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A plague has ravaged the population of gold dwarves of the Great Rift. It starts slowly, but the progression is devastating. One dwarf has eyes that have become hard and glassy like marbles; a second dwarf has skin that flakes off in sharp, hardened scales; the skeleton of a third is petrified and fused in place; a fourth wastes away with blood that has turned dark and mudA plague has ravaged the population of gold dwarves of the Great Rift. It starts slowly, but the progression is devastating. One dwarf has eyes that have become hard and glassy like marbles; a second dwarf has skin that flakes off in sharp, hardened scales; the skeleton of a third is petrified and fused in place; a fourth wastes away with blood that has turned dark and muddy.Clerical magic doesn't help. Neither do herbal remedies, nor spells meant to break curses. And in all cases, death is always the same--the heart blackens, hardens, and eventually stops beating, killing each victim with a heart attack and turning the bodies to stone.It's called the Stoneplague. It's terrifying. And it's spreading....

Title : The Gilded Rune
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The Gilded Rune Reviews

  • Jan-arne
    2019-02-12 07:15

    Not the best book i have ever read, but i found it quite entertaining. A bit poorley written. but way way better written than the 50 shades books.. (I still have not seen som small sentences and use of period in any books.)

  • Robert
    2019-02-12 11:29

    Disclaimer-If you read the review and feel there is a spoiler in it, please let me know and I will remove that section. Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you.The Gilded Rune is a stand alone novel by Lisa Smedman. Other book by here are the House of Serpents trilogy Venom’s Taste, Viper’s Kiss, and Vanity’s Brood, The Lady Penitent trilogy Sacrifice of the Widow, Storm of the Dead, and Ascendency of the Last, as well as book four of the War of the Spider Queen series Extinction, a short story in Halls of Stormweather with a follow-up novel Heirs of Prophecy.The main plot of The Gilded Rune is the spreading of a Stoneplague through the dwarven race. The main character Torrin Ironstar is a human who feels he is a dwarf whom has been forged into the wrong body. Some subplots involved are Torrin’s quest to prove he is in fact a dwarf and the adversity he faces, his search for the Dwarf God Moardin’s soulforge which he aims to use a unique item he has acquired to transport him anywhere he wishes, and others that would lead to spoilers.The pace of the novel is perfect. This one builds right from the beginning and brings the reader into the characters and what is going-on with everyone while providing adventures before even coming to the main plot of the story. I felt there was just never a dull moment as the novel progressed. The story flowed nicely along just taking the reader from one stage to the next and nothing really broke from it. The characters were easy to connect with. For me this is a realms novel that has been long in coming for enjoyment. It even takes me back to the old days of FR when the reader could catch glimpses of the gods and even see the stakes in which their immortality becomes threatened.Some criticisms:1. The only one that I can determine here is the lack of a real antagonist. While there is a real threat to the survival of the dwarfs, there is really no true villain to focus the reader’s dislike. Once it is finally revealed how everything was started and the reasons why, it felt like “oh, ok, they are to blame.” This however is a minor criticism and does not take away from the enjoyment of the story.Some positives:1. The characters are awesome with this one. They really drew out the emotions of the reader whether it was to sneer at their prejudices, celebrate their accomplishment, or morn with them during their loss. 2. Of all the books post spellplague, this is the one that should have come out first as it had woven the elements of pre and post spellplague events nicely. While there are still hints of what the spellplague had done to the realms, there was enough of an old time feel to the story to keep even the seasoned veteran of the realms engaged and enjoying the story. This was a great realms novel. I really wish Ms. Smedman had more to offer the realms as she is a prime example of what is right in the realms when it comes to providing excellent storytelling. If you are new to the FR universe, then I can easily recommend this one. Heck to anyone wanting to read about the realms or fantasy in general, I highly recommend this story. Happy reading-Dimndbangr

