the magical world of the Magisterium in the fall.It’s not easy for Call . . . and it gets even harder after he checks out his basement and discovers that his dad might be trying to destroy both him and Havoc.Call escapes to the Magisterium -- but things only intensify there. The Alkahest -- a copper gauntlet capable of separating certain magicians from their magic -- has been stolen. And in their search to discover the culprit, Call and his friends Aaron and Tamara awaken the attention of some very dangerous foes -- and get closer to an even more dangerous truth....

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The Copper Gauntlet Reviews

  • Rick Riordan
    2019-03-03 19:27

    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this, and I can assure you this sequel is even stronger than The Iron Trial. It’s hard to review without giving spoilers for the first book, but let’s just say Callum Hunt has a lot to think about. Some of the things he’s found out about himself, his family and the Magisterium have left him reeling. Even the companionship of his new “pet” wolf Havoc (a fabulous character) can’t console him as he prepares for his second year at the Magisterium. Call’s relationship with his father is strained to say the least. His friends at the Magisterium seem to accept him, but can they really? Call is afraid he is a danger to himself and anyone who gets close to him. Once back at the Magisterium, Callum and his friends face a new dilemma – the theft of a copper gauntlet called the Alkhahest, which in the wrong hands could destroy the Magisterium’s power. The Copper Gauntlet is full of twists and turns, surprises and wonders. Callum comes closer to learning to truth about himself, and makes powerful enemies along the way. If you liked The Iron Trial, you will love The Copper Gauntlet. I can’t wait to read more of this series.

  • Kat O'Keeffe
    2019-02-22 19:31

    The first half was a bit slow, but I LOVE how this series is progressing! Both books so far have had unexpected twists and amped up the stakes for the next installment. I did prefer The Iron Trial to this book, but overall I'm really enjoying this series and I can't wait for the next one!

  • Emma Giordano
    2019-03-24 11:48

    4 Stars! I really enjoyed this sequel, I liked it better than book one!I think back in 2015 when I first readThe Iron Trial , I was a very immature reader and I didn’t allow myself to fully engage with a non-Shadowhunters books from Cassie Clare. Obviously, these works are very different in every way and both good for their own reasons!The Copper Gauntlet pulled me in from the very beginning! It was easy to jump back into this world with these characters even though it’s been 2 years since I read book one. I did lose a bit of focus in the beginning (I listened to the audiobook which is always a factor) but I was super interested in the beginning and end, which were fabulous!Ultimately, I have no significant critiques for this book. It was quick, fun, intense, and an all-around great reading experience. I will definitely be continuing with this series with the audiobooks!

  • Catriona (LittleBookOwl)
    2019-03-10 16:47

    Full review to come!

  • LolaReviewer
    2019-03-02 16:42

    3.5 stars.Of course, this is no ‘‘The Mortal Instruments.’’ It doesn’t even compare. It’s not even some middle grade version of it with some elements changed. Not at all. So it’s no wonder that, even though I do adore Cassandra Clare, I’m not exactly in love with this series. To tell you the truth, I did not enjoy the first book exactly, because of all the similarities to Harry Potter.But this sequel helped the series redeem itself to me. I liked the mix of fantasy/magic and mystery. Callum struggles even more than in the first book, because although the signs are there (about who he really is) he cannot help but hope that it’s not true (and so do we!).What’s also interesting about this story is that Callum is not the hero exactly. His friend Aaron is, to the eyes of everyone, even, I bet, Callum’s father. Who is missing! They need to find him before the bad guys do.And kill him. Lots of action and magic. I dare say that it’s a series worth continuing with even if, like me, you thought the first book came too close to HP.If there’s one thing I would change, though, or work more on, if I were the author, that would be the teachers and magic school itself. It’s just not very exciting. And the teachers are not characters that are very memorable.But this is a fun book to read for its magic, character dynamics and villains.Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Bloglovin’

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2019-02-23 19:43

    I really wanted to love this, but IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. Not even a little bit. Which is such a gargantuan disappointment for me because I adore both Holly Black AND Cassandra Clare astronomical amounts. Apparently, just not together. (dangit) In my review of The Iron Trial (my review here) I did say I thought it had a lot of Harry Potter influences, but now? The deviations are BARELY there. I honestly felt like I was rereading some version of Harry Potter. And not just because of the whole "magic school" (because honestly? they don't even learn any magic in this book) but because the characters are so similar. And I was bored. And...and...I JUST AM SAD THAT I DIDN'T LIKE IT, BUT I DIDN'T, OKAY!??!...but here is a list, specifically, of things I struggled enormously with:WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:+ Despite the characters Call, Tamara, and Aaron feeling like rehashes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione....I plain didn't like the trio. There personalities felt...dry. Average. Expected. No one POPPED off the page. Cal has moved from a cute 12yo bitterness, to just this acidic, snappy 13yo who I care about 2% about. And his and Aaron/Tamara's friendship felt more off than on. Like he'd be moody with this HUGE DEVASTATING PROBLEM, and they'd weed it out of him with promises of "we won't tell" but...then they run off and tell. WHAT?! And later in the book, Tamara is all teary and "pls tell me all the things, Call, I'm adorable and you know you want to and I won't tell" and all I could think was "SHE'S A FREAKING LIAR." (Plus Tamara is just getting more bookish and serious and nerdy like Hermione....seriously, why couldn't her personality have been different?!) And Aaron, despite being the Makar and the most POWERFUL mage of ever, has about as much personality as a tuna sandwich.+ More Harry Potter, more so, than the first book. The Magisterium is actually corrupt, like the Ministry of Magic. Call's dad was all buddy-buddy with the evil dude. The evil dude is returning from the dead, aka like Voldemort. There's an entire flying car scene like in Chamber of Secrets. Jaspar is freaking Draco Malfoy. And Call even has a protective weird wolf/dog....oh! Just like Harry sometimes had Sirius when he was in dog-form. I really expected MORE and BETTER from this series, okay?!+ 13 year olds...being mistaken as total legit grown ups...AGH THIS DRIVES ME NUTS. I guess kids like to read books where they believe they could do anything, right?! But Call poses as 18 at one stage to get on a bus. And later he drives, like 15 hours to a different city. DRIVES. THE THIRTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD WHO SHOULD BE WATCHING CARTOONS AND HAVING A SNACK DRIVES A CAR PERFECTLY. Excuse me. But no. + Incompetent grownups galore. I get it. You can't possibly have an adventure if surrounding adults have brains. But still. They're in a school surrounded by powerful mages for goodness sakes and they can't even locate a couple of runaway kids?+ Speaking of which...let us not do magic at school in this book about a magic school. They basically go on a self-appointed quest to save Call's dad (who kinda wants to kill him, but family...gotta love 'em regardless) so there aren't any lessons or learning about magic. There's barely any schooling. Because who needs school when you were born evil and fabulous?Basically I did not love it. Even though there were some redeeming factors. Like how Call has this little "list" in his head on ways to "Not Be an Evil Overlord" and how the book is short and punchy and full of action (although the world definitely lacks development). And there were a few quips that had me smiling inside. Only on the inside though, because the book had lulled me into a coma of "excuse me but no" because the originality seemed so lacking. There is also a possibility that I'm just too old to appreciate it. Hey, I'm not 13! So maybe an actual 13 would love this and dream of eating lichen and having a psycho dog and beheading stuff -- SO YEAH. For me? I wanted something that didn't feel like a stereotype or trope and just plain "I DONE SEEN THIS A BILLION TIMES PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHIN' NEW".

