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A love triangle goes horribly wrong in this dark, romantic suspense-thriller from the author of Still Waters.Megan never meant to hurt her best friend, Anna. She made a mistake, and she’s spent all year trying to regain Anna’s trust. So when Anna invites her to spend the summer on her uncle’s farm, Megan is excited…and relieved. The past is finally behind them.On the farm,A love triangle goes horribly wrong in this dark, romantic suspense-thriller from the author of Still Waters.Megan never meant to hurt her best friend, Anna. She made a mistake, and she’s spent all year trying to regain Anna’s trust. So when Anna invites her to spend the summer on her uncle’s farm, Megan is excited…and relieved. The past is finally behind them.On the farm, Anna quickly falls for Jordan, a rugged summer-hand. Megan and Jordan have their own spark, but Megan’s betrayed Anna once before and she’s not about to do it again.Still, the more time that Megan and Jordan spend together, the harder it is to deny their chemistry. But Anna doesn’t like to be ignored—and she doesn’t forgive and forget. What started out as the perfect summer is about to take a very dark turn.......

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Never Let You Go Reviews

  • Rossy
    2019-02-01 23:03

    I couldn't put it down! I wanted to find out at which point would Anna go absolutely crazy, lol.I liked this book, but I felt the ending ruined it for me (the final moments, not the final final, that kind of promised a second part!). Why didn't Megan told anyone what was happening? Some of the craziness could've been avoided if she had told an adult or the police about Anna.I also felt kind of mmm meeeeh ok about the insta-love, but overall, a quick, scary read :)

  • Clair
    2019-01-24 21:50

    Single White Female meets Revenge meets CRAZY EYES OMG THOSE ARE SOME CRAZY EYES ON THE COVER.

  • Tarra
    2019-01-25 17:51

    3.5 starsHoly Effing Jesus! That's some creepy shit.Um, yeah. Wow. I'm super scared right now. And it's midnight so that's awesome. This book. Hmmmm. What to say. Let's see.It was well written. There wasn't much to the story so I understand why it couldn't have gone on any longer. The ending read just like ending of any of those crazy-possessive-boyfriend/girlfriend movie. That was great!What I don't get is how this whole book took place in the course of about a week...Yeah. What? All the MC kept saying was how it felt like they had been there for ages but in reality it had only been like four days. The book set itself up to take place over 10 weeks but in actuality took place in 6 days. That was really weird. The love interest: Jordan, sounded pretty cute for Gingery Blonde buuuuttt he says that he was into Psycho McPherson (Anna) for the first week before all the other help got there and then when he met Meg he switched gears. That is all well and good but what is not well nor good is that he loved Meg in 5 days and had the slap in the face to say that Anna had gotten intense in her swooning over the course of a week and a half... Weird. At the rate we're all developing feelings here Anna was in the right to expect him to wife her up after 9 days. That's the way I see it. The MC/best friend:Megan. She took crazy in stride and I'm not sure I understand that. Anna was showing signs of instability from word "go". The whole weird thing with that teacher *shudders* and yet she still was accepting of the absolute crazy sparkling in her friends' eyes. Hmmmm. I don't know that Meg would have stayed an outcast her whole life if she tried to distance herself form Anna before high school. I could be wrong though. I guess there are people like this character out there. The Cray-Cray:Anna. She was totally, awesomely, gawddamned insane and that my friends was wonderful.All in all: this was good. A short read that will have your hair standing on ends and will probably give me a nightmare (I'm a lightweight when it comes to scardy shit) but it's worth the read.

  • Angelyn
    2019-02-20 00:18

    Okay... Consider me kind of scared and creeped out :|Anna really creeps me out now and the last part left me kind of hanging and wondering if there's gonna be a second book. So the story is that Anna and Megan are pretty close friends, but then when anna leaves to go somewhere for the holidays she tells Megan to go to her boyfriend's party. And so Megan does, but she got so drunk and well...has a mistake with Mike, Anna's boyfriend.So eventually they become "friends" again and Anna invites her to go to a farm and tells her about this boy named Jordan and that she "loves" him. But Megan and Jordan have sparks flying when they're together and he doesn't want to betray Anna again, so that's when anna goes cuckoo and all psychotic and all out crazy. And the story just goes on from thereAll I can think of right now is how crazy Anna was. At first I thought she was a bitch and wanted to slap her because she was just really mean, arrogant and pushy, not the type of best friend I would ever want near me :| I mean, when you're best friend's animal does your not supposed to run it in her face that its dead and that its probably her fault that it died. This book kept me on edge and I just wanted to skip a few pages just to find out what's gonna happens because the suspense was just AAAARGGHHHH!! It was an amazing thriller :) and I'd definitely pick up the next book if there is going to be one.