  • Skut L
    2019-02-03 11:08

    It took over 25 years and 4 editions of the Forgotten Realms before someone wrote a Dwarf-centric novel, and they chose to focus on the lesser-known subrace known as Gold Dwarves. I was hesitant to read it because of my detestation for Fourth Edition FR lore and my disappointment with most FR novels in general as I get older. However,I could not resist the subject matter and I had liked some of Smedman's past work.Despite this being a Dwarf-centric novel, the protagonist was still a human who believes he has the soul of a Dwarf even adopting the clan name of Ironstar, one of the most famous dwarven clans (though they wereShield Dwarves, the other subrace, and neither of these facts are stated in the novel) and being adopted by an exceedingly kindhearted clan as a sort of foster kinsman.Smedman had her reasons for making him human; the plot really would not have worked if he was a Dwarf because of spoiler reasons, but then maybe she should have written a different story altogether. We never got to plumb the depths of any Dwarf characters, they were all as inscrutable and as private as they are generally depicted which would be fine if they were background characters instead of the focus of the book.I also found her depictions of the Morndinsamman, their gods, troublesome. At one point she gave her impression of a Realms-shattering event, the Thunder Blessing, which occurred about 120 years prior to the time of the novel. She depicts Moradin and Berronar, heads of the pantheon, discussing how to help their children as too few souls return to be reforged. Clangeddin Silverbeard the god of war, Sharindlar the goddess of mercy, Vergadain the god of mercantile, Dugmaren Brightmantle the god of knowledge-seeking, and Abbathor the god of greed...along with Dumathoin, the god of mountains and mining who is described in various sourcebooks as never speaking due to his position as the Keeper of Secrets. Either Smedman never knew this or decided to ignore it because he certainly spoke.For some reason she also omitted the presence of several key gods of the pantheon while choosing to write that Abbathor, who is mostly exiled due to his evil ways, was called.Truth be told I wish someone had written an FR Dwarves novel during the good old days of pre-Spellplague 4E FR but at least they made an effort.

  • Stefan
    2019-01-24 04:29

    After so many recent disappointments in reading Forgotten Realms novels, this one as a pleasant surprise. The Gilded Rune is an interesting novel with a human protagonist living in a dwarven city, convinced he's a dwarven soul in a human human body. He faces mistrust, and while he is tolerated, they simply see him as a deluded human. He's a member of "delver's guild," which is a league of adventurers / archeologists. When a plague strikes the city, he works frantically to investigate and find the reason. This takes him into a search through nearby cities, some from other not-so-friendly underdark races. The book is well written, and takes its time getting started. The ending seemed a little bit rushed, but is followed by a very satisfying "epilogue." Realms lore, especially about dwarves, is present in several "interlude" chapters and this a very welcome addition to the Forgotten Realms library.

  • Doug Hyche
    2019-02-10 09:26

    Unique and great storyline for the Forgotten Realms shared setting. I really enjoyed the unique characters...and thought the main character in particular was one of the better post Spellplague characters created thus far - Torrin Ironstar. However, I thought some of the final developments in the story didn't really reflect how the story and characters were presented throughout most of the novel, almost as if the ending was rushed. Overall though, a good read.

  • Mphecker
    2019-01-30 05:26

    The only thing keeping this from being rated at 5 stars is the unbalanced pacing of the book: the first two thirds of the novel plod along as Torrin investigates the cause of the plague, but the final quest to stop it seemed very rushed. Aside from this minor fault, this was easily one of my favorite D&D novels in a very, very long time, with a very strong conclusion.

  • Robert Carlberg
    2019-02-16 04:20

    Outstanding book! Enjoyed the characters, and something about it may felt different. Well paced. Really felt like something new in the Realms.

  • Ralph Tapia
    2019-01-23 08:08

    really goood

  • Nick Wilson
    2019-02-19 09:11

    Good book, interesing story, nicely fleshes the background of the dwarven race in the forgotten realms

  • Jeffery Mace
    2019-02-13 05:32

    An odd character, a human who believes he has a dwarf soul, and an engaging story that could change the dwarves of faerun forever. Fun read from start to finish.