  • Richie Chagas
    2019-03-14 18:19

  • Josu Grilli
    2019-03-18 14:20

    3.5.Un aumento de calidad en cuanto a trama y construcción de personajes respecto a la primera parte, pero algo corta y con una acción muy limitada, aunque con un ritmo mucho más dinámico y mejores diálogos. Una segunda parte que consigue introducirte por completo en la saga y que hace desear saber más a la de ya.Pese a haber abandonado durante unos días la lectura de El guante de cobre, Clare y Black tienen una pluma mágica y consiguieron que leyera un setenta por ciento de la novela en apenas un día y medio. La historia comienza en el verano, un tiempo antes de comenzar el segundo curso en el Magisterium, donde Callum acudirá con su vida patas arriba. El inicio de la novela es sin duda, uno de los mejores inicios de una segunda parte en una saga de estas características, y no solo por lo duro que es, sino por la cantidad de elementos de la trama utiliza para asentar las bases de algo más complejo a desarrollar más tarde.Me ha gustado mucho eso, el hecho de que pese a ser una novela middle-grade, su complejidad deje ver un mundo más allá. Pero también tiene un problema, y es que no se consigue ver del todo. Se ve que hay un mundo, unas reglas, una política, pero es todo demasiado... borroso. Es tanto un punto a favor como un punto en contra, y eso me echa un poco para atrás.Lo que no me echa para atrás es, sin duda, la evolución no solo del personaje principal, sino de sus amigos Tamara y Aaron. Las conversaciones y relaciones entre los tres son magníficas, realistas y con muchos más matices que en la primera parte. Sin duda, es una saga más humana de lo que parece y que sorprende en muchos aspectos.La magia en esta ocasión es incluso más importante que en la primera parte, con objetos mágicos, maestros locos y el descubrimiento de secretos del pasado que te dejarán con la boca abierta. Pensaba que el final de La prueba de hierro era insuperable, pero en general su secuela lo supera por su mayor complejidad. He echado en falta un poco más de trama en el nudo de la novela, pues 250 páginas se hacen cortas (la introducción a la historia es larga, aunque entretenida; y el desenlace es ligeramente más largo de lo que debería). Me daba la impresión de que era una novela tan corta porque se les vino el tiempo encima a las autoras, y hay ciertas subtramas que suenan vagas, aunque en conjunto el libro funciona perfectamente.No es una novela increíble, lo sé, y tiene sus fallos, pero desde el primer momento la saga me conquistó y seguiré con ella hasta que termine. Me gusta, me gusta mucho. Me entretiene y creo que tiene mucho que ofrecer, aunque no puedo evitar pensar en El guante de cobre como una preparación conjunta para lo que se avecina. Veo los dos primeros libros de la saga como una iniciación, porque hay tramas cerradísimas que no deberían estar cerradas... Si lo habéis leído o lo vais a leer, me entenderéis.Me encanta la saga, joe ♥