  • pdbkwm
    2019-02-06 23:59

    Megan and Anna have been best friends since first grade. Megan, was that kid who wore the wrong clothes, did weird stuff, but that all changed when she was saved by the popular and beautiful Anna from social suicide. From that day on, Megan feels like she owes Anna everything and Anna won't let her forget what she did.Then, during one drunken night at a party, Megan did the unthinkable. She makes out with Mike, Anna's boyfriend. She becomes an outcast once again. No one will speak with her. No one will sit with her at lunch. But just like first grade, she's saved by Anna, who comes in and sits with her at lunch. Everything seems to be back to normal. But will fate repeat itself when Anna invites Megan to work at her uncle's farm for the summer? There's a new boy that Anna likes and wants, but that doesn't stop Megan from finding him attractive or finding herself alone with him.Anna hasn't forgotten what happened with Mike and she isn't about to let Megan steal another boyfriend. Because if she does, it will not only ruin the friendship, but it might cost someone their life.Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnn!Sounds like an amazing book. You have frenemies who seem to walk on eggshells when they’re together, a betrayal due to an affair, a love triangle involving two girls and a guy, a summer out in the country, organic farming, and add in a dash of thriller and crazy and you have the makings for a beautiful book.Unfortunately, and I feel bad for this, but the book doesn't really deliver in its promise. Plot:The plot has a lot of potential, but due to the size of the book, you never really get a good sense of any of the characters. Also, it's not fast paced, which is what you'd expect from a thriller. It wasn't until the end when things started to get interesting. The build up towards the climax had a mixture of really good moments, but slow as well. We see Anna forcing her relationship with Jordan on Megan. This causes Megan to feel uncomfortable, because she doesn’t see what Anna sees, but still wants to be super supportive. That’s what bbfs do. They support their friend’s delusions about guys they like. And by golly, Megan is trying to do this hardcore. Only there’s a problem. She’s starting to develop feelings for Jordan and is noticing that he feels the same way. Anna notices too and she won’t let Megan stand in her way, even if they’re bbf4lyfe. (view spoiler)[Odd, I’ve never typed that word before and yet Word/Firefox never gave me a red squiggly line for it. My name will always get a red line, but bbf4lyfe. Nothing. (hide spoiler)]The plot isn’t really a bad point in this novel, yes it’s too short so we don’t have the story fully developed to its potential, nor do we get any memorable characters. But it is interesting and will keep you reading. Characters:This, sadly, is where the book fails. Before I talk about the main characters, I’ll talk about the supporting staff since there are a lot of them in this book.…There’s a lot and they’re forgettable. There were times I was mixing characters together, because even though they may show up quite a bit, they’re never really there.The story isn’t about them, so this is forgivable though. The story is about Anna and Megan.Anna is a really good character and I liked how we never really knew what she would do. We learn early on that Anna is cray cray, but we never know why. We get flashbacks of her doing shady things, but it's mostly to show us how off her rocker she really is. She's prone to doing stupid and dangerous things, but she's still a kid. If she was always like this, then there had to be a trigger of some sort.Sadly, we’re never shown this. Instead, we’re mostly shown Megan’s internal struggle to do good to her friend while stopping her feelings for Jordan. This isn’t bad, but Megan is an emotionally weak character. She’s quick to please Anna, never stands up for herself, and basically allows Anna to treat her like crap. Why? Because Anna saved her when she was young and forgave her for kissing Mike.To be honest, you never really find out why the two girls are friends. Megan wants to please Anna, but she doesn’t seem to like her all that much. And Anna, why does she want to be friends with Megan? Maybe she’s facing problems at home and decides to find a weak willed person she can boss around to make herself feel better? I dunno, this wasn’t ever explained. Anna’s purpose is clear. She’s there to be crazy. Megan was there to show us how she’s actually a good person who tries to reel in Anna’s crazy, without being the cause of said craziness. I guess she was the glue to hold Anna together and we do somewhat get a sense of this when Anna mentions that Megan was the only person she could trust. But after the betrayal, Anna hasn’t been the same and I just wish we knew more about this.She’s a far more intriguing character than Megan, who is incredibly useless. Even though I was meant to feel sorry for Megan, I was secretly hoping that Megan would end up being the crazy one who framed Anna for everything. (view spoiler)[I mean, how twisted would it be if Megan was the one who killed Sweetie and blamed it on Anna, just so she could get closer to Jordan and make herself look like a victim. That would have been crazy on top of crazy.(hide spoiler)]Overall:The book is short and you can easily finish this in a few hours. It does have a fairly interesting plot with some good characters and the ending did leave the door open to a sequel. But the story was about Megan and how Anna isn’t the friend who she really wants in life.It’s fairly predictable, since the synopsis really does tell you everything, but the ending is good, Anna is great, and if there is another book I do kind of want to read it. So why the two stars? I was originally going to give it three, but once I finished the book I pretty much forgot about it. It doesn’t leave a lasting feeling. You read it, you’re done, and that’s it. Lots of potential with this novel, but the lack of content really made the entire story fall flat.