  • Erika
    2019-03-09 18:24

    Oh God, where do I begin? Mi ricordo ancora l'esaltazione che ho provato quando Cassandra Clare e Holly Black hanno annunciato la serie del Magisterium e rammento ancora meglio e con più calore la forte emozione che ho provato quando ho finito di leggere il primo capitolo della serie. Ero entusiasta e non vedevo l'ora di prendere in mano il secondo, che ero sicura avrei amato. Volevo davvero che mi piacesse, ma non è stato così.La storia di Callum Hunt ha avuto reazioni molto controverse fin dal primo momento. In molti lo paragonavano ad Harry Potter ma, nonostante anche io vedessi qualche sporadica somiglianza, ho sempre pensato che fossero due universi ben distinti e che non si sarebbero mai intrecciati. Mi sbagliavo. Io per prima sono stata una di quelle persone sostenitrici del fatto che, sebbene questa serie avesse molti elementi in comune con quella scritta da J.K. Rowling, non dovesse proprio essere fatto il paragone essendo gli intenti, la trama generale e gli elementi completamente differenti. Nel "Guanto di Rame", però, questi elementi si sono sovrapposti e gli echi da Harry Potter si sono fatti più frequenti, se non atrocemente e ostentatamente ridondanti. Ho avuto quasi la sensazione di rileggere una copia piuttosto bruttina e banale della storia della mia serie preferita. Dal momento che le cose da dire sono tante preferisco esporle sotto forma di lista in modo da ordinare i miei pensieri e cercare di essere il più schematica e chiara possibile. Dunque, ecco qui i motivi per cui questo libro non mi ha fatto impazzire:- Come ho già avuto modo di ripetere nel paragrafo precedente, le somiglianze con Harry Potter erano enormi. Non tanto per quanto riguarda la trama, ma per i personaggi. Call, Aaron e Tamara si sono trasformati ancora di più in copie sputate di Harry, Ron ed Hermione, senza però mantenere la loro vitalità. Le loro personalità, infatti, mi sono sembrate piatte, banali e, purtroppo, anche noiose. Nessuno di loro ha brillato o si è distinto, perfino la loro amicizia mi è risultata pesante e rarefatta, basata su dei pilastri che secondo me reggono con grandissima difficoltà. Poi c'è anche da dire che il libro è fitto di una tonnellata di somiglianze con Harry Potter davvero, davvero palesi. Ecco alcuni esempi: l'animale che accompagna e protegge Call, Subbuglio, è un lupo del caos (che per me è un forte richiamo alla figura di Sirius Black), il cattivo di turno mi ricorda molto la figura di Voldemort in alcuni suoi aspetti (specialmente per il suo passato prima di diventare quello che è), il Magisterium è chiaramente corrotto così come lo era il Ministero della Magia, tra i maghi ci sono dei pregiudizi davvero molto simili a quelli tra mezzosangue e purosangue, l'organizzazione del Magisterium per quanto riguarda dormitori e pasti ricorda tantissimo quella di Hogwarts, Jasper è la fotocopia di Draco Malfoy tanto quanto Celia è quella di Ginny Weasley,(view spoiler)[ ad un certo punto del romanzo c'è una scena che coinvolge una macchina volante (suona familiare?), il cattivo Valentine torna letteralmente dai morti proprio come Voldemort, Call comprende il linguaggio dei primitivi mentre tutti gli altri recepiscono solo dei suoni senza senso (more like...Serpentese?) (hide spoiler)], etc. - La storia che hanno deciso di seguire in questo romanzo mi è sembrata spesso irrealistica. Qualche esempio? Durante il corso del libro non c'è nemmeno una lezione di magia. Com'è possibile?! Inoltre i protagonisti (e voglio ricordarvi che hanno 13 anni) si gettano nel mondo senza un particolare addestramento o controllo dei loro poteri e riescono a risolvere qualsiasi situazione gli si presenti nel giro di qualche pagina. Sarò ripetitiva ma...COM'E' POSSIBILE? Se fosse questione di fortuna avrei potuto sorvolare sulla questione una o due volte, ma qua vengono messi in gioco degli incantesimi e un utilizzo di poteri decisamente superiori alle capacità che qualsiasi tredicenne senza allenamento potrebbe anche solo pensare di avere! Mi dispiace, ma a me i conti non tornano. Inoltre, altri avvenimenti che mi sono risultati estremamente ridicoli, (view spoiler)[ Call riesce ad acquistare un biglietto del pullman fingendosi diciottenne, scappano tutti allegramente da scuola senza che nessuno se ne accorga (perché, chiaramente, una scuola di magia piena di artefatti rarissimi, potenti ed estremamente pericolosi deve per forza avere un'uscita nota a tutti e facilmente accessibile per entrare e uscire indisturbati e non visti. E' assolutamente logico, sì...), sconfiggono con troppa facilità un primitivo che ha ucciso una maga molto forte con uno schiocco di dita, Call non ha mai guidato una macchina però grazie ad una spiegazione affrettata che suo padre gli ha fatto in passato riesce a guidare per ben quindici ore, etc., etc., etc.(hide spoiler)]- I ragazzini si comportano e ragionano da adulti, mentre gli adulti sono un branco di incompetenti e incapaci. Anche questo, secondo me, non è realistico. Un ragazzino di tredici anni non potrà mai avere la maturità e i mezzi per compiere quello che i nostri protagonisti hanno fatto nel corso del romanzo. E poi, per quanto riguarda i così detti adulti... (view spoiler)[Ma ce la fate? Siete dei magistri, dovreste essere i maghi più potenti del pianeta, avete le risorse migliori e le capacità adatte per fare praticamente qualsiasi cosa eppure vi fate fregare da dei ragazzini? Com'è possibile che non riusciate a trovarli quando loro hanno semplicemente operato un debole incantesimo di "invisibilità"? Ripeto: non sta né in cielo né in terra.(hide spoiler)]Alcune cose che non mi sono piaciute e che classifico come minuscoli spoiler (gli spoiler un po' più "grossi"li nasconderò sotto l'apposita tendina, non preoccupatevi):- Tamara. Tralasciando il fatto che ricorda sempre di più una copia slavata di Hermione, non è un personaggio coerente. (view spoiler)[Fa promesse che non mantiene, rivela segreti che non dovrebbe rivelare e poi pretende massima sincerità sempre e comunque.(hide spoiler)]Ora, le sue scelte sono opinabili e io non so che cosa avrei fatto se fossi stata nella sua stessa situazione. C'è anche da dire che a momenti è solo una bambina, ma bisogna anche ricordarsi che in questo libro i tredicenni vogliono dimostrare di averne almeno venti quindi... meh. Cominciate ad accorgervi anche voi che le cose cozzano un po' troppo?- La monodimensionalità di Aaron. (view spoiler)[Si è rivelato essere il Makar (hide spoiler)], dovrebbe avere una delle storyline più interessanti e accattivanti di tutti... e invece ha la gamma di emozioni (e le reazioni, aggiungerei) di un cucchiaio. La cosa che mi da più fastidio è che lui porta con sé tutte le caratteristiche che mi piace trovare tanto in un personaggio fictional quanto in una persona nella mia vita di tutti i giorni: coraggio, onestà, pietà, intelligenza, gentilezza, una buona concezione di ciò che è giusto e ciò che è sbagliato, etc... Il problema è che qualsiasi cosa faccia o dica, mi risulta piatto, scialbo e monotono. E' noioso, noioso, noioso. E ciò mi dispiace davvero un sacco.- L'insensato bisogno di inserire a forza Jasper nell'avventura dei tre. Non ne capisco il senso tuttora.- (view spoiler)[ LA SCENA DELLA MACCHINA VOLANTE E IL FATTO CHE SIANO SCAPPATI COSI' FACILMENTE E IN MANIERA COSI' STUPIDA NON STA NE'IN CIELO NE' IN TERRA, COME GLI E' VENUTO IN MENTE IO NON PROPRIO NON LO SO!(hide spoiler)]- (view spoiler)[ Gli indovinelli fatti dalla testa della defunta Makar, Verity, erano di una banalità assurda. Per entrare nella tomba di Valentine mi aspettavo, come minimo, delle prove assurde, complicate e pericolose e invece... Ma mi prendete in giro? Tra l'altro indovinelli triti e ritriti a cui ormai saprebbe rispondere chiunque. Come può un cattivo farsi fregare così da dei tredicenni? Bel sistema di antifurto, complimenti.(hide spoiler)]Tra l'altro, il libro è noioso. Non scorre né cattura. Non mi ha fatto venire voglia di restare col naso tra le pagine e l'unica ragione per cui l'ho letto così in fretta è stato in mancanza di altre attività con cui dilettarmi durante una lunga attesa in stazione e un altrettanto lungo viaggio in treno. Se c'è una cosa che odio, poi, è sforzarmi di finire un libro in modo tale da poterne iniziare un altro, cosa che mi è capitata con "Il Guanto di Rame." La mia più grande delusione, però, come ho già avuto modo di dire e voi di intuire, sono stati i personaggi. Quando ho letto "L'anno di Ferro" pensavo che avessero un grandissimo potenziale e mi è dispiaciuto e, perché no, anche fatto arrabbiare che si siano rivelati essere solo delle copie monodimensionali di qualcosa che ho già visto e amato in passato. Non posso dire niente di Holly Black perché non mi è mai capitato di leggere nessuno suo scritto, ma ho sempre apprezzato tantissimo i lavori di Cassandra Clare e mi stupisce che questo suo romanzo non sia stato capace di raggiungere il livello che, normalmente, lei raggiunge e supera senza alcuna difficoltà. Avevano tra le mani una storia dall'enorme potenzialità, ma che hanno fatto scivolare in qualcosa di estremamente banale. E ora come ora, ammetto, non sono nemmeno sicura di voler prendere in mano i seguiti. Una piccolissima parte di me è leggermente curiosa di vedere come proseguirà la storia (nonostante il mio interesse si aggiri attorno al 2%), ma il resto non vuole assolutamente risentire l'amaro in bocca nel vedere una saga promettente (e per la quale avevo anche grandi aspettative) ruzzolare rovinosamente nella più sconcertante delle mediocrità.

  • ★MC's Corner★
    2019-03-06 19:40

    5 stars!!!“The end is closer than you think, Makar.” –WarrenYeah! Cassandra Clare and Holly Black did not disappoint!5 STARS B****es! SO GOOD! I LOVE IT!*MC’s Corner*Note: Spoilers.• The Copper Gauntlet is more adventurous than The Iron Trial. I liked that they went outside the Magisterium. (I know it’s against the rules.) I also this one is more fun.• My only gripe on this book is that it’s too short… I mean much as I love it, I kinda wanted. I waited a year. Duh!• I wish there’s more of the Copper Year thingies. I love their studies on The Iron Trial; it’s one of my favorite. • I also love that I got to know more of the main characters, the world and wonders of Magisterium, which I think is cool.• The last part… it was almost like the first one. You gotta step it up.But ‘THE HEAD’ thingy, damn, that was so effing creepy as hell…• The Copper Gauntlet did not remind me of Harry Potter any more. And I realized that after I finished it. Kudos for that! *thumbs up*• But the thing is this series is definitely going to be on my every year’s TO-READ list.• And I really do wish it was longer… @gleekidMC

  • Amber Robertson
    2019-03-25 17:39

    This review can also be found on my blogR A M B L E Wow, what a book. I was sucked in almost instantly. The beginning for this was such a bigger bang than the first book. There were flat parts, but since it is only an incredibly short novel I was completely enthralled and involved with the world. The Copper Gauntlet definitely displays a different kind of story to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (sorry for the comparison), it definitely strays completely away from the belief that this series is in any way similar to the others in any way. I mean, none of the series have a main character who has a wolf, so I know which one I prefer. This book had adventure. This book had friendship. This book smashed middle grade and young adult stereotypes. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a fast paced novel that features no romance and incredible friendships. C H A R A C T E R S#C A L L U M Callum Hunt remains our main character. We see the whole story through his eyes and experience his reactions to what is happening. He is also pretty oblivious, which makes reading his perspective pretty frustrating at some times. Not only that but the fact he was so unwilling to communicate and share information with his friends. I wanted to shake him and scream he could trust them. There are some incredible changes in his character, in my belief, the way he goes about magic and just how he holds himself is different from the first book. He is no longer scared of judgement from his peers and is truly more open. #T A M A R A Tamara is both my least favourite character and a girl I know I would be best friends with. She is comic relief, she is fearless and she is not about to take a single characters shit. Being Muslim of Iranian descent Tamara has a lot of pressures on her. She has to deal with a lot of complications, especially since her family is in the Assembly (kind of like court for Mages). I just love her. She is not a perfect character. None of the characters in these novels are. She is flawed. She doesn't always do the right thing and she does screw up. But, man, is she well written and kickass. #A A R O N Aaron doesn't do too much this book. After the events of the last book he kind of becomes closed down and a tad hopeless, in my opinion. He also doesn't do too much throughout this book. He appears, does some magic to save everyone, say something wise and then disappear into the background. I feel he's hiding secrets that I am very interested in learning. #J A S P E RJasper is rude and snarky. He hates showing emotions and is basically me in a fourteen-year-old boy. I was astounded by the character development that was shown throughout the book for Jasper. It was pretty surprising considering how terrible he had been in the previous book. I hope we see more of Jasper in the third book. P L O T The plot of this was intense. With Call's father on the run from the Mages who want to kill him our main character feels he needs to save him. Aaron, Havoc and Tamara join him (followed by Callum's mortal enemy Jasper) in order to stop events that are unfolding. That didn't make sense, did it? Just trust me on this, the plot is awesome. I was completely unable to put my phone down (I'm reading the ebooks). I'm nervous to see how the next book unfolds since there will be a wait for the fourth and fifth books. O V E R A L L Overall, this book was amazing. It was better than the first, in my opinion. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black manage to create such a unique and original story, managing to push down stereotypes that find their way into most stories. The characters are flawed and the action is mindblowing. Definitely a recommended series. 

  • madametschenny
    2019-03-11 17:23

    Der erste Band konnte mich nicht vollends überzeugen & ich war mir sogar noch unsicher, ob ich Band 2 überhaupt lesen werde ... Gut, dass ich mich dafür entschieden habe! Es war grandios! Magisch, unheimlich & super spannend! Mich konnte dieses Buch absolut in seinen Bann ziehen! <3

  • Thibaut Nicodème
    2019-02-26 13:30

    Chapter-by-chapter review on my blog, the Snark Theater.Okay. This book just managed to disappoint me, which is pretty impressive considering that 1) I had zero expectations going in and 2) it actually does improve on its predecessor on some levels. Well, one level.That being the book's plot. We have a focused plot, which is actually driving the events happening in the book from almost the entirety of it! Sure, there is a moment in the middle where things kind of stagnate, but as a whole, the plot's mostly there. Unfortunately, it's kind of a stupid plot, and it only works because 1) Call is naive and trusting as fuck and 2) convenience. And then it only manages to span across an entire novel rather than a few chapter by sheer force of coincidence. Even then, the book's pretty short. But still, more focus, that's good!The problem is…everything else. The last book ended on the reveal that Call had the soul of the Enemy of Death, the big baddie who is totally not a Voldemort ripoff. This book opens with Call angsting about it. And I say "open with", but really, Call's angst plagues the entire book. And honestly, it just doesn't work. I'm sorry, but we don't know enough about what souls are in the Magisterium world, and as such, I'm left with no reference but what I see. And what I see is: Call isn't "secretly evil" (something he actually calls himself at one point). It doesn't help that the resolution come out of nowhere and takes no effort on Call's end.Worse, Call lies about it to everyone (until the big climax, of course), yet gets furious when Tamara "lies" by refusing to keep another of his secrets. Even though she's 100% right, since said secret is (view spoiler)["my dad is a criminal and is trying to steal a superweapon" (hide spoiler)]. And Call almost maims Tamara for it, too! It's not all the protagonist-centered morality in this book, either. The book is rife with it. I just don't feel like listing more. They're there—trust me.Then we have Jasper, whom the book is trying to push into the spotlight for…some reason. Some reason completely unrelated to him being our Draco Malfoy and the fact that Cassandra Clare once wrote a fic where he was the main character. He's just annoying. The book tries to have him straddle the line so he doesn't lose his personality and still meshes with the group, but it just ends up with him being a massive douchebag who occasionally does a good thing. I'm not convinced.And then we reach my final biggest problem with this book, which comes mostly in the last chapter, but I don't care because I don't think it counts as a spoiler. We have compulsory heterosexuality! Yaaaaay. Not.Okay, so yes, Aaron/Call is my OTP, but this isn't what it's about. Well, it's only partially about that. See, in this book, Call and Celia develop a friendship…kind of. By that, I mean they hang out for two chapters in the entire book, and then half of the book happens, in which Call's away from school doing plot stuff. And when he comes back…she kisses him. And sure, the book doesn't actually establish them as a couple, but it's kind of the implication there. And I hate it. Because Celia is barely a character at all. She's not even in a full 25% of the book. Her only character trait is "nice". And she and Call get zero development, they just hang out and she's nice to him. Meanwhile, Aaron and Call's friendship is the most important in the entire book, and the one that gets the most development. There's even conflict. Conflict! In a Clare book! That's how well-written this is! And yet…the romance is between Call and Celia. I hate this, because 1) it assumes the romance has to be between a boy and a girl (hence the compulsive heterosexuality), 2) it assumes that a boy and a girl interacting for five minutes counts as romance, 3) it assumes their relationship isn't worth developing as much as the one between the two main boys (or even Call's friendship with Tamara, which takes a back seat but is still more important). And considering who's writing this—Cassandra Clare, who wrote TID and the second half of TMI as if they were romance novels rather than urban fantasy—it feels kind of disgusting that, the moment the lead romance is told from the male PoV (and about a female PoV), it suddenly fades to the background. It's like the girl doesn't matter, the only relationships you're willing to develop are between a PoV and the boy.Look, I have gay ships all over the god damned place, but I rarely expect them to become canon. It's sad, but true. But as I was reading this book, I actually had hope. Yes, really. Cassandra Clare made me hope that Aaron and Call could become a couple (perhaps not in this book, but in the future, maybe). And why wouldn't I? The way she writes Malec is fucked up, but at least she has a main gay couple. So seeing this…makes me sick.And sure, they're not officially a couple, but I'd be heavily (though pleasantly) surprised if Call started the next book going "look, sorry girl, but no". There's still technically hope, but not much. And for that, I hate this book even more. Basically, authors…Oh, and don't think this stopped being a Harry Potter ripoff. We start off with a Chamber of Secrets-like opening, a good chunk of the plot is heavily reminiscent of the prophecy part from Order of the Phoenix, and that kiss I just mentioned? Pretty much copied from Harry's first kiss with Cho Chang. Eeyup.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alexa ❤️
    2019-03-24 13:44