  • Brittany
    2019-01-31 23:18

    Megan made the mistake of making out with her best friend's boyfriend at a party. For the past year Megan and Anna worked on mending their friendship. Anna invited Megan to live and work on her uncle's farm for the summer, so Megan takes this as good news for their relationship. On the way to the farm Anna tells Megan about a boy she's fallen for, Jordan. Anna is sure that her and Jordan are meant to be. Problems start to arise when it's obvious that Jordan's affections lay elsewhere. Everyone seems to notice except Anna. Megan doesn't want to hurt her friend again, especially after she finally seems to be forgiven. Anna may take things too far in order to keep what she wants and Megan may not be the only one who suffers.Anna. Is. Crazy. I don't even understand how Megan can be friends with her. Anna is terrible to Megan, always insulting her and cutting her down. I realize that Megan feels she owes Anna for something, but I think putting up with her as long as she had was more than enough payment. Anna take being a bad friend to the extreme. Some of the scenes with her made me so uncomfortable and I don't understand how Megan could even stand it.Jordan seems like a nice enough character, he handled Anna well at least. It's tricky trying to fend off someone as unstable and obsessive as Anna. The novel didn't seem to even fully explore how crazy Anna was. From the level of her acts you can tell that she's much further gone then a typical person. Jordan remained fairly calm through all of her episodes though, which is admirable.I didn't love all the soul mate talk. It seemed a bit much for the story. I mean, Anna though Jordan was her soul mate, but then Megan and Jordan thought they were meant to be together. It was all just a bit too much for me. Maybe Megan and Jordan were meant to be, but based on what? Statistical probability of love at first sight I guess. ;)The psychological thriller aspect of this was lovely though. Anna was totally sketchy and it made me a bit sick thinking about what she might do next. If you like being kept awake and on the edge of your seat, definitely check this out. The beginning might not suit you, but the last third of the book is intense. Enjoy.First Line:"The party had been going on for hours."Favorite Line:"With her heart pounding, Megan pulled an index card from the envelope." Warning: there is some animal cruelty in this novel.Read more:

  • Aly (My Heart Hearts Books)
    2019-01-29 01:08

    Honestly, I didn't know if I would like this book. It had a great premise and it was recommended on Teen Reads, but that doesn't make a great book. But then I read Never Let You Go and I finished it and I loved it. This novel was dark and I absolutely loved every second of reading it.After betraying the summer before, Megan never wants to repeat the same mistake of choosing a guy over her best friend. Now that they are finally over that debacle and Anna has forgiven Megan, their friendship is, once again, endangered because of a guy. But it's not just any guy, it's the guy that Anna has set her sights and her heart on, but Jordan and Megan have undeniable chemistry.Never Let You Go, is dark and enticing. I loved the tension throughout the entire novel, and loved not being able to completely trust Anna (because in my opinion, she was full of sh*t). I loved how I sided with Megan, even though she was completely in the wrong. The tension steadily increased throughout until the very end where everything comes to blows.If you're looking for a darker read, Never Let You Go is your book because you'll never want to let it go until you're finish.

  • Veronica Villegas
    2019-02-18 20:59

    As a gluten for young adult fiction, I know coming into a YA novel that the occasional cheesy and predictable plot line is inevitable. However, not only was the book gaggingly cheesy with teenage romance, but the "good stuff" took FOREVER to get to. The last 40 pages of a 200+ page book were the only ones worthy of a creepy cover photo. The only reason it didn't get a one star rating was for the fact that I never decided to ditch the book entirely (but this may be because its so easy to whiz through).

  • Laura
    2019-02-11 21:16

    "Megan never meant to hurt her best friend, Anna. She made a mistake, and she’s spent all year trying to regain Anna’s trust. So when Anna invites her to spend the summer on her uncle’s farm, Megan is excited…and relieved. The past is finally behind them."Is it really??This is a deeply intense and creepy read. It was quite disturbing , thrilling and I could not put it down!

  • Meg
    2019-01-21 00:09

    This book is so freakin' bad it's good. There is no point, no mystery about who the bad guy is (there she is on the cover), and no mystery about why she's bad or what she'll do next. And the adult characters did nothing to intervene and help this demented young woman?! Oh well.

  • J.M. Stone
    2019-01-21 20:05

    I really liked this book, but I hated Anna! You can tell from right off that there's something not right about her. Megan is a sweet girl, but is definitely a follower who needs to grow a backbone. Other than that, I enjoyed (and got creeped out by) this book!

  • Denise
    2019-02-14 00:55

    SIL gave me her arc to read. Way too over the top. The heroine is almost as unlikable in her neediness as the villian is in her evilness. blah.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-19 19:48

    It started out fine, but the ending was so ridiculous that if you're planning to read it - don't. It's supposed to be horror but it's no Stephen King. :(

  • Nina
    2019-02-10 20:58

    I love these kind of books. They remind me of Rosebush and Still Waters (same author) they were short reads aswell, but very scary and exciting to read. Never let you go was kind of like those books. I say kind off, because there wasn't a lot of character, friendship or love development.Anna is crazy, truly pshycho. Seriously, whooh, I do not want to meet someone like Anna. A big no no! At times I felt irritated by Megans actions. Why did she just not call the cops? Or tell an adult about her crazy ass friend? I love the setting of the book. I haven't read a lot of books where the characters were on a farm. I could picture the farm, the shed where the girls slept, the kitchen where they ate breakfast, everything was like a picture in my mind. The farm setting made the story creepier.Never let you go is not a very scary read, but it's very entertaining. You will love and hate the characters, get annoyed by them and care for them. A great book to read when you're into mysteries and crazy, freaky friends.