    5 Stars The Copper Gauntlet may have been short but it was jam packed full of action and mystery that wouldn't let me put this book down. The Magisterium series definitely has a Harry Potter feel to it in that's there's a magical school, three main good characters, a chosen one and an evil being. But it has so many differences that make it stand apart in a good way! Havok has to be my favourite character - I want him as a pet! Jasper has proved he's not an ass and I even like his character now. In future books I'm not sure who I want to ship Call with Tamara or Celia. I can't wait to read the next instalment as I'm craving more from this world

  • Sarah Churchill
    2019-02-23 13:27

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I really struggled with this one. I found it incredibly slow, it only really got going from page 200 onwards and I have a strong dislike for the main character Call.To he honest I wish the series had been written from Tamara's perspective. That way we could have the complexities of the relationships, her feelings (or not) for Aaron and her doubts/loyalty to Call, as well as her family and the intricaties of the Assembly and mage world. From Call's perspective we just get petulance, self obsession and that age-old killer of all character/reader relationships; 'lying to protect my friends'. If you could hear my sigh right now you'd understand how much I HATE that. Yes, even with Harry Potter. ESPECIALLY with Harry Potter.And while we're on the subject, let's acknowledge the cloud around book 1 that had many people accusing the writers of plagiarism and dismissing the book because of it. In this installment, yes there are still similarities. Some big similarities. There's also some unique angles that come from the elemental magic of this world (which I still love by the way). But mostly similarities. And I'm kinda done trying to give it all the benefit of the doubt because it's not doing itself any favours. So I'm afraid that, despite enjoying book 1, I'm done with this series.

  • Claudia / BeautyButterflies
    2019-03-02 13:22

    Der zweite Band hat mir noch besser gefallen als der erste, deshalb auch mehr Sterne! Ein tolles Abenteuer und interessantes Ende

  • Milica's Bookshelf
    2019-03-13 15:19

    Solidno. Prava akcija počinje negde posle 90. stranice, te se ostatak priče čita u jednom dahu.

  • Michael
    2019-03-14 12:19

    Yeah, sure the Harry Potter vibes are there, but I still think this is a solid middle grade series. My only complaint would be that these two badass authors know how to really make sh*t go down, so I'd like maybe a little more action.Other than that, I'm digging the series. The concept is great and the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" magic system is hella cool. Magic has been done a million times over in a million different ways and yet they make it seem fresh and new to me.Also, I would like to say this is the first time ever that and MC has had vital information that is actually justified in being kept from other characters. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone has information that could solve like a huge issue if they just told someone but they decide it's safer to keep it to themselves. AND IT NEVER MAKES ANYTHING BETTER. So I genuinely appreciate the struggle Call faces in needing to keep his secret.I'd also like to point out how likable a character Black and Clare have made Call. He literally has so few "good" qualities and yet somehow I'm always on his side. When he hated Tamara, I hate Tamara. When he forgave her, I forgave her.Overall, I'm really excited to see where this story goes moving forward. They've set up a really exciting arc that is still just beginning.

  • Amelie
    2019-03-07 13:20

    2,5 Sterne... oder so!?Also ich weiß ehrlich nicht, wie ich das Buch bewerten soll. Es fällt mir einfach unglaublich schwer, weil ich die Geschichte eigentlich sehr gern gelesen habe, was einfach am Schreibstil der beiden Autorinnen liegt. Sie wissen halt, wie man die Leser fesselt und wie man Charaktere schafft, die greifbar sind und mit denen man mitfiebert. Außerdem... Mordo aka Havoc <3 LIEBE xDUnd den Konflikt, der durch den Twist am Ende des ersten Bandes entstanden ist, hat hier für interessanten Lesestoff gesogt.Allerdings gibt es auch einfach SO SO vieles an diesem Buch, was mir nicht gefallen hat.Vor allem die nicht vorhandene Handlung am Anfang der Geschichte, hat es mir sehr schwer gemacht, das Buch zu mögen. Die Geschichte heißt zwar "Magisterium", aber Callum und seine Freunde verbringen in diesem zweiten Teil fast gar keine Zeit in der Schule. Wir erfahren auch nicht mehr über den Unterricht oder die Tore oder generell das Schulsystem.Was mich auch sehr gestört hat, das war die Unfähigkeit der Erwachsenen... Für Callum und seine Freunde war es einfach alles viel zu leicht. Sie konnten aus der Schule ausbrechen und fliehen, ohne sofort wieder eingefangen zu werden. Auch vor anderen erwachsenen "Feinden" fiel die Flucht nicht gerade schwer... Außerdem würde ich gerne Mal wissen, wie man denn auf diese Übersetzung von Ultima Forsan kommt. Das Internet weiß dazu leider gar nichts, aber meine Übersetzung davon wäre "Vielleicht das Ende". Was in meinen Augen einfach WEIT von der Übersetzung hier entfernt ist. Weit. weit. weit.Und noch etwas, das allerdings weder positiv noch negativ ist, über das ich aber gerne sprechen würde: Jasper und Callum. THIS IS SO GOING TO HAPPEN. Vielleicht bin ich gaga im Kopf (nach der Grayson und Liv Sache habe ich mein Vorhersagemojo verloren), aber... Da waren so viele Andeutungen drin. Hinzu kommt die ganze HarryxDraco Fanbase. Cassandra Clares Hang zu LGBT... Wenn das nicht passiert, dann weiß ich auch nicht

  • Alexandra
    2019-03-02 17:41

    Before reading:I absolutely need this book in my possession. I am in love with this series! ;) Update: Oh my! What a intriguing cover! It makes me wonder if this one is going to be dark! Dark and fanciful!After reading: (may contain spoilers, you have been warned)--So let's start at the beginning. When I opened this book I was thrilled. I am in love with this middle-grade series. The Copper Gauntlet started off very dark. Callum had a very difficult situation he had to run away from (literally). What I liked about this book was that it was very quick paced and contained the perfect amount of action, humour, and character development. -The ending was interesting and I did notice how Callum's actions were very much influenced by Constantine's soul. He did have darker thoughts and it added a new layer to his character. Tamara did annoy me for the majority of the book. Aaron needs to stop being so selfless and boring. Jasper is my spirit animal. His sarcastic comments and his annoyance with everyone really made the book great. I loved his interactions with Callum and I also loved how when it boiled down, he stuck with the group and tried his best. I am a little sad that Warren wasn't in it very much. I love that lizard.-The ending was slightly rushed but still great to read. Perhaps it was a little convenient for the main characters but they defiantly grew from it. Our main group (including Jasper) has officially learnt that Callum is the enemy of death. That the soul residing in his body is in fact Constantine Madden's soul. The big ta da reveal was very dramatic. -I am very excited to see where this series leads and hope Callum goes even darker. I want to see Callum remember what it was like to be Constantine and how that would affect his decision making. That would ultimately be Call's ultimate test.-Can it be next year so I can read the third book? Please Holly? Cassie? You ladies do know how to keep a girl on the edge of her seat anticipating more of the drug that is the Magisterium series. -Real rating 4.7 stars.

  • Ryan
    2019-02-25 12:18


  • Beauty Mango
    2019-02-26 17:24

    Hat mir besser gefallen als der erste Teil! Ich freue mich auf den nächsten!

  • Juan G.B
    2019-03-20 14:39

    No me quejo de nada de este libro, en absoluto. Ni de su trama, ni de sus personajes.. Nada. Sólo del hecho de que quizás, para mí, al principio fue algo lento (aunque creo que pudo haber influido el formato en el que lo estaba leyendo, porque es primera vez que decido leer en digital y en mi teléfono).Aún así, me sorprende cuánto me enganchó este libro de principio a fin, y cómo se fue tornando interesante cada vez más, y si bien no es un libro en el que pasen tantas cosas (me refiero a que este libro no transcurre en todo un año escolar como en el primero sino en menos de un mes, diría yo), poco a poco se vuelve más intrigante e interesante y pasan unas cosas, y te enteras de unas cosas que... Jesus Christ. #HelpJuanYa sólo me queda dejar claro que el súper combo Clare-Black sabe cómo dejarte con ganas de leer el siguiente libro con sus finales tan intrigantes. En este caso, no fue un final como el de La Prueba de Hierro, pero sí un final que te deja con la intriga de qué pasará en el siguiente.Espero contarles pronto mi experiencia con La Llave de Bronce :D. Hasta entonces, bye!

  • C. Maria
    2019-03-17 14:44

    3.5 starsIt was ok. I liked it, but it didn't surprised me in any way. There were no wow moments or something that kept me on the edge of my seat. I still liked it and I will continue with the series. People say it gives some Harry Potter vibes and it does but I don't mind them, but all in all it's a great story as it is I still feel that sometimes it need some more action and moments that make your heart skip a beat, but I will see were the story leads and how things develop. The series it's still at the beginning and the first 2 books aren't really long, but the story develops nicely and in an interesting direction. I like the school and magic system in this book - they seem fresh some how.The characters are likable, especially Call even if you know in your head that he is making stupid decisions and saying idiotic stuff you just like him and feel what he feels. It's weird.

  • Vitor Martins
    2019-03-03 15:36

    Eu estava muito empolgado pra essa sequência mas achei ela bem inferior ao primeiro livro. Acho que o grande problema foi a falta de mágica.Aqui nesse livro pouca coisa acontece dentro do Magisterium, e os protagonistas vão pra uma aventura fora da escola, numa caminhada longa r muito chata atrás de um objeto desaparecido. Parece essas coisas que Rick Riordan escreve sabe? Continuo gostando dos personagens, vou ler os próximos livros com certeza, mas esse aqui me decepcionou um pouco.

  • stellette_reads
    2019-03-01 18:32

    Ich schwanke zwischen 3,5 und 4 Sternen... Habe etwas mehr erwartet... Celia ist soo niedlich haha... Und das als Nebencharakter :)

  • ItsMedea
    2019-03-12 16:27

    4,5/5 ⭐

  • aaron rourke
    2019-03-23 13:43

    Well, my hands are tired and I'm struggling to think of anything important to say. Instead, I'll just let the fans have a little fight with me. *takes deep breath* Here we go. Fans: Well, well, well. Look what Havoc dragged in. Me: Please don't ever say that again. I think I'd eat myself if you did. Fans: That's physically impossible, just so you know. Once you ate your legs, then you'd probably die. Also, wouldn't you get full halfway through? And where exactly would you begin - bottom to top or vice versa? Also, how exactly would you eat your- Me: STOP! Ok, that's enough. Look, I enjoyed The Iron Trial. It was fluffy, light and silly. I was in a good mood and prepared to give it a good rating. For once, I just wanted to be nice. Fans: HAH! Find that hard to believe. Me: Me too, a little. I think I ate something funny that day. Anyways, I was in a sort of cloud bubble when reading the first Magisterium novel. That bubble has finally popped in this novel. Fans: God, why'd you always have to be so dramatic. Why can't you just tell it like it is? Instead of being all mysterious with your weird bubble metaphors, just tell us that you didn't like the book. Me: Dramatic effect is everything, guys. *drops rocks and creates explosion* Let me continue. The Copper Gauntlet is not necessarily a badly written book. It's perfect for the middle grade audience and I can see how some Harry Potter fans will be loving this series. Fans: We do! Team Harry - I mean, Team Call, all the way! Me: It's just that I really cannot see where this series is going. The sequel is even shorter than the first book and there's very little development in them. The final 3 novels are gonna have to be Game of Thrones length for me to get a full enjoyment of this series. But, then again, that's effectively me telling Cassandra Clare to write more books so... nonononononononono.Fans: What's wrong with Cassie? She's a total babe. Can't wait for the Infernal Mortal Artifices in 2034. Me: Look what I'm getting at here is that I can't see why I should invest in this series. It's so blatantly clear that it's a HP rip off. At times, I'm just like "Why am I reading this?" Sure, it's entertaining and fun, but honestly, it's also a load of crap. Feels like I'm reading garbage.Fans: Ok, he's asking for it. He's definitely asking for it. *grabs pitchforks and knives* Me: Hey, hey, hey! Hold up, you guys. Listen, did you ever think that this novel is just a little bit too cheesy? At times, cringeworthy maybe? Cause that happened to me a lot in this novel. Also, the first 150 pages? Pure boredom. And there was the typical showdown thing at the end of the novel. Pointless build up and for what? Constantine Madden who we already think is dead, dies again. Fans: Yes! And that's what makes it so perfect. You have to admit, the Call being evil twist is pretty awesome. Me: Sure, maybe, I guess. But that is the only thing that stands out about this series. Think about it. The rest is just all so typically reminiscent of Harry Potter. That twist Clare and Black pulled in the first book seems to be the setup for the whole series. To me, that's as good as it's gonna get. I really don't see how they're going to pull out any more stops other than killing a few people off. Even then, it's a middle grade book so I'm doubtful. Fans: You should really break up your sentences more. Also, how do you know that's as good as this series is going to get? What an insult! For all you know, they have something explosive planned for book 4! You have no idea. So don't be so judgemental. Me: Whoa, you guys are an angry bunch. From what I've gathered, I don't really think it's worth investing into these books for any longer. Even if Clare and Black do pull off some magical twist, I think I'll be too bored and numbed out to care. For me, this is the end of the road. I won't be continuing with the Magisterium series. Fans: You what, mate? Me: I said, I don't think I'll be conti- Fans: WE HEARD YOU. *coughs lightly* So, that's it then is it? You've just decided to give up on this series? To give up on us? You gave us so much faith with your three star review. We thought you were going to join us. But no. Instead you shatter our dreams and take away all that we love. You take away our faith in you and leave us broken. Well, you're gonna regret the day you ever joined Goodreads. *grabs weapons and prepares to throw* Me: Damn, did you rehearse that? Wait! Stop! I did enjoy some parts and it was actually pretty fun to read. Look, I'll give it 2 stars and a Final Rating of 30%, ok? Fans: Eh, fine. We'll probably get you in the future for some other review. Me: Well, I guess this is goodbye. Kinda surprised you haven't torn me to pieces yet. Fans: We're a bit shocked too. Guess we might be warming up to you. Me: You know, if someone were to die, it'd probably be Havoc. Fans: And we were getting along so well. *shakes head* DIE!

  • Justine
    2019-03-09 18:35

    3.5 stars My kids loved this second installment, and I really enjoyed it too! Things definitely heated up and got more complicated. I love the friendship between Call, Tamara, and Aaron, and have a feeling that it is going to be heavily tested in the books to come.

  • Temi Panayotova
    2019-03-19 12:34

    https://writingisfunbooks.wordpress.c...Знам, че и други книги си чакаха реда, ама не се сдържах и почнах втората част от поредицата "Магистериум".За пореден път се убедих, колко добре се сработват тандемът Холи Блек - Касандра Клер. И за пореден път ми взеха ума с тази част - с историята, с развитието на сюжета и мистерията около главните ни герои.