  • Kelsey Mitrovic
    2019-01-29 22:56

    10/24 I just started this book today and am currently on page 22. So far, Anna was dating this guy named Mike. He had a party and Anne wasn't there yet. Meanwhile, Anna's best friend Megan was there. Megan was drinking that night at the party and her Mike were dancing and started to kiss. Megan knew it was the wrong thing to do, but she couldn't stop herself. A little while later, Mike and Anna broke up. Anna couldn't believe that her best friend did that to her. Every night, for exactly a month, Anna called Megan and told her how wrong she was to do that. After a while, Megan and Anna started to talk again. Anna asked Megan if she wanted to help work on a farm in Ault Hill, which was her Aunt Linda's and Uncle Thomas's farm. Anna's Aunt Linda just recently got a wheelchair because of her MS. Anna went to the farm a week before Megan met her there. When Megan arrived and got off the plane, she was on a street and saw Anna coming down the street in a truck. Anna, being funny, drove right by Megan and drove down the street. She made a U-turn and picked Megan up. Anna was telling Megan about how she met a new guy. His name was Jordan and the relationship is getting pretty serious. Megan told Anna how proud she was for her. When they arrived at the farm, Megan met Aunt Linda, Sarah, which is a helper o the farm, Uncle Thomas, and Dave, which is Sarah's boyfriend. The quote, "Samson is a lovely bull, but he's getting a little cheeky for his own good", reminded me of when I was at the fair and a cow tried to eat my hair.10/31 I am currently on page 40. After Megan met a variety of the people at the farm, Uncle Thomas gave Megan and Anna a tour of the rest of the farm. They visited the horses and a donkey. A horse named Rosie is about to have her baby later on in the week and they then visited the machine shed, which had different sized tractors, pitchforks, hoes, rakes, shovels, and etc. Megan and Anna walked by a pig pen and the sheep pasture. Anna squeezed Megan's arm because she saw Jordan up ahead. They didn't approach him, but Anna wanted to show Megan where he was. They approached the large field of tall plants. It was the one year anniversary of when Megan And Anna's ex-boyfriend were together behind Anna's back. Megan still felt bad, but didn't want to bring up the subject. Megan brought up the subject anyways, cause she couldn't get it out of her mind. Anna, in a high pitch voice, said that it was okay and to not worry about it. Megan was worried because it was the same voice that Anna used when she found out that what happened between them was true.They're was a dinner later that night for everyone to get together and meet because some of the people on the farm were new. Megan started to unpack her bags and Anna had a razor and started to cut her dress. Megan told her that she could see right through it. Anna didn't believe her. Anna started to put on her makeup. Megan then thought to herself that they both always protected each other. After Megan told Anna that the dress was really see through, Anna put on a black dress that Megan suggested for her to wear. Megan put on a flowery dress and put a little bit of makeup on. They left and went to the dinner. Anna kept telling Megan that she's going to find a guy for her, but Megan kept saying no. Megan always felt like whenever Anna tried to hook her up with a guy, that the guys always wanted Anna, But Anna always told the guys that she had a boyfriend, so Megan felt like she was the second choice all the time. When they got to the dinner, two boys were standing next to Uncle Thomas. Uncle Thomas called Megan and Anna over to meet the guys. They were about their age. They met the guys, Robert and Issac. Jordan wasn't at the dinner yet. They talked to the guys for a while. The quote, "About fifty yards ahead, a large wire pen held ten pigs, all stretched out in the dirt, eyes tightly closed," reminded me of my house cause I have a pig pen with three pigs. 11/19- Recommendation: 8.5/10 I am now done with this book. The book was about two best friends, Anna and Megan. Anna's boyfriend, Mike, had a party. Anna couldn't go so she told Megan to go. Megan got drunk and started to do stuff with Mike. After a while, Anna and Megan become friends again and Anna invites Megan to go work on her families farm. Anna was telling Megan about how she met a guy named Jordan that works on the farm.Jordan and Megan have some kind of "connection", but Megan doesn't want to do that to Anna again. Anna started to go psycho. The book is great, but things don't really get interesting till the end of the book.

  • Bekka
    2019-02-17 23:53

    I read Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne last year and wasn’t wholly impressed. I thought it was lacking in many places, especially in characterization. On the whole it was entirely forgettable. I wasn’t expecting much from Never Let You Go but it’s hard to stay away from something described as ‘a love triangle gone horribly wrong’. You all know how I feel about love triangles – and what’s more is this one involves one boy and two girls. So of course, I snatched it up, and I was actually pleasantly surprised.This time around (which looks like her sophomore YA effort) Berne was able to create rich characters in just over 200 pages, who are distinct and vivid. The protagonist, Megan, moves onto a farm for the summer and joins a large cast of characters. But I never felt that I couldn’t distinguish who was who – each character had a separate voice and distinct story and I felt like I really knew all of them. Megan and Anna have the classic ‘frienemies’ relationship. Anna saved Megan from social exile, and I honestly don’t see what they liked about each other. Now they are are older, and Megan has betrayed Anna by kissing her boyfriend, I really don’t see why they even tried to be friends. The romance I thought was great – no insta-love. It was cute and adorable and organic. I really liked Jordan. He had a great head on his shoulders, and goals and a history outside of Megan, which I thought was a breath of fresh air.Berne masterfully wove suspense into what, on the surface, could seem like a cute story about navigating romance and friendships. But you could always tell something wasn’t quite right. Anna was throwing herself at Jordan to the point where I was embarrassed for her. It was really uncomfortable to watch Anna take the smallest snippet of conversation with Jordan and twist it and stretch it into something completely different. Her way of bending reality was truly scary.Throughout the story we’re given glimpses into Anna and Megan’s past together, and it’s easy to see how each girl turned out the way they were, and how they made the decisions they made. Megan was always the out cast, the loner, and Anna always made jabs at her. Boys always flocked to Anna first, so when Anna’s boyfriend was giving Megan attention I can see how she could make that terrible decision. And we could see where Anna’s head was just never in the right place.When Anna finally snapped, it was wild and terrifying. I don’t feel like I’m spoiling anything here, because that’s basically what the story was about. While I waited for the climax, anticipation kept mounting. You know what’s coming, but you don’t know when and you’re powerless to stop it. And the ending? Totally creepy.The reason why I only rated it three stars is for how forgettable is it. While I thought the story was masterfully woven, and the characters were great, I really don’t think I’ll reflect back on it like I do other books. I might reread it one day, since I own it, but I won’t look back on the lessons it’s taught me, or the way it provoked me. It’s just a simple thriller, albeit with a great cast of characters.I do recommend it, if your library has it. It’s a fun, quick read, with quite a dark side. The characters are grabbing, and there are a couple you’ll be rooting for, no doubt. And with anticipation high, Never Let You Go practically forces you to keep turning the pages.

  • Cɑit
    2019-02-18 19:53

    Megan is thrilled to be spending the summer with her best friend Anna at her Uncle's farm. After what happened last summer with Mike, Megan thought Anna would never forgive her. On the farm, Anna falls for a boy named Jordan, but Jordan is more interested in Megan. Megan promised to never betray her best friend again, but she finds herself falling for Jordan. Anna would hate Megan if she ever found out, and what started as the perfect summer, is about to take a dark turn. I received this book for review from Emma herself. I had high hopes as I read the synopsis and checked the ratings for this book. Unfortunately this book did not meet my standards. The idea Emma Carlson Berne has created is excellent but, I don't believe she delivered the idea as well as it could have been. I found the characters weren't as well developed as I hoped they would be. The main character Megan, I find is a weak person. She let her friend Anna push her around and make rude comments about her. She never stood up for herself, she even admits she let's Anna push her around, but does nothing about it. I also found Megan to act younger than her age. I'm still not 100% sure what her age is, but I'm assuming its between 16-18. Megan often acted like she was 11 or 12. She has a very juvenile personality. Anna was this crazy, wild girl, which ties into the story and problem perfectly because that's the personality she needed to make this a story. I found Anna the best character in this story because she is very unpredictable and her wild side makes her all the more interesting. Lastly, I have trouble describing what I thought of Jordan. I felt most of the time he was just there. I don't know what to say about him, he is your typical country boy which was what I assume Emma was going for when creating this character. The setting was an excellent idea I think because this plot and problem couldn't have taken place in a better spot. The farm is in the middle of nowhere and all they have is the farm which leaves them isolated in the one area. I'm trying not to spoil the book so I can't really say anything else. But, I find Emma did a good job of describing the scenery and left a perfect picture in my mind. The thing that bothered me the most was that you don't really know what the characters look like! Jordan and the other farm hands were described in the story, but that's it. I have no idea what Megan looks like, I only know she has brown hair and wears old vintage clothing. Anna is the same, black hair and very reviling clothing. That's all I got, so I never knew how to picture Megan and Anna. Lastly, this is a minor thing, but it seems to bug me a lot. The cover shows a girl with blond hair. I thought at the beginning this was what Anna was suppose to look like, but it's not her. I'm puzzled of who it should be. I wish Anna looked like the girl on the cover, that's how I pictured her at the beginning. Again, this isn't a big deal but I thought I should mention it. I don't enjoy writing bad reviews for books, and I don't want to sounds rude at all. I'm not bashing the author, but I need to be honest. I'm not going to lie, I find this is simply feed-back for the author so they may improve on their writing and think of the things mentioned for next time.

  • Angie
    2019-01-30 18:17

    Wow. Never Let You Go is pages of crazy! But it was fun crazy, and kind of scary crazy. That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I picked it up! The story follows two friends, Megan and Anna, during the summer that is suppose to rekindle their friendship. The year prior, Megan got drunk and made out with Anna’s boyfriend, but she’s determined not to mess up again. Enter Jordan, another teen that will be working on Anna’s family farm that summer. Anna has already put her claim on him before Megan arrived, so Megan promises herself to stay away. Unfortunately for Anna, he’s just not that into her, and of course he likes Megan. What follows is one of those crazy, but entertaining, “If I can’t have him, no one can” tales!Immediately, I knew something was off with Anna. She just says things and behaves in a way that seemed unbalanced. Of course, she does have the right to still be upset with Megan, but she takes her jokes and jabs too far sometimes. We do get some memories from Megan that suggest that this behavior isn’t recent, just worse. As awful as Anna was at times, she intrigued me. I could not wait to see what she did next, although she does do one thing I found way too horrible and wish hadn’t been included. It definitely added to her crazy though. Megan on the other hand, is super innocent and socially awkward. She also came across as quite immature at times. They’re an odd pairing, but Anna kind of preys on Megan’s insecurities.The over-the-top plot was definitely what kept me turning pages though. Sure there’s some romance at the center of Never Let You Go, but it’s all about Anna. She completely loses her mind during this summer! I was highly disturbed at times, but also entertained. I read this in one sitting because I had to know what Anna was up to! Things do get a little ridiculous, making this more of a 3.5 stars, but I’ll round up because it was fun! I also wish there had been a little bit more about Anna’s mental health at the end. The end is insane, but more explanation would have been nice. Also that epilogue…creepy!Clearly, I really enjoyed Never Let You Go. There’s something about the whole “If I can’t have you, no one can” storyline that I’m just fascinated by. Anna is stuck in her own little world, until reality finally sneaks in and she snaps. Like I said, I wish we had gotten to know more about how she got to that point. There are several mentions of her father leaving when she was young, but I think there was more to it than that. Either way, I thought the story was handled well. It’s on the short side, so if you’re looking for something quick, suspenseful, and even a little silly, grab this one!Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • Sandra
    2019-02-18 20:53