  • Pinky
    2019-03-14 18:24

    I am currently participating in Cram-a-Thon because it is the best excuse to read as much as possible. This is one of the short books that I planned on reading. And I am so glad that I read this book, it was really good. “Fancy meeting you here” This book is about a boy named Callum Hunt whose father always made him avoid magic. Anything to do with magic was something forbidden. When there was an Iron Trial that took place, many students were desperate to pass in order to get into the Magisterium. But Callum's father told Call that he has to fail this test. Although Call tried hard to fail the test, he couldn't and the Magisterium that his father avoided awaited him. “Karate-chopping ninjas in a mudslide?”Although I really liked this book, the characters were so frustrating. None of them trusted each other or helped each other out. None of them were listening to what the other had to say. There was so much arguing and it was so upsetting to read about. Even though I was frustrated, I loved all of the characters.Whenever the characters argued, I was always like: Other than that, the book was so interesting and the pace was nice and smooth. I just wished that there was more because it is so short. But we got more answers but even more questions for the series. I can't wait to read more on the series, it is really interesting. But before I end this review, I just want to talk about how people feel like this is really similar to Harry Potter. And that is why so many people are avoiding this book. But honestly, although there are similarities to Harry Potter, there are SO MANY differences. The magic system works differently and much more. This isn't exactly like Harry Potter, it has a few similarities. Anyway, I highly recommend this series, the first book is the Iron Trial, this is the second book. :)

  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    2019-03-09 12:21 Magisterium series had drawn similarities to the Harry Potter series, a boarding school for magicians slash mages who are fighting against the evil of the world, but with enough differences to stand on it's own merits. Both The Iron Trial and The Copper Gauntlet are fantastic middle grade reads that explore a boarding school for teens known as the Magisterium, where children with magical abilities are chosen to hone their skills as mages, training for a war against their own kind. Despite his father's wishes, Callum not only is chosen to enter the Magisterium but will train under the accomplished Master Rufan who also trained his late mother, a woman tragically killed when Callum was still an infant and left the boy irrevocably damaged. Callum's injury has always ensured his loneliness, mocked throughout school for his distinct limp. But now at the boarding school for mages, Callum finds himself not only with friends but a purpose greater than he's even known. I really liked Callum's character. Even with his permanent impairment, he never saw himself as anything other than able and wanted to be treated as such. Along with his team slash roommates Aaron and Tamara, they begin training under the prestigious master Rufas, a man known for only training the best of the best and despite Callum's best intentions to be expelled from the Magisterium, he starts to realise his father may have been wrong in his dire warnings.The tentative friendship between Callum, Aaron and Tamara was a strange combination, I think that's where the Harry Potter similarities also lie along with the boarding school location and rivalry between the mages in training. But for me, that's where the similarities end. I loved the character dynamics and rivalry, it added a much needed layer to what was a fairly light storyline. Appropriate for the intended audience and those who enjoy an entertaining middle grade read.Compared to Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series, I enjoyed the writing so much more with thanks to Holly Black I suspect and looking forward to reading her previous releases as a result. I enjoyed The Copper Gauntlet slightly more than The Iron Trial and looking forward to the next release in the series. Rather than recommend it to fans of Harry Potter, I feel the Percy Jackson audience may appreciate this series more so. It's entertaining and a quick read for those who enjoy middle grade fantasy and adventure such as myself.

  • Becky_Schnecky
    2019-02-26 14:45

    So schnell habe ich selten Bücher beendet & genau das macht den zweiten Band der Magisterium Reihe aus. Es ist so spannend, manchmal regten mich einige Charaktere auf, aber das gehört wohl einfach dazu.Ich bin so gespannt, wie es weitergehen wird. Leider muss ich noch einige Zeit warten, bis der dritte Band als Taschenbuch draussen ist.. :(Aber umso mehr Grund zur VORFREUDE! Aaron <3

  • Catherine Ford
    2019-02-23 18:38

    Well, that was a disappointment. In my review of the Iron Trial, I said that I hoped the second book would be better. Unfortunately it wasn't, it was actually worse, and that is seriously disappointing. This book was just one big illogical emotionless smushed together story. If this is meant to be the modern Harry Potter, it is failing.

  • Bee (Heart Full of Books)
    2019-03-07 11:31

    There are still so many HP parallels, but I think the series is also taking on a more Percy Jackson feel because of the whole 'quest' thing.

  • Roberta Jayne
    2019-02-28 11:35

    I must try to remember that this was a middle grade book. And I did try to remind myself this countless times while reading it but, you know what, I don't care what age group this book was written for. It's ridiculous and instead of spending time reading it, you should just go and re-read Harry Potter instead. I can't even compare this series to Harry Potter any more because J K Rowling wrote in a much more sophisticated and adult way than Clare and Black do in The Copper Gauntlet. It's frustrating because it's almost like, at times, these authors sat down with the Harry Potter books and plucked stuff out of them to use in the story as they saw fit. I don't even want to talk about it, it's so stupid. The characters were slightly more grown up than the first book, but weren't any more interesting. And the main character, Callum Hunt, is still infuriating. However, I was glad to see that the chapter illustrations were a bit more impressive than the last book and the climax of the story was actually pretty good. It's a shame that I can't appreciate the fun and original endings of these stories because of their ridiculous copy-cat beginnings. This is one of those times that you definitely cannot judge a book by it's cover. Because the cover is a lot better than the book. It was an absolute blessing that this book was only 250 pages long because I don't think I could've survived much more. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this series but I'm a little bit intrigued to see if these stories get any better. Surely the standard can only go up after this?

  • Danny
    2019-02-28 16:31

    fun quick read, again hard to not make HP comparisons throughout the book.I'd say this one was pretty on par with the first book. It didn't expand a lot of the world, or the magic system like I hoped it would have.there was some nice character development in this world, and again great reveals at the end of the book.Im definitely curious to see how the series will continue!

  • Chantal
    2019-03-17 18:38

    Diciamo che è più un 3.5 e non un 4! In generale mi è piaciuto ma alcune cose non andavano e boh, sono sicura però il che il terzo si riprenderà, ci sono un sacco di cose adesso in mezzo e non ho idea di come potrebbe proseguire! Il primo per ora resta il mio preferito!

  • Carrie
    2019-03-08 11:18

    The Copper Gauntlet is the second book in the Magisterium series. We rejoin Call as he is on the summer break from the Magisterium where he had just completed his first year of study of magic known as the Iron year and is soon to return for his Copper year. Unfortunately Call's father seems to have some shady plans set for Call and doesn't want him to return forcing Call to run away. The authors do a wonderful job of quickly catching the reader up with the story and what had happened in the previous book right as you start off reading, no reason to fret if you might have forgotten some details since reading the first book. After a quick refresh we are again thrust back into the world of magic and details left from the first story yet to be resolved. Easy to get completely caught back up into the story and with Call and his friends on their adventures. Again, as with The Iron Trial, I really couldn't tell that I was reading a book about a group of now thirteen year olds. Call and his fellow apprentices are very mature for their ages so without the occasional reminder to the reader I really think anyone of any age should enjoy this story if you love a good fantasy read. What is missing from the normal young adult fantasy is the lack of a love triangle between the two male characters and their female friend. Being kids, they are all truly a group of friends that care for each other no matter the odds. Some great action with the current story line and a good opening at the end to leave the reader wanting to know how the story will continue. Looking forward to reading the next in this five book series next year and would highly recommend all the fantasy lovers to give this one a shot. I won this book from Goodreads First Reads, receiving a free copy in no way reflects upon my review and all thoughts are my own. For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