    Never Let You Go would be the perfect teen suspense movie. It's got a charming setting - beautiful summer weather on an idyllic farm where a bunch of young adults are spending their summer working and learning - topped off with suspense, deceit, and one very, very unhinged young lady. Megan has been invited by Anna to work with her on her uncle's farm this summer. This is a relief to Megan considering the fall out the two girls had a year ago when Megan kissed Anna's boyfriend. She's spent the year trying to win Anna back as a friend and now things are going to be back to normal.Or are they? Anna's met a boy at the farm whom she's falling for. She wants Jordan more than anything, but despite her plentiful advances, Jordan seems to have eyes for Megan and she for him. Things around the farm start going wrong quickly, too, when a newborn foal keeps escaping the barn... and that's just the beginning.It was clear from the beginning of the novel that Anna was a little bit unhinged. Clearly she hadn't gotten over what happened the year before and I knew it was only a matter of time before she did something nuts. When Anna really did start to lose it, I was completely enthralled with the book. Turning the pages quickly, I couldn't wait to see what she would pull next. By the end of the book, she had be shocked. I mean, I knew she was crazy, but I didn't know she was that crazy! And the last three words of the book really got me. Really got me.One part of the plot I wish had been developed more was Anna's relationship with her aunt and uncle. She despises her aunt, but is overly friendly towards her uncle. I kept thinking there was something salacious going on behind the scenes, but nothing ever came of it. But that's okay, the ending of the novel completely threw me for a loop and shocked me, so how could I not love this book? I may or may not have hugged it when I finished. (Hint: I did.)Five stars! If you take a look at the ratings on Goodreads you'll notice not a lot of people have read this book, let alone given it five stars (19 out of 165 as of this post going live) but I cannot understand why! This book was a quick, easy read that takes place during the summer, campfire and barn dance included - so to me it's the perfect read for this time of year, but on top of that it was utterly suspenseful and captivating. I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for Anna to become completely unhinged. I really do recommend this one, go check it out!

  • Kate
    2019-01-21 23:03

    This YA novel has a similar feel to R. L. Stine’s Fear Street books: shocking (teenager level) horrors take priority over everything else. The story starts with Megan anxious to reconcile with her former best friend Anna after Anna had caught Megan kissing Anna’s boyfriend. After freezing Megan out for the rest of the school year, Anna extends an invitation to Megan to spend the summer at her uncle’s farm. Anna has moved on with her life: she is now besotted with someone else, and it seems all is forgiven, until the vacation starts and Megan meets Anna’s guy, Jordan. Megan tries to stay away from Jordan, but when they do run into each other, they seem to click on a romantic level. Even worse, Jordan shows more interest in Megan than Anna. Megan fears she will betray Anna again, and she’s worried about how Anna will take it . . . for good reasons.Megan’s role fulfills one general requirement: she is the nice and normal blank character to highlight Anna’s more narcissistic view of the world. She is compassionate, generous, empathetic, self-doubting, and much more trusting of other people’s intentions than is good for her. Her penchance for falling in love with Anna’s current crushes veers from that image of Megan as the doting friend, and that it happens twice seems a little too unbelievable a coincidence. When Megan stops trying to resist the relationship, she justifies it to herself that Jordan is “the one.” As for the previous guy, we don’t find out much about how it came to be or if Megan had been equally sure the previous guy was “the one."Jordan also serves as a blank character: the nice, perfect boyfriend. There is not really anything you can say against him. The romance is there as a plot device, with no real steamy indulgences. What compels the reader to keep reading is the mystery of Anna: how will she react? (view spoiler)[How twisted is she in her mind? When will Megan realize that it’s not just her friendship or her code of honor that is in danger, but her life (hide spoiler)]The resolution of the story was somewhat over the top. (view spoiler)[Anna does not just snap, she turns completely Mel-Gibson-from-South-Park loony-tunes. It makes a shocking impact, but it did not seem that authentic. (hide spoiler)]