  • fenrir
    2019-03-02 17:37

    Sinceramente era migliore il primo libro.L'ho difeso strenuamente l'ultima volta dicendo che Magisterium non era una copia di Harry Potter, se non altro perché la scuola di magia in questi libri non è pervenuta. Si, loro ci studiano ma a parte questo avete visto qualcosa che ricordi anche solo vagamente la magia e l'atmosfera di Hogwarts? io no, proprio non ci siamo. Ma devo rimangiarmelo, un sacco di cose copiate da Harry Potter qui ci sono.E' inutile dire che non è stata JK Rowling ad inventare cose come gli inferi, il serpentese, e gli indovinelli fatti da un.. diciamo essere non esattamente umano perché comunque sia esistono milioni di cose nel mondo e Holly Black e Cassandra Clare devono andare sempre a parare in quelle che tu guarda ritroviamo in Harry Potter.Sul traditore ci avrei messo la mano sul fuoco fin dal primo libro, devo solo capire se è Alex (dato che ha la madre nel consiglio) oppure la nuova BFF di Call (ricitando Harry Potter il bacio di Call e non è uguale a quello ad un certo bacio già visto nei libri di HP?)I personaggi diciamo NI. Aaron lo trovo noioso, il volerlo fare un santo lo ha reso un personaggio piatto e noisoo quando avrebbero potuto renderlo più umano ed interessante. Call na ha da dire che quella gamba gli fa male ed è il suo punto debole, però sviene solo alla fine del libro quando ormai può permetterselo ricordandoci che 'poverino gli fa male la gamba!' ma per tutto il libro il succo è ; 'non posso svenire, Jasper mi sta guardando!' siete seri? avete mai avuto un dolore veramente insopportabile (come Call dice che è il suo dolore alla gamba)? non ci sono cavoli che tengano, vi mettete a smadonnare pure davanti a Dio sceso in terra che cosa volete che sia Jasper che vi guarda?! In generale trovo il fatto che Call sia un makar una fregatura, mi sento imbrogliata dopo il primo libro e dopo quel lungo preambolo di Cassandra Clare e compare che scriverano 'pensavate che questo fosse un libro come tutti gli altri e che Call sarebbe stato il makar come vi aspettavate e come sarebbe stato in qualsiasi altro libro? sorpresa, qui invece non è così perché noi siamo ORIGINALISSIME!' sto cavolo, fortuna che siete originali! vi eravate vantate tanto ed alla fine Callum è un makar esattamente come da programma, solo che è anche il 'capo' dei cattivi così da avere tutto lui ed avere in mano lo scettro della gary-stuaggine in arrivo.Tamara era il personaggio che mi piaceva di meno dopo il primo libro, è un personaggio che ho odiato per quasi tutto il secondo libro, lo finisco dicendo: Tamara grazie al cielo ci sei tu! alle scrittrici non importa molto di te, tranne scrivere che hai le trecce e che ti tocchi sempre i capelli. Giuro, non capisco come si possa dire (scritto da DUE donne poi!) che a Tamara si allungano i capelli dopo aver sciolto la treccia (!!) quando le treccie alte io non le ho mai viste, quindi i capelli di Tamara sono lunghi esattamente UGUALE sia con una treccia che sciolti. La povera Tamara non se la cagano di striscio, sarà perché è donna? vai a capire. Di lei sanno solo dire che è brillante, che è ricca, e che usa telefonino e carta di credito quando sarebbe proprio meglio evitare (ma la polizia dei maghi fa veramente cagare, pure io avrei rintracciato quei tre prima dei Magister viste le tracce che si sono lasciati in giro!). E' chiaro come il sole che la vogliono fare finire con Aaron, anche se il fatto che Call l'abbia guardato stranita mi fa pensare che dobbiamo temere il triangolo ed io ODIO i triangolo santo cielo!La trama in generale si trascina lentissima, sembra proprio che senza una storia d'amore nessuna delle due scrittrici sapesse proprio che cosa scrivere. Della serie: 'che facciamo? descriviamo che vanno a comprarsi dei vestiti e nagivano in un internet caffè, ma mi raccomando non scriviamo proprio niente della scuola di magia ovviamente quella non interesserà a nessuno!' cit Clare e Black.Se proprio devo dire quale libro di adesso mi ricorda l'atmosfera dico che ha fallito nel 'copiare' l'atmosfera magica di Harry Potter, ora come ora mi ricorda più che altro Percy Jackson. Non me ne vogliano i suoi fan, ma intendo una saga di libri per un pubblico davvero, davvero giovanissimo (sotto i 12 per capirci) e non una saga fantasy come Harry Potter che è alla portata di tutti.

  • Rebekah
    2019-03-17 19:26

    I think this one narrowly missed the infamous second-book-slump. It lacks that wonderful twist from the first book, of course. It also feels like the story arc too closely mirrors that of the first book (and also Harry Potter). In essence, something happens at home, they go to school for a while, and then something bigger happens when they should be in school and then it is the end.But like I said, it narrowly missed that dreaded slump. Callum wrestles with the concepts of good and evil, and indulges in a lot of humorous introspection which ultimately makes him all the more likable. The friendship between Tamara, Aaron and Call deepens, despite what could develop into serious betrayal. Plus the metal monster, Automontones, was just cool. The Copper Gauntlet was a satisfying enough second book, and engaging enough to make you want to pick up book number three.

  • evaleinsinchen
    2019-03-13 13:33

    • 3,5 Sterne •Habe auch etwas mehr erwartet, vor allem die erste Hälfte ist ziemlich schleppend und... langweilig? Aber dann war es am Ende doch noch spannend und es waren wieder einige WTF-Momente vorhanden, zuuuuum Glück. Der 1. Teil hat mir trotzdem besser gefallen, einfach weil insgesamt ein bisschen mehr los war. Was ich aber nicht verstehe ist warum alle Call und Jasper shippen. Hab ich da irgendwas verpasst? :DUPDATE (nach 5 Stunden oder so :D):Habe mich spontan nochmal umentschieden, ich gebe 3,5 Sterne. Ich lese grade Hide, den 2. Teil von Escape und merke einfach wie ich schon ab der 1. Seite wieder total in der Geschichte bin. Muss die ganze Zeit daran denken wie das bei Magisterium leider gar nicht der Fall war... Das hat mich nicht mehr losgelassen und musste jetzt noch gesagt werden :D

  • Jo
    2019-03-25 12:30

    I love how this series is progressing!!I still think it happens all to fast and withlittle details.Some gaps, but this story hasso much potential! I don't know what to expect of Holly Black (never read any of her books) but knowing Cassandra's writing I'm expecting this series to turn outmind blowing, and heartbreaking amazing at some point. I hope I won't get disappointed. I'm still a bit torn about the characters.My favorite is Aaron for sure but the others... I'm not really sure what to say about them. I hope we'll get somecharacters developmentand more details for the next books. Like I said...All the possibilities are making me really excited!!Let the wait for the 3rd book begin.

  • Kahleia Corpuz
    2019-03-14 15:35

    Very great second book in a series! It was just as action-packed as the first and it definitely was shorter. There was a long gasp from me at the end of this book. Just when I thought everything was going to be fine...for the most part, that really surprised me. Overall, 5 out of 5 stars.

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