  • Leann
    2019-02-15 17:16

    Megan made a mistake one year ago when she made out with her best friend, Anna’s boyfriend. So when Anna asked Megan to work on her uncle’s farm with her for the summer, she jumped on the opportunity. Upon arriving, Anna is back to her same mean remarks to Megan and an obsession with a boy, Jordan. Jordan and Anna arrived a week earlier than Megan and according to Anna were already in a relationship. Megan was happy that her friend as finally moved on and their friendship is back on track. Except for there is undeniable chemistry between Jordan and Megan, which Megan tries to deny so Anna can be happy. Things start to get weird when Anna cuts a piece of Jordan’s shirt off with a razor, without him knowing. Anna is certain that he is in love with her and that they will be together forever. She even wears the piece of t-shirt next to her heart. After only 5 days of Megan being on the farm, Jordan tells her that he has fallen in love with her and only flirted with Anna, before Megan got there. Megan cannot deny her feelings for Jordan and decides she must tell Anna before things get more serious. When Megan tells Anna, she is so upset but then, minutes later says she is fine and glad that Megan has someone like Jordan. Megan is unsure if Anna is really okay with this because of the weird way Anna is acting. Anna then tells Megan that she must break up with Jordan. Megan does what Anna asks and while telling Jordan they have to break up she is able to slip him a note that says it is not true and to meet her in the woods. Jordan meets Megan and the events that happen after that are thrilling! Will Jordan and Megan ever be able to get away from Anna?This book is a thrilling, suspenseful ride! I highly recommend to school and public libraries. Could not put it down!

  • Erin
    2019-01-25 16:51

    I wrote a huge review for this twice and lost it both times because of spotty internet. T_T Sad times. Anyway!Stuff I liked:1. The cover. The cover is what really drew me in and made me want to read this book. I thought the girl on the cover looked so scary, but it really threw me for a loop when I started reading the book and found out that the Anna in the book has black hair, not blonde, haha.2. The setup and background to the story. I thought it was a good set up to what I was hoping would be a scary book. :D I thought the farm was a good backdrop for the story and the abandoned part of the farm really interested me when it was introduced.3. Anna. I thought Anna was a really interesting character, and I also liked Jordan. His "godlike looks" aside, he seemed to be different from a lot of other male love interests in YA that I've read recently.The book also has a pretty simplistic writing style, which probably would not float everyone's boat, but I liked it well enough most of the time.Stuff I disliked:1. I really wish the friendship had been more developed. I felt like Megan felt like she owed Anna something, and not just because Anna's boyfriend cheated on Anna with her, and I really could not understand why they were friends. There were periods where the friendship was believable, but there were a lot of other times when it seemed like they disliked each other more often than not.2. I wish certain parts of the farm had been utilized more because I think there was a great setup with a bit of a disappointing payoff.Overall, I enjoyed this book. It wasn't quite as scary as what I was hoping, but I liked it nonetheless and am looking forward to reading the author's other books! The setting also made it perfect for summer reading. :)

  • Sarah Kalaitzidis
    2019-01-20 17:09

    3.5 rating I have never read anything like this before and I have got to say it was pretty good. The novel has some weak points, which involve its low amounts of tension builders and scary scenes, along with very predictable moments, it does make up these points through the well given image of the farm. The characters do give me trouble as they have personalities that I, personally, have problems with.Anna is an outright brat that just drives me up the wall. She always tears down her friend, Megan. As you read the story, she is found making fun of her and treating her badly, while Megan just wants everything to be right with each other. You can just tell that there is something wrong with Anna. Now with Megan, my problem with her is that she is too weak. Megan is too much of a teenager with a strong soft side, which is shown through her actions of never standing up for herself and just takes the abuse given to her by Anna. Her character does have good points, as she does digs deep down into herself to manifest all the courage she has to protect those she cares for and the farm. Megan is just a character that most boys would love.The novel has a slow start before reaching the more interesting parts and the ending is a shocker; which does make me wish there was more. “Never let you go” is really an intriguing young adult novel, and I can say, without a doubt, that I will definitely look into reading more books written by this writer.

  • Jay G
    2019-02-02 01:16

    2.5 Stars Megan and Anna have been best friends since the first grade, until Megan does something terrible and betrays Anna's trust. Now, a year later, Anna has asked her to help work on her uncle's farm during the summer. Megan believes this is the final step to getting Anna to forgive her! That's when she meets Jordan, the cute summer hand who Anna has taken a liking to, and things get a little out of hand. I thought that this was a quick and easy read, although it wasn't anything special. The one major problem I had with the book was the time frame... Megan kept going on about how she felt like they had been on the farm forever but in reality it had only been 4 days. I don't understand how all of that could happen in 4 days. I'm sorry, but that is totally not plausible. Also, the fact that Megan and Jordan were throwing around how much they loved each other got on my nerves. YOU JUST MET 4 DAYS AGO, STOP THIS. The plot was interesting, but because the book is only 229 pages it doesn't get fully developed to it's potential. I really enjoyed Anna's character because I never really knew what she was going to do next. Megan just infuriated me. Anna was so rude and nasty to her and Megan never once stood up to her, I don't understand why she stayed friends with her in the first place. She definitely isn't worth the hassle if you ask me. I can't decide if I actually enjoyed the book at least a tiny bit or if I just tolerated it...

  • Karen
    2019-01-20 18:51

    Another book I am unsure of.The story is about two girls, Anna and Megan, who have been best friends since 1st grade.One night, in highschool, Megan messes around with Annas boyfriend while Anna is out of town. Of course this gets back to Anna and tension arises between the girls.Fast forward a year.Everything is good between the girls again and they decide to work on Annas uncles farm for the summer to earn some extra money. What ensues is a love triangle.All of that was fine but what I had a problem with was the characters of Anna and Megan.Megan was too weak I thought and it really bothered me that she thought she still owed everything to Anna with what happened last year with Annas boyfriend at the time.And Anna was just naive through most of the book about stuff going on right underneath her nose.The one thing that really made me angry is when Megan told Anna about her falling for the guy Anna likes (again)....she chose the guy over her friendship with Anna! That whole dialogue was ridiculous and unrealistic I thought....Now, I do have to say that the ending was pretty messed up, in a thrilling sort of way. Anna was one messed up girl and it all came out in the end. I think those last few chapters were the best.If there is a sequel unfortunately I will not be reading it...

  • Cassie Gutman (happybooklovers)
    2019-02-03 16:48

    Read my full review on my blog here:'m also giving away lots of books & prizes all October long here: book had one of those vibes of the beginning of a horror movie, where everything is bright and sunny and happy and you know it's all just going to go downhill and scare the shit out of you. That would be an understatement. It starts with Megan already feeling apologetic for something that happened in the past, and she comes right out and tells us — she kissed her best friend's boyfriend. Sure, I sided with her. I mean, I personally would have been more careful, but both parties were drinking and he kind of jumped her. And she backed away pretty quickly. Still, it hurt Anna, which I also understand.This book was narrated wonderfully, and even though I knew who was going to turn creepy and that shit was going to hit the fan, I was still so surprised and creeped out and terrified that it made me really love the experience of reading this book.Highly recommend for an October night in.See more at:

  • Tiffany
    2019-01-29 20:18

    Rating: 2.5 StarsI'm not sure if I even partially liked this book or I just tolerated it. The story was alright but I felt the plot could have been executed better. I saw a lot of potential for this story so it was extremely disappointing to see it fall flat. I wanted a story that would be creepy and suspenseful. I wanted to be a little scared and fearful of what would happen next. I did not experience any of those feelings, not even a little. Anna was bat shit weird and delusional though. Her and Megan's relationship seemed normal on the surface but it truly a was very strained one. Because of a certain event in the past Anna uses some sort of twisted guilt to make Megan feel worse about herself. Megan was an alright-ish character but there was nothing distinct or even memorable about her. She was rather boring and a big suck up though, so I felt sorry for her at times. She was always afraid to speak her mind, so she got manipulated a lot. The romance was a bit on the dull side and was hardly believable. Still the story wasn't all that bad, it just wasn't great or memorable. It was actually on the boring side but not boring to the point that I had to struggle to finish it.

  • Tamika
    2019-02-15 19:52

    I really enjoyed the book but there were things about the book that nagged me, therefore preventing five stars. I loved the setting of the novel, the farm sounds so peaceful and its nice how at ease Megan is around the animals and nature. Megan and Anna's friendship annoyed me but it was an important part of the novel. Anna is constantly putting Megan down but Megan never does anything about it because they're best friends and she feels guilty about what she did to Anna last year. It very much reminds me of Alison DeLaurentis in Pretty Little Liars. What I found very weird was how quickly the characters fell in love. I understand Anna's statements of how in love she is, because after all, Anna is crazy. But I found it unrealistic how quickly Megan and Jordan confessed their love for another- after all they met about five days ago. I also found it slightly confusing as to how obsessive Anna was at such a young age. The flashback to middle school reveals that Anna stalked her teacher, but I found it hard to believe someone so young could have such obsessive qualities. However, I really loved the storyline and found it very gripping at the end, plus the characters were developed very well, forcing me to read it in a day.

  • Kandee
    2019-01-30 20:57

    Another book equivalent to a shitty horror movie. In a good way since you rarely see "horror" novels out there. Well, this book isn't exactly "horror", but I don't know what else to describe it with. So let's just say horror. There were a lot of problems with this book, like the characters, for instance, Megan, she was so stupid and I just really didn't like her. Jordan and her's relationship...Just a giant, wtf. The love at first sight thing can work in some occasions, just not this one. It was too fast for me. Anna's character was good, but just because she was creepy. When I say creepy, I MEAN FUCKING CREEPY. And if Megan wasn't such of an idiot to see that before, her trying to kill everyone in the goddamn book wouldn't have happen. I don't understand HOW NO ONE SAY HOW FUCKING CREEPY SHE WAS. Something was definitely wrong with HER! Dammit PEOPLE! Another issue was the lack of a backstory, I mean, why was Anna this way? What was Anna and Mike's relationship like? WHERE THE FUCK ARE ANNA'S PARENTS? These are pretty good questions, if I do say so myself. And seriously, this book had A LOT of potential. A lot. And it could have been better.Sadly, it was not.

  • Kerryn (RatherBeReading)
    2019-01-24 18:13

    1.5 starsI was nervous to pick this book up as I had recently read Still Waters by the author and wasn't much of a fan. Unfortunately, I ended up enjoying this even less than I did Still Waters.First off, I really didn't like our main character Megan, she was anextremelyweak character (a problem I also had with the lead in Still Waters), she allows herself to be pushed around, never comes close to standing up for herself and had about as much personality as a bag full of white flour.This book also had some real insta-love going in and not just in one circumstance but in two and it was really hard to swallow.The storyline also seemed to me to be completely unoriginal and very predictable. The fact that all these events happen in like literally less than a week I found a little hard to swallow.Overall, I just found this book to be a bit ridiculous, I did bump it up half a star because I do think that the author did a good job at making Anna an extremely creepy and disturbing